Every DCEU Movie Before Justice League (Cram It!)


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  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts 15 days ago

    Where's Green Lantern?

  • David Horan
    David Horan 18 days ago

    Great video mate, just what I needed before watching Justice League 👌

    PHILL SHIVELY 4 months ago

    He Needed those Big Wangs to Birth the DCEU!

    PHILL SHIVELY 4 months ago

    I Watched Them All Back to Back WONDER Woman MAN OF Steel BATMAN V Superman ULTIMATE Edition Suicide Squad and I Topped it off Rewatching Green Lantern Extended Cut and Superman RETURNS!

  • Your Family Expert
    Your Family Expert 4 months ago

    Will you do one of these for the MCU before Infinity War? I don't have time to revisit all the films but need a refresher! Thanks, you are the best.

  • david huey
    david huey 5 months ago

    My DCEU Ranking:
    5. Suicide Squad
    4. Wonder Woman
    3. Man of Steel
    2. Justice League
    1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 5 months ago

    So far, the only good villain on DCEU is Zod.

  • Gabriel Oropeza
    Gabriel Oropeza 6 months ago

    9:26 that awkward moment when you kill the god of war, and ww2 still happens.

  • Selz1992 G
    Selz1992 G 6 months ago

    Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were the best

  • 3DaiYo4Kai56
    3DaiYo4Kai56 6 months ago

    I can't wait till u guys do TL;DW for MCU. But do it on the week of infinity war release. Don't do it for black panther.

  • Amelie Phillips
    Amelie Phillips 7 months ago

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  • jenny_ alx
    jenny_ alx 7 months ago

    You should do this for the MCU

  • Inactive Account
    Inactive Account 7 months ago

    Dude, the day before I saw bvs I realised that they shared the first name, and commented it down, genuinely saying “ hope they don’t have that be the reason they stop fighting”. No joke

  • RikXtreme4
    RikXtreme4 7 months ago

    It was certainly better than the last 3 films but i still thought WW sucked..

  • Saleh Altaher
    Saleh Altaher 8 months ago +1

    3:48 he's crying cuz he is getting hurt DUH

  • Saleh Altaher
    Saleh Altaher 8 months ago


  • Guilherme Carregosa da Costa

    Please. Do a lot of videos like this! And also create a playlist. Is there a MCU video like this one ?

  • bruce dorion
    bruce dorion 8 months ago

    What a small Extended Universe, wish DC never messed up

  • Efosa Igbinovia
    Efosa Igbinovia 8 months ago

    Doesn't Spencer hate all these films?

  • 0002pA
    0002pA 8 months ago

    I didn't watch any of these and think this was more than enough.

  • shadow ranger
    shadow ranger 8 months ago

    hey you forgot Green Lantern

    • shadow ranger
      shadow ranger 8 months ago

      just kidding that dosent count becuase its crap

  • Angelina Jolson
    Angelina Jolson 8 months ago

    "Nyeh, you wanna start a justice league?"

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 8 months ago

    If the world(and NY in particular) blamed superman for the destruction he caused. How did a shrine to Superman have enough public support in New York of all places to get built??? Especially one of him being a hero.

  • Jonassoe
    Jonassoe 8 months ago

    She fought so hard to kill Ares so she could end the Great War. Must have been kind of a bummer when the next war started 21 years later.

  • ehamadification
    ehamadification 8 months ago

    Hey this is not fair. You made DCEU sounds better than the trainwreck that it is.

  • Myles Schutte
    Myles Schutte 8 months ago

    Man of Steel was great. Zod's story is so sad, he's still evil for sure, but he's a deep character.

  • The Mad Love Addict
    The Mad Love Addict 8 months ago

    My favourite DCEU films so far:
    1: Wonder Woman
    2: Suicide Squad
    3: Justice League/ Man of steel
    4: Batman vs Superman

    Btw I liked jl and mos the same

  • NekoInClouds
    NekoInClouds 8 months ago

    Thank you! I didn't actually want to watch them all, but was kinda interested in the universe. Are there more of these? I want to see more XD like for Ironman, and Superman.

  • Paul Soldner
    Paul Soldner 8 months ago

    >Wonder Woman
    >Crowning jewel of the DCEU

  • Paul Soldner
    Paul Soldner 8 months ago

    Why are we still pretending that BvS is a bad movie?

  • boopiloopi
    boopiloopi 8 months ago

    felt weird with a young luthor maby?
    could superman have inhaled the explotion?
    the cgi drones in ss bothered me a bit. why not just change their eyes?
    ww is over all the best dceu movie so far.
    love the shows.

  • Caleb Mitchell
    Caleb Mitchell 8 months ago

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  • MalseMarcel
    MalseMarcel 8 months ago

    Like this, it doesnt sound that bad at all

  • Sigmund Salazar
    Sigmund Salazar 8 months ago

    And now justice league is spoiling their cinematic universe

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten 8 months ago

    That's the only thing wrong with any of these movies. Man of Steel needed less of Krypton, some shots in the middle, and the world engine fight. BvS needed less in a few shots, a shorter chase, and a shorter Doomsday fight. Winder Woman needed a faster set up and several scenes shorter. So really a little tightening on the editing and these movies are great. People say Marvel is better but most of those have a lot of issues editing can't fix.

  • Arslan Tahir
    Arslan Tahir 8 months ago

    Why does everyone praise Wonder woman so much? The movie was 7/10 at best. Still better than almost all DCU movie but still average.

  • KingCodester111
    KingCodester111 8 months ago

    Don't care what anyone thinks, I love Man of Steel, BvS and soon to be Justice League. I'm more into the DCEU than MCU (still an amazing universe tho) but I still agree Suicide was still a disappointment. Can't wait for the future of the DCEU but I don't wanna see Batflec leave anytime soon

  • Balaji Kumaran
    Balaji Kumaran 8 months ago

    Please do this for MCU

  • jovany matysek
    jovany matysek 8 months ago

    In the MOVIE, Steve Trevor is NOT an American. In fact, if I recall right, America is never mentioned in the (movie) War? Which explains why theirs a lack of Union Shorts, why confuse the audience with Symbolic Clothing of Democracy from Greek inspiration, to the oldest Free Country, if Diane, (can't call her Wonder Woman) never steps foot in America in this Origin.

  • UIM Evan
    UIM Evan 8 months ago

    Just wondering but are movie fights ever coming back?

  • Beastly Digital
    Beastly Digital 9 months ago

    I just noticed that the WW movie is also the worst integration of the God of War origin for her... I have a feeling Snyder took the reins back from Patty Jenkins for that last act.

  • Logan Chellman
    Logan Chellman 9 months ago

    >covers a universe
    >doesn't do it in chronological order

  • Nominizim
    Nominizim 9 months ago +1

    where was Wonder Woman in WWII?

  • Master Warcock
    Master Warcock 9 months ago

    bring back movie fights

  • nick b
    nick b 9 months ago

    I loved Man of Steel. Understood the hate for the other ones but not that one

  • mattnugy
    mattnugy 9 months ago

    This was really great! You should create one for the Netflix Marvel properties in advance of Punisher. I've seen them all, but I have friends who haven't and really want to watch Punisher without committing to all the other mini-series.

  • The Killcode
    The Killcode 9 months ago

    How i Rate the DCEU:
    Overall: Good
    Best film: Wonder Woman
    Good films: Justice League (people like it from what ive seen)
    Man of Steel (ive seen/talked to more people that like this film than those that hated it.)
    Contraversial films:
    Batman v Superman(i personally liked it but this movie definatly is split in opinions. A lot of people like it, and lot of people hated it)
    Bad movies: Suicide Squad (had some good choices for certain actors but overall the plot was boring and they cut out way too many scenes of the character people wanted to see the most)

  • Cephas Nonan
    Cephas Nonan 9 months ago

    OMG I REALIZED DC SUCKS WHY??? the video is not even biased but still the gut feeling tells me that DC sucks... idk why

  • Red
    Red 9 months ago

    *in justice league movie did anyone noticed bruce mentioning DOOMSDAY CLOCK and BUTTON to diana by the lake*

  • Melanie Pleasant
    Melanie Pleasant 9 months ago

    Thanks Spencer and Screen Junkies for this video! Very helpful in prepping for Justice League tonight!

  • Yoav Cohen
    Yoav Cohen 9 months ago

    Hippolyta is actually Ares daughter in the Greek myths

  • Rahul kumar
    Rahul kumar 9 months ago

    Justice league rotten tomatoes score - 43%...

  • AllAccountNamesTaken
    AllAccountNamesTaken 9 months ago

    Another valuable public service you have provided. Appreciated the Transformers one Hal did too.

  • Fx Huang
    Fx Huang 9 months ago

    I like the concept, extended universes and franchises having all their pieces talked about together is fun. But, this isn't as tight as Honest Trailers. Where is your overarching narrative? What is this video telling me about the DCEU? The jokes are not as sharp as the Honest Trailer ones either, and therefore less memorable. Looking forward to better ones in the future!

  • Tiago Cruz
    Tiago Cruz 9 months ago

    That Wonder Woman scene gives me goosebumps. My favorite in the DCEU.

  • JennyM1998
    JennyM1998 9 months ago

    bless you for this, I am looking forward to Justice League but I just cant watch Superman movies, they make me fall asleep half way through

  • Stark 0095
    Stark 0095 9 months ago

    Saved me 6 hours. Thanks.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 9 months ago

      Stark 0095 man of Steel was good

  • 0ggy313
    0ggy313 9 months ago

    I've seen the Justice Leage yesterday and I have to say, its the best DCEU movie so far for me. PS: ...and it's got many surprises (no spoiler inteded)

  • SmasherBoy
    SmasherBoy 9 months ago

    6) Batman v Superman: Dawn of
    5) Batman v Superman: Ultimate
    4) Suicide Squad
    3) Suicide Squad: Extended Cut
    2) Man of Steel
    1) Wonder Woman
    Hopefully Justice League is second or third on the list- PLEASE WB!!! Don't let me down!

  • N3XiST
    N3XiST 9 months ago

    "That feels like an oversimplification"

  • Chibihalo2
    Chibihalo2 9 months ago

    Oh man there needs to be a TL;DW on where all the Infinity Stones are before Infinity Wars next May. Because an Every MCU movie before Infinity War video would be way too long.

  • Ethan Emilio
    Ethan Emilio 9 months ago +1

    Spencer nailing it!

  • Brian Fleming
    Brian Fleming 9 months ago

    I’m low key rofling at 8:38 when Diana pretty much smashes her face into the tank

  • سبايكي SPiKY l
    سبايكي SPiKY l 9 months ago

    He was UK SPY not American spy

  • Jacob Garrison
    Jacob Garrison 9 months ago

    None of these films were good.

    • Jacob Garrison
      Jacob Garrison 9 months ago

      Greg B It had the best villain out of these films but it isn't good.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 9 months ago

      AttilaTheBuns man of steel was good

  • James Vásquez
    James Vásquez 9 months ago

    So... why you do a recap of a cinematic universe you clearly hate?

  • Cyber Venom7
    Cyber Venom7 9 months ago

    7:08 is the best part

  • Victor McBride
    Victor McBride 9 months ago

    To me, Leto is more interesting the Ledger.

  • Bill Bixby
    Bill Bixby 9 months ago

    Just-leave-superhero-movies-to-Marvel League

  • Bombshell Ms L
    Bombshell Ms L 9 months ago

    you would gotten a thumbs up if not for the over hyping of wonderless woman

  • Sauci
    Sauci 9 months ago

    Too long didn't watch? lol you must hate the MCU then.
    4 movies compared to like 14

  • Heroic Fit
    Heroic Fit 9 months ago

    Got my ticket! Cant wait for Friday

  • Iron Knight
    Iron Knight 9 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who hates man of steel the most

  • primobol
    primobol 9 months ago

    whats with the sarcastic martha ??
    so anoying man

  • skilletman16
    skilletman16 9 months ago

    Does Wonder Woman travel through time? Get frozen cryogenically? Maybe her sequel movie will explain?

  • bartsimpson83
    bartsimpson83 9 months ago

    You obviously don't get the appeal of these movies. The DCEU works because their primary concern is telling a good story, whether it makes logical sense or not. And they're not the first to take that approach either. The Star Wars series is full of ridiculous plot points but that doesn't stop them from being great movies.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 9 months ago

    This is pretty bad ass. I thought TL;DW was going to be trashing these movies but I'm glad I was wrong.

  • alrightythen214
    alrightythen214 9 months ago

    Love you Spence

  • Arturo Guzman
    Arturo Guzman 9 months ago

    IMO MOS and WW were great the others not so much.

  • Lexy Mae
    Lexy Mae 9 months ago

    Great recap Spencer!

  • RayValdezPhotography
    RayValdezPhotography 9 months ago

    all 4 of them....

  • hana bouhdida
    hana bouhdida 9 months ago

    plz do pirates of the caribbean 5 plzzz

  • Sean Simmans
    Sean Simmans 9 months ago

    Hi guys.
    I keep saying this. Here it is again:
    The Martha line is not so idiotic when you consider that Batman has been receiving TIME PORTAL info from the Flash.
    Just let that sink in. It's right on the screen.

  • Christopher Breeden
    Christopher Breeden 9 months ago

    Just realized DC had only made one good movie 😂 me personally Marvel makes better movies. Not a DC hater its just that every company has it wins and losses

    • Christopher Breeden
      Christopher Breeden 9 months ago

      It was ok Wonder Woman was the best one

    • Greg B
      Greg B 9 months ago

      Christopher Breeden man of steel was good

  • Jebin j thomas
    Jebin j thomas 9 months ago

    Do The Good Doctor

  • Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!

    Hey, that weapon can't kill me dumbass. Only YOU can kill me. Noob

  • Jebin j thomas
    Jebin j thomas 9 months ago


  • Max Power
    Max Power 9 months ago

    Soooo.... This was depressing...

  • Jaden Sullivan
    Jaden Sullivan 9 months ago +1

    Say "Holy chimichangas, roasted over hot beef".

  • Dady Papa
    Dady Papa 9 months ago

    Please say " hulk smash"

  • faltu account
    faltu account 9 months ago

    Much Needed

  • Ahmed Riyadh
    Ahmed Riyadh 9 months ago

    Honestly, I don't like any of the previously mentioned movies along with justice league. The movies have too much CGI work and lack of script. I prefer Marvel movie series much more.

  • Srinidhi Muralidharan
    Srinidhi Muralidharan 9 months ago

    That guy from harry potter

  • Arkeetype
    Arkeetype 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who enjoyed suicide squad and BVS?

  • Ty Davidson
    Ty Davidson 9 months ago

    This was actually really entertaining. Please make more.

  • Apostolos Christou
    Apostolos Christou 9 months ago

    Θεμισκύρα γαμώτο μου !

  • Bhargav Yadav
    Bhargav Yadav 9 months ago

    If you don't know parademons, then you haven't watched justice league war ..so you are not a fan of dc comics ...

  • King Rexy
    King Rexy 9 months ago

    You mean rock dicks?

  • Dinoclaire101
    Dinoclaire101 9 months ago

    the Island that Diana grew up on is pronounced 'Them is keira' if you say it fast.

  • johnmburt1960
    johnmburt1960 9 months ago

    How many movies did they skip making...?
    There's at least one Batman movie where Robin dies, and one Superman movie where Luthor Senior dies. What else?