2018 NBA draft recap: Best trade, biggest surprise, best outfit & more | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • The Jump crew breaks down the 2018 NBA draft, choosing between the Atlanta Hawks' Trae Young and Los Angeles Clippers' Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for best outfit; and Young and the Denver Nuggets' Michael Porter Jr. for biggest surprise; and the Dallas Mavericks (for Luka Doncic), Los Angeles Clippers (for Gilgeous-Alexander) or Philadelphia 76ers (for Zhaire Smith and the Miami Heat 2021 first-round pick) for best trade.
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Comments • 288

  • Wei Yan
    Wei Yan 8 months ago

    Dont disrecpect Darko like that

  • Paulina Ierubino
    Paulina Ierubino 8 months ago

    Rachel's drunk or somethin

  • zma314125
    zma314125 9 months ago

    Once again, ESPN has no regard for the Mavs. They didn't even mention Luka Doncic. What a joke.

  • Killer Beast Gaming
    Killer Beast Gaming 9 months ago

    I bet denver will trade it again to utah jazz lol gobert and mitchell

  • Niko Magallón
    Niko Magallón 9 months ago

    Lol Brian Windhorst throwing a small tantrum and coming off smug and like an asshole.

  • You ever just breathe to flex on niggas wit asthma

    Windhorst is a great analyst.

  • A Flanagan
    A Flanagan 9 months ago

    watching windhorst try to move his neck fascinates me

  • 313drepeso313
    313drepeso313 9 months ago

    Please don't remind me of my pistons and that darko pick... 😕😔😥

  • TheHasta666
    TheHasta666 9 months ago

    Who the fuck are these people? Women, obese, retired men? Come on

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin 9 months ago

    Both outfits were awful. I'd have to cancel the pick if I saw those dudes wearing that crap

  • DragonFlare42
    DragonFlare42 9 months ago

    Sixers should not have traded bridges or should of pick up MPJ

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 9 months ago

    Worst panel ever.

  • Cokebyparis
    Cokebyparis 9 months ago +1

    The kid that wore the Gucci scarf dressed the best

  • batu hikmet
    batu hikmet 9 months ago

    After 5 years nobdy gonna remember what did they wear

  • lms the god
    lms the god 9 months ago +1

    I’m so happy Luka didn’t go to the Hawks, they are trash..let’s go Luka nice trade

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam 9 months ago

      lms the god and Mavs are good Stfu Luka isn't gonna be a goat in his rookie year

  • John Pinon
    John Pinon 9 months ago

    Y’all don’t forget the Mavs got the Greeks brother !

  • lastStand1674
    lastStand1674 9 months ago +8

    So playing pro basketball since age 16 in the second best league in the world, being the star player of the most successful European basketball team at age 19, winning both domestic and euro league and being MVP of both competitions. ALL that is not enough to convince the biased American media that you are the best talent in the draft. But showing some talent in an amateur league like the NCAA with a bunch of college kids can grant you praises and rising star status. American media is a disgrace.

    • Aitor Tilla
      Aitor Tilla 9 months ago +4

      lastStand1674 I agree with you, they don't know shit about Doncic. He won the EuroBasket in which there were nba players like Porzingis, Gasol brothers, Rubio... And played against Westbrook when he was 17 and won with Real Madrid, I mean he has shown that he is more ready to be in the NBA than any other player in the draft

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 9 months ago

    LBJ trendsetter

  • BigMo_BITW
    BigMo_BITW 9 months ago +1

    I give ALL NBA TEAMS Donkey Of The Day for not selecting Liangelo Ball who is an exponentially better shooter than everyone in the draft.

  • Ericson Javier
    Ericson Javier 9 months ago

    Doncic could turn out to be as good as drazen petrovic...

  • Berzerker King13
    Berzerker King13 9 months ago


  • Kn3z
    Kn3z 9 months ago +3

    I love how they all started roasting Darko Milicic hahaha

  • Mr Cav
    Mr Cav 9 months ago

    Wat does she mean you people

  • Athraxes
    Athraxes 9 months ago

    Michael Porter would be a big risk for many teams but I think Denver can afford him being hurt the first season.

  • Real HipHop
    Real HipHop 9 months ago


  • Klay Moore
    Klay Moore 9 months ago +1

    Wtf?! Its like Grown ups having a discussion over dinner. Ugly ass reporting

  • JP Alfred
    JP Alfred 9 months ago

    Pistons did not win the championship on the year they drafted Darko. Spurs won that year.
    Pistons won the chip during Darko's 1st season.

    • Kalvin Baber
      Kalvin Baber 9 months ago

      JP Alfred Yes We did cuzzo. Darko got drafted in June of 2003.. so the 2003/2004 NBA Champs was the Detroit Pistons.. aka Darkos/ LeBron/ DWade Rookie Year.. Facts

  • Alice In Chains
    Alice In Chains 9 months ago

    Darko milicic was drafted before the pistins won the championship. Cmon you should be experts

  • 156football
    156football 9 months ago

    Rachael Nichols is good enough to put Windhorst firmly on his back foot. But can't finish the word "lotion" because of you creeps I often see in the comments. Smh

    • Kalvin Baber
      Kalvin Baber 9 months ago

      156football Lol. Rach, use sum Lotion on Me.. All I need is 5 mins..

  • Gerald Obien
    Gerald Obien 9 months ago

    Mavericks had the best trade!!

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen 9 months ago +7

    Looks like Rachel likes protected sex keeps on mentioning protected....

  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage 9 months ago

    Rachel marry me

    • BKK
      BKK 9 months ago +1

      21 Savage you ain't marriage material

  • Mark Abad
    Mark Abad 9 months ago

    Give me that pussy, rachel

  • Sideshow Bob
    Sideshow Bob 9 months ago +2

    Shorts? What you 5 years old?

  • Shin Yokoyama
    Shin Yokoyama 9 months ago

    I thought 5 teams would regret not taking trae Young now it will be 4 or 3. Trae young will be one of the best players coming out of this draft and alot better then Lonzo. Hell I dont think Trae will be making rap albums instead of working on his game

  • Hero Ball
    Hero Ball 9 months ago +1

    Young is a much better shooter, ball handler, and passer then Doncic
    If Young had his height he’d go #1

    • Frederik Brandt
      Frederik Brandt 9 months ago

      Hahahaha ignorant American fool. It’s so funny reading comments by people like you. You haven’t watched Doncic, so stop talking shit about him.

    • Stivi B
      Stivi B 9 months ago

      Hero Ball ahhahahahahah you will see how bad doncic is in nba. He will be probably the best passer in nba

  • styxstormx
    styxstormx 9 months ago

    LMAO WHO WAS AVAILABLE IN DARKOS DRAFT!? That was the 03 draft. Lebrons draft.. with Melo, wade, bosh... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Felicia Moniq
    Felicia Moniq 9 months ago

    is it Sh-ae or Sh-ei-ye?

  • HowWiki Gt
    HowWiki Gt 9 months ago

    Trae Young best Outfit
    my man looks like Draymond Green's son in the NBA awards

  • Christian Joel Cabrera
    Christian Joel Cabrera 9 months ago +6

    What the hell is up with people wearing those kinds of leather shoes without socks?😂😂😂

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago

    The Hawks traded for El DeBarge?

  • trollsRtrix
    trollsRtrix 9 months ago

    Everybody got a laptop except for the black guy😂😂😂

  • x.triipp
    x.triipp 9 months ago

    why draft a ball dominant guard if u already have savage ass Dennis Smith Jr? 🤔

  • A Real Good Guy
    A Real Good Guy 9 months ago

    Darko was on the team when the Pistons won the championship Amir.

  • Mozus Freeman
    Mozus Freeman 9 months ago +1

    Off the sub the lady in purple sounds like she an announcer from 2k18 or is it just me

    • Last King
      Last King 9 months ago

      Lol nah that’s Doris Burke

  • Loro sono umano
    Loro sono umano 9 months ago

    Clippers should have grabbed him

  • Knowledge Born
    Knowledge Born 9 months ago

    I'm sick of Windhurst fat ass!

  • Miguel Miguel
    Miguel Miguel 9 months ago

    Biggest surprise was LiAngelo not getting #1 pick. Adam Silver clearly ain’t a BIG BALLER.

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 9 months ago

      Miguel Miguel Kys, retard

  • I stay getting hoed
    I stay getting hoed 9 months ago +1

    Naw detroit actually won that year they drafted darko

  • UnTypical Guy
    UnTypical Guy 9 months ago +9

    If Rachel made a dirty joke nobody would mind cause she a baddie 😎

  • unknown territory
    unknown territory 9 months ago

    What this nonsense about celtics drafting all these great players. TAtum is ok but once Hayward comes back he wont play as much. Hes not as good as Heyward. ANd who else is great? Nobody. Athletic players who no shooting ability? Only Kyrie is special nobody else is on the team. They are just roll players.

  • Mohamed A
    Mohamed A 9 months ago

    Trae young better not be a bust

  • unknown territory
    unknown territory 9 months ago

    Whats this dummy talking about nobody was shocked by Trae Young pick.He just mad his boy Collins didn't go higher. Hes no Trae Young.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 9 months ago

    ESPN tried to HYPEBOX Porter 😎😎😎.
    GMs didn't take the bait.

    • Ken M
      Ken M 9 months ago

      DeAndre Page everyone overhyped porter

  • The Journey
    The Journey 9 months ago

    Yo y'all saw they reaction to you ppl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ivan Grechzen
    Ivan Grechzen 9 months ago +3

    Can’t we talk about how all the teams from the Bulls, Cavs all the way to clippers pass on this kid MPJ?! Dude is an all-star talent and to prove that he is not injured and ready to be in the NBA his agent setup a pro day that encourage all the teams to bring their medical staff and all the teams from 8-13 pick were still too afraid? Dude is straight score and talent, without taking a guy and risking it like Kevin Knox the Knicks coulda easily picked up MPJ and there goes the forward duo of Porzingis and MPJ? I don’t understand the mentality behind not giving this kid a shot if your a team looking at a shot to the playoffs with or without him

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam 9 months ago

      Ivan Grechzen lmao a lot of dudes are all-star talent XD

    • Nic Bell
      Nic Bell 9 months ago +2

      I get why the bulls had to pass, but the clippers were slipping

    • Jamie Bong
      Jamie Bong 9 months ago +1

      Ivan Grechzen couldn't be happier that my Nuggets stole this talent from 12 other teams!

  • Mac 26
    Mac 26 9 months ago

    porter the next irving?

    • Vidhu Jha
      Vidhu Jha 9 months ago

      Mac 26 wtf nope in high school he was called as the next KD but coz of his back surgery now nothing is sure

  • K Adams
    K Adams 9 months ago

    really both are wearing clown suits but trae c'mon man

  • EJP /E money
    EJP /E money 9 months ago

    If he’s A multiple all star I don’t wanna hear nothing ,

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago +1

    I feel bad for Hawks fans. That was horrible.

  • arouska
    arouska 9 months ago

    Come for analysis, stay for the anal sex jokes.

  • Ronald Upton
    Ronald Upton 9 months ago

    these guys wearing women clothes....smmfh!

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago

    Mavs committed highway robbery. Hawks are fools.

  • Miguel B37
    Miguel B37 9 months ago +7

    MPJ was Impossible to go to the Bulls because he had injuries and like me all Bulls fans know what appen to D.rose a One of the best PG turns out be injurie every week
    So they dint want take risks

  • Albert Bier
    Albert Bier 9 months ago +12

    Do people really use lotion to jackoff now a days

  • *The Greatest Troll Ever*
    *The Greatest Troll Ever* 9 months ago +35

    🤔I wonder what Rachael hands do with 🍆 and some lotion..

  • Jakeem
    Jakeem 9 months ago

    Dany Angie should have been hauled off to jail.

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson 9 months ago

    I knew Rachel was a freak

  • M o o s e
    M o o s e 9 months ago +5

    Trae has a big rectangle head

  • andz c
    andz c 9 months ago

    these so called analyst had the subject about who had the better draft then went in to darco
    milicic. lol

  • 1000Kbaby
    1000Kbaby 9 months ago

    Knicks got the steal of the draft

    • Jamie Bong
      Jamie Bong 9 months ago

      1000Kbaby No they lost the steal of the draft MPJr! And we thank you again here in Denver!

  • LeightonGains
    LeightonGains 9 months ago

    Rachel is such a bitch i wanna smack tf out her hook nose

  • butterNpants
    butterNpants 9 months ago

    Clippers are trash and will always be trash

    • Ken M
      Ken M 9 months ago

      butterNpants they made the playoffs every year the last few years excluding this I've and still finished pretty good in s tough western conference and more injuries than any team I can think of.

  • jbhillz87
    jbhillz87 9 months ago +6

    Hawks traded Rasheed Wallace to Detroit I should work for ESPN

  • David Muse
    David Muse 9 months ago

    Trae young is better with his passing and scoring better fit for the hawks good luck with the European player not all of work out

    • David Muse
      David Muse 9 months ago

      If the European league is like college the why team usa goes over there and beat up on the European league that's high school kids

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam 9 months ago

      David Muse lol ppl overrated that euroleague bum nba I's diffrent then his league lol luka league is same level as college

  • David Muse
    David Muse 9 months ago

    Hawks have the best draft trae young and Collins i can't wait for the season hawks finally have a star player

  • Mellow Glocks
    Mellow Glocks 9 months ago +32

    ahhhh.... sweet sweet lotion

  • Bricio Cadenas
    Bricio Cadenas 9 months ago +2

    Get rid of that Brian.

  • iAm211
    iAm211 9 months ago

    Michael Porter Jr. should have been a Clippers and I'm pissed he's not.

    • Ken M
      Ken M 9 months ago

      Clippers are the most injury prone team ever. MPJ would never play a game on that team

    • Jamie Bong
      Jamie Bong 9 months ago +1

      iAm211 MPJr is going to be a force alongside the Joker hear in Denver and I can't wait!

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 9 months ago +10

    Biggest mistake made by mavs by not selecting mo bamba. Doncic is just overrated dont compare euroleague to nba

    • Christian Abayon
      Christian Abayon 9 months ago +1

      mark pabia Do you really watch basketball?

    • danny sanders
      danny sanders 9 months ago

      mark pabia it compares to the ncaa quit well nobody said he was in a better league then the NBA but euro leauge is better then ncaa talent wise so hows it any diffent then the players from ncaa thy didn't play nba leave comp as well they didn't play pro ball as well so i don't know you can have your opinion thats cool but it doesn't make you right

    • Joshua Frick
      Joshua Frick 9 months ago

      +Aitor Tilla I definitely don't support this idiot +mark pabia, but let's not get it twisted. Yes, Luka played Russ & the Thunder when he was 17 yrs old. But, Luka wasn't all that impressive: 3 pts on 1-5 shooting, 2 TOs 4 assts 5 rebs in 18 min. The only thing jaw-dropping about that performance is he was doing it at 17 years old! The Thunder's own Terrance Ferguson is 20 & he'd kill for #s like that. Lol

    • Frederik Brandt
      Frederik Brandt 9 months ago +1

      mark pabia you’re a fucking embarrassment, do us all a favor and find another team, we don’t need your negativity. You’re gonna regret your words when Doncic and Jr become great in a few years. Remember what continent Dirk came from

    • Aitor Tilla
      Aitor Tilla 9 months ago +1

      mark pabia Luka Doncic played against Westbrook when he was 17 so I don't know what the fuck you talking about

  • Gghh Johns
    Gghh Johns 9 months ago +18

    DSJ X Luca Doncic

  • Beast Baller
    Beast Baller 9 months ago

    They having fun 😆

  • Pláybòï Slàttîér
    Pláybòï Slàttîér 9 months ago +24

    Rachel is a freak lmaooooo 😍

  • BlackSpartan091
    BlackSpartan091 9 months ago +5

    Mavs got a new big 3 ( DSJR, Greek Freak 2.0 , Luka) Mavs might make playoffs

    • BlackSpartan091
      BlackSpartan091 9 months ago

      Rehana Pravin I think he can be better

    • deadmansfire
      deadmansfire 9 months ago +2

      Greek Freak 2.0 won't play a single minute this season probably

    • Rehana Pravin
      Rehana Pravin 9 months ago

      BlackSpartan091 Who Said His brother will be as good as him?

  • kwalex
    kwalex 9 months ago +1

    1:00 PAAAAAUSE

  • Pocilllio
    Pocilllio 9 months ago

    Clippers definitely had the better trade Shai Gilgeous Alexander is the next best point guard in the NBA and they didn't have to trade their 13th and 2019 first round pick instead give away their second round picks

  • owen bell
    owen bell 9 months ago +2

    Best trade was okc for Diallo don’t @ me

  • 286mic
    286mic 9 months ago +4

    Why the Knicks didn't gamble on MPJ is dumb. If he's fully healthy paired with Porzingis? Forget Embiid and Simmons.

    • Christian
      Christian 8 months ago

      Nosa Uzamere Knicks are going nowhere next season anyway without KP do they should’ve taken a chance

    • Nyle Winston
      Nyle Winston 9 months ago

      they did right not to gamble but they grabbed the wrong guy

    • Jamie Bong
      Jamie Bong 9 months ago +1

      He is going to be a force paired with Jokic in Denver!

    • 1000Kbaby
      1000Kbaby 9 months ago

      286mic cause he is bum juice

    • BenBen Vorlon
      BenBen Vorlon 9 months ago

      Nosa Uzamere - I agree but Porter Jr isnt an injury risk, he is INJURED, he will probably have to "red shirt" to fully heal, that's why his hip was acting up.

  • Pre Law
    Pre Law 9 months ago +89

    I swear to god Rachel is a freak lol

  • Wikkitt Klown
    Wikkitt Klown 9 months ago +6

    These kids have no class, fashion, or respect.

    • Walter James
      Walter James 9 months ago

      why no respect ?

    • James Mills
      James Mills 9 months ago +12

      Wikkitt Klown you forgot to tell them to get off your lawn, 😂😂😂😃

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 9 months ago +2

    Jalen Rose had the best outfit.

  • Nate Erre
    Nate Erre 9 months ago +13

    Doris Burke > Rachel Nichols

    • Nate Erre
      Nate Erre 9 months ago

      alright bro (:

    • Kalvin Baber
      Kalvin Baber 9 months ago

      Nate Erre u trippin lol. If I send u a Rachel Nichols 2017 The Jump vid, you'll change ur mind lol.. believe dat

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago +7

    Young is not an NBA player. He doesn't have an NBA body.

    • Wyatt Felling
      Wyatt Felling 9 months ago

      Bo Rood steph in college looked like a newborn baby and stayed for 3 years

    • Ken M
      Ken M 9 months ago

      mike murphy he's only like 2 inches shorter, same height as cp3

    • mike murphy
      mike murphy 9 months ago

      C Moneh hes a full 3 inches shorter then curry

    • C Moneh
      C Moneh 9 months ago

      Bo Rood hes there the same weight and steps only a inch taller

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 9 months ago

      The Avatar Even Curry is huge compared to this dude.

  • DJ ShaqTown
    DJ ShaqTown 9 months ago +161

    Denver picking MPJ is perfect and no risk at all... they already a good team who could take the risk with the 14th pick no problem

    • Mo Bamba
      Mo Bamba 9 months ago

      Nobody talking about Robert Williams to the Celtics? He will fit so well In the Brad Stevens system.

    • Joshua Frick
      Joshua Frick 9 months ago

      +DJ ShaqTown I disagree wholeheartedly. Yes, Denver could "afford" to gamble. But, they have the Joker & Gary Harris, Jamaal Murray and some other nice pieces like Trey Lyles. There were several players taken after 14 that could of helped Denver. If Anfernee Simons turns into the type of player scouts believe he will, then Nuggets' fans will be BUMMED. Lonnie Walker for sure could of helped. Should always make you nervous when the Spurs take a player after you selected. Chandler Hutchison is another.

    • BenBen Vorlon
      BenBen Vorlon 9 months ago

      DJ ShaqTown - develop???? lol ummmmmm dude has been injured since 10th grade lol he needs to HEALing NOT development....smh

    • Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe
      Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe 9 months ago +1

      Nuggets allready saying he most likely miss whole next season.....shit....i think dudes career will be very short,like Greg Oden short

    • DJ ShaqTown
      DJ ShaqTown 9 months ago

      Santi G thats fine Denver gonna be middle of the pack anyway they got time to develop him

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 9 months ago +26

    Mavs got away with murder. Hawks are idiots.

    • Pedro Araujo
      Pedro Araujo 28 days ago

      +Wing I guess you must be pissed right about now

    • Dallas Texas
      Dallas Texas Month ago

      +SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER tell that man he crazy af

      SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER 2 months ago

      +Wing u sure about that 😂😂😂😂
      Luka leads rookies in scoring second in rebs second in assists third in steals...... Welp
      Clutch as well and leading his team to wins and shooting 39 from 3 woops

    • Wing
      Wing 5 months ago

      Sure about that? Trae just dropped 35 points and 11 assists. Leading all rookies by a lot in both points and assists. Oh and also the Hawks got the Mavs first round pick. I have been waiting months to go back and tell people they were wrong to underestimate Trae Young because I knew he would be special.

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 9 months ago

      Night Hatake Shut up, homo bitch

  • Techwood16
    Techwood16 9 months ago +26

    Imo the hawks were probably scared doncic would go back to the euro league if they picked em so they made the safer pick plus Trae will put asses in seats

    • HAZë_BLAZë
      HAZë_BLAZë 9 months ago +1

      Techwood16 lmao this made my day thank you

    • Aaron Tan
      Aaron Tan 9 months ago

      Techwood16 no he said he'll be staying in the NBA BEFORE the draft started

    • Mopey kkmk
      Mopey kkmk 9 months ago

      They’re gunna watch him chuck up bricks

    • The GoatBam
      The GoatBam 9 months ago +2

      Techwood16 i was gonna say tht but fax

  • Jamie Sp
    Jamie Sp 9 months ago +60

    Melo's career is a million times different if the Pistons drafted him. They win at least 3 rings and Melo is this great champion.

    • Lemar Floyd
      Lemar Floyd 4 months ago

      That our fault the Pistons dropped the ball on melo smh

    • Austin Oldfield
      Austin Oldfield 9 months ago

      Wikkitt Klown your a ducking idiot

    • Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe
      Your_Mom_Asked About_My_Pipe 9 months ago

      anthony is cancer....aint no one winning shit with this cancer on they team...

    • A Real Good Guy
      A Real Good Guy 9 months ago +1

      They didn't get him because they drafted Prince the other year before. They probably were thinking big man because they didn't have Rasheed until they traded for him at the trade deadline. They just had Okur, Wallace and Williamson.

    • 1000Kbaby
      1000Kbaby 9 months ago +1

      Bo Rood his attitude on the defensive end would have been different if Detroit drafted him he would have no choice

  • Dennis Galabo
    Dennis Galabo 9 months ago

    Clippers traded 2 2nd rd picks that they couldve kept coz Charlotte aint picking Shai anyway. Why are they saying that was a good move?
    That was a fucking bonehead move!!!

    • 1000merf
      1000merf 9 months ago

      Michael Seaborne couldn't have said it any better myself

    • Pocilllio
      Pocilllio 9 months ago

      Michael Seaborne they don't need those two second round picks...you realize the Pistons also give away a 2019 first round pick right

    • Michael Seaborne
      Michael Seaborne 9 months ago +1

      Dennis Galabo Wrong. Charlotte had a potential deal to draft Shai and send him to Phoenix for a package involving pick 16. Which is why the Clippers moved up one pick to secure him. Plus clippers have bought 4 2nd round picks in the past two drafts. If they want a 2nd round pick next year Ballmer will just buy it off another team.

  • Chewkie 420
    Chewkie 420 9 months ago +40

    Rachael a freak🤗🤗