World's CRAZIEST 5GHz LAPTOP - Asus G703G

  • Published on May 29, 2018
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Comments • 7 615

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 3 hours ago

    if i had that and i opened it at school they will be so jealous and impressed

  • wesley lewis
    wesley lewis 3 hours ago

    that thing is a beast

  • t k
    t k 13 hours ago +1

    13:56 🤣

  • Shammo Hamid
    Shammo Hamid 3 days ago

    Lmao wtf did I just watch? 😂 Linus is insane.

  • Night 129
    Night 129 4 days ago +2

    *takes off the cloth that weighs like 2 grams, almost drops it and yells “wooh, that’s heavy”*

  • Night 129
    Night 129 4 days ago

    David Blowie

  • KraKyen
    KraKyen 5 days ago

    Thats what she said...

  • Please be gentle
    Please be gentle 7 days ago

    Holy shit i got a 20 second unskipable ad

  • World of Goblins!
    World of Goblins! 9 days ago

    In the future people are gonna look at the title and laugh at the 5GHz

  • Imperious Security
    Imperious Security 9 days ago

    99 degrees? It's not LAP-TOP anymore. Unless you wanna roast your thieghs.. :[

  • Pradeep Nagu
    Pradeep Nagu 11 days ago

  • John Suzuki Desu Ga?
    John Suzuki Desu Ga? 12 days ago

    This 5ghz smooth laptop ever

  • chris cuts
    chris cuts 12 days ago

    second clip of sponsored case is a different case, io is on side not top and has a 80/92 mm fan at rear not 120, also very different pcie covers and wc gromets

  • Steven Blodgette
    Steven Blodgette 14 days ago

    I don't think I have ever been so invested in a video, but I yelled "shit yeah" when that 94 degrees held. I even like the terrible videos, but this was really a great video.

  • Nugget Cat
    Nugget Cat 15 days ago

    Blowie matron!!
    Nice to see you again!

  • Vipin Gairola
    Vipin Gairola 18 days ago

    Bro don't do this it's fuckin too costly. For me if i want to buy this i have to sell my kidney.

  • Beau Beaŕ
    Beau Beaŕ 19 days ago

    Soo cool

  • Fry
    Fry 19 days ago

    Even the ehernet port looks like a sd card slot on that BOHEMOTH! #AsusLife

  • Mikael Nilsson
    Mikael Nilsson 26 days ago

    Watched this for the 3rd time.

  • Sirmellowman
    Sirmellowman 29 days ago

    why in gods name would they put the track pad RIGHT WHERE YOUR LEFT HAND RESTS?!?!?!

  • Satria Sailendra
    Satria Sailendra 29 days ago


  • Bulcsu704
    Bulcsu704 29 days ago

    1:16 that's what she's said

  • Ankit Peshwaria
    Ankit Peshwaria Month ago

    wow likw and subed

  • Andrew Pheabus
    Andrew Pheabus Month ago

    This would be perfect for old school runescape

  • Norbert Nicpoń
    Norbert Nicpoń Month ago +1

    Human eye can see only 8GHz of ram Man...

  • Srijae Datta
    Srijae Datta Month ago

    I don't know why I'm watching the video🤔🤔

  • P.M.
    P.M. Month ago

    My notebook cpu is at least 2 times slower than my phone cpu

  • Exxx
    Exxx Month ago

    But can it run crisis?

  • mung mung
    mung mung Month ago +1

    Look at 3:56 😂😂 this is one of the things I cant resist his video🤣🤣🤣

  • Shockin Ampeel
    Shockin Ampeel Month ago

    Well my laptop has an i3

  • I know Cause I'm BatMan.

    99 degree Holy Smoke. I can even make some tea or coffee during game Play.

  • DanyakaXD
    DanyakaXD Month ago

    Where ThunderBolt 3 connected to ( rtx 2080 or to integrated chip ) ? If u have same laptop you can see it in nvidia control panel > physx . I'm ask because want to buy vr headset( valve index ) with that laptop ^_^ .

  • Moz
    Moz Month ago

    Like for those of us who fear BSOD (Blue screen of Death), that these guys purposefully induce in a NEW $3,000 +plus Gaming monster PC! Whyyyyyyyyyyy......????

  • Saurab Prabhakar
    Saurab Prabhakar Month ago +4

    well this laptop might only live once


  • Henri Khasky
    Henri Khasky Month ago

    “The latest and gayest”

  • Excel Buela
    Excel Buela Month ago +1

    I think my laptop dont have ghz it cant even run gta 5 i think it will explode when i run gta 5

  • Saleh El-Jabarty
    Saleh El-Jabarty Month ago

    r u italian?

  • Steve V
    Steve V Month ago +2

    Linus, every now and then you mention your microphone. Exactly WHERE is the alleged mic?

  • Van vercede
    Van vercede Month ago

    Lol,can i have that?would be magic if linus sees this comment

  • H a w a k D a M a R

    Desktop computer remains the best

  • Emerald Salazar Rose

    Since I was 12 I use to play NFSU2 on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) for the whole day and night like my fingers are so fried up because it almost reach 100 degress so that ROG Laptop is made for a gamer lole me only who can play games at high temparatured keyboards

  • 土井八朗
    土井八朗 Month ago


  • YhelloWish
    YhelloWish Month ago +1

    Mean while my laptop keep getting *Display driver has stopped working and has recovered.*

  • Heimvar the Apprentice

    Damn I get a 1200 on cinebench with my 6 Core deskop boiiii WHAT

  • AMT99100
    AMT99100 Month ago

    How did I score higher on cinebench with i7 6700 non k?

  • Captain Kaput
    Captain Kaput 2 months ago

    9:58 = Premium Larry David

  • Wilianto Yang
    Wilianto Yang 2 months ago

    which one is better for gaming, asus rog g703gx or asus rog zephyrus the highest version one ?

  • Simon Tian
    Simon Tian 2 months ago

    3:29 that’s how you properly cool an i9 Apple

  • Kalana Thamarinda
    Kalana Thamarinda 2 months ago

    Asus left the conversation

  • 666 420
    666 420 2 months ago

    I thought 4.7kg lol then picked up my 3.4kg laptop up and was like ohh shit but i still want one.

  • ScreechX_
    ScreechX_ 2 months ago

    poor lapotp

  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham 2 months ago +1

    Hey Asus are you going to comment?

  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham 2 months ago +1

    8:50 Who’s ready for a chugging competition!?

  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham 2 months ago +1


  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham 2 months ago +16

    “It only has a GTX 1080”
    I’n crying because just the box alone is worth more than my PC

  • fit billionaire
    fit billionaire 2 months ago

    dude kept slamming the laptop. asus forgot to tell us the laptop is shock proof

  • Digital Butcher
    Digital Butcher 2 months ago

    Cinebench, interesting!

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith 2 months ago

    1:25 - no explanation needed

  • CovertPhilosopher
    CovertPhilosopher 2 months ago +4

    And here I am not even a year later, bought a laptop that can do 5.0 ghz without OC. Damn ! times and tech are changing so fast that sometimes its not even easy to catch up on whats new.

  • Rob M
    Rob M 2 months ago

    Move to Alaska and play this laptop on ur porch

  • Rania AlDrajy
    Rania AlDrajy 2 months ago

    4000$ laptop because why not

  • Jouni Laine
    Jouni Laine 2 months ago

    Come on baby, finish! 1569 points 😂

  • Zeemo
    Zeemo 2 months ago

    Asus regrets sending Linus their "best PC's" cause he just beefs them up more kek

  • NoonooFW ilikecake
    NoonooFW ilikecake 2 months ago

    About the sise of the school laptops.

  • Ellumi Lucid
    Ellumi Lucid 2 months ago +10

    plot twist : 5GHz is the refresh rate of the monitor.

  • Craft Master
    Craft Master 2 months ago

    give away

  • MAD TYGER_66
    MAD TYGER_66 2 months ago

    What’s with the tape on his shirt, am I the only one who is bothered by this ?

  • symetik
    symetik 2 months ago


  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris 2 months ago

    When you see this laptop when using a MacBook Air 💻.

  • NorzkenolZn
    NorzkenolZn 2 months ago


  • Vane
    Vane 2 months ago

    and all the guy on the left gives as a reaction is a smile....lmao

  • Thoyyib nm
    Thoyyib nm 3 months ago


  • Mark Ifi
    Mark Ifi 3 months ago

    oh wow it's 7 times faster than my laptop

  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey 3 months ago

    This is the Ifuxit teardown guide

  • Melissa Esquivel
    Melissa Esquivel 3 months ago

    Looks kinda like my laptop

  • Alex Ivanovs
    Alex Ivanovs 3 months ago

    the intro cringe density will be used for scientific research in the future

  • Arrowdodger
    Arrowdodger 3 months ago

    can we now see the latest and gayest one, too?

  • Lego Play Time
    Lego Play Time 3 months ago +1

    MacBook Pro overclocks to 4.8Ghz too xD

  • KradTheKiller
    KradTheKiller 3 months ago

    low t

  • Jasper Eaton
    Jasper Eaton 3 months ago

    He looks like he works at tesco

  • pipAs grg
    pipAs grg 3 months ago


  • Team Ton Of Fun
    Team Ton Of Fun 3 months ago +2

    9:56 at 0.25 speed. Thank me later.

  • C. Balderas
    C. Balderas 3 months ago

    Dunno why I keep watching his videos.... I dint understand a thing... Lol

  • Kevin Caliboso
    Kevin Caliboso 3 months ago

    asus is fine, they are watching this

  • Josh B
    Josh B 3 months ago

    2 girls and a cup replaced with 2 guys reaming a laptop

  • nufiprost
    nufiprost 3 months ago

    redneck engineering :vv

  • Lukey
    Lukey 3 months ago

    thats crazy, my non gaming Asus X553M hits over 83°C

  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago

    Can't you just uninstall the excess degrees?

  • TitanTrader
    TitanTrader 3 months ago

    When you took off the back of the laptop and decided not to put it back on how could you even think that that is comprable to the tests that you ran as Benchmark with the back on

  • Frying Expense
    Frying Expense 3 months ago

    I've done the external fan before. I have even 3d printed the shroud

    P!NG MAST3R 3 months ago +1


  • ean ean
    ean ean 3 months ago

    why i'm watching this video, i dont even understand the meaning of this

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 3 months ago

    I wonder how asus thinks about some guys coming at there laptop with blowy Mitrons and alsmost breaking it

    • djocapn
      djocapn 3 months ago

      No almost about it. Liquid metal has trashed the thing. It's highly corrosive.

  • FAKE JEvIL ezlawz
    FAKE JEvIL ezlawz 3 months ago

    can it run minecraft under 20 fps?

  • sobez gamer
    sobez gamer 3 months ago

    I say make the voltage to 10😂

  • Pokyah Monaco
    Pokyah Monaco 3 months ago

    fuck tou

  • Yoblaze Nonem
    Yoblaze Nonem 3 months ago

    I think the guy in blue is cute

  • Shan Gee
    Shan Gee 3 months ago

    You idiots made this laptop seem like a piece of crap.

  • ClownWhosFeelnDown
    ClownWhosFeelnDown 3 months ago

    13:58 me in bed

  • Bowie Jye
    Bowie Jye 3 months ago

    Came here once again just to hear 9:56