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  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
    When I say my upload TIMES won't be set anymore, I meant actual times, not days! So my videos will ALWAYS come on friday's without fail, but not at a set time anymore! You should expect most videos to be up by 3PM (PST) but they will not always be. Especially since my "new" computer is a hassle to work with atm.
    Also, PLEASE do not create any beef between me and Baylee. I promise you I'm not here trying to attack her, only defend her points and give you my honest interpretation of her video. This is an honest criticism and she is a grown woman (who is also a professional artist) who can handle it!
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  • Lemon Curdz
    Lemon Curdz Month ago

    You make a lot of good points and I agree. I feel like art block is just a name for something that causes a halt in the creative process. :)

  • Doodle_ Dog
    Doodle_ Dog Month ago

    She deleted it
    I wanted to see it :/

  • Gacha pet x
    Gacha pet x Month ago +1

    Omg Emily thank you for thunking about other believes I really appreciate that most you tubers don’t do that 😃

  • Piggy Gaga
    Piggy Gaga Month ago

    I literally never heard the term art block ever before

  • mooncat and beryl
    mooncat and beryl Month ago

    Why do people on you tube get so bitchy? Why do so many people have such a strong opinion on something they know nothing about? I had art block or rather design block big time. I had to give up an MA degree in Graphic Design at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London, England.

  • Mint Leaves Studios

    Am I the only one who likes the tissue more than the artwork

  • Mint Leaves Studios

    This is more inspirational than my mum's hour long lectures

  • Heather Crinean
    Heather Crinean 2 months ago

    I hear you she sounds like she lacks understanding. That's me being nice. I agree with you 199% on your view of it. Love it! however, my one percent of disagreement is that there are people who have had a head injury and fibromyalgia. It brings a fog. That's me. You cannot do any art, walk, or even the dishes, and you literally get LIFE blocked. by an intense fatigue or lack of focus. I always know this; that every day is a different day. The sun eventually rises. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

  • Deb Wunder
    Deb Wunder 2 months ago

    Re the quote about seeing mistakes = brain leveling up - I don't remember the source, but you mentioned it with a source in the artist interview with the male half of DoodleDate.

  • Crazy Cat Lady
    Crazy Cat Lady 2 months ago

    I understood what u meant :)

  • Jellomello
    Jellomello 2 months ago

    I always thought of art block as not knowing what to draw... o-o

  • Lettering By Laura
    Lettering By Laura 2 months ago

    Sooooo needed to hear so much of this...THANK YOU! So happy I found your channel on my recommendations!

  • Lydia McCoy
    Lydia McCoy 2 months ago

    Artists block for me was being inable to make anything new from my own imagination, even with heavy inspiration. I could draw the same few things im used to but nothing else would work out and it was heavily depressing.
    Yeah in all technicality i could regurgitate the same shit or copy someone else, which I don't like doing, the farthest also with that is a reference picture. I'm happy that after five years of drug use and artist block (most likely due to my mental illness and drug addiction) that I can express my creativity properly now.

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 2 months ago

    I haven’t grown since the late 90’s

  • Ariadne
    Ariadne 2 months ago

    I was gonna watch the video but it has been deleted I guess

  • Matshapiri Males forever

    a creative block. I get those.. when i cant think up any new ideas or ideas I get exited about to finish a peace.. most of my art I get frustrated with and never finish it. X__X and sketch books.. an stuff... lol lost the will to finish..

  • Peplar
    Peplar 3 months ago

    I can understand pushing yourself when you're uninspired/tired/etc but you reach a point where you need a break. Because its hurting you more than it's helping you to draw. It tends to happen (to me at least) when my depression/anxiety is at its worst. But I agree in the way that "block" is the wrong word. But the way bailey put it sounded a little too harsh. (And I don't think she was purposely putting people down, calling them liars or anything to hurt others, I just think she described her thinking incorrectly.

  • Pastel Sprinkles
    Pastel Sprinkles 3 months ago

    For me art block is having no motivation or u have motivation but all you make is trash on your prespective

  • mARTa Kyam
    mARTa Kyam 3 months ago

    Did Baylee delete the video because I can't find it and the link doesn't work.

    • sumiko mak xze xin
      sumiko mak xze xin 2 months ago

      Yes, one of the other comments mentioned that it was taken down.

  • PrinEv
    PrinEv 3 months ago

    Honestly this is the best video, not only can you apply this to what the video is actually about;art but you can apply it to other life situations as well like for me example ive been putting off school because of my mental blocks and unmotivated self and this just made alot of sense to me even applying it to that. I dont kniw i just like the ideas and concepts of all of emily's opinions💕

  • Pupper Pancakes
    Pupper Pancakes 4 months ago

    For those who were wondering, Baylee took down the video on art block :/

  • justaperson
    justaperson 4 months ago

    I think you two are taking the term too literally. It’s a figure of speak. You aren’t actually blocked from creating anything. Art block is lack of motivation and liking what you draw. For me when I have art block or writers block it’s a time in which I can’t seem to find the right motivation and if I do create I don’t like what I make. So to me I take a break and keep going. I use the term not as an excuse or a crutch, I use it to explain to others when they ask if I’ve drawn lately. That’s all.

    • sumiko mak xze xin
      sumiko mak xze xin 2 months ago

      I always try not to use the two terms because my brain will use it as an excuse to be lazy. So when it does happen I just look at random stuff on the internet or my older works to get motivated and inspired.

  • Your name Is bot
    Your name Is bot 4 months ago

    Yeah even where she wipes her paintbrush on (6:46) is ART believe it coming from an artist (me)

  • AlphaFemale and my dog Ellie

    "If its cloudy call your doctor"
    Me: Heh

  • O N
    O N 4 months ago

    I think it should be called art break??
    Cause usually your not actually BLOCKED form making art like Emily said basically everything can be art,like oh a chair in my living room it’s weaved!thats ARTT!OH ITS A HOUSE YOU PAUNT THE HOUSEE!etc,etc!like actually tho!art block Is real but it’s not a block it’s usually a break for a long time or not

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 4 months ago

    I use to draw a lot back in the day but now it's pretty much designing characters for my stories since i do-do other creative stuff like cosplaying, embroidary, story writing and playing video games, as well as being an adult lol. I have recently starting getting Scrawlrboxes (thanks to DrawingWiffWaffles) to get my mind working again because i do miss it.

  • lauren nicole
    lauren nicole 5 months ago

    Im curious on your process of turning your art into prints if there is any way you can show us in one of your videos or even give tips

  • Rachel Bell
    Rachel Bell 5 months ago

    is anyone else scrolling through the comments to see if baylee commented

  • Doge
    Doge 5 months ago +2

    This became very motivational. Thank you :)

  • Brooke Silver
    Brooke Silver 5 months ago

    Ok, if are block is not a thing then what happened to me 5 months ago? My are classes caused me to get so depressed that when I would sit down to draw and my hand would get numb and shake so I could not draw? This happened to me for 5 months in a row. Every time I tryed to draw or create something I considered art. If that’s not art block, then what is it? “Art block” is just a term for not being able to draw from lack of energy or will. Dill with it.

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie 5 months ago

      My opinion (and it's just my opinion) is that "art block" isn't always a very helpful term to use, because going through periods of feeling uninspired/demotivated doesn't just apply to art. I work as a project manager, and most of the time I love my job, but sometimes I go through periods when I feel very down and I really don't want to go to work. Learning to take care of your mental health is a huge life skill and I'm still working on it. ;)

  • Fanny Karlsson
    Fanny Karlsson 5 months ago

    In my opinion artblock doesn't reeaally mean artBLOCK. I do believe in it but, it doesn't block or stop you from drawing. Its like an obstacle, something that is hard to get past, NOT impossible, just hard. And artblock is just something when we lack of inspiration and because of that it feels like nothing is working out. While an artblock you shouldn't stop drawing. Just scribble on some stickynotes or something. Don't care about what you are drawing, just do it. Some people would say its a mental illness. But in my opinion, no. So what is it? Like I said a lack of inspiration. So, we all have bad days. It can be that you failed a test, forgot your umberella or really anything unpleacant. You get home and start complaining that you had a bad day. Someone might say "It will be over tomorow!" But no it didn't. The next day you spill juice all over you and the mean kids in your class started laughing. In class your teacher called on you on a question you didn't know. Even though others had raised their hands! Again, you come home and complain. This might continue for a couple of days, weeks or even for a month or two. But an artblock is kinda just complaining about it. So artblock like complaining about it. Like in the example of what could happen in real life, this can happen in the artworld. And you start complaining about those bad days. And then people started calling their complaining artblock. So, it exists in my opinion, but no it doesn't stop someine from drawing. Someone just has a lack of inspiration.
    Sorry for writing this, it took me 15 minutes lol

  • allisonn
    allisonn 5 months ago

    my art block is really strange, like sometimes just looking at my sketchbook makes me feel sick. like some days i just cant bring myself to do art and if i try to push past it and draw im rushing myself and my hands are shakey and it generally just makes me feel like garbage even more. this happens at least once, twice, sometimes three times a week. im taking antidepressants but sometimes i guess they just dont work that well lolol.

  • Ashley Cofield
    Ashley Cofield 5 months ago

    Idk this sounds insensitive but it bothers me when people defend their depression, anxiety, etc. If you hate having it so much, why are you defending it? That’s like defending a kid at school that you hate. I suffered from depression/suicidal thoughts and I have an anxiety disorder but I would never defend them. I would never say “You’re insulting my depression by saying [this that or another].” It’s just odd. I get it if things are triggers but come on.

  • Ashley 'Kitten Moonshadow' Brunette

    I feel like, maybe not all the time, but a lot of the time art block comes when you're not trying g to expand or push yourself in your art. Like, I'll draw the same theme for a long while and then lose interest in art, but then I will try something different, something I haven't considered drawing before and it helps me get out of it, or watch some of my fave artists videos or something. I think artblock is really just feeling stagnant in your art journey.

  • Dani Spencer
    Dani Spencer 5 months ago

    TVclip recommended this one right after the one you talk about art block and brain fog during pregnancy. Your recap is so true. Love your channel. 💜💜💜💜

  • Taylor Munson
    Taylor Munson 5 months ago +1

    I just see art block meaning currently uninspired

  • archaic chaotic
    archaic chaotic 5 months ago

    I think a good sentence to describe a short pause in your art/creativity is "My art/creativity is stuttering". A stutter is a temporary stop in something you want to do but you'll eventually get past it so it makes sense to say that or something of the sort. Thoughts?

  • Liz Snow
    Liz Snow 5 months ago

    I understand what you mean. As an all round artist that draws, writes, acts and creates music, it is very common for me to have an art"block". Writer's block, composer's block, artblock or me just being unable to act the way I want to. It's difficult to accept that, sometimes. Since I'm a perfectionnist, it hurts me that I can't feel satisfied which anything I do because I'm experiencing a block. In those times, I take a little pause to watch some videos that might inspire me, to play which my pets or to get out of the house. Just taking a stroll, looking at people interact with eachother helps me get inspired. Maybe even stopping to think about what I wanted to do can make me have an idea. Being an artist means you will experience times that you feel like your art isn't good enough, that it's not original enough. But, taking a step back, stopping what you're doing for a couple of seconds can and will help you get back in. And yes, I did experience artblock from depression, it hurt me like hell. But, even if I wasn't ready mentally or physically to draw, I still did because that's one thing that kept my mind off of suicidal thoughts. Artblocks exist but finding a way to get around that wall is as easy as going to a coffee shop and looking at people walking by. Sometimes, you can also read a book. I know Fantastic Beasts got me to draw, once! And that is why I watch art videos, it gives me some ideas of what to draw next.

  • Bahar
    Bahar 6 months ago

    10/10 ted talk

  • Illien Galene
    Illien Galene 6 months ago

    I can say, artblock is no result of depression, I have Untreated depression, I never stopped creating art, I have ADS, ASD, Asthma and Endometriosis, I feel problems in creating art(hardly able to breath from pollen allergy, cramps up my spine and the flu) but creating art none the less, because I put my feelings on paper, neither proclaiming it good or bad. And if someone want to say I have no problems beside illness, someone close to me today got a cancer diagnosis, my fiance is in rehap because of MS and I lost my job. If it exists or not, dealing with it or just complaining about it is not getting the problem solved.

  • Elizabeth De Villiers
    Elizabeth De Villiers 6 months ago

    Ur drawing kinda looks like a character that should be in courage the cowardly dog😄 Love ur art!!

  • Anni Kalapudas
    Anni Kalapudas 6 months ago

    I got an writer's block and didn't write for 4 years (so yeah, sometimes they DON'T go away if you do nothing about it)

  • Venom Spark
    Venom Spark 6 months ago

    I have always thougt art block was like writers block but with art

  • Ali Mcneely
    Ali Mcneely 6 months ago

    I get it art "block" is probably a term that's not really a good name honestly when I think of art block I think of a time when I'm uninspired or just are not quite there enough to tuly love my art as it is at least that's how I feel but I do t think I ever called it art block I think I just call it a funk a temporary detor

  • b.w
    b.w 6 months ago +1

    though this video is really old i think art block exists because art is taking your emotions and displaying them on canvas, paper etc.. well if you’re not feeling it then how could you make it? your inspiration is gone and that’s stopping you from making a piece. i hope that i make sense.

  • Silver Fang405
    Silver Fang405 6 months ago

    I've gotten art block once or twice mostly due to me not having inspiration or just the will power to draw but honestly watching your videos helps me get over those times

  • Anna Katherine
    Anna Katherine 6 months ago +1

    Confusion ALERT!!!!! When someone says they have art block, doesn't mean that they can't think of anything to draw? I'm not trying to hate, just trying to understand lol. When I say, " I have art block." I mean that I can't think of anything to draw or paint. IDK I'm confused!!!! Love ya Emily🤗

    • MetalMagpie
      MetalMagpie 5 months ago

      Different people mean different things when they say "art block". People use it to mean that they can't think of anything to draw, or they can think of stuff to draw but everything they draw looks horrible, or that the act of drawing makes them feel anxious/sick, or just that they don't feel motivated to draw. I guess in general "I have art block" just means "Art isn't fun for me right now".

  • Jenny Skenet
    Jenny Skenet 6 months ago

    Sorry but it is a true issue.. when i crashed into THE wall in art school i did not create anything for 3years and all knowlage and teqnice i learned dispeared from My head.. took therapy and ppl supporting me to return to it.. now i work with it daily and memory is returning and even improving during THE work. But i think ppl use it wrongly same with THE Word depression. Shit happens due of stress, diet, sickness and ppl around me..

  • charles-does-shit
    charles-does-shit 6 months ago +2

    *brings sketchbook to grandpa's funeral*
    Finally! Seeing grandpa mikeys open casket finally cured my art block!

  • Shakti Sharee
    Shakti Sharee 6 months ago

    I found your channel yesterday and I'm totally addicted (stayed up till 1AM watching you)! Your personality is just so down to earth and chill asf, your humor is peak and the art is just 👌👌

  • NovatheDovah
    NovatheDovah 6 months ago

    I don't think it's necessarily "Art Block" but rather burn out. When you're doing the same thing every day and it becomes just work you start feeling like it's not yours and is not speaking to your soul you simply can not create that because it doesn't mean anything to you. Especially if your heart isn't in it. I stepped away from the art I was creating for the last 6 years last year as my main go to for my hobby, because I just couldn't get enjoyment out of it anymore. I still wanted to create I just didn't know what to do with myself for over a year, I picked up different hobbies to stay creative until I found something else creative that really spoke to me and basically gave me reason.

  • digna is een vreetzak
    digna is een vreetzak 6 months ago

    I think 'art block' is just a time that you CAN make anything, but you don't want to, because you're in a lack of inspiration you don't like anything you make you are about to give up, but if you keep going, it will go, just keep going who cares if it's bad no one says everyone has to see it just make SOMETHING and you WILL go back on track you WILL become normal it WILL get better just never give up 🖤🖤💕

  • Xeralta Demonis Angelis

    1:42 incredibly acurate footage xD

  • RawSoul X
    RawSoul X 6 months ago

    Her video doesn't exist anymore. I wonder why lol

  • r o s e _ b l a z e _ g a c h a

    Baylee deleted the video ;-;

  • The Macabre Curiosity
    The Macabre Curiosity 6 months ago

    I just say that I have no inspiration and so I go on a search for some

  • Diana Montero
    Diana Montero 6 months ago

    this video was so validating. thank u

  • shizemi / mika
    shizemi / mika 6 months ago

    i hate when ppl say they had artblock as if it were a disease “i have artblock uwuwuwuwu” “i had artblockkkk uwu”

  • Julie Tsvor
    Julie Tsvor 6 months ago

    your voice sounds like elastigirl and gossip girl had a child.

  • rainy day teatime
    rainy day teatime 6 months ago

    This made me cry omg, this is so inspiring

  • Jessie Cain
    Jessie Cain 6 months ago

    When I experience art block, there is usually an underlying mental reason for it. I'm depressed, agitated, or just not feeling up to create anything. I try to think of ideas and I can't come up with something that inspires me, or I do come up with a great idea, but when I try to create, it comes out all wrong. My hand will not cooperate with what my mind wants it to do. When I can finally create something again, I'm relieved and feel much better. I do fully believe art block, much like writer's block, is a real thing. It isn't about not being able to improve or move forward with art; it's about feeling a temporary mental block to being creative.

  • LightningWolf77
    LightningWolf77 6 months ago

    It should be Temporary art block or Temporary Art Barrier

  • Black Pikachu
    Black Pikachu 6 months ago

    Hmm, I use to believe in art block, But then a took an Arrow to the knee! 😂 okay okay, sorry I had to...but for real I did at one point in my life. Because of well, I don't like to say this, buuuut from what I was told/ already know I mostly have Mental Illness but like I said I don't like to say it because saying it is basically giving power to it and promoting something that we can all get pass, so yes I might have been diagnosed with it but I won't accept it so that's why I just pushed past in persevere and whatever set thing I'm doing but I'm not going to lie this s*** this creep up on you and you just feel mentally physically emotionally every f****** kind of way exhausted and depressed and want to just fall into this little f****** whole or at least I do from my set past but that's another story 😉. So in my own humble opinion, well me at least, I was accepting it at one point and thinking, yeah I can't do it because of this set thing and that's why I didn't. Until I feel better or whatever then I'll be able to do it and then I realize that it was b******* because think of it this way I'm sitting here on my porch watching your video and I've literally went through about six videos so far all that time I could have been practicing on my art or my writing or other things I mean I have my mother here to help babysit and I don't have to go to work for a few hours and I don't have school right now so I could take the time and get some work done but instead I'm sitting here watching this awesome video and I'm like yeah I just make excuses I could really f****** do it so I just need to shut the f****** and make it happen or don't complain when things go my way because I have the power. With things you don't have control over? then okay, but when you do have control? when you do have options then f****** do it everything else is b******* but anyway that's just my own humble opinion..... Awesome video! 😍😘

  • Artistic Beauty
    Artistic Beauty 6 months ago

    Love this video! But I have to ask an unrelated question. Where can I get the flower palette used in this video?

  • Minnah
    Minnah 6 months ago +3

    I know that this is an old video and my comment will drown amongst all the other comments and it will never be seen, but I know I loved art and I still do, I was drawing since 3 years old but for the past 3 years I haven't been able to find any inspiration to make art. I'm still improving by just observing but that's slowed down because I'm not drawing. Whenever I try to "just make art" and "just do what I gotta do" I get frustrated in the middle of it and can no longer work on my piece, it's been like this since I had a mental breakdown(3 years ago) and my world just shattered. That said I have multiple mental disorders and chronic depression is one of them but I just want to be able to make art and to improve, but I don't know how and it's eating away at me.

  • Gamze M.
    Gamze M. 7 months ago

    Sorry I don't mean to disrespect Baylee, I know the way she has choosen to draw is merely a style choice and all but for an "artist" who frankly I think draws as good as my 3 year old cousin style-wise (I know, it's her style choice but I gotta say what I think about her style anyways) it's easy blaming people who does much more detailed work generally to be lazy and making excuses when they are not able to draw due to art block.
    I watched the video way back then before it got deleted (lol) and I thought it's unfair to most of the artists who is dealing with art block tbh.

  • Captain J Doodle
    Captain J Doodle 7 months ago +1

    It's a lot easier to say just work through it, but, for someone like me, if I'm creating art I don't like (happens when I can't get in the mood) it drags me much further away from wanting to create.

  • Akvilė Ataitė
    Akvilė Ataitė 7 months ago

    For me artblock is a state after drawing so much that I can't even look at pencil, kinda like listening to a single song on repeat

  • Sithuli Jayamuni
    Sithuli Jayamuni 7 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I get more inspiration than I want! Hope I’m ready

  • Fae Aisa
    Fae Aisa 7 months ago

    When people say they have an art block it normally just means they are lacking in inspiration and their art is coming out looking like a 2-year-olds scribble so there not happy enough with it to call it art.

  • Kat Gorl
    Kat Gorl 7 months ago

    For some reason I refuse to admit art block because I don't have art block I just don't I always have some kind of idea of what I want to draw

  • Terri Maerz
    Terri Maerz 7 months ago

    I just don't think this has anything to do with mental illness? That would be a specific situation that would not be "art block". I don't know. People get excited about things lol

  • Timmy Turtle 1.6
    Timmy Turtle 1.6 7 months ago

    When I say 'I have art block', I usually just mean that everything I make looks like crap lol

  • Lou Lolliyum
    Lou Lolliyum 7 months ago +1

    You got the "When you see mistakes, it means your eye is becoming keener" sorta thing from Lavender Towne, I believe. She makes comics n' stuff.

  • Gypsy J
    Gypsy J 7 months ago

    ive not seen the other video but feel compelled to say, that im an artist i do 3d modeling, and yes you can and do have ligit creators block, loosely term block. but its a term a lot of us use to show that were having trouble being inspired to create, and no i didnt feel lazy to create or just not want to, mine was like i could literally not get into my own mojo or get out of a funk to create something worth doing. but that does go away over time and things go back to normal.