• Published on May 29, 2018
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Comments • 7 703

  • Madaraz Uchiha
    Madaraz Uchiha Hour ago

    damn that laptop is a microwave

  • CJ Howe
    CJ Howe 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who watches these videos and is interested, but has absolutely no idea what the hell he's talking about?

  • Singrun
    Singrun 3 hours ago

    but can it run crysis

  • Tom K
    Tom K 3 hours ago

    13:44 is Michael Scott in there with you?

  • Chris Piedade
    Chris Piedade 3 hours ago

    first PC i built had 133mHz and i overclocked it to something like 200 and had the first DVD rom that required a physical PCI card to read... i'm old

  • ThomasDiy
    ThomasDiy 3 hours ago

    I've actually talked about doing this for years but this is the major problems. The first thing as you pointed out his lag, so each state must have its own dedicated data center in addition each data center must be connected to each other with dedicated fiber optics. The actual infrastructure is just not there. You're basically rebuilding the internet as a giant LAN network for gaming. The next problem is user bandwidth limits and data speeds. My download speed is 5MB and I guarantee you I'm not going to be running any kind of 4K especially with a 1MB upload. The only way this technology is going to work is by purchasing a small console and it'll probably be one year lease agreements with a contract. The next thing is we need smart game engines. The brand new title Battlefield 5 running in 4k should be able to run on of 128MB of RAM on Windows 95 computer with the right GPU. The problem is the developers have made the game engines so complicated that 90% of the processing is waste. Think about Battlefield, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft what do all games have in common textures. When I installed a video game there should be a C:\Program Files\Textures which is universally shared across multiple games to reduce hard drive space. The game industry only cares about maximizing profits and putting out stupid titles every 6 months. when they should be focused more on expansion packs that are free. The only way a device like this would ever work is if it has on-board storage. So all the GPU processing and everything is done at the data center. However when the information is sent to the user it just looks like complex mathematical codes on the user end. But then apply the texture package and you eliminate almost all bandwidth and you then have high-end 4K graphics. This device is basically security cameras on steroids, the receivers at the data center, the monitors at your house. If game developers redesign their video games a game like World of Warcraft would probably be less than 500mb in size hard to believe.

  • YouTube Police
    YouTube Police 3 hours ago

    this thing is thicc

  • Opus Continuum
    Opus Continuum 7 hours ago

    Why would you ever want to overclock a laptop?

  • Hari Kalay
    Hari Kalay 7 hours ago

    Wait, what? Did they use gallium in place of thermal paste? What if it leaks out??

  • Waki 21
    Waki 21 8 hours ago

    7:31 when you jerk off
    7:33 when you finish

  • Dylan Orndorf-Ronk
    Dylan Orndorf-Ronk 8 hours ago

    That was so beautiful I think I cried

  • Lucero Feria
    Lucero Feria 12 hours ago

    I like my laptops THICC

  • jonathon schott
    jonathon schott 19 hours ago

    clevo baby, clevo. 'nuf said. 5ghz meh. my 7700k sustains 4.5ghz. thats socketed as well. in alaptop. . in the words of emeril, 'BAM!!'.

  • Nicolae Florin Pașca
    Nicolae Florin Pașca 22 hours ago

    why not buy a 2000w 3 phases fan and put it behind table and make some holes

  • Lee R
    Lee R 22 hours ago

    As soon as he said i9, I knew it was a disaster. Actually, before he even said i9 and said 5GHz I knew it was bullshit.

  • Conzpiracyzero88

    13:58 That's what she said.

  • JohnDoe
    JohnDoe Day ago

    You Linus made those extremely disturbing, creepy, weird, ugly facial expressions. I mean cringe overload. I still love your videos but if there is anything you wanna improve then I'd say pls don't make those faces again 😀

  • Basil G
    Basil G Day ago

    Sick fucking laptop. I don't want some pussy paperweight, I want something I can do squats and curls with! I want that beast!

  • Mrok_ Randomiser

    Just tore off a someones dream laptop wow

  • Qń
     Day ago

    Now you can slap every bitch for saying "laptops are not for gaming".

  • Ashden124
    Ashden124 Day ago


  • Ashden124
    Ashden124 Day ago

    It looks so old

  • shinpaku 123
    shinpaku 123 Day ago

    I thought you said the latest and gayest in the beginning

  • Fish Turtlehead
    Fish Turtlehead Day ago

    the gay guy loves curb

  • Spectre
    Spectre Day ago

    Thick black laptop gets desecrated by two small white men.

  • Random Replays
    Random Replays Day ago +3

    Woopty doo. $3K to spend just so you can game on a laptop is pretty outrageous.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 2 days ago +3

    7:23 ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "uhhh" remix!

  • Mudk1p28518
    Mudk1p28518 2 days ago

    please don't put duct tape on the brand new 3 thousand dollar laptop...

  • Bhuvnesh Mittal
    Bhuvnesh Mittal 2 days ago

    He wore wrong shirt

  • Anish Gupta
    Anish Gupta 2 days ago +1

    Hey linus do mind giving away one of ur gaming lappys? I wud sell it to get a desktop setup lol

  • Theobose
    Theobose 2 days ago +1

    Thats pretty crazy😂

  • Tejas Waghmare
    Tejas Waghmare 2 days ago +1

    what exactly is blue screen error???
    Anyone plz Help....

    • Aaryan Ramourti
      Aaryan Ramourti Day ago

      Whenever there is something wrong with your pc, and it needs to restart or shutdown, the "blue screen of death", as the enthusiasts call it, appears, and tells you whats the problem, or gives some random problem code

  • Mohan Chitale
    Mohan Chitale 2 days ago +2

    What if u add another fan???

  • Kevin Alexander Bautista Padilla

    This guy is so fucking awkward

  • Khue Vo
    Khue Vo 2 days ago +1

    Damn, I'm using this laptop for months but never ever get to that temp, its very cool and always around 4.7Ghz. And I dont really know what to do with that resources.

  • SP M
    SP M 2 days ago

    How does Linus still not know the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape? It makes me sad to see the gaff so disrespected.

  • DownSurge
    DownSurge 2 days ago

    that was a good linus tech tips.

  • Snowwie88
    Snowwie88 2 days ago +3

    Next time take that laptop to that coldest place in Russia where temperatures are always like -50 or -60 degrees Celsius.. :P

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari 2 days ago

    We need more crazy stuff like that LOL :D

  • Anil Mawji
    Anil Mawji 2 days ago

    *only* one gtx 1080 graphics card. woow, sounds like absolute trash. q.q

  • Shamy unix
    Shamy unix 2 days ago

    3:54 dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Dev mister
    Dev mister 2 days ago

    Just change the thermal paste

  • Mark Manning
    Mark Manning 2 days ago

    please compare with

  • Gavin Endsley
    Gavin Endsley 2 days ago

    blowie-matron is back

    XADIENX 2 days ago

    What services do you disable in windows for these test?

  • Luka Nedeljkov
    Luka Nedeljkov 3 days ago

    Poor laptop, i feel with it

  • Daily Blunts
    Daily Blunts 3 days ago

    Wow this thing is T H I C C

  • N J
    N J 3 days ago

    What are tool you use for testing

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 3 days ago

    Do you keep these things?

  • DestruxandExploze
    DestruxandExploze 3 days ago

    “HAS TWO G’S” actually it’s 3.

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    the 1080 has 8GB of dedicated video RAM. Do you really need two of them to get you up to 16GB? I've got a 6GB 1060 in my machine and it makes the latest graphics heavy games its bitch. There is also a lot of room for improvement. In a couple of years I can upgrade the CPU with a faster i7 and swap the 1060 for a 1080 which would extend the life of the system by years. I've already had a look inside and it looks easy enough to do. In a few years when the 1080s and faster i7 quad cores fall in price this system will get a new lease on life. OR maybe I'll just buy a newer more powerful Alienware 17, but if prices drop as I hope they will, self upgrading would be cheaper I believe. Just the prospect of being able to make these upgrades has me looking forward to that day.

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    "Wow, this thing is THICK!" - What my wife said the first time she saw my erect penis.

    Also, that system in this video looks to be only a little bit thicker than my old Alienware 17. My much newer Alienware 17R4 is significantly thinner but without compromising cooling while tripling its gaming power over the first AW17.

  • TheMemester
    TheMemester 3 days ago +1

    You guys need a laptop cooling pad lmao

  • Alexander Froomes
    Alexander Froomes 3 days ago

    Can it play Minecraft

  • Ikmel A.A.A.
    Ikmel A.A.A. 3 days ago

    Where can I buy this mod?

  • Gelatinous Gaming
    Gelatinous Gaming 3 days ago

    LOL it has two power cords

  • DSVerified
    DSVerified 4 days ago

    the fact that you have encountered a BSOD in the best gaming laptop ever. That makes me not buy this

    RED RUM 4 days ago

    Red neck Engineering is not considered racist , yet Niger rigged is 🤔

    RED RUM 4 days ago

    I would never let them fix my computer if that’s how they pry open a brand new computer , Unreal .

  • Qian Wang
    Qian Wang 4 days ago

    There are 3 Gs

  • Barrett Lewis
    Barrett Lewis 4 days ago

    Whats the deal with that fan? Is it from another video?

  • The Great Chimera
    The Great Chimera 4 days ago

    Is that a skinnier version of Luke?

  • ignacio flores
    ignacio flores 4 days ago

    I prefer it thicker ;)

  • Glenn Cady
    Glenn Cady 4 days ago

    Why is it a Laptop when it uses more juice than a desktop? Portability goes out the door. Wait for AMD's upcoming APU on 7 nanometer. See if I am right.

  • superlinux
    superlinux 4 days ago

    What Linus did here is breaking a CPU GHz limit similar to trying to break the speed of light. I guess it was like 4GHz or a little more, but not 5GHz. I say so because I read once in a programming book about multiprocessing that there is such limit which forced the manufacturers to build SMP CPUs (i.e. multicore CPU) just to keep the CPUs cold and not melt down because of the generated heat. This is what should have Linus tried to seek and research. why not make a true freezer box ( like in the freezer of a refrigerator) instead of just using a fan and see whether Linus can go 6Ghz on 40 degrees Centigrade .maybe use liquid nitrogen to get things colder :)

  • inodob1
    inodob1 4 days ago

    When you love what you do. This is how going to work each day should be.

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan 4 days ago

    thin and light is for small boys like you linus.

  • Bill Overbeck
    Bill Overbeck 5 days ago

    looks like its from 2003

  • Gustav Wanscher
    Gustav Wanscher 5 days ago

    But can it handle Minecraft?

  • - luluo-
    - luluo- 5 days ago

    Omg yhe moment that pc run into a problen mine run to for no reason

  • BoiGaming1313 //iIICyrillicIIi

    Worth my kidneys

  • jazzochannel
    jazzochannel 5 days ago

    fuck you and your .03 % overclock. get a clue

  • Festive Ferret
    Festive Ferret 5 days ago

    Lmao threadripper 2990wx gets like 5000 on cinebench stock

  • ncrdisabled Submarine vet

    Man that beats my dell gaming laptop

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson 6 days ago

    What kind of external power supply is that fan hooked up to? And what kind of fans were those? What connections?

  • snekjuice
    snekjuice 6 days ago

    I can't imagine such a system lasting very long

  • Romashk
    Romashk 6 days ago

    It's got 17" display.... looks like 14"

  • Mo Kh
    Mo Kh 6 days ago

    stupid video

  • General Nax
    General Nax 6 days ago

    99C?? did it not thermal throttle or shut down forcefully??

  • DAN
    DAN 6 days ago

    0:04 I thought he said "Our latest and gayest" lmao

  • Edwin C
    Edwin C 7 days ago

    What stress testing software did you use?

  • lucas mertens
    lucas mertens 7 days ago

    I love this guy. (i ain't gay , i just like his video's)

  • Marcos Codas
    Marcos Codas 7 days ago

    I see nothing impractical about this setup.

    ... says the guy who used to have an eGPU setup via ExpressCard port on his T420.

  • James Bradbury
    James Bradbury 7 days ago

    Blowimatron or SUCCAMATRON

  • TheMultizombie
    TheMultizombie 7 days ago +1

    Intel is trying so hard xD

  • William Su
    William Su 7 days ago

    You guys should 3d print a bench test platform to mount the extra blowymatrons

  • Joseph Gawron
    Joseph Gawron 7 days ago +1

    Man wish people would send me a miniature 777 jet

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123 7 days ago

    "this laptop might only live once"

  • Ghostly
    Ghostly 8 days ago

    sexy time.

  • Damon INC
    Damon INC 8 days ago

    The ultimate gaming experience

  • Jacob Habel
    Jacob Habel 8 days ago

    Cool video!

  • Micke
    Micke 8 days ago

    You can send that laptop to me! It will just do fine for playing Trakmania! ON THE HIGHEST SETTINGS!! :D

    • Mark Jacobs
      Mark Jacobs 2 hours ago

      Might just want to do downsampling from 4k while playing 2 other instances of the game at the same time as well c_c

  • Thomas Luggiero
    Thomas Luggiero 8 days ago

    Two power supplies? That thing is a monster!

  • The potato sandwich 89


  • Brarrab 487
    Brarrab 487 8 days ago

    I wise i could trade my crappy laditude for this

  • tedGEGI
    tedGEGI 9 days ago +3

    This video should be rated "XXX" due to the enormous erections these 2 guys have while disassembling and reviewing this laptop.

  • Minecraftgamer1200
    Minecraftgamer1200 9 days ago

    I'd stick 5 blowie fans on mine if I had that laptop lol

  • Cameron Moles
    Cameron Moles 9 days ago

    not even day ino owning the laptop and linus is destined to break it.

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh 9 days ago

    9:56 when you watch funpreme videos too much