• Published on May 29, 2018
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Comments • 7 258

  • Downiana Jones
    Downiana Jones 22 hours ago

    I'm seeing the 'How Hot Can It Get' video by Vsauce in the recommended section haha

  • Gaming and stuff
    Gaming and stuff 22 hours ago

    How to never get an other sponsor from asus

  • Mr. Ultron
    Mr. Ultron Day ago

    9:56 I was expecting "Mark Ruffalo huh"

  • bobbybrainstorm
    bobbybrainstorm Day ago

    Latest and gayest

  • fortnite Gamer
    fortnite Gamer Day ago

    give me money for pc please
    and i give good fortnite account

  • Barkerwithamarker

    It's Bootiful 😂

  • Hex
    Hex Day ago

    A fucking Laptop is better (but also lots more expensive) than my custom built tower.

  • Aurora Survivor
    Aurora Survivor Day ago

    That laptop is like sticking a v8 in a compact car.

  • Hamid Gawhari
    Hamid Gawhari Day ago

    It's thicc

  • Exotic_Ghoul
    Exotic_Ghoul 2 days ago

    A laptop shouldn’t have that much power, otherwise what’s the point in a PC?

  • Tricus
    Tricus 2 days ago

    13:40 Linus sounds like some crazy scientist.

  • GhoulishRev
    GhoulishRev 2 days ago

    Sounds like your doing mad science lol

  • SpladgyTheGod
    SpladgyTheGod 2 days ago +1


  • A Kel
    A Kel 2 days ago

    What nerds

  • Boywhogotaheadachebutaccidentlysavestheworld.1337

    anyone watchin frm r3

  • Fluttershy
    Fluttershy 3 days ago

    We need thicker laptops.
    The thicker the laptop the more room for a bigger battery and better cooling solutions for more power.

  • Luyue Zhao
    Luyue Zhao 3 days ago

    4:10 99 degrees?! Oh i thought you are using Fahrenheit, silly me.

  • Skyliner
    Skyliner 3 days ago

    Laptops like these are stupid. Also, ROG sux, their official driver website support is SHAMEFULL, touched it once (for a friend) and never again (drivers literally were not available in full, it had 1/3 drivers for win7, and 1/3 of other drivers for win10, not even a complete set for single OS, what a disaster)

  • smcfadden1992
    smcfadden1992 3 days ago

    Need a wrist rest for your laptop lol

  • sei shin
    sei shin 3 days ago

    Yous should get the microphones astronauts used on the moon sitting on a booster and understandable clear as in a silent room.

  • Bleak n Sub
    Bleak n Sub 3 days ago

    It’s trash because

    It’s a laptop

  • Father of God
    Father of God 3 days ago +3

    Finally now I can run club penguin smoothly.....

    ENESNOW 3 days ago

    can it run gta V at ultra settings ?

  • Martin
    Martin 4 days ago

    needs to be secured to a table or it will fly away on load

  • Mr. Bizantium
    Mr. Bizantium 4 days ago

    Can i install Hackintosh on it?

  • William Ruzicka
    William Ruzicka 4 days ago

    *actual mass is what you mean.

  • rudra mittal
    rudra mittal 4 days ago

    Please giveaway a laptop to me I have no laptop. I am a student of class 8 . Please

  • HeliosPrime
    HeliosPrime 4 days ago

    Well at least it's quieter than my PS4!

  • HettyPatel
    HettyPatel 4 days ago

    I like my computers THICCCC

  • trytip x.
    trytip x. 4 days ago

    why would you buy this monster and try to OC when it's can't use it's own power and fans. i'm sure the BATT would last maybe an hour at gameplay. and they should change the name to desktop not laptop

  • Ben S
    Ben S 4 days ago

    maybe try klim cooler instead of this shiity fan

  • Gideon Irvan
    Gideon Irvan 5 days ago

    so amazing love it..

  • Arne Hanna
    Arne Hanna 5 days ago

    Those drawings on the white board in the background look intriguing. Anyone?

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li 5 days ago

    why all I heard was my own laptop's fan? lol

  • Czesio Official
    Czesio Official 5 days ago

    That's blyatiful

  • Vic Canada
    Vic Canada 6 days ago

    Gotta love Linus )))

  • Vic Canada
    Vic Canada 6 days ago

    Idk but i keep getting an impression of Alex been a Luke 2.0 :(

  • Jar Dolph
    Jar Dolph 6 days ago

    invisible cooling platform underneath they never mentioned Amazon lightning deal... i like it when you run a cooling tray on a slaptop but pull the lectric offa nuther source not your key player slaptop

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 6 days ago

    Laptop's sucks play a game on a sartain setting today less than a year later same game same settings laggorama. Laptops have to little cooling. And for the prices they ask they should last 3 years not 8 months....

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid Burg 7 days ago

    What's with the tape on the shirt?

    KPLIITZ 7 days ago +3

    And I thought my ps4 was loud

  • Ariel Costa
    Ariel Costa 7 days ago +1

    3:55 ... - Linus. The Bastard son of Jim Carrey

  • Kyle Craig
    Kyle Craig 7 days ago

    First min and you already dropped it like you are better. It's not funny to throw around free shit you rich prick.

  • Thinkofsomething
    Thinkofsomething 7 days ago

    Linus is my spirit animal when it comes to electronics.....
    Is it wet?
    No but its exposed
    Fire it up

  • Moony
    Moony 7 days ago

    ahhh this video was great XD

  • ThatGuyYouMetToday VLOGS

    This is Nerding at its finest lol...Love it

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed 8 days ago


  • Neil Grzes
    Neil Grzes 8 days ago

    Latest and gayist

  • Manuel Lara Castillo

    will it run monkey island?

  • SubAtomarGuy
    SubAtomarGuy 8 days ago

    Guys I think I have broken cinebench
    I5 7600k (no OC) like 7000

  • Dea Shine
    Dea Shine 9 days ago

    alex is hot. #nohomo

  • David Peter McMorris

    I think Linus has anger issues.

  • Jon Munroe
    Jon Munroe 9 days ago

    I just died laughing I think lol

  • Nenad Stevanovic
    Nenad Stevanovic 9 days ago

    That's why i subscribed.. awesomee

  • Economan3000
    Economan3000 9 days ago


  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo 9 days ago

    don't you have to repaste the VRM and such?

  • Treeninja1999
    Treeninja1999 9 days ago

    excuse me I only saw 4.998 Ghz??? FALSE ADVERTISING

  • lonewolf031
    lonewolf031 9 days ago

    Wouldn't it be better if they had put in liquid cooling?

  • Daniel Bondar
    Daniel Bondar 9 days ago

    Dare you to take it apart and slap a Xeon in it

  • ErickBRSAO
    ErickBRSAO 10 days ago


  • billy vandory
    billy vandory 10 days ago

    linus is an over cooked ham

  • SysGhost
    SysGhost 10 days ago

    These fans should come with the laptop together with molded shrouds attachable to the laptop.
    Then annoy everyone within 100 meter radius at dreamhack.

  • TheNews1990
    TheNews1990 10 days ago

    08:50 famous last words

  • MarkThisWayAfter
    MarkThisWayAfter 10 days ago

    I have no idea why I’m watching this. I know nothing about computers.

  • CarCat
    CarCat 10 days ago

    And people complain about their legs burning from normal laptops. Imagine this 99 degrees celsius on your lap.

  • Tom dH
    Tom dH 10 days ago +2

    Why does my r 7 1700 overclocked to 3,9 ghz perform better then an I9. I got a score off 1695?!

    • Satisfaction In A Jar
      Satisfaction In A Jar 3 days ago

      Because that's what ryzen is for did you not know that when you bought it

    • Ryzze
      Ryzze 4 days ago

      Its prob a pc with a lot better cooling then a laptop.

  • Anthony Catello
    Anthony Catello 10 days ago

    I've used those fans before to cool the batteries in an electric car. They support their own weight at about 75% power.

    LARRY PUNDIRAMEN 10 days ago

    What program do you use to overclock your laptop im thinking of undervolting and i know how to use bios on my desktop but to do it for laptop but im wondering whats the better way to go, and what program to use considered "best"

  • ZakarooNetwork
    ZakarooNetwork 10 days ago

    Pump in CO2 to the fan intake. For a higher score.

  • ZakarooNetwork
    ZakarooNetwork 10 days ago


  • tru e
    tru e 10 days ago

    1:25 that's what she said

  • david arriaza paz
    david arriaza paz 10 days ago

    Hey Linus try water cooling! :v

  • lonewolfsstuck
    lonewolfsstuck 11 days ago

    the CPU score of that laptop is about on par with my Ryzen 7 1700x at 3.67Ghz

  • MrStevetmq
    MrStevetmq 11 days ago

    Air flow, Air flow, Air flow. I'll take bet that with the case on you might done better

  • preben nielsen
    preben nielsen 11 days ago

    very poor acting...

  • Aner O_o
    Aner O_o 11 days ago

    Linus im begging you to give me this laptop.🙏🙏🙏

  • GamePlay Entertainment


  • Cyberpunk VII
    Cyberpunk VII 11 days ago

    Linus is so an annoying fuck.

  • MinnieOblivion
    MinnieOblivion 11 days ago

    People: wow they are so smart
    Me an intellectual: what the actual fuck

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos Pavlou 11 days ago +1

    Linus contact with AlienWare - Asus - Dell - Gigabyte - MSI and other Gaming Laptop Companies and tell them to build New Better Gaming Laptops with Way Better Cooling Systems.
    So the temperature of the Laptop with nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 have 40-60° Celsius temperature and not 99-100° Celsius.
    My Alienware M17x R4 has 79° Celsius on Stand By and on Gaming has 100° Celsius and Really Sucks...

    • Pavlos Pavlou
      Pavlos Pavlou 2 days ago +1

      +Arjin Alexied Thank You mate for understanding me.
      I am clean it almost every 3 months.
      Specific CPU Fan gets extremely dusty and overheat.
      GPU Fan is almost every time Clean and Cool.

    • Arjin Alexied
      Arjin Alexied 2 days ago +1

      79° idle is not good bro. Take it to an Alienware service center and tell them to clean fans and apply a new thermal paste. Idle should be around 40°. My Acer predator used to be 40-45° idle but then after 8 months it got dirty and it's thermal paste is bad so I got it to a service center. The temperature idle was 60-70° so I got it checked ASAP.
      But yeah, laptop heating sucks. I also hate when people say, "hurr Durr just buy a desktop hahahahahaha" no. I can't. I'm studying and I have to move around every few months for whatever reason and there's no sureity of which corner of the world I'll end up in so a gaming desktop is a huge no no until I find a stable job or a stable place.

    • Pavlos Pavlou
      Pavlos Pavlou 6 days ago +1

      I can't buy 3 computers.
      I don't have space for 3 computers.
      It is easier for me to have 1 notebook or laptop everywhere.

    • Daniel Karlsson
      Daniel Karlsson 6 days ago

      Dont buy gaming laptops. U can get a better computer for the cost of on of these ridiculous gaming laptops



  • Lost One
    Lost One 11 days ago


  • skotty523
    skotty523 11 days ago

    I wish I could get a blowie :/

  • Bat_ 844
    Bat_ 844 11 days ago

    wow this thing is T H I C C

  • JC Marasigan
    JC Marasigan 12 days ago


  • Bronx Cheater
    Bronx Cheater 12 days ago

    i have omen laptop its 6,5 kg

  • bonnome2
    bonnome2 12 days ago

    Current limit can sometimes be overridden in the bios. It is a bitch to do so

  • HardSkull Gaming
    HardSkull Gaming 12 days ago

    Why don't you give away your old laptop to me 😂😂 my channel is stopped because I don't have a laptop or computer

  • TheMrGladius
    TheMrGladius 12 days ago

    I’m learning so much in this thermodynamics 1301 class

  • Devam Shah
    Devam Shah 13 days ago

    My car is the price of that

  • Gamer's Home
    Gamer's Home 13 days ago

    I dream that I own a pc gaming but I do not have the money to buy
    For those who want to donate me this is my address
    Name: Ahmed A Abdel Ghafar
    Address Line 1: C / O Aramex, Zone de fret 4, 2 Rue Des Voyelles Roissy CDG Cedex 95703
    Address Line 2: TIP 72254
    City: Roissy CDG cedex
    State: Ile-de-France
    Zip Code: 95703
    Tel: + 33-148167600

  • Lol 28
    Lol 28 13 days ago

    yo boi thicc

  • RafalBB
    RafalBB 13 days ago

    13:55 - That's Larry David!

  • Dan s
    Dan s 13 days ago

    didn't you reduce the cooling by blocking the intake air by setting the bottom of the internal fans directly on the mat under the laptop? Because you didn't put the bottom back on.

  • beshoy yacoub
    beshoy yacoub 13 days ago

    I wish I can buy a laptop like that

  • Solito
    Solito 13 days ago +11

    Cinebench is like a videogame for them. When they see 1569 they are like "Sweet! New high score!"

  • Karter TDK
    Karter TDK 13 days ago

    i wonder if it was given to tham anf if so, what did they do with it

  • Hebl von Heblowitz
    Hebl von Heblowitz 13 days ago

    5 amp fan? Seriously?!

  • Mcdovin
    Mcdovin 13 days ago


  • Beerenmüsli
    Beerenmüsli 13 days ago

    Awesome Video!!!!