Beck & Tori’s Relationship Timeline! 💖 Victorious | Nick Rewind

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • We’re taking you through every stage of Tori and Beck’s relationship!
    What was your favorite moment?
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Comments • 2 415

  • Rodney Allen
    Rodney Allen 2 hours ago

    Better together

  • Samona _
    Samona _ 3 hours ago

    Together 😭

  • Lizeth Bedolla
    Lizeth Bedolla 5 hours ago

    They belong to gether

  • Natalya Cruz
    Natalya Cruz 6 hours ago

    To gether

  • Krissey K
    Krissey K 10 hours ago

    Its just acting dumby

  • Hana Junakovic
    Hana Junakovic 11 hours ago

    Beck and Tori should've been together they're sooo cute together

  • uh
    uh 18 hours ago

    When you realize Jade knew better than Tori, and could’ve done better in these situations, and most was Beck’s fault

  • Melanie Sarmiento
    Melanie Sarmiento 22 hours ago

    They belong together

  • Dawn Stefano
    Dawn Stefano Day ago


  • home takasugi
    home takasugi Day ago

    I think Tori belongs with Beck

  • Arty Aesthetic
    Arty Aesthetic Day ago

    I would never forgive you, all, for making Beck fall in love with Tori. Beck and Jade had better chemistry together and Tori and Beck are just friends. Tori was the worst friend in the whole show. She kissed Beck when he was dating Jade. Even though Jade was rude with Tori, that wasn't right in anyway. That's terrible for a friend or person to do.

  • Savannah Fish
    Savannah Fish Day ago

    I want beck and jade

  • lau Kok Leong
    lau Kok Leong Day ago

    Tori and bade should be acouple

  • Elena Torres
    Elena Torres 2 days ago

    tori and beck shouldd be together or with ariana grande i'll pick arinana grande and beck should be together

  • Maria Arantes
    Maria Arantes 2 days ago

    Let’s just say tori and beck were “best friends with benefits”

  • Leilani
    Leilani 2 days ago

    no omg

  • suger corn
    suger corn 2 days ago

    I kept waiting for Andre and Tori to fall in love but it never happened 😔

  • •Gacha Peach XD•

    Tori and Beck are awesome together there ship name is bori

  • Sidney Diaz
    Sidney Diaz 2 days ago +2

    Ok everyone hear me out
    Beck as Aladdin 🤗

  • lee castillion
    lee castillion 2 days ago

    be together

  • Trisha Maria Rebello
    Trisha Maria Rebello 2 days ago +6

    I just realized this is a show about actors who are acting to learn how to act. smh

  • Mohamed Nasser Mir Abdulla Ahmad Al Khoori

    I feel like it should be Andre and tori cuz Andre was the one who told her to go to Hollywood arts

  • eshlienawawie
    eshlienawawie 2 days ago

    am i the only one that wanted jade and tori to date?

  • Aurelia Sanchez
    Aurelia Sanchez 3 days ago +1

    It's just a show

  • zojozo
    zojozo 3 days ago

    I ship jade and tori

  • Shurika Young
    Shurika Young 3 days ago

    Belong together

  • Ken Hoang
    Ken Hoang 3 days ago


  • Sariyah Smith
    Sariyah Smith 3 days ago

    i think it was when beck and tori almost kissed their better together that jade and beck

  • Tartil Jaigirdar
    Tartil Jaigirdar 3 days ago

    Tori and back are BFF

  • Banana dancer 101
    Banana dancer 101 3 days ago

    I ship jade and cat

  • Cat Valentine
    Cat Valentine 3 days ago

    Tori and Beck they r best friends

  • Kids -
    Kids - 3 days ago

    Awww so cute 💖💖💖💖

  • Game Bean
    Game Bean 3 days ago +11

    "Kissing your friends ex boyfriend?"
    *proceeds to kiss another friends CURRENT boyfriend in another episode*

    • Chioleni
      Chioleni 3 days ago

      erm that was before though. In an episode after that she said kissing cat's boyfriend was the worst thing she has ever done. She probably learned from her mistakes. So it kinda just sounds like you're saying this cause you don't like Tori.

  • bts_are_kings_of_kpop KN_KS_MY_JH_PJ_KT_JJ_BTS

    Honestly beck never deserved jade

  • Ryu Hayate
    Ryu Hayate 4 days ago

    Soooooooo, what would've happened with Andre and Jade if a certain episode aired with them two kissing?

  • mia Aceves
    mia Aceves 4 days ago

    Tori and Beck should make up

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 4 days ago

    Tbh I think Beck wanted to kiss Tori because he was missing Jade too much.

    • Arty Aesthetic
      Arty Aesthetic Day ago

      How was that going to heal Beck? Beck only loved Jade and never really saw Tori like that. He was trying to get over a breakup and he probably wasn't thinking about what he was going to do. (My opinion)

  • Jabes Santana
    Jabes Santana 4 days ago

    I think they are perfect.Beck and tori

  • Sean McGrath
    Sean McGrath 4 days ago

    It is not Bori it is Tori

  • Erica Swedeen
    Erica Swedeen 4 days ago

    I think Beck and Tori should be together for life.

  • Isabella Bonilla
    Isabella Bonilla 4 days ago


  • Jazmin Boardman
    Jazmin Boardman 4 days ago

    Can yall not...

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez 4 days ago

    Tori and Beck are better dating I will be cute

  • Mya Jones
    Mya Jones 4 days ago

    I like tori and bec

  • Asha Jeylani
    Asha Jeylani 4 days ago

    They should be together Tori and beck I really love ❤️♥️ and 💗💓💓💓💓💗💗 beck I had the best dream about him he broke up with Jade and I am his girlfriend

  • Felica Sampson
    Felica Sampson 4 days ago

    I love you 😘💕❤️ I love this so sososo makes

  • laneetrice johnson
    laneetrice johnson 4 days ago

    tori and andre do not look cute together I will 🤢

  • laneetrice johnson
    laneetrice johnson 4 days ago

    victorious and beck look so cute together

  • Luana Vitória Vaz de Oliveira

    they are like rachel and joey in friends, had a shot but they're totally bffs, friendship is more important

  • Izzy Morrow
    Izzy Morrow 4 days ago

    Beck and tori should be together

  • Glavalie Epiemesape
    Glavalie Epiemesape 4 days ago


  • Linnea idontwanttoputmylastname

    No one wanted Beck with Tori, they’re the least interesting characters on the show so if you put them together it’s just bland on bland. Most of their personalities consist of being pretty

  • khalil hammers
    khalil hammers 5 days ago

    So cute together Awn
    LOL Love It 🥰😍🥰😘🤩🤩

  • khalil hammers
    khalil hammers 5 days ago

    lol 😂Avant and Vicious your special Together is cute💋💋😍🤩

  • Akila Young
    Akila Young 5 days ago +2

    I wish tori and Beck could have been together for the whole show

  • behind you
    behind you 5 days ago +6

    this proves that a guy and a girl can be just friends, love that.

  • Depressed _GOD
    Depressed _GOD 5 days ago

    They should DATE

  • Thang Lien
    Thang Lien 5 days ago

    They can just me BFF with jade and beck

  • L Angeles
    L Angeles 5 days ago

    i feel like they should be together but andrea and tori is ok if they date but :(

  • melanie Alas
    melanie Alas 5 days ago