iPhone XS (parody)


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  • Captain Apollo
    Captain Apollo 9 hours ago

    The most aptly named iPhone yet, the iPhone excess **badumtss**

  • jigar talaviya
    jigar talaviya 9 hours ago

    None of these new so called parodies even come closer to collegehumor ones.Those were the ones.Make you laugh out loud.These new ones....meh.

  • jati kuncoro
    jati kuncoro 9 hours ago


  • Lokesh Garg
    Lokesh Garg 10 hours ago

    Well I think apple can do that, like electricute you if you leave a bad review about their devices🤣🤣

  • Araya Keeratikunlanat
    Araya Keeratikunlanat 10 hours ago

    They had the chance to call it the iPhone XL

  • Nice
    Nice 12 hours ago +1

    I have Nokia 3 is a very good Phone😭😭😭

  • Tea
    Tea 13 hours ago +1


  • Trygve Evensen
    Trygve Evensen 14 hours ago

    The iPhone *Tennis* pretty boring...

  • Tywin Lannister
    Tywin Lannister 15 hours ago +1

    And I love what you did with the stupid “one more thing” shit. Apple really doesn’t innovate much nowadays by repeating this crap over and over again.

  • Tywin Lannister
    Tywin Lannister 15 hours ago +1

    Fantastic clip. Exactly!
    I am still watching this on iPhone6s plus and I just love it. Last good iPhone with headphones jack. I don’t actually need any of the newer stupid features like 1000 dollar emoji machine. Love I can plug it in just everywhere and play my music and I can charge at the same time. :D

  • Yasan G.
    Yasan G. 15 hours ago

    Even if they make iPhones worse and double the price people will still buy -_-

  • zeffery
    zeffery 15 hours ago

    just got my xs today. Im not a stupid ass that upgraded from the x. I upgraded from the galaxy s5. Wanted a change in user environment plus i have a MacBook

  • Roni Hietanen
    Roni Hietanen 16 hours ago

    Just awesome

    M4RSHM3LLO 16 hours ago

    lmao android users really love stroking their own cock over a smartphone choice

  • just business
    just business 17 hours ago

    no matter what you say apple is richer than you and your dad so mastrubrate while seeing your moms photo and go to sleep and don't wakeup till 99 years fucking useless piece of shit calling you piece of shit is also disrespect to shit

  • Daniel Pro
    Daniel Pro 19 hours ago

    "I don't know how to use a basic operating system on an android device, therefore the scaled down version equivalent to what a five year old can do works best for me." -every iSheep defending Apple

  • adi sswar
    adi sswar 20 hours ago +1

    My android it's Still better

  • AlternativeColdz D2 and Rocket League

    iPhone Xmas

  • awesmecoolness64
    awesmecoolness64 22 hours ago

    There is already the iPhone Xs

  • Your 2nd Grade Teacher
    Your 2nd Grade Teacher 22 hours ago

    *_better than original_*

  • Park Taylor
    Park Taylor 22 hours ago

    As a fan of Apple, I gotta admit this is funny as hell good job 👏🏻

  • Ink Tea
    Ink Tea Day ago

    The iPhone Excess. 😂

  • z the unicorn
    z the unicorn Day ago

    Oh my God she quit TVclip no one likes you I mean you make boring videos you don't post videos every single day oh yes sorry to be mean but you're ugly your ugly

    • z the unicorn
      z the unicorn Day ago

      Sorry I don't check my comments when I send them

  • Edward ¡999
    Edward ¡999 Day ago

    i can buy an actual big aquarium ,a VR set to play that stupid game , a decent camera , and a cheap android phone for less than 750$ . So let Apple shove apples in their asses (fuck themselves in other words)

  • Edward ¡999
    Edward ¡999 Day ago

    apple is pushing the shit too much , people should stop buying this shit until they lower the prices to a range that "respects" the customer . in my opinion , 700$ for XS and 400$ for XR is more than enough . I'm sure their sells would ,at least, double if the prices was like that

  • Rachel Anima
    Rachel Anima Day ago

    *Wait why are we clapping?!*
    *STOP CLAPPING!!!!!!*

  • dR l Srgt Peepee 1
    dR l Srgt Peepee 1 Day ago +1

    LMAOO “Baby dick”

  • Kenry Kikkas
    Kenry Kikkas Day ago

    IPhone is shit
    sorry IPhone lovers

  • Qrimeme
    Qrimeme Day ago

    I used to have the iPhone 4 (it wasn't mine of course it was my moms) and then I use android (I got my own phone but hardly use it anymore) but if I got another phone I rather have a iPhone 6s and/or 6s plus the new iPhones are shit now.

  • No One
    No One Day ago

    S = same

  • Poppy is Nub
    Poppy is Nub Day ago

    Iphone xr is 2k euros in croatia lol

  • Yoboi Aries
    Yoboi Aries Day ago

    01:14 voice crack :D

  • DannyOH 40
    DannyOH 40 Day ago

    Roses are red
    Grass is greener
    When I think of you
    I play with weinsr

  • Fusseldieb
    Fusseldieb Day ago

    My Galaxy S7 Edge serves me better than this crap.

  • Valentino 737
    Valentino 737 Day ago

    plz help im so thirsty

  • Sami Johnstone
    Sami Johnstone Day ago

    Who else got a pad advert before this?

  • -
    - Day ago

    I am an Apple man from very beginning. I mean very beginning. And no more. Now it is faggotty, boring globalist corp. I just bought my first Android phone. And your stuff is funny!

  • Jack Thornborrow

    I watched this on an iPhone XS

  • Tricus
    Tricus Day ago

    Accurate and beautiful.

  • Light sparkle Cookie

    The Apple Watch will kill you if you talk shit😂😂

  • Muhammad Fhardeen Hussain

    this video is not a padory

  • Roy
    Roy Day ago

    Wasnt blurring the background possible since the samsung galaxy s4 or s5 lol?

  • UgandanPanzer
    UgandanPanzer Day ago

    iphone sucks gives fuck price but doesnt give buyers freedom to use it

  • sub2notme
    sub2notme Day ago

    And im here struggling to buy an iphone 6.
    Ye ik this is a parody

  • Piotr Piwowarski

    1,7k apple fanboys disliked this video.

  • Rapist Spongebob
    Rapist Spongebob Day ago +1

    You're really not funny sometimes.

  • Johnny Rumely
    Johnny Rumely Day ago

    this might be the stupidest video i have ever seen lmao

  • Not So Average Joe

    That last joke made me sub

  • tomtebre
    tomtebre Day ago

    Look at all these nerds who care so much about a fucking phone

  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast Day ago

    Fuck u mother lfuker

  • hmslurp flop
    hmslurp flop Day ago

    I haven't seen your videos in so long

  • Gus Ka
    Gus Ka Day ago

    Whyt wut? Ummmmm f@&#&ng ok

  • Jaiden
    Jaiden Day ago

    Meanwhile I still have an Iphone 5s

    Maybe I should just get a nokia

  • Jam
    Jam Day ago

    in Brazil 1 dollar is 5 reais soooooooo

  • Sam Wasot
    Sam Wasot Day ago


    Did they copy the xs from sabían xs20?

  • BloodRider 14
    BloodRider 14 Day ago +1

    I will never get lipped Tim Cook out of my head. Thanks Jack Appleseed

  • Andrew Dang
    Andrew Dang Day ago

    Whaat was that song played when Jack showed the instagram part of the video?

  • ragepoweredgamer

    I swear, these used to be better. I'm SO glad you still make them, but I thought they used to have more jokes in them. STILL FUNNY! Just, not iPad mini funny.

  • RedAce XV
    RedAce XV 2 days ago

    When i was fucking susan she kept saying “help” even though that’s not my name

  • Mr Ramdom
    Mr Ramdom 2 days ago

    O good you did it already

  • Coleco Vw.
    Coleco Vw. 2 days ago

    It proves one ☝️ thing, Apple loves to screw people. $749.00 for a iPhone 4 equivalent 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 Just think of all the steak 🥩 dinners you could buy with $749 think of all the video games you could buy with $749 think of all the beer 🍺 you could buy with $749 think of all the Japanese porn you could buy with $749😏 think of the large OLED television you could buy with $749 think of all the groceries you could buy with $749 and then there’s Mastercard.

  • Las ,
    Las , 2 days ago

    iPhone *rawr* XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • AbdM
    AbdM 2 days ago


  • Korenzic
    Korenzic 2 days ago


  • angpug1
    angpug1 2 days ago

    Does the S stand for Susan?
    Dammit Susan.

  • 그냥사람
    그냥사람 2 days ago

    XS stands for eXpenSive

  • Biraj
    Biraj 2 days ago +1

    *Steve Jobs has left the chat*

  • Ethan Merritt
    Ethan Merritt 2 days ago

    Stupid video

  • Abdessamad El Hossaini

    who thinks huawei is the best of them all😂

  • Sir Erik
    Sir Erik 2 days ago

    Apple was amazing with Steve Jobs but now ehh...


  • Yassir Rossel
    Yassir Rossel 2 days ago

    Cheap? Apple? LOL

  • Kelly GreekFox
    Kelly GreekFox 2 days ago +1

    And here's me, ussing a Samsung.
    Jk I fucking hate Apple, these niggas are expensive af.

  • Insomniac 141
    Insomniac 141 2 days ago

    "Auto white balance" *uses black woman for picture*

  • 1000 subs no video Just comments

    Same shit new year.

  • Garfield Vikernes
    Garfield Vikernes 2 days ago

    Don't you think it's a bit XS-ive to keep buying all these new iPhones each year?

  • Valksonik
    Valksonik 2 days ago

    XS stands for extremely shit.

  • bregehr
    bregehr 2 days ago

    The new iphone is a bit XS-ive

  • Epke Gaming
    Epke Gaming 2 days ago

    My whole life i had Apple but i tried Samsung for a while and it has waaaay more fearturs than even apple even maybe pc

  • LegitCharge
    LegitCharge 2 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy for the win.

  • Fortnite Shadows
    Fortnite Shadows 2 days ago

    0:05 hahahaha good joke

  • MrQuirkyKirk
    MrQuirkyKirk 2 days ago

    No iPhone X2? Does that mean Zero is going to stay dead in this continuity?

  • AlphaR4
    AlphaR4 2 days ago +1

    If you want a different way to commit suicide, buy Apple watch ;))))))))

  • HooperBrothers
    HooperBrothers 2 days ago +1

    I’ve unsubscribed coz you’re just making fun of Apple to much. I used to love you as a TVclipr but you’ve disappointed me. Good bye 😢

  • Kylixion _
    Kylixion _ 2 days ago

    Susan why

  • Reagan Thomas
    Reagan Thomas 2 days ago

    And now the iPhone Xs actually exists

  • nigga
    nigga 2 days ago

    Quality content I've always asked for.

  • D.E. Jones
    D.E. Jones 2 days ago

    I have to keep signing in with Amazon and typing incodes how do I get through to amazon

  • TheDarkLord GaV
    TheDarkLord GaV 2 days ago

    I do not know i i pronounce iphone "ex sex"

  • Arva Uploads stuff
    Arva Uploads stuff 2 days ago

    Good for Fortnite
    Bad for our wallets

  • Arva Uploads stuff
    Arva Uploads stuff 2 days ago

    In Indonesia, Samsung is basically Apple because they release the A series with the SAME DESIGN EACH YEAR BUT MORE EXPENSIVE

  • Gacha Lemon
    Gacha Lemon 2 days ago

    I miss old apple phones tbh
    Not too big, HAD A HEADPHONE JACK, all the good stuff, y’know?

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans 2 days ago

    I'm Mad cos you could have called it the "iPhone excess"

  • Gilgamesh demi god
    Gilgamesh demi god 2 days ago

    Lg is also better than iphones

  • Yudri Tewak
    Yudri Tewak 2 days ago

    You've gotten lazy... Do it all over again.

  • breeatsuga
    breeatsuga 2 days ago

    this is called being scammed kids

  • Piz za
    Piz za 2 days ago

    iPhone xpensive

  • Katherine B
    Katherine B 2 days ago

    iPhone xpensive

  • Steep
    Steep 2 days ago

    iPhone: XS
    steve job peepee: XXS
    he wants us to know

  • Wim Krabba
    Wim Krabba 2 days ago

    38th trending in finland.

  • ChrisPratt
    ChrisPratt 2 days ago +1

    *please* *come* *back* *susan*