TL;DW - Every DCEU Movie Before Justice League

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  • Beastly Digital
    Beastly Digital 6 hours ago

    I just noticed that the WW movie is also the worst integration of the God of War origin for her... I have a feeling Snyder took the reins back from Patty Jenkins for that last act.

  • Logan Chellman
    Logan Chellman Day ago

    >covers a universe
    >doesn't do it in chronological order

  • Nominizim
    Nominizim Day ago +1

    where was Wonder Woman in WWII?

  • Master Warcock
    Master Warcock 2 days ago

    bring back movie fights

  • nick b
    nick b 2 days ago

    I loved Man of Steel. Understood the hate for the other ones but not that one

  • mattnugy
    mattnugy 2 days ago

    This was really great! You should create one for the Netflix Marvel properties in advance of Punisher. I've seen them all, but I have friends who haven't and really want to watch Punisher without committing to all the other mini-series.

  • The Killcode
    The Killcode 2 days ago

    How i Rate the DCEU:
    Overall: Good
    Best film: Wonder Woman
    Good films: Justice League (people like it from what ive seen)
    Man of Steel (ive seen/talked to more people that like this film than those that hated it.)
    Contraversial films:
    Batman v Superman(i personally liked it but this movie definatly is split in opinions. A lot of people like it, and lot of people hated it)
    Bad movies: Suicide Squad (had some good choices for certain actors but overall the plot was boring and they cut out way too many scenes of the character people wanted to see the most)

    NO NAME 2 days ago

    OMG I REALIZED DC SUCKS WHY??? the video is not even biased but still the gut feeling tells me that DC sucks... idk why

  • Red Music
    Red Music 2 days ago

    *in justice league movie did anyone noticed bruce mentioning DOOMSDAY CLOCK and BUTTON to diana by the lake*

  • Melanie Pleasant
    Melanie Pleasant 3 days ago

    Thanks Spencer and Screen Junkies for this video! Very helpful in prepping for Justice League tonight!

  • Yoav Cohen
    Yoav Cohen 3 days ago

    Hippolyta is actually Ares daughter in the Greek myths

  • Rahul kumar
    Rahul kumar 3 days ago

    Justice league rotten tomatoes score - 43%...

  • AllAccountNamesTaken

    Another valuable public service you have provided. Appreciated the Transformers one Hal did too.

  • Fx Huang
    Fx Huang 4 days ago

    I like the concept, extended universes and franchises having all their pieces talked about together is fun. But, this isn't as tight as Honest Trailers. Where is your overarching narrative? What is this video telling me about the DCEU? The jokes are not as sharp as the Honest Trailer ones either, and therefore less memorable. Looking forward to better ones in the future!

  • Tiago Cruz
    Tiago Cruz 4 days ago

    That Wonder Woman scene gives me goosebumps. My favorite in the DCEU.

  • JennyM1998
    JennyM1998 4 days ago

    bless you for this, I am looking forward to Justice League but I just cant watch Superman movies, they make me fall asleep half way through

  • Stark 0095
    Stark 0095 4 days ago

    Saved me 6 hours. Thanks.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 20 hours ago

      Stark 0095 man of Steel was good

  • Shankar Roy
    Shankar Roy 4 days ago

    This needed to be narrated by The Epic Trailer Voice Guy...

  • 0ggy313
    0ggy313 4 days ago

    I've seen the Justice Leage yesterday and I have to say, its the best DCEU movie so far for me. PS: ...and it's got many surprises (no spoiler inteded)

  • SmasherBoy
    SmasherBoy 4 days ago

    6) Batman v Superman: Dawn of
    5) Batman v Superman: Ultimate
    4) Suicide Squad
    3) Suicide Squad: Extended Cut
    2) Man of Steel
    1) Wonder Woman
    Hopefully Justice League is second or third on the list- PLEASE WB!!! Don't let me down!

  • Hardik Sharma
    Hardik Sharma 4 days ago

    "That feels like an oversimplification"

  • Chibihalo2
    Chibihalo2 4 days ago

    Oh man there needs to be a TL;DW on where all the Infinity Stones are before Infinity Wars next May. Because an Every MCU movie before Infinity War video would be way too long.

  • Ethan Emilio
    Ethan Emilio 4 days ago +1

    Spencer nailing it!

  • Allison Nusbaum
    Allison Nusbaum 4 days ago

    1:30 and I am so done with you DCU.

  • Brian Fleming
    Brian Fleming 4 days ago

    I’m low key rofling at 8:38 when Diana pretty much smashes her face into the tank

  • سبايكي SPiKY l

    He was UK SPY not American spy

  • AttilaTheBuns
    AttilaTheBuns 4 days ago

    None of these films were good.

    • AttilaTheBuns
      AttilaTheBuns 4 days ago

      Greg B It had the best villain out of these films but it isn't good.

    • Greg B
      Greg B 4 days ago

      AttilaTheBuns man of steel was good

  • James Vásquez
    James Vásquez 4 days ago

    So... why you do a recap of a cinematic universe you clearly hate?

  • Cyber Venom7
    Cyber Venom7 4 days ago

    7:08 is the best part

  • Victor McBride
    Victor McBride 5 days ago

    To me, Leto is more interesting the Ledger.

  • Bill Bixby
    Bill Bixby 5 days ago

    Just-leave-superhero-movies-to-Marvel League

  • Bombshell Ms L
    Bombshell Ms L 5 days ago

    you would gotten a thumbs up if not for the over hyping of wonderless woman

  • Sauci
    Sauci 5 days ago

    Too long didn't watch? lol you must hate the MCU then.
    4 movies compared to like 14

  • Heroic Fit
    Heroic Fit 5 days ago

    Got my ticket! Cant wait for Friday

  • MR Cómico
    MR Cómico 5 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who hates man of steel the most

  • primobol
    primobol 5 days ago

    whats with the sarcastic martha ??
    so anoying man

  • skilletman16
    skilletman16 5 days ago

    Does Wonder Woman travel through time? Get frozen cryogenically? Maybe her sequel movie will explain?

  • bartsimpson83
    bartsimpson83 5 days ago

    You obviously don't get the appeal of these movies. The DCEU works because their primary concern is telling a good story, whether it makes logical sense or not. And they're not the first to take that approach either. The Star Wars series is full of ridiculous plot points but that doesn't stop them from being great movies.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 5 days ago

    This is pretty bad ass. I thought TL;DW was going to be trashing these movies but I'm glad I was wrong.

  • alrightythen214
    alrightythen214 5 days ago

    Love you Spence

    RIELTURO 5 days ago

    IMO MOS and WW were great the others not so much.

  • Lexy Mae
    Lexy Mae 5 days ago

    Great recap Spencer!

  • Vrushank Aithal K
    Vrushank Aithal K 5 days ago

    Great video by screen junkies especially the editing . But ,
    Let's be honest and agree that DCEU is unique which can good or bad depending on personal opinions , but they are certainly not formulatic as MCU and In terms of visuals and soundtrack they are best in business .

  • RayValdezPhotography

    all 4 of them....

  • hana bouhdida
    hana bouhdida 5 days ago

    plz do pirates of the caribbean 5 plzzz

  • Sean Simmans
    Sean Simmans 5 days ago

    Hi guys.
    I keep saying this. Here it is again:
    The Martha line is not so idiotic when you consider that Batman has been receiving TIME PORTAL info from the Flash.
    Just let that sink in. It's right on the screen.

  • Christopher Breeden
    Christopher Breeden 5 days ago

    Just realized DC had only made one good movie 😂 me personally Marvel makes better movies. Not a DC hater its just that every company has it wins and losses

    • Christopher Breeden
      Christopher Breeden 4 days ago

      It was ok Wonder Woman was the best one

    • Greg B
      Greg B 4 days ago

      Christopher Breeden man of steel was good

  • Jebin j thomas
    Jebin j thomas 5 days ago

    Do The Good Doctor

  • Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!

    Hey, that weapon can't kill me dumbass. Only YOU can kill me. Noob

  • Jebin j thomas
    Jebin j thomas 5 days ago


  • Max Power
    Max Power 5 days ago

    Soooo.... This was depressing...

  • Jaden Sullivan
    Jaden Sullivan 5 days ago +1

    Say "Holy chimichangas, roasted over hot beef".

  • Dady Papa
    Dady Papa 5 days ago

    Please say " hulk smash"

  • faltu account
    faltu account 5 days ago

    Much Needed

  • Ahmed Riyadh
    Ahmed Riyadh 5 days ago

    Honestly, I don't like any of the previously mentioned movies along with justice league. The movies have too much CGI work and lack of script. I prefer Marvel movie series much more.

  • Srinidhi Muralidharan

    That guy from harry potter

  • Debanuj Kar
    Debanuj Kar 5 days ago

    3:05 Savitar: No! I am the 'future Flash' :P

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who enjoyed suicide squad and BVS?

  • Ty Davidson
    Ty Davidson 5 days ago

    This was actually really entertaining. Please make more.

  • Apostolos Christou
    Apostolos Christou 5 days ago

    Θεμισκύρα γαμώτο μου !

  • Bhargav Yadav
    Bhargav Yadav 5 days ago

    If you don't know parademons, then you haven't watched justice league war you are not a fan of dc comics ...

  • Sumair Ahmer
    Sumair Ahmer 5 days ago

    You mean rock dicks?

  • Dinoclaire101
    Dinoclaire101 5 days ago

    the Island that Diana grew up on is pronounced 'Them is keira' if you say it fast.

  • johnmburt1960
    johnmburt1960 5 days ago

    How many movies did they skip making...?
    There's at least one Batman movie where Robin dies, and one Superman movie where Luthor Senior dies. What else?

  • Raptor Fox
    Raptor Fox 5 days ago

    Thank you

  • Wisnu Andries
    Wisnu Andries 5 days ago

    Before the Justice League premiere, please do honest trailer of Justice League & Justice League Unlimited Animated tv series

  • Trunks
    Trunks 5 days ago +1

    I was hoping you guys would clear this up but hear we go, it doesn't take an idiot to realise batman didn't spare superman because there mums have the same name, once batman realised it was superman's mother's name he realised maybe their not so different because he has a human mother he cares for, he realises he could never save his mother but now has an opportunity of redemption to save superman's

  • Annie Drewer
    Annie Drewer 5 days ago

    Quite possibly the best thing you have ever created hahaha

  • Chris Spendlove
    Chris Spendlove 5 days ago

    TS;DW - too sucky, didn’t watch. Except Wonder Woman, which was enjoyable other than the anachronistic dialogue and 2004-era villains.

  • Victoria Cortinas
    Victoria Cortinas 5 days ago

    omg PLEASEEEEE do an honest trailer over older disney movies!!
    -a cinderella story
    -camp rock
    -high school musicals

  • Marshall Ferguson
    Marshall Ferguson 5 days ago

    Man of Steel has a lot of really good details

  • kick3n3mini
    kick3n3mini 5 days ago +1

    Is it just me or are the DCEU villains really well written? Zod, just wanted to save his people, through any means necessary. Lex was beat by his father so is obsessed with staying in control of things (hence why he dislikes the idea of superman) and Ares literally just told some humans a few formulas which resulted in war, proving his point that humans are terrible and the planet would be better off without them (also, I just love his powers).

  • Christopher Watt
    Christopher Watt 5 days ago

    I love Spencer so much.

  • kick3n3mini
    kick3n3mini 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who genuinely loves all the DCEU films (except maybe Suicide Squad cos, that was too far in the other direction).

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 5 days ago

    I can't respect the DCEU

  • adam gatt
    adam gatt 5 days ago

    Wonder Woman is so overrated.

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 5 days ago

    So many hits.
    So many misses.

  • babycook28
    babycook28 5 days ago +2

    US$ 3 Billion with 4 movies. And haters said it's unsuccessful lol😆😆😆

  • Jamie Lewis
    Jamie Lewis 5 days ago +1

    The Martha name thing shows that superman is part human

  • Garrett Langer
    Garrett Langer 5 days ago

    BVS ultimate edition is great!!!!

    TRUE PATRiiOT 5 days ago

    Wait, was that Flash scene in Batman vs Superman exclusive to the uncut version? I don't remember seeing that and it seems pretty important to the plot.

  • Jules Vox
    Jules Vox 5 days ago


  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel Miller 5 days ago

    Do a Honest Trailer for Murder on the Orient Express!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ankit Acharya
    Ankit Acharya 5 days ago

    1:20 martian manhunter found.

  • chrisandersonau
    chrisandersonau 5 days ago +1

    Appreciate the recap, could do without the moans, groans and sighs.. we get you may not have personally liked some of the elements in some of these movies, but I watched this as a refresher, not as an opinion piece... Feel bad for people who haven't seen these films who will take the opinion in this video as gospel...

  • impaled donut
    impaled donut 5 days ago +1


  • ZerotheMeme
    ZerotheMeme 6 days ago

    10 mins......

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 6 days ago

    Thank you for this. Just....thank you

  • Dis Fatt bidge
    Dis Fatt bidge 6 days ago

    y'all back?

  • Bruno 148
    Bruno 148 6 days ago

    Yeah Wonder Women was definitely great just like the others. most overhyped and kind of overrated superhero film to come out since Civil War at least Civil War had some effort and great directing.

  • Lebrons Father
    Lebrons Father 6 days ago

    Suiciade squad sucked ass

  • sejtano
    sejtano 6 days ago

    what? 10 min? tldw

  • Schwinn D.
    Schwinn D. 6 days ago

    Let's get like a 5 part series started for the MCU. This was REALLY well done and I'd love to see this done for each phase of the MCU. The editing was excellent and was above all else perfectly informative.

  • Noahmakesmovies1
    Noahmakesmovies1 6 days ago +2

    Wonder Woman is the only good movie in this list.

  • NeuroticsReturns
    NeuroticsReturns 6 days ago

    Great vid guys! Had a HISHE Vibe with Spencer’s VO

  • MrEzioBR
    MrEzioBR 6 days ago

    Bvs is a joke ffs

  • Solo Lay
    Solo Lay 6 days ago

    Can I do how to fix SUICIDE SQUAD 2? Suicide Squad 2 starts out with them in the prison cell, like in Assault on Arkham. Amanda Walla walks in and they were all upset that she captured them again, along with some other inmate, whom's head will eventually be blown up, with Deadstroke. Then Deadshot ask Amanda if she wants them to fight Justice league or something and Amanda says, and this is important.
    "No. That was just for board" to approve her task force idea and to get budget. Her intention all along was to use them for black ops stuff.
    Then she sent them to do some illegal shits like stealing secret files or something other than to fight superman. Which is stupid.
    And on the side, have Amanda start Cadmus project and in the end credit scene show Superboy in a pod.

  • thedoctor101fez
    thedoctor101fez 6 days ago

    You missed the best bit of the plot of Wonder Woman! When she realises Aries doesn’t make mankind bad, they do that themselves. And she has to overcome this dramatic desolation of her worldview and choose to dab humanity anyway, even though she knows they will fight again in the future

  • Casen Pervel
    Casen Pervel 6 days ago

    would love a commentary of this lol

  • Joel Wallenius
    Joel Wallenius 6 days ago

    Excellent video!
    Well done :D