Shawn Mendes Reveals a New Side of Himself While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • In the span of a few short years, Shawn Mendes has gone from learning the guitar via TVclip tutorials in his bedroom to playing sold-out arenas alongside Taylor Swift. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the 19-year-old pop phenom reps his Canadian roots while taking on the wings of death. Along the scorched road, Mendes addresses everything from Justin Bieber's hockey skills, to guitar-store etiquette, to what he can sing about on his forthcoming album that he could never sing about before. Have we seen a bigger physical transformation from a guest in the hot seat since Martin Garrix? You be the judge.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  6 months ago +7004

    Top 3 Canadian Hot Ones that need to happen? Go.

  • LaceyNoir
    LaceyNoir 3 hours ago

    Da bomb is the one people lose it at. STAY AWAY FROM THAT ONE lmao

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia 6 hours ago

    When you look at the legal drinking age of other countries vs the U.S., you realize how irresponsible we are as people that we can’t drink, smoke (in California) or smoke weed (recreationally) until we are 21.

  • norzulianizizi zakaria
    norzulianizizi zakaria 10 hours ago

    why he looks so hot?

  • 83Jude
    83Jude 12 hours ago

    I loved that dream-like sequence on Shawn...good job guys! LOL

  • shawnxme wow such a great ship

    can someone make a compilation of shawn saying “eh” in this vid

  • Judy Landsberger
    Judy Landsberger 13 hours ago

    5:23 he went full Canadian

  • shawnxme wow such a great ship

    eh e h e H E H *E H*

  • Swifty HD
    Swifty HD 20 hours ago

    Hahahah I never saw him swear. !!!

  • Bendi Lee
    Bendi Lee 23 hours ago

    Really want to see Justin bieber

  • Nate Burch
    Nate Burch Day ago

    He’s like the Male Tori Kelly; he’s so polite, so soft-spoken, so humble... so talented!

  • Ronak Tripathi
    Ronak Tripathi Day ago +1

    First We Feast here we go...
    Ryan Reynolds
    Bryan Adams
    Justin Bieber
    In. That. Order.

  • dunduhn69
    dunduhn69 Day ago

    Canadian pop star says sorry to interviewer for 23 mins

  • kimberly esparza
    kimberly esparza Day ago +1

    I want wings now... and Shawn

  • kimberly esparza
    kimberly esparza Day ago +1

    He’s literally so beautiful

  • kimberly esparza
    kimberly esparza Day ago +1

    I saw him 3 days ago and I miss him

  • kimberly esparza
    kimberly esparza Day ago +1

    I want to marry him

  • Logan Lewis
    Logan Lewis Day ago +1

    Jim Carey

  • Hey it’s Hannah

    I say “eh” and I’m Canadian

  • Hailey Marissa
    Hailey Marissa Day ago

    he’s so adorable...both of them 😩😂❤️

  • KiziGameZing
    KiziGameZing Day ago

    20:40 more ;ike something big is happening

  • KiziGameZing
    KiziGameZing Day ago

    Justin beiber aint nice ans hes from canade , shawns just nice hes only born in Canada , his families not canadian

  • My life
    My life 2 days ago

    How can he even talk?!

  • Evan Ray Roberts Gaming

    Vancouver is my home, it's gorgeous

  • british people yellow teeth

    I'm not gay but i have to give credit where is due....the mf is fucking hot!!! LOL

  • Ms7deadlysins
    Ms7deadlysins 2 days ago

    you need to do this with Charlie Puth.

  • Molly Bryan
    Molly Bryan 2 days ago

    Wow the best video in the most torturing way. 😂


    Shawn Mendes can lift 400 pounds
    Flex Glue can lift 1000 pounds
    Shawn < Litterally Glue

  • InkedSmash
    InkedSmash 3 days ago

    As a Washington State girl living on Whidbey Island, he’s not lying Vancouver is the best get away! Speaking from an island girl 2 hours from the Canadian border.. White Rock is our one night party stay, Vancouver is our weekend get away!

  • Ms Awesome
    Ms Awesome 3 days ago

    oh! i know why i fell for him all of a sudden! he looks so much like nick robinson! and i love nick! ohhh that's why...

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung 3 days ago

    Let's just hope that there is a round 2 of this

  • Edgard Moreira
    Edgard Moreira 3 days ago

    Were can I buy hot one sauce

  • Lemme get 1,000 subscribers With one video

    Get James Charles in this bitch

  • Layan Alqordi
    Layan Alqordi 3 days ago

    2:53 I love his accent 😫♥️

  • kanza khan
    kanza khan 4 days ago

    My teacher used to be a bully to drake look at the difference drake became famous but my teacher became a teacher.

  • Arwa Toffee
    Arwa Toffee 4 days ago

    Oooh please get BTS on hereee!

  • Multihoexedits
    Multihoexedits 4 days ago

    When it gets hot, just close your eyes and listen to Shawn suffering... 🤔💦😂

  • i2u4n o
    i2u4n o 4 days ago

    For, it's not hot enough HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Amanda Mendes
    Amanda Mendes 4 days ago

    That's a nice sweater. 💘
    I'M serious that sweater makes him look even cuter than he already is lawwd

  • 香風智乃
    香風智乃 4 days ago

    I actually really like hufflepuff XD

  • Bvmbini Slvyvge
    Bvmbini Slvyvge 4 days ago


  • VenayCute
    VenayCute 4 days ago

    My bebitoo

  • Ventus Nightmaire
    Ventus Nightmaire 4 days ago

    Shawn Mendes cursing is hot. Just as hot as Carolina Reapers

  • Daddy Derek & daddy jas fan

    When u said gym I was like my mom go’s to the gym with a crushed wrist she can’t move it

  • princess Luna kusuma

    i dont understand, if its that hot spicy ,how come they're not sweating like crazy ???? so is it like universal hot spicy or just like white people hot spicy ???????????????????

  • Lexi Kortman
    Lexi Kortman 4 days ago

    16:07 holy shit Shawn

  • Kari Salazar
    Kari Salazar 4 days ago

    Yo! I am a Slytherin but how dare he insult Hufflepuffs like that?! Shawn! I just lost a bit of my heart for you...😪💔

  • Zario
    Zario 5 days ago

    Yo... my friend met Shawn Mendes on a trip to the US on the airport and took a picture... I’m so jealous!!!

  • Oscar Corvinus
    Oscar Corvinus 5 days ago

    Please invite Camila Cabello

  • Ataryi Alexander
    Ataryi Alexander 5 days ago

    interview francesco yates next

  • Anara Benavides
    Anara Benavides 5 days ago

    I think that shawn swearing is the cutest thing ever

  • Alessiaa
    Alessiaa 5 days ago


  • Kay Sinon
    Kay Sinon 5 days ago

    Hearing Shawn swear is soooo sexy!

  • Joannapom *
    Joannapom * 5 days ago

    Is it bad that I actually love Shawn when he eats spicy food?

  • ItsjustRachelle Vlogs

    He’s crying! Idk wether to be proud he stuck it through or cry with him?

  • Gayle Puou
    Gayle Puou 5 days ago

    You need to have Mark Wein on your show...this is awesome!

  • ItsjustRachelle Vlogs

    We stand! ❤️❤️ #mendesarmy4life

  • Katarina Karlsson
    Katarina Karlsson 5 days ago

    does anyone know what watch he is wearing?

  • Carla Alvez
    Carla Alvez 5 days ago

    Pobrecito cuando vaya al baño 😥😥

  • Dua
    Dua 6 days ago

    Thats what happenes when youre high on hot sauce

  • Allison Lo
    Allison Lo 6 days ago

    Somehow Shawn is still hotter than the hot sauce

  • Damilola Lawal
    Damilola Lawal 6 days ago


  • Esteria
    Esteria 6 days ago


  • Esteria
    Esteria 6 days ago


  • julessings14
    julessings14 6 days ago


  • CyErALoHa
    CyErALoHa 6 days ago

    ouuuu this episode is really really hot *smirk*

  • Emily Cress
    Emily Cress 6 days ago

    hot bois

  • Ellington Peacock
    Ellington Peacock 6 days ago

    My guy called it Victoria Island, Its Vancouver Island.

  • Noelle Silvia
    Noelle Silvia 6 days ago

    I wonder if the crazy fan hes talking about is Sevda 😂

  • Noelle Leczel
    Noelle Leczel 6 days ago

    Shawn Mendes swearing made him even hotter...if that was even possible

  • Eman Rana
    Eman Rana 6 days ago

    Omg Shawn Mendes is the definition of hotness.

  • Jennifer Fischer
    Jennifer Fischer 6 days ago

    I can't wait to see all the guests eat Da Bomb. They all say the same thing. Lol

  • Dandy Toding
    Dandy Toding 6 days ago

    I just watch this without eat anything spicy, but I feel hot.

  • The Ally
    The Ally 6 days ago

    This is what he gets for shitting on hufflepuff 😂

  • Isha Shelare
    Isha Shelare 6 days ago

    19yo? damn he younger than me ;-;

  • Isha Shelare
    Isha Shelare 6 days ago


  • Green Fairy
    Green Fairy 6 days ago

    Hes nipples are hard XD

  • Kiah Williams
    Kiah Williams 6 days ago

    Please have Brockhampton on this PLEASE!

  • Msp girlxx
    Msp girlxx 7 days ago

    Shaqn somthing about you got leaked😲😲

  • Keke Bell
    Keke Bell 7 days ago

    I wish Shawn was wrong about the Hufflepuff thing, all honesty, they've been the least recognized or used in the HP World

  • Beauty Boro
    Beauty Boro 7 days ago

    Shawn hot af 😻😻

  • Shawn Mendes1
    Shawn Mendes1 7 days ago

    6:45 Thats the moment u started to feel hot? Boi yo mama made ya hot

  • Antonia Momiverse
    Antonia Momiverse 7 days ago

    Bro. Lol. I feel like Shawn would be so much fun to just hang out with. Let the cuss words fly!! FUCK! LOL. Nah but he seems like a down to earth dude, like any of us. Except he is a talented musician. I'd grab a beer w the guy. Lol

  • Brenda Mendez
    Brenda Mendez 7 days ago

    Ughhhhh he’s so freaking cute!!!!!

  • Ꮤιɴтʀє noċṭυʀnє

    Not to be that guy... But it's
    "I could NOT care less about Hufflepuff"

  • evanas
    evanas 7 days ago

    I can't decide which one is hotter. Shawn or the wings....

  • Liv J
    Liv J 7 days ago

    shawn mendes swearing is hotter than the sun

  • Varya Elyas
    Varya Elyas 7 days ago +2

    HES STILL SO CUTE guys if I see him one day I’ll cry 😢 like if you agree

    Edit : I wanna kiss him.

    Another edit: BTW stop! Giving him that spicy wings your gonna kill my Shawn!

  • 齊藤神酒
    齊藤神酒 7 days ago +1

    People just love watching people suffer:)

  • Sarah Blanchard
    Sarah Blanchard 7 days ago

    I love harry potter to! im a gryffindore

  • Gilbert Tan
    Gilbert Tan 7 days ago

    Shawn when are u coming to singapore😥

  • E Beauty
    E Beauty 7 days ago

    You need to get drake !!

  • 0111mango
    0111mango 8 days ago

    Well I think you're a slytherin for not caring for Hufflepuff.

  • Rainbow dasher Gachagirl

    We are literally watching him slowly going crazy omg poor Shawn 😂😅🤣

  • anthrocene
    anthrocene 8 days ago

    this guy. is so hot.

  • Erica F. Brun
    Erica F. Brun 8 days ago +2

    SHAWN !!! Don’t drink water it makes it worse !

  • vanswty
    vanswty 9 days ago

    Such a cutie

  • CheckOutBTSgroup
    CheckOutBTSgroup 9 days ago


    IN my dreams

  • Becca Snowball
    Becca Snowball 9 days ago

    Oh my he is so amazing😭😭

  • cookie pie
    cookie pie 9 days ago

    This week on Buzzfeed unsolved