Joe Rogan Experience #1383 - Malcolm Gladwell

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist, author, and public speaker. He is the host of the popular podcast "Revisionist History" and his new book "Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know" is available now.

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  • Mav Mag
    Mav Mag 48 minutes ago

    Coke can sober your dumbass up before blackout lmao

  • Anthony Gilmore
    Anthony Gilmore 5 hours ago

    Has Joe Rogan not seen Minority Report?

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane 6 hours ago

    “Especially Earl.” ... THUNK.

  • ivor radmilović pavlek

    Joe's rationalizations seem much more rational than Gladwell's

  • Linkz GP
    Linkz GP 16 hours ago +1

    Malcolm Gladwell joke dry as hell

  • James Bendle
    James Bendle 16 hours ago

    Joe Rogan is getting dumber - he's needs to stop smoking weed. He kept misunderstanding the take home points that Malcolm was making. He missed all of Josh Homme's jokes on that podcast as well. Lay off the weed dude.

  • Toyo Masauce
    Toyo Masauce 19 hours ago

    Once again this is a systemic institutional problem. Cops are trained to interact with high degree of suspicion due to the nature of the job, the need to minimise risk turns into siege mentality. Often leading to discrimination and unnecessary confrontations. The reason for this is simple. Its quicker and easier to train for a single response strategy rather than for a variety of situations. So once again its all about money, and the average Joe is always the casualty. The rich and privileged are practically immune from the law.

  • Knightly Nerds
    Knightly Nerds 22 hours ago

    Love this guy

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Day ago

    Why does he remind me of Jordan Peterson

  • Nicholas Lorenzo

    Read david and goliath by him. It was a very good book

  • neverlistentome 0325

    On quotas: cops don't have quotas on tickets, they have quotas on "interactions" those are these nuisance stops. This guy is right. The cop did what he was trained to do, and he would have faced disciplinary actions if he didn't have sufficient interactions. Tragically this isn't in offical policy where it might get addressed, rather it is taught during field training with a veteran officer. It's why my friend quit his department at the end of his training. He didn't want to harrass people and didn't want to wind up in a situation where someone was needlessly hurt.

  • Kaleidoface
    Kaleidoface Day ago


  • Kyle Bailey
    Kyle Bailey Day ago

    I have absolutely no use for anything Malcolm Gladwell has to say. His entire logical process falls apart, and no one seems to call him on it. It's weird.

  • Ben
    Ben Day ago

    Joe needs to treat all his guests with the same level of respect he gave Snowden and shut the fuck up. I want a conversation, he doesn't need to be silent, I appreciate his thoughts. But he's not smart enough for Malcolm and kept bringing the conversation off of the important stuff. The first 35 minutes he kept focusing on the details between that cop and woman and it took Malcolm that long to bring it back to the actual point because Joe wouldn't stop talking. With Snowden he was quiet and respectful and his input was really good, that was an excellent chat. This was ridiculous, and what Malcolm is saying is soooooo important. Really frustrating to watch, I stopped almost 2 hours in because Joe just wouldn't stop missing the point and rambling on about tangent after tangent. A chat with Kevin Smith is different, we all need to think about what Malcolm is saying and Joe made it so much harder. Boooooo! Hisssssss!

  • Antileafshinobi
    Antileafshinobi Day ago

    This guy is a tad bit snowflakey lol

  • Brian Finn
    Brian Finn Day ago

    "The Shield" doesn't fit anyone of his descriptions.

  • Travis Greene
    Travis Greene Day ago

    things got super Wittgensteinian around the 1:05:00 mark. but i think Wittgenstein definitely would have supported Gladwell and not Rogan on this one.

  • dalton bressler
    dalton bressler Day ago

    Trusting genes? Picking nice partners? That all makes sense until you realize for millions of years women didnt have much choice and got raped a lot

  • JohnBuchananArt
    JohnBuchananArt Day ago +1

    "One of the things I've gotten really good at as I've gotten older is not paying any attention to things I don't like." After Joe said this, it really resonated with me because this is how I view politics. I'm so blissfully ignorant these days and thankful I've unknowingly adopted this way of thinking. Thank you Joe for putting it into words for me!

  • Dorien Hardie
    Dorien Hardie Day ago

    I think a credible law enforcement officer should be interviewed, im available 😁, to not really counter these arguments but clarify some things that may be twited by everyone elses point of view

  • J. Matthew Davis
    J. Matthew Davis 2 days ago +1

    The rules of the road are not "trivial." They are imposed and enforced because they are important. Now, if you do not want to be pulled over by the police for something "trivial," then follow the rules of the road and do not give the police a reason for them to pull you over.

  • Daniel Colageo
    Daniel Colageo 2 days ago

    Joe you're so right about the east coast. Never heard it put that way, but felt that the whole time. Helps

  • Matt Supertramp
    Matt Supertramp 2 days ago

    Joe there are tons of people addicted to weed that fuck their lives up because of it. And a lot of the benefits you're talking about could be attributed to alcohol and other drugs too. When you're addicted to it you don't get any of those benefits either.

  • Venerable Bede
    Venerable Bede 2 days ago

    I wonder if Gladwell would do Shapiro or Rubin

  • Adam Golden
    Adam Golden 2 days ago

    Malcolm talks about how Police never go to the driver side unless they think they're in danger, yet I've never once seen a cop go to the passenger side unless there were was a passenger in that seat.

  • stevenrempel
    stevenrempel 2 days ago +11

    “If there was a third person here to “
    Young Jaimie :( ....

    • Hayden Murray
      Hayden Murray Day ago +2

      Jaimie sitting there like - "Am i a joke to you???"

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie 2 days ago +1

    Around the hour mark when they talk about reading minds and Joe's all for it because he thinks it will free us from having to sensor our word choices since everyone's naked, unfiltered, natural, reflexive responses will be available to all and that should somehow absolve us when something off-color crosses your mind because it couldn't be helped and everyone will (naturally) be found guilty of these same crimes, therefore they can no longer be crimes. Okay... I take his point.
    But I appreciate Malcolm's point WAY more because he says he's being denied the time and privacy to arrive at a fully formed, thoughtful insight. Which could takes weeks. And I thought that's exactly the kind of problem we have now with Twitter and social media, where people vomit every thought fragment and gut reaction with little or no filtering right now. You're almost reading their minds as it is. People post ill advised thoughts and photos and can never really undo the damage because its in the ethos forever now and it may not even be a genuine representation of who someone is, as Malcolm rightfully points out. Perhaps after consideration, you would never have posted such a thing. But its too late now. And I know Joe has lamented the decline of thoughtful intercourse due to social media. I can't believe he doesn't see how this would be the next step in the decline. If everyone's brain vomit is talking to each other, what a mess you're asking for. People would act like animals. If you think Twitter is bad... Take away the anonymity of the screens and welcome to the thunderdome.

  • Aalt M
    Aalt M 2 days ago +1

    I went to the same high school as this guy. Bit of a trip to see someone who was in our small town be on the JRE...

  • Jax Cam
    Jax Cam 2 days ago

    anyone wanna be youtube friends and watch vlogmas?

  • Mark Saffold
    Mark Saffold 3 days ago

    Wouldn’t binary/computer languages be considered universal?

    • Anthony Albertorio
      Anthony Albertorio Day ago

      Mark Saffold not really, because they would have to encode into something.The meaning of the encodings and their ontologies would need it be universal. One can say that a common culture would be necessary first (to create consistency between how one would arrange the circles like in Malcom’s example). Then, once viewpoints are aligned or there is a culture of acceptance of other perspectives, one can move towards the actual representation in a single language. One can argue the English is fast becoming the world’s language due to its flexibility and use in international politics and business. Esperanto was a language created with the same idea that Joe had, a common language that everyone can speak across international lines.

  • benjamin seng
    benjamin seng 3 days ago

    Even the smartest people invest with their emotions. Look at bitcoin, everyone thought they were missing out and then it all crashed because the value was based on an emotional response.

    • Pulkit Kaushik
      Pulkit Kaushik Day ago

      You have no clue what Bitcoin is.
      No clue.
      The smartest people are investing in it. You will be left behind.

  • TheBEazzz
    TheBEazzz 3 days ago

    Literally 2.38hrs of heaven.

  • Vern Tolman
    Vern Tolman 3 days ago

    Why does Joe come across very dim in this episode?

  • Jovian Peters
    Jovian Peters 3 days ago +2

    This dude needs to go on a few ride alongs. He is completely out of touch with the realities of policing, especially inner city.

  • CBGilgamesh
    CBGilgamesh 3 days ago

    What an awesome podcast.

  • Tom Adamo
    Tom Adamo 3 days ago

    In my file study class my professor explained star wars as a western

    • Mohi Media
      Mohi Media Day ago

      original trilogy definitely has some western themes, but it's definitely a space opera.

  • Chronic
    Chronic 3 days ago


    PARADOXICLES 3 days ago

    the problem of cops mentioned in the beginning, has a simple solution.
    kill cops in self defense, dont choose to be kidnapped or murdered by a terrorist attacker.Their fictional beliefs in no way changes our right to self defense, no matter how shiny their badge is. Treat cops the same way youd treat any other terrorists who are threatening and attacking you. kill them.
    they can live in peace, or die. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Officer 18
    Officer 18 3 days ago

    I'm a cop.. This guy has about 1 or 2 good points but overall he's got no idea what he's talking about. I stop about 10 cars per 8hrs and and I ticket 2 to 4 people. Mostly stopsigns and redlights. So do the math. 20% to 40% of the people I stop actually get a ticket. Sometimes I go an entire shift and don't stop anyone.
    The cop they are talking about is an idiot the way he conducted himself. I'll NEVER argue against that.

  • BenNuttinYahoosreel
    BenNuttinYahoosreel 3 days ago

    Interview David Icke!

  • tin foil head
    tin foil head 3 days ago

    cmon joe , have " me " on the podcast..... soon

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 4 days ago

    Is this Kip from Futurama? Great podcast either way

  • Tim Prosser
    Tim Prosser 4 days ago

    More cop sucking?

  • urekis64
    urekis64 4 days ago +1

    Well I watched the vid from beginning to end, even tho I was unfamiliar with both participants. Back in the 90's when I saw some of the TV my kids watched I think I saw Mr Rogan on a show about getting volunteers to drink a mixture of toad slime and sheeps' balls while sitting in a bathtub full of non-venomous pythons - the face was familiar but I don't remember many jokes or yarns being told. I had heard Mr Gladwell's name somewhere but knew nothing of him yet two complete strangers held my attention for more than two hours.
    TVclip vids longer than a few minutes normally have me wondering "What now".
    The initial dramattic tension between these two characters came from the fact that while both probably agreed on many things about our world, they had got there via totally different roads which makes the small details very divergent.
    Mr Gladwell a public intellectual apparently, prefers to arrive at his conclusion using what many call the 'school of rational thought'.
    On the other hand Mr Rogan has developed his world view from what I suppose we should call the 'school of life'.
    So Mr Rogan's take on an example of police egregious behaviour is down to the fact the copper was an a...hole, whereas Mr Gladwell, giving the a...hole the benefit of the doubt ascribes the bad behaviour to bad training. They politely disagree without saying so which is fine in my book except maybe they could have considered that they were both correct, that the copper was a badly trained a...hole.
    Anyway both blokes are on their game all the way through, making for an entertaining and edifying discussion.

    • Ann Marie
      Ann Marie 2 days ago

      Holy shit, bro... Was that rock heavy? The one you've been living under this whole time... Hell, had we'd known you'd been trapped, we'd have come help you get out. Next time, yell louder for help. 😉

  • Nomadic Brian
    Nomadic Brian 4 days ago

    My only policing experience. Fort Drum NY National Guard MP duty on post. We get assigned a regular Army MP to work with. My partner's first words. 'I hope we get some action tonight!' I'm looking at her thinking 'Oh boy she can't wait and I don't want to run into any shit'. Now in my training it was drilled in me that you should not even draw a weapon unless you are in real danger. I kept it holstered with the safety on pretty much all the time. When at a crime scene I used psychology to diffuse situations that could have escalated. Now a cop in a high crime dangerous city neighborhood I don't know how things might get to me and make me trigger happy. I do agree that cops should not be shaking down citizens to raise money they need. Take care of the cops financially so they don't get distracted. Thoughtful conversation.

  • Jesse Segedy
    Jesse Segedy 4 days ago

    Mr. Gladwell's arguments about the social damage of alcohol versus smoking was a good one. Alcohol is definitely a shit drug. Far more side effect and damage than benefits and it's incredibly expensive if you drink a lot.
    Great conversations and a great show.

  • Max Mulvihill
    Max Mulvihill 4 days ago

    Madoff had a successful market-making business before the ponzi scheme started.

  • Delfia Alvial
    Delfia Alvial 4 days ago

    1:18....Maybe because the Irish were getting molested by their priests......

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago +5

    "I have no sympathy for Don Jr." "Don Jr should let me interview him for two hours".

  • 1337S0lja
    1337S0lja 4 days ago

    The color of the car, the color and sound of the lights, to the uniform, is all designed to enforce a level of authority onto the human being and anyone that denies that or tries to put some type of window washing on it is lying. It is a well thought out process as if they used psychological studies as a means of creating their product of intimidation.

    • 1337S0lja
      1337S0lja 4 days ago

      Its even worse that its a brotherhood because it takes away the virtue and the altruism that is needed to serve the people.

  • Bro Gawdd
    Bro Gawdd 4 days ago

    “Paint cop cars a nice teal or lime green” 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mackenzie Rogers
    Mackenzie Rogers 4 days ago

    My hippocampus must be a champ

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago

    Factcheck: They weren't heckling Donald Trump, Jr. Here's the thing, the Q&A would have involved questions about the impact of demographics on the country. Any answer other than "I'm thrilled/I don't care that white people are going to be a minority in this country" would have made "Trump Jr = white nationalist" national news. Another question would have been something along the lines of: Do you think our foreign policy should continue to be predicated on the interests of israel? You think he wants to have to answer that? While I think these are both reasonable questions, putting Don Jr on the spot like that is counter-productive.

  • unconditionalLove1
    unconditionalLove1 4 days ago +1

    Probably 40% of Law & Orders end tragically and those are usually the best. I’d also describe most modern British shows as easterns according to Malcolm’s incredibly cut and dry analysis

  • man Splain
    man Splain 5 days ago

    I thought I was learning from this guy till he said the Ferguson story was about writing tickets. Michael Brown robbed a store and assaulted an officer. 🤷🏼‍♂️?

  • Michael H
    Michael H 5 days ago +2

    Malcolm Gladwell is brilliant. And I say that because he thinks exactly like I think! Confirmation bias? Yes.

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 5 days ago

    Trump 2020 #MAGA

  • Goody
    Goody 5 days ago

    Both are very intelligent, but as a person in finance, I just realized how much non-factual talk actually occurs on this podcast (re: Madoff convo). Not a criticism of them personally, but an interesting observation for me... Makes me wonder what else have i heard on this podcast, not knowing it lacked factual precision.

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 5 days ago

    Don Jr. Is 100% right the media always takes the Trump's family's words out pf context and manipulate everything they say. Imagine being a Trump and everyday all these psychopaths sending you death threats constantly bullying you. Its a miracle one of them hasn't snapped and gone crazy.

  • Bob Big Bad
    Bob Big Bad 5 days ago

    why did it take to2 seconds to escalate...because the system has made us like computer programmes.