Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch


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  • Leydimel Salgado
    Leydimel Salgado 4 days ago

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  • el genio Everon
    el genio Everon 25 days ago

    Like si erses español

  • Paola Guerrero
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  • Sonia Tellez
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  • The blacklight Bros
    The blacklight Bros 3 months ago +1

    1:12 oh god hit the deck it’s shipping fuel

  • Latios & Latias Gaming
    Latios & Latias Gaming 3 months ago

    1:14 Mario's epic facepalm.
    I was worried people wouldn't like this game because of all the glitches my brother and I found! Luckily I was wrong. This game is amazing.

  • jojo xD
    jojo xD 5 months ago +1

    This Music ❤❤❤❤

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 6 months ago

    Oh and who else is watching this trailer in 2018 besides me

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 6 months ago

    And they never put rayman or the rabbits in super smash bros ultimate

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 6 months ago

    And also why didn’t they put rayman in there with the rabbits

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 6 months ago

    Why doesn’t rabbid peach get that MARIO does not like her he likes the Normal peach

  • finer turtle
    finer turtle 6 months ago

    Still mario has a freaking arm canon

  • Patricia Meekhof
    Patricia Meekhof 6 months ago

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  • Gina Hall
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  • erik romero
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  • Tharealuck101huh 1001huh


  • Karita Gamer
    Karita Gamer 7 months ago +1

    The lugi one I cried it's so sad the brother are holding on each other for dear life and lugi just gets sucked in

  • Essex Taylor
    Essex Taylor 7 months ago

    Yuu, 6

  • Leonardo Gonzalez
    Leonardo Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Spiderman. N

  • Gb181 Garcia
    Gb181 Garcia 8 months ago

    So Ubisoft and Nintendo are team now

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Mario is the winner if Nintendo .

  • Fati Musah
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  • Hee_Ho
    Hee_Ho 8 months ago

    proof mario cares for luigi : 1:07

  • 채연지
    채연지 8 months ago

  • Wilner Bontemps
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  • Wilfried Brun
    Wilfried Brun 8 months ago

    Super Mario oddesi

  • Oliwia Wozny
    Oliwia Wozny 8 months ago

    I do notebooka know wre this game is fun

  • CC Mayes
    CC Mayes 8 months ago


  • Elaine Williams
    Elaine Williams 8 months ago

    I plays this Game and why princes peach ribbit so mean and she takes a picthrer ohhh my god😐

  • Antonio Lucas
    Antonio Lucas 8 months ago

    Why don't they put games like contra back where it stardeing from on Nintendo come on people

  • kad kamel
    kad kamel 8 months ago

    trop bwaaa

  • Bass Thumper
    Bass Thumper 9 months ago

    You are right it is soooooooo crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bass Thumper
    Bass Thumper 9 months ago


  • renzorco
    renzorco 9 months ago

    DO YOU HAVE ANY ravioli?

  • Fernando Flores
    Fernando Flores 9 months ago

    0:56 😆

  • Beck Hornig
    Beck Hornig 9 months ago

    Say what's the song in the trailer called specifically?

  • JimPlayz912
    JimPlayz912 9 months ago +2

    Winner: Best Strategy Game....

    Ok never thought I'd see *THAT* coming

  • Drifting Agent
    Drifting Agent 9 months ago

    I lost 99% of care for mario when he let go of luigi.

  • Ethan Howard
    Ethan Howard 9 months ago +1

    When they say Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover.

  • Cheyl Eslin
    Cheyl Eslin 9 months ago

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  • hugo el Gamer y loquendero

    Peach ahora quiere a mario ?

  • Cuauhtemoc Ordaz
    Cuauhtemoc Ordaz 9 months ago

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  • Kentron Washington
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  • Maritza Robles Garcia
    Maritza Robles Garcia 9 months ago


  • Maritza Robles Garcia
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  • TheMuchSwagDoge
    TheMuchSwagDoge 9 months ago

    The music sounds like it’s from Co-Workers at Nintendo that are hardcore fans of Tim Burton (and btw this is a complement)

  • Kristyn Bianca
    Kristyn Bianca 9 months ago

    :g G

  • HackySmack
    HackySmack 9 months ago

    Amazing games Nintendo, Please bring TVclip to the switch, this E3 (2018)

  • Imma Potato
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  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez 9 months ago

    I have that game.😉
    Note: you make the best games

  • red terror extremo 55
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  • Clasic gamer hd
    Clasic gamer hd 9 months ago

    good video

  • IceJhow Br
    IceJhow Br 9 months ago

    Noooo luigi

  • Alex gamer kitty
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  • DR4GØN
    DR4GØN 10 months ago

    Rabbits and mario....
    Didnt like dat ideia but its okay!

  • Jenny Sherman
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  • Tristan's avonturen
    Tristan's avonturen 10 months ago

    Make donkey kong for the nintendo switch.

  • Heba Youssef
    Heba Youssef 10 months ago

    ررر ررر ررر ررر

  • Star Atom Jinjo Tweety
    Star Atom Jinjo Tweety 10 months ago

    It looks nice

  • OctavKitty
    OctavKitty 10 months ago

    epic music and well-done sync ; seriously the music, is it as good in the game itself ?

  • Pramod Patelgdeessc f
    Pramod Patelgdeessc f 10 months ago

    hhiiiijnbbbbjnnn bb nmy89 b

  • DatSquishyFello
    DatSquishyFello 10 months ago

    "Winner of E3"

  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 10 months ago

    Seems kind of dumb and looks low budget...

  • AJG 96
    AJG 96 10 months ago

    Plz put the rabbids in smash bros 5 it would be funny who else agrees?

  • Herminia García Garrido
    Herminia García Garrido 10 months ago


  • Agentkyle roblox
    Agentkyle roblox 10 months ago

    1:15 when your sidekick Loves you😂

  • wolf woo
    wolf woo 10 months ago


  • A Person
    A Person 10 months ago

    Top 10 Anime crossovers

  • Skullynx
    Skullynx 10 months ago

    Mom: What do you want for your birthday?
    Me: [shows her this video]
    Mom: Uh... how about something else?
    Me: Nope

  • Josetta Shelton
    Josetta Shelton 10 months ago


  • Xblox - fortnite roblox AND MORE


  • R Bransford
    R Bransford 10 months ago

    Lol 0:56

  • Nameless and Shameless
    Nameless and Shameless 10 months ago

    People say this is fun and I love Mario but I don't think I would enjoy playing a game with rabid Minions... I mean, rabid... Rabbids

    • Ekkk
      Ekkk 10 months ago

      The rabbids are significantly toned down in this game so they're a lot less loud or annoying.

  • Ekkk
    Ekkk 10 months ago

    It takes less than 3 seconds of listeting to the soundtrack to recognize Kirkhope.

  • silvercityfleur
    silvercityfleur 10 months ago

    yess rabbids was my childhood

  • Ben Cantu’s family
    Ben Cantu’s family 10 months ago

    This is too difficult

  • Amber the Savage G or Mrs.Matarazzo


  • Austin Meza
    Austin Meza 11 months ago

    0:57 XD

  • Austin Meza
    Austin Meza 11 months ago

    I have this game and when I played it I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES

    Theres a weapon luigi has that can make him dab 😐

  • CooperGal24
    CooperGal24 11 months ago

    When it was first announced, everybody was like "Man, this game's NOT gonna work out!". But ever since the first gameplay and it's release, the fans are NOW like "WHOA! I was wrong! This game is AWESOME!! I can't stop playing it! Mario + Rabbids is such an AWESOME IDEA!". XD

  • Bomberpersonpro Games
    Bomberpersonpro Games 11 months ago +1

    Why is this like fort
    nite battle royal

  • Lana Britt
    Lana Britt 11 months ago


  • Gabriel Trujillo Montes
    Gabriel Trujillo Montes 11 months ago

    Hola mario es inútil

  • Wood Master I post 3 wood videos Daily!

    Rabbids isn't even a show anymore though, why would they combine it with Mario

    • Ekkk
      Ekkk 10 months ago

      Because the Rabbids games are still fairly popular and Miyamoto likes the Rabbids.

  • Gabriela Olivares
    Gabriela Olivares 11 months ago

    ponen oersibahe de bikelodeon en super mario es un juego de porqueria

  • EvilDoggo505
    EvilDoggo505 11 months ago

    This game is hard, funny, and beautiful. The cutscenes (especially the first one) are awesome, the characters have so much personality, and the gameplay itself has lots of challenges. Also, I just suck at one of the bosses, I’m pretty sure

  • X-RAY Deception 2016
    X-RAY Deception 2016 11 months ago

    Ubisoft ah

  • ShitpostCircle
    ShitpostCircle 11 months ago

    So, had he ever going to come bac- no? o-ok

  • harry
    harry 11 months ago

    Love mario but dislike that rabbits show soz

  • Bec Ga
    Bec Ga 11 months ago

    looks stupid and a 4 year old call of duty really crappy

    • Adrian Leonce
      Adrian Leonce 11 months ago +2

      And once again, here we go with the "it's crappy cause it looks kiddie" comment

  • Jelly GamePlay
    Jelly GamePlay 11 months ago

    I like rabbits

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 11 months ago


  • Huntingcastle 164
    Huntingcastle 164 11 months ago

    I don’t own a Nintendo switch yet but I am getting one soon