Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north China's Hebei Province. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length. Just for fun, shattering glass is added as a special effect to give the already-terrifying experience extra zing. The management assured that workers check the glass panels daily to ensure the safety of visitors.
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Comments • 9 414

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 5 hours ago

    haha that funny little asian man in the beginning hhahah

  • brch2
    brch2 8 hours ago


  • Polar Panda
    Polar Panda Day ago

    See, what will happen is, if it actually starts cracking Noone would know. Then they'll die. Or somethjng.

  • Yde Jacobi
    Yde Jacobi 2 days ago

    Wow what fake

  • TheJjrjr125
    TheJjrjr125 2 days ago

    Hmmm....I gotta wonder what's more stupid. Building a glass bridge or walking on one❓

  • Gamer master Minecraft builder king King

    Don’t put glass put wood

  • Saw Hack Duggan
    Saw Hack Duggan 3 days ago

    If some one heart attack and find a safe bar to hold instead they jump

  • keoni lone
    keoni lone 4 days ago

    LMAO .. LMAO .. LMAO
    that first guy totally freaked out
    & likely pissed his'self .. .. .. .. ..
    them pesky tourist attractionz .

  • springer
    springer 6 days ago

    All good until someone actually crashes through glass floor and falls to death.

  • seriouslyWeird
    seriouslyWeird 6 days ago

    trolling at its best

  • Oscar
    Oscar 7 days ago

    oh hellll no .... "Made in China" .... no thanks.

  • Look and get Rich C* C* C*

    Only the part of that guy is worth to look, i replay it multiple times still laughing. But at the same time i dont know if its nice aesthetic looked

  • zadose
    zadose 9 days ago

    I hate broken glass, it gives me chills and goosebumps for some reason.... also my palms would be sweating like crazy. I love heights but do NOT wanna fall from one.

  • Discrete Official
    Discrete Official 9 days ago

    My ass would have jumped off by accident...

  • Aaron Hart
    Aaron Hart 9 days ago

    Who ever invented this was not loved much as a child. :O

  • Julia Eagles
    Julia Eagles 9 days ago

    Best cure for constipation around - Bryan.

  • Crimson Dragon
    Crimson Dragon 10 days ago

    What if it actually cracked.

    How would you know.

  • Adrastos C
    Adrastos C 11 days ago

    to give it an extra zing, they made it shatter.
    it worked.
    omg, this is the best ever. that first guy was priceless

  • Abhishek Jaiswal
    Abhishek Jaiswal 12 days ago

    when u r scared not because the floor is glass but the fact that it's made in China.😂

  • Dirk Mateboer
    Dirk Mateboer 15 days ago

    Whats the composers name of the music you used?

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 15 days ago

    What if it actually cracks? :P

  • oak
    oak 16 days ago

    very,very not funny: product of another stranger culture....

  • Anushka Shetty
    Anushka Shetty 17 days ago

    Even their kids are hard core! 😎 They were laughing 😂

  • Hans Weissman
    Hans Weissman 18 days ago must have a twisted mind to come up with such a feature! What if that first guy has a weak heart? You probably would have killed him right there!
    What’s next, fly Aston Kutcher over and have him yell “you have been punk’d”??

  • thit sar
    thit sar 18 days ago

    I hope they know when real crack happen

  • Jackie Morris
    Jackie Morris 18 days ago

    This is all going to end in tears - mark my words....

  • Ciz
    Ciz 19 days ago

    The terrifying thing is, you won't even know when it's cracking for real.

  • Andres Leon
    Andres Leon 20 days ago

    I would have jumped onto the hand rail with my whole body, slip, roll off, and die. I hope they told people of the special effects before they went up... that way I would have told myself it isn't rail, jumping onto the railing would be worse and dangerous

  • Bongani Tunywa
    Bongani Tunywa 21 day ago

    satanist scares people

  • Bongani Tunywa
    Bongani Tunywa 21 day ago

    satanist sares people

  • Cory Cooper
    Cory Cooper 21 day ago

    I wish I can blow up the brig

  • Cory Cooper
    Cory Cooper 21 day ago

    Why did people bills this fucken brig

  • Molika Men-Thlang
    Molika Men-Thlang 22 days ago

    Don’t look safe looks like a suicide place waiting to happen. The side rails are short asf too! Nope!

  • Andella Heartz!
    Andella Heartz! 23 days ago

    Try to make your friend with the fear of heights go there .U.

  • Zhean Karl Gobrin
    Zhean Karl Gobrin 24 days ago

    Imagine if its actuallt breaking very slowly
    People be like oh lol it got me again

  • Maleficent
    Maleficent 25 days ago

    My question is how the hell do they check that daily?

  • Pringles Chapman
    Pringles Chapman 25 days ago

    stupid chinese

  • The DisneyAddict
    The DisneyAddict 25 days ago

    3 year old kids are waking on it Iike nothing, and then I would be running.

  • Leo Garcia
    Leo Garcia 25 days ago

    Yeah sure they check every panel daily!!!

  • Gamer T
    Gamer T 25 days ago

    O hell nah 😂

  • Sjaak De Winter
    Sjaak De Winter 26 days ago

    They are right> you can t trust Chinese engineers.

  • Peter Gibbons
    Peter Gibbons 27 days ago

    Wtf is it a party trick or something? They don’t seem to to care at all the one of the layers is breaking.

  • Joshua R
    Joshua R 27 days ago

    Whoever create this is stupid.

  • Paul H
    Paul H 28 days ago

    How did the Chinese built this bridge !?!? Amazing!!

  • Shannel Brown
    Shannel Brown 28 days ago

    Fuck this shit am out

  • Matthew Lavergne
    Matthew Lavergne 28 days ago

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from wood prix website and I'm ready for do it :D

  • Brian J. Wood
    Brian J. Wood 29 days ago

    stupid chinese.

  • Emma Mans
    Emma Mans 29 days ago

    What happens when it actually cracks?

  • ほえるおー in Japan


  • haroldmmm
    haroldmmm Month ago

    I Would Just Accept My Fate.

  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy Month ago

    Oh, that's not good, it should be reinforced underneath with steel.

  • fishin fool
    fishin fool Month ago

    Nope nope nope nope

  • Novak Djokovic
    Novak Djokovic Month ago

    That would make a good CBT for Acrophobia

  • Kai - Chan
    Kai - Chan Month ago

    omg thats so cruel!

  • Faniece Hackney
    Faniece Hackney Month ago

    imagine thinking it’s just a special effect and then BOOM you fall through

  • Anatoly Sergey
    Anatoly Sergey Month ago

    Many faggots especially westerner comments on this video is cancerous, just because it's made in china doesn't mean it sucks. My phone and laptop is chinese and it's been 6 years, the lappy is 6 year old and my phone is almost 3 year old now. It's goodie stuff, lenovo is the best shit and cheap too. Fuck off you all.

  • Rare Pepe
    Rare Pepe Month ago

    Clickbait title jfc.

  • The lady T show
    The lady T show Month ago +1

    Anyone else heard this from mind warehouse?

  • wicked kitty
    wicked kitty Month ago

    0:32 that kid in the bottom left. I would of hit him so hard for stomping on the glass and scream do you want to die cuz you about to kill all of us.

  • Joseph Walsh
    Joseph Walsh Month ago

    whos the asshole that designed that

  • Aaliayh Hunt
    Aaliayh Hunt Month ago

    the first person, poor man tricked to thinking he was going to die

  • Kingdom 24
    Kingdom 24 Month ago

    What kind of stupidity do they have I'm scared for them

  • Oscar
    Oscar Month ago

    That is so fake...

  • Mila Wagner
    Mila Wagner Month ago


  • E. Carter
    E. Carter Month ago

    I'm terrified of heights so this wouldn't add "extra zing" for me, it would add extra cleanup for the janitor

  • Deanna Paine-Coombes


  • SBn49 AJC
    SBn49 AJC Month ago

    "special effect", isn't special at all. I think it's careless and quite frankly irresponsible. Can't believe some poor soul hasn't gone into cardiac arrest. That would have me on my knees too.

  • Rebellion King 101
    Rebellion King 101 Month ago

    That video in the beginning had me dying 😂

  • Angel persuasion
    Angel persuasion Month ago

    That’s my reaction if I step foot on it 😂💀😂

  • londontrada
    londontrada Month ago

    That's such a fucked up thing to make

  • charly evans
    charly evans Month ago

    One day it's really going to crack and their going to be standing on it thinking its fake lol

  • the rock obama
    the rock obama Month ago

    You wanna kno what the crazy thing is the guy sits down while its cracking😂

  • TK
    TK Month ago

    Oh hell no. You couldn't pay me to walk that. Just watching the video was bad enough.

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago +2

    All fun and games,....until someone has heart attack😳🤔🙄

  • fakhruddin Ayam
    fakhruddin Ayam Month ago

    Even chines People knows what is the quality of made in chine 😂😂😂😂

    ARTIE BARNES Month ago +1

    esa plank, no?

  • Shahrukh Tukhtaev
    Shahrukh Tukhtaev Month ago

    Whst if someone decides to jump out of the bridge when scared af?

  • Va Gina
    Va Gina Month ago +3

    It's China. They're NOT gonna check the glass panels daily.

  • L e n a K
    L e n a K Month ago

    I'd run along that thing sweating the whole way until i got on proper ground again, I got scared going up the leaning tower of Piza , standing on a leaning building, or glass, isn't very fun for me

  • Harneet Kaur
    Harneet Kaur Month ago

    What a bridge wooooooowww....!!!!!!

  • faizrishma n
    faizrishma n Month ago

    o i knw y d china govt mde such bridge cz if rili cracks
    thr over populated country wil hve less pp...
    govt being smart.

  • Pit Pille
    Pit Pille Month ago +1

    Great flight on 12/22/2017 by Sundance, thank you!

  • Kristopher Leeper
    Kristopher Leeper Month ago


  • Summeron 1418
    Summeron 1418 Month ago

    Crazy ,it is terrifying

  • Robert Angle Vlogs
    Robert Angle Vlogs Month ago

    That's hilarious! 🤣

  • FinnBoyyHD 乡
    FinnBoyyHD 乡 Month ago

    Really nigga

  • Pete Rojas
    Pete Rojas Month ago

    How does that glass become unshattered?

  • বশির আহম্মদ ভূঁঞা

    What if it actually breaks?

  • sasquatchatbellacoo

    Confucious say ,Lady,that put head down, have crack up.

  • faizrishma n
    faizrishma n Month ago

    omg i heard chinese pp wer mad...thy proved it right.

  • Sean Ford
    Sean Ford Month ago

    Such bad acting

  • useless-eater
    useless-eater Month ago

    that shit posed to be funny??

  • Drew Animations
    Drew Animations Month ago

    So if the glass is really breaking no-one would know

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo Month ago

    Young or old the people who cross this bridge have a huge pair of balls, because I'd never visit this place. #neverever

  • Steve ldnuk
    Steve ldnuk Month ago

    55 seconds of my life I will never get back

  • Renu Gupta
    Renu Gupta Month ago

    wtf !! is is it real if yes I surely wanna try it

  • Ner' Zhul
    Ner' Zhul Month ago

    Looks pretty cool, but I could never go on it, I have a phobia, of Chinese people

  • Cheese 1337
    Cheese 1337 Month ago

    guy hears glass cracking.. *starts stomping on it*