TOP 13 Korean celebrities who have been in an international relationship

  • Published on Jul 15, 2016
  • Every couple in a romantic relationship faces challenges that, when resolved, result in greater appreciation for each other. Cultural differences must have been a challenge for these 13 couples, yet seven of them remained strong and ended up marrying. Here are the 13 Korean celebrities who've been in an international relationship.
    Based on: Dramafever
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Comments • 177

  • min shin01
    min shin01 6 days ago

    just wait for my name with lee dong wook.

  • Medha Nakhare
    Medha Nakhare 28 days ago

    Hoping for Ji Chang Wook to be forever🙁

  • Elli TheunicornUwU
    Elli TheunicornUwU Month ago +1


  • Fatima Siddiqua
    Fatima Siddiqua Month ago +1

    I am here because people are telling me your never going marry them but this is giving me hope

    • Asa Savage
      Asa Savage Month ago

      Fatima Siddiqua same here 😩

    JiNEEQA OFFICiAL 5 months ago

    Dear God please include me in this list😍😍😍

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 7 months ago

    Honest gue kong gosto niyon toloy niyon oki ayaw ko salahat mag post kayo kasohan ako bakit may utang ako saiyon wala ako nakohan manny kaya wag kayo mag post kasohan ako too ako fans wala nga kayo naitolong sakin tapos kayo pa ang kakaso sakin sorry simola ngayon niver sopport god bay thank you saiyon lahat hindi kayo maronong mag isip your fans honest saiyon

  • Ariana Rahman
    Ariana Rahman 11 months ago

    No Kpop idols have ever noticed Bangladeshi girl?? Well my dream goes..

  • Christine nguyen
    Christine nguyen 11 months ago +3

    Three words ladies and gentlemen... ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN or... five words... UNEXPECTED RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE BEST.

  • riyan ahmed
    riyan ahmed Year ago +1


  • Cute Mochi
    Cute Mochi Year ago

    I just saw GD and came here real quick

  • hey im stupid
    hey im stupid Year ago

    they only choose actor/actress/models

  • She Was a Poem in a World of Status Updates

    Me and Yoongi will be on here. You heard it here first.

    • ssk love
      ssk love 7 months ago +2

      You have got so many competition ..... Well i include myself here 😂😂

    • ssk love
      ssk love 7 months ago +2

      All the best ....... 😂😂

  • Kikifeisty
    Kikifeisty Year ago +1

    Really love Song SeungHun in Black. If you haven't seen that drama yet, I recommend you to watch it.

    • Timeeka
      Timeeka Year ago

      Kikifeisty Girl I watched that.🔥I finished it last week. I had mixed emotions at the end🖤

  • erin bussert
    erin bussert Year ago

    I am so bummed that Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei broke up this month....they were a great couple and thought they were going to get married

  • Leonela
    Leonela Year ago

    muchos internacionles asiaticos , no se casan con los de america che?

  • 金正恩朝鮮労働委員長

    2:33 they are ethnically same race tho

  • Stephen Khawzawl
    Stephen Khawzawl Year ago

    Interracial??? wtf

  • kraftykritter10
    kraftykritter10 Year ago

    At least there's hope for us non Asian ppl! Yay! ( I think )

    MNL48xKIANO Year ago

    I wanna add Kim Hyun woo and Devon Seron

  • Taetae Iloveyou
    Taetae Iloveyou 2 years ago +1

    Someone brown and ugly like me won't fit korean standards:(

  • Raynie Thomas
    Raynie Thomas 2 years ago

    yeollie wait till our names included

  • BerryCake Little
    BerryCake Little 2 years ago +3

    I really wish to see Luhan and Sehun together in it lol jk

  • Chandra Angela
    Chandra Angela 2 years ago +4

    didn't Gd and kiko already broke up?

  • Lissia J85
    Lissia J85 2 years ago +2

    Some of these couples are fan speculations as well. Some have been confirmed by the actors while others have not.

  • Maisie Zoer
    Maisie Zoer 2 years ago

    Kiko Mizuhara is Korean though. Her father is from Texas, but her mother is Korean.

  • Y/N Sunbaenim
    Y/N Sunbaenim 2 years ago +34

    i'm on my way, hobi

  • Kritika sharma
    Kritika sharma 2 years ago

    either Chinese or Japanese

  • No one
    No one 2 years ago +15

    Dear God,
    Give me a relationship like these

  • Gishan Fernando
    Gishan Fernando 2 years ago

    Kiko mizuhara is actually Korean/American
    She moved to Japan at a young age
    Her real name is audrie kiko Daniel
    Her stage name is Kiko Mizuhara

  • Nyanima
    Nyanima 2 years ago +41

    Lmao y'all know these idols won't date you 😂 Out of their millions of fans there is only 0.2% chance they'll even notice you unless you get a backstage pass to one of their concerts

      SODELYS MEDRANO 10 months ago +1

      Honey we can both swim to Korea if you want I’m already packing my things you wanna come

    • Idk 123
      Idk 123 2 years ago +2

      Ikr i watched this vid hoping someday it would happen i am depending on my aunt 😂 she i think lives in korea right now and i want her to date an idol but i am to young for that right now and i think jisung is the youngest member in kpop but i am still younger than him. And my parents dont even know i listen to kpop or anytype of music i listen too

    • Alyssa
      Alyssa 2 years ago +3

      Nyanima ikr. sometimes I want to get my hopes up like every other fan does but I can't bc I know once I do I'll will be reminded of the fact that I am just one fangirl out of millions and through their eyes i am the same as every other fangirl , and sometimes that hurts. But it's okay.

    • Divya Jaju
      Divya Jaju 2 years ago +6

      Nyanima hehehhehe this is so true but hoping is not that bad its okk to hope who knows when god will fulfill our wish :)

  • Priyanki Gogoi
    Priyanki Gogoi 2 years ago +3

    love is love.... there can be no barrier

  • Nidhi palariya
    Nidhi palariya 2 years ago +1

    after 5 yrs I am waiting to be in relationship with sung joon

    • Idk 123
      Idk 123 2 years ago

      After ten years i atleast i dont care about them being an actor or idol but i want to date a asian guy because i live in america and the town i live in has rarely any asian guys mostly black guys which is ok too because i am black and asian so i feel like people sometimes prefer their own race i see so many black guys i wanna see more asian ones or atleast want my aunt to date a person in korea because i heard thats where she lives now probably for military but idk it could be because my grandma is korean and my aunt wanted to learn about culture but my grandma lives in america and has lived here for a while but i wanna go to japan because thats where my mom was born and raised and where i was born

  • • Stan The Boyz And ATEEZ •

    you just wait Taehyung

  • Bahaari TV
    Bahaari TV 2 years ago +38

    Never felt jealous in my whole life
    Came into the world of kdrama and kpop
    can't stop feeling jealous

    • Alie Lomibao
      Alie Lomibao Year ago

      +dawn zeraus I believe so too

    • dawn zeraus
      dawn zeraus Year ago

      Bahaari dont, you have no idea. you have your freesom, they are slaves, beautiful slaves.

  • Marga McLean
    Marga McLean 2 years ago +11

    I hope one day me and Park Jinyoung will be in this list. Someday, Someday.😊💞🙏🏻😭

    • Uzma xo
      Uzma xo 2 years ago +1

      Marga McLean In Sha Allah. Amen

  • nana s
    nana s 2 years ago +1

    beeny boy and lovely ms.michova! i literally got into beenzino BECAUSE of stefanie. like i saw that stefanie was a good friend of ambers and i basically insta stalked her for like forever and then i came across beenzino. they're such a freaking nice couple

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love 2 years ago

    one more is chin joo ar with Thailand ceo JBP

  • K Addict
    K Addict 2 years ago

    Some are still in the relationship. Not have been.

  • Rania Zaou
    Rania Zaou 2 years ago

    3.39 wft x")that's Gu hara lol

  • Mickaela Johnson
    Mickaela Johnson 2 years ago +94

    I'm a black girl from Jamaica. If I dated a black man from Trinidad, it would not be called "interracial" despite us being from different nations. We're both black. That said, "race" is a key word. So I don't see a Japanese/Chinese dating a Korean as interracial. Just my opinion.

    • Mark Lee's Eyebrows
      Mark Lee's Eyebrows 8 months ago

      But Japanese, Korean and Chinese aren't even the same

    • Kelvin Wijaya
      Kelvin Wijaya Year ago

      its said international... not interracial

    • dawn zeraus
      dawn zeraus Year ago +1

      East Korea why youre so upset? did your gf run away with a black guy?

    • itzzchocolatemimi g
      itzzchocolatemimi g Year ago

      East Korea wow that was really rude no need for all that cursing

  • Laughing AtYou
    Laughing AtYou 3 years ago

    I read more somewhere that Tang Wei's husband still married to another women when he met Tang Wei. So.... yup. Either she's a homebreaker or the guy is a dick. Both I guess

    • Blackpinkblink Fam
      Blackpinkblink Fam 2 years ago

      Shirley D a girl can't be a home breaker if the guy is the one who allowed himself to cheat

  • Faithfully_98 2014
    Faithfully_98 2014 3 years ago +2

    Love the music. Sounds very familiar but with a slight change.

  • Jessi
    Jessi 3 years ago

    And here's another list you took from DramaFever. If you don't have originality and don't know how to give credit, then don't make videos.

    • solongo bold
      solongo bold 2 years ago

      Jessi v

    • Jessi
      Jessi 3 years ago

      @BTS INFIRES MY HEARTEU It wasn't there previously from what I saw and I dug through that thing, so I'm guessing they added it in. I don't even know why people make videos on articles if people could easily search it up.

    • Jas lyn
      Jas lyn 3 years ago

      They stated it in the description

  • Paris Jennia
    Paris Jennia 3 years ago +9

    Nana komatsu... isnt she an anime character?

  • Hershey Kisses Allardo

    make ure videos a bit more interesting...

  • Kristy Kim
    Kristy Kim 3 years ago

    she is goo hara not yano shiho

  • Lexie02 Jones
    Lexie02 Jones 3 years ago +2

    BMK and maxey, God bless ur marriage. amen

  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee 3 years ago +4

    Why do u have a picture together of goo hara and the mma fighter

  • xoxo Tou's
    xoxo Tou's 3 years ago

    for a second i thought it was song jong ki and not GD

  • ilive4anime
    ilive4anime 3 years ago +232

    one day my name will be included in this!

  • Eliana
    Eliana 3 years ago +63

    please don't give wrong information, on 3:40 that is not Yano Shiho at all, that is Goo Hara

    • Asa Savage
      Asa Savage Month ago

      Even with one error like that it really made me question this entire video smh

    • Phin W
      Phin W 3 years ago +9

      I was about to say that!

  • Annisa Tristania Agustina

    Japanese the girl who plays in bakuman wakwakwak

  • crazy water
    crazy water 3 years ago +53


  • All That matters
    All That matters 3 years ago +2

    I will marry So Ji Sub soon he is my soulmate. I swear to God.

    • slickrr69
      slickrr69 2 years ago

      you sure he will like a blow up doll?

    • Uzma xo
      Uzma xo 2 years ago

      vaby minutes Amen girll go get him.

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn 3 years ago +1

    This gives me hope

  • Kwon Ji Raim
    Kwon Ji Raim 3 years ago +9

    Kiko is Korean American. Her mother is Korean decent

    • Mummy Clarice Awani
      Mummy Clarice Awani Year ago

      Kwon Ji Raim is a great person

    • Eliana
      Eliana 3 years ago +3

      +Kwon Ji Raim ethnically she is Korean American, but her mom is zainichi Korean which are those Koreans who have stayed in Japan permanently and have the identity of a Japanese. But, she was brought up in Japan, so that makes her Japanese.

    • Kwon Ji Raim
      Kwon Ji Raim 3 years ago

      +Clint Jones if so where did you get this information. Cuz she clearly said in the interview that's she's just Korean American. Her father is European while her mom is Zainichi Korian.

    • Kwon Ji Raim
      Kwon Ji Raim 3 years ago

      +Clint Jones one of her interviews she said she was Korean American she didn't say anything about being Japanese. Her mother is a Korean who is a resident in Japan

  • SONE, put God first
    SONE, put God first 3 years ago +2

    so beautiful we can't help who we fall in love with

  • Wonshik's Body Roll is My Muse

    the woman in 3:38 is not yano shiho (cho sung hoon's wife)

    • Mary Ann Li
      Mary Ann Li 3 years ago

      I laughed upon seeing that too :D

    • nyima phanthok
      nyima phanthok 3 years ago

      Ikr! It's hara from a girl group named KARA

    • me no
      me no 3 years ago

      who is that --"

  • Antonia Ramos
    Antonia Ramos 3 years ago

    gd nooo........... why not Dara ? well I am a fan of that Japanese girl .good choice then

    • Hessa Hamad
      Hessa Hamad 3 years ago

      @doramaloveliz yeah it does ... thnx

    • doramaloveliz
      doramaloveliz 3 years ago +1

      She was raised in Japan and her mother was born and raised in Japan, but both of her mother's parents are Korean. Ethnically she's Japanese- American, but she's biologically Korean American if that makes sense?

    • Hessa Hamad
      Hessa Hamad 3 years ago

      She is actually Korean American not Japanese American ... She even said that in an interview ... I don't really know why she has a Japanese name though 🤔

  • Bettina P
    Bettina P 3 years ago +1

    Because most of these relationships are not ...

    • Cherry Liu
      Cherry Liu 3 years ago

      +linger368 same race different ethnicity thats what Japanese, Korean and Chinese are. They are international but not interracial

    • linger368
      linger368 3 years ago +1

      +Cheryl lin ummm. Sorry I just realized I missed your reply. :) but yes, I am an Asian staying in Asia. I guess rather than race a better word should be ethnicity? Japanese, Chinese and Koreans might share similar words, and have a history together, but we do not identify ourselves of the same ethnicity. Some of the Korean and Japanese Han words might be of the Chinese language, but they do not share the same language, especially since the pronunciation are different. And we do not share the same history, Japanese attacked Koreans and Chinese, amongst many other Asian countries. My ancestors, amongst the many Koreans and Chinese forced to live in Japan after the war, would not identify themselves as Japanese either. Neither would the Japanese identify themselves as Chinese and Koreans since we do not share the same culture nor language. Japanese has hiragana, katagana, while Chinese and Koreans do not. Koreans have their own words as well. The traditional clothes to the food and behaviors are all different too.

    • Rl G
      Rl G 3 years ago

      people stop making a big deal about whether it's interracial or international...--___-- we r all humans from the same planet...that's good enough

    • Cherry Liu
      Cherry Liu 3 years ago

      +linger368 yes i am asian american. Are you asian?? Cause you think that Chinese, Japanese and korean are different when they are very similar. China and Japan ruled Korea for most of their history. Japanese writing have 50% chinese words. Koreans also have words from China. They mostly share the same culture and history. And i know south east asians are different. That is what i said. Please reread my original comment carefully.

    • linger368
      linger368 3 years ago

      +Bettina P I don't think we are the ones who consider ourselves as people of different races, but rather humankind separate us by our "race", and we are all of different races in Asia. :) The closest word to race is "ethnicity", and refers to people who share the same history (or rather our ancestors), language, culture etc. The stereotyped Asians, who look like Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, are of different races and nationalities, because we don't share the same cultures, languages or histories. Neither are we in the same country. For example, a Chinese is of the same race as an American Chinese or European Chinese, but not of the same nationality. Their ancestors are from the same place. :)