Top 10 Untold Truths of McDonald's in China

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Here's a list of the Top 10 Untold Truths of McDonald's in China! Join us for some international fun as we count down the 10 reasons why McDonald's in China is so popular!
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    Since setting up the first McDonald's in Shenzhen, China in 1990, the Western restaurant chain has been expanding steadily across the country. Normally, Chinese cuisine has a very rich, diverse and specific culinary taste so it’s a little surprising that McDonald’s is as popular as it is amongst the Chinese people. It’s no surprise that it is usually the first place expats go to eat since it's the closest thing to what feels like home when you land in China. Although McD's has some competition with KFC because they are the two top grossing fast food chains in China, McD's Golden Arches has become recognizable from far. So here are the top 10 reasons why China loves McDonald’s.
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    0:43 Mickey D’s is Fast
    1:48 Food Quality at McDonald’s
    2:46 McDonald’s is Cheap
    4:17 Free Wifi & Phone Charging at McDonald's
    5:40 McDonald's Food Makes People Want To Eat
    6:55 The McDonald's Franchise Business Model
    8:47 The McDonald's Children's Paradise
    9:52 Green Tea Matcha Ice Cream at McDonald's
    11:03 Chinese McDonald’s Slogan
    11:58 The Crazy Menu Items
    - As we know McDonald's is a popular fast-food chain and as characterized in the name, the food is fast. The fact that its fast means its a time saver and that is an appealing part of fast food for those living a fast-paced modern day lifestyle.
    - McDonald’s consistently makes the same quality of delicious burgers, crispy french fries, chicken nuggets and ice creams. Consistency with food resonates with people and is in popular demand in China.
    - We are all familiar with the saying you are what you eat so don't eat food that's easy, fast and cheap but in China it’s the opposite. They want to eat food that's easy, fast and cheap just not FAKE! Not everyone's salaries in China allow them to enjoy luxurious Western products or restaurants so the fact that McDonald's is cheap means people love it!
    - As a population that is dependent and glued to their phones, wifi and phone chargers are important! The fact that there are free wifi and smartphone charging options at McDonald's has increased their popularity.
    - It started with plain old curiosity and sooner than later the popularization of fast food restaurants like McDonald's in China turned into a habit. But the Ronald McDonald brand realized that they need to adapt to this culture and made food that’s just as good.
    - McDonald’s has spread its golden arches through China not by selling addictive burgers and sprinkling fairy dust but by selling franchises! This strategy plays a major role in the company’s global success, especially in China. The franchise-type business helps the company achieve rapid growth.
    - As we all know McDonald's is quite kid friendly and they love to head over to Mickey D's to get a free toy with their happy meal. From Minions to Hello Kitty the Chinese children love the extra treat they get with their meal that is endless fun during their visit.
    - China specializes in eating strange snacks, junk food and street food. They are also known as traditional tea drinkers, especially green tea! In the last couple of decades, they’ve also been experimenting with Asian flavor versions of well known Western Brands like Oreos and Lays.
    - The slogan at Mickey D's in China says "Get together at McDonald’s, enjoy the happiness of family life". So naturally, it invites the locals in just by reading the inviting slogan. Since they value spending quality time with their loved ones and this is a Western brand they trust.
    - If you’ve ever eaten a bacon double burger at Mickey D’s and thought it was missing something, maybe the perfect add on was just a layer of mashed potatoes?! As part of their "Manly Man" campaign in 2012, McDonald’s China gave that a go and well, China loved it!
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    The McDonald’s in San Antonio Texas is Gross it taste like you’re in the frozen food from out of the trashcan I need to expensive one down here don’t deserve to be open the only thing I even like about the PlayStation anymore it’s just that all mascots wrong McDonald and all the other characters are there and I could care less if that place in our business

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    Love it. The footage from the futuristic movie Dredd was used to represent Guang Zhou. I didn't know that we can now see into the future:)

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    12:55 who lives in pineapple under the sea spongebob squarepants!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    basically china mcdonalds are better than ours

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      a million Yuan would be like I dunno

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      1 Chines Yuan = $0.15 USD

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    The thumbnail looks like an overweight chinese person dressed in drag.

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    Makes me crave McDonald's 😰

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    Your usining japan ads

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    Check your sources; most of your video footage is in Japanese or traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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      Erm! Taiwan is actually part of China, they are just fucking stupid and won’t admit it

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    McDonald's was very smart to do a lot of research on Chinese culture and cuisine. Unlike the fools at Target . There stores lasted about a week in Canada. YES we have a unique culture too. You mentioned Taro root I do Like it but people should NEVER eat it raw. (Calcium oxalate is associated with gout and kidney stones).

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      Thanks for sharing this. 😄

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    0:33 it's in japanese and not chinese

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    KFC Innovation Localization .
    MC.Conservative in China.
    So we like kfc better.

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    This makes me want to go to China even more. Right now, the Yuan to Dollar exchange rate is such that you get almost 7 Yuan for every dollar.

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      And China is cheaper than the US. 😉

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    children enjoy other children so they do MC soylent green now

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    If this is a story about McDonalds in China, why are all the characters in the video are white Americans or Japanese? No video footage of McDonalds in China

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    Keep up making good vids : i will still love kfc

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    A Big Boy is opening near me. I recommend doing a 10 things you didn't know about Big Boy please.

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    We have free phone chargers and free WiFi in the uk McDonald’s

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    Free WiFi and free charging that's cool

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    Guys guys, its a joke xD

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      KFC remains finger licking good in China. Biggest KFC restaurant location is in China.

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      hey this is not how it works my bruddahs. not all people would do that tho. and dont be influenced by the D&G commercial, thats bad

      BTW the thing i dont like abt some of them is their weird fooking ego that shares with the japanese

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    How does McDonald's in your country compare to China!?
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