Tourist terrified by new glass walkway that cracks under weight

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • A video of a tourist guide terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking has gone viral recently in East Taihang Mountains, in Handan city, north China's Hebei Province. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length. Just for fun, shattering glass is added as a special effect to give the already-terrifying experience extra zing. The management assured that workers check the glass panels daily to ensure the safety of visitors.
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Comments • 9 625

  • GandaPain
    GandaPain Hour ago

    But... Why?

  • Balti Pasta
    Balti Pasta 4 hours ago

    Those Chinese have a fucking evil sense of humour, but I love it.

  • hoover2001
    hoover2001 5 hours ago

    Getting trolled by a fucking bridge

  • Worst Episode Ever!
    Worst Episode Ever! 7 hours ago

    Waiting for the day someone gets scared and jumps over the rail.

  • lucy Bowan
    lucy Bowan 8 hours ago

    No way hosesay 💩

  • Kaila Juliane
    Kaila Juliane 10 hours ago

    With this, no children trying to jump around, also people will be more careful when walking

  • Casper G
    Casper G 10 hours ago

    i mean its a little funny but...

  • kenny ken
    kenny ken 11 hours ago

    seeing so many ignorant comments about the possibility of the glass cracking baffles me. last i heard they are using 3 layers of bullet proof glass that width an inch EACH to make the bridge, that one piece of glass there could width stand weight not counted in kg, but in tones.
    god can there be less arragonce in the world.

  • TV RTA
    TV RTA 21 hour ago

    *then it actually breaks*

  • Anna Cowgill
    Anna Cowgill Day ago

    Of course, it's made in China!

  • ヨヨ
    ヨヨ Day ago

    Of course it's in China. Would scare the hell out of me too.

  • n adams
    n adams Day ago

    There's not enough money in Fort Knox to get me on a bridge like that.........But I envy those who can do it.

  • Chaos Magnifigo
    Chaos Magnifigo Day ago


  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Dislike for end cards

  • Firstname Lastname

    Clearly a troll's bridge.

  • Anthony YT
    Anthony YT Day ago +1

    *made in China*

  • Pappy Tron
    Pappy Tron 2 days ago

    "It's just a plank, blo!"

  • mausalus09
    mausalus09 2 days ago

    Dont temped...

  • Daz Capone
    Daz Capone 2 days ago

    So easy for people to jump off or throw some one off

  • Boney Lockz
    Boney Lockz 2 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for the little old man lol

  • Ian Calandro
    Ian Calandro 3 days ago

    Adding insult to injury.

  • xItachiKuun
    xItachiKuun 3 days ago

    Human in this world are starving cause they dont have money for food and water, but hey, there is a way made of giant ipad screens. fk this world

  • enjoythestruggle
    enjoythestruggle 3 days ago

    And then it really starts to crack and no one notices... idiots.

  • Definitely Not Gogeta

    Imagine someone jumping here and it actually cracked because of their weight or the force of the jump lol.

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 3 days ago

    I would have fainted if this cracking effect was shown to me

  • daily garage
    daily garage 4 days ago

    They cried wolf story says

  • Sai Tama
    Sai Tama 4 days ago


  • Yuri Gagarin
    Yuri Gagarin 4 days ago

    what an odd "joke"

  • professorrob
    professorrob 4 days ago

    Do you believe in God now?? Lol

  • Enki Bergmann
    Enki Bergmann 4 days ago

    One day the glass will actually crack and someone will say: "Oh, dont worry. It's just an effeeeeeeeeeeeeeect..."

  • Killer Pillows
    Killer Pillows 4 days ago

    Really spoil the gag with an 11M viewed video..

  • vincent kelton
    vincent kelton 4 days ago

    That's not funny.

  • Esork Gonzalez
    Esork Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Imagine if it actually cracked and they started laughing

  • Nathan Ventura
    Nathan Ventura 5 days ago

    Fuck that shit.

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee 5 days ago

    Then it really cracks

  • MaterialisticX1
    MaterialisticX1 5 days ago

    Tbh it would scare me too

  • hamburger helper
    hamburger helper 5 days ago

    China is trying to conceal the fact that they are the most ruthless government on earth with a touch of humor as they continue to control media and manipulate the economy.

  • Supreme Queen
    Supreme Queen 6 days ago

    The kids don't even care.

  • Lambda
    Lambda 6 days ago

    Meilleur endroit pour se suicider

  • Jayden Siknan80
    Jayden Siknan80 6 days ago


  • Tee Barr
    Tee Barr 6 days ago

    Cry wolf...

  • Clipp024
    Clipp024 6 days ago

    Yea lets scare people that are hundreds of feet in the air for no reason...I'm sure nothing will ever go wrong with this...

  • König Heinrich IV.
    König Heinrich IV. 6 days ago

    The music xD

  • Mobile Lagging
    Mobile Lagging 6 days ago

    Remember made in china

  • EmporerEnder
    EmporerEnder 6 days ago

    I hope folks like slipping on shit.

  • Big Virgil
    Big Virgil 6 days ago


  • 1caramarie
    1caramarie 6 days ago

    No way will anyone ever find me there.

  • Cici Bae
    Cici Bae 6 days ago

    made in china

  • dcta51
    dcta51 6 days ago

    I remember the metreon in San francisco had something like this years ago i think.

  • dcta51
    dcta51 6 days ago

    Yo that better be some bullet proof glass or something wtf

  • Azhan Ayub
    Azhan Ayub 7 days ago

    I don't think they should do this b'coz it can cause a heart attack especially old people..take notes guys!

  • DisneyBlackJet
    DisneyBlackJet 7 days ago


  • no you
    no you 7 days ago

    I hate state run media

  • Neal Smith
    Neal Smith 7 days ago +1

    What satanist designed that, almost gave that guy a heart attack

  • Mike Andrews
    Mike Andrews 7 days ago

    Made in China

  • theugliestART
    theugliestART 7 days ago

    Thats a messed up

  • wave 34
    wave 34 7 days ago +1

    chinese : this is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. good Idea. seriously. since zen/buddhism was "invented" in china, i Think this should give people a satori Experience. their mind stops thinking and they get a idea of enlightement. i mean when you face Death there is nothing to Think only pure presence. that's because Why nobody has a real Problem in their lifes, if they are in true danger. the mind stops. this is Why people like extreme Sports. Facing Death. mind stops. pure presence. no Problem anymore with wife, money, children ...

  • BradTheThird
    BradTheThird 7 days ago

    0:38 "...extra *zing*" Fun fact: that's the name of at least one person in that clip.

  • Ashley Snouffer
    Ashley Snouffer 7 days ago


  • Adnox
    Adnox 7 days ago

    It really *craked* me up

  • Sambo Hambo
    Sambo Hambo 8 days ago

    That would have scared the piss out of me

  • Milesblue
    Milesblue 8 days ago

    Someone could *die* behind that stunt.

  • Abdul Kareem
    Abdul Kareem 8 days ago

    Made in China

  • bobinobaker
    bobinobaker 8 days ago +1

    Meanwhile, this effect is very well known.
    I think all these movies about supposedly frightened visitors are almost all played frightening so you can show the family and friends something "funny" .....

  • Pablo Americano
    Pablo Americano 8 days ago +1

    Gotta love those simple minded pig communists who hate God and love evil. They sure are a silly bunch!

  • Tmobil Eirledd
    Tmobil Eirledd 8 days ago

    WTF! Is it supposed to do that??

  • XxVideos
    XxVideos 8 days ago +1

    I’m gay

  • Jacqueline LoGrande
    Jacqueline LoGrande 8 days ago

    Glad someone has a sense of humo

  • Dva Main
    Dva Main 8 days ago +1


  • Sirius
    Sirius 9 days ago

    Someone can just push you off that shit.

  • Kissa Deff
    Kissa Deff 9 days ago

    Them Chinese kids go hard af , don't even look phased at all. I'm from southside of Chicago n I would be crying like a lil btch, lol.

  • Cesar Guardiola
    Cesar Guardiola 9 days ago

    I like how the kids are so fearless when the glass starts "cracking". Not a real care in the world. Nothing can hurt them. I miss that feeling.

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron 9 days ago

    Made in china I wouldn't trust that glass, no sir.

  • Sk8board - C
    Sk8board - C 9 days ago

    Nahhhhh I don't see shit funny about that. Those cracking special effects gotta goooooo🚫🚫🚫

  • Divination Station
    Divination Station 9 days ago

    And when the glass actually breaks lol

  • CoCo Mo
    CoCo Mo 9 days ago

    OMG Really amazing & Cool

  • R F
    R F 9 days ago

    Only in China....

  • Coffee Jaytee
    Coffee Jaytee 9 days ago

    Yeah the cracking looks fake
    But shiiiit dad has heart problems

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 10 days ago

    Someday it will crack, and I will be drinking my coffee

  • Paula Riley
    Paula Riley 10 days ago

    They're tryna give people strokes walking across

  • Jakob P
    Jakob P 10 days ago

    What’s with the happy music lmao

  • Emanuel Williamson
    Emanuel Williamson 10 days ago

    This cracked me up!

  • Festerbestertester6
    Festerbestertester6 10 days ago

    Well, he's just having some fun with it. I'm sure Chinese people can have a sense of humor.

  • Thrreecards95 New Thing

    Lol lol

  • Big Doofus
    Big Doofus 10 days ago

    Humans are fucken stupid

  • Big Doofus
    Big Doofus 11 days ago

    Fucken stupid! I want to see it really crack and watch everyone fall to their death! That would be shitloads of fun to see.

  • toben42
    toben42 11 days ago

    It's funny until someone falls over the edge to their death thinking it's breaking.

  • Bob Kerbs
    Bob Kerbs 11 days ago

    Another nope.

  • trinket box
    trinket box 11 days ago

    What do you expect? "Made in China".

  • Donald Henson
    Donald Henson 11 days ago

    I won’t walk on that no way no how people who invented something like that might be good or for fun but they are responsible for anything that goes wrong

  • Dman 1
    Dman 1 11 days ago

    I thought I was going to fall and die! Then I realize it’s TVclip video...

  • brazilianEYEreportU
    brazilianEYEreportU 11 days ago

    clitoris head

  • Sandlin22
    Sandlin22 11 days ago

    Yeah enjoy fucktards I'm not walking that lol

  • Din Du
    Din Du 11 days ago

    It's scary because you know they used chinese quality control.

  • kirby87
    kirby87 11 days ago

    What if somehow the bridge actually IS CRACKING and the fake "animation" is masking it. Hell of a lot of people pancaking their bodies

  • IAmaPersion
    IAmaPersion 11 days ago


  • 11 days ago

    What will they think of next? I do not know if I could stomach a stroll around that thing.
    I pray no one ever falls.

  • Omnipotent Dwarf
    Omnipotent Dwarf 12 days ago

    My heart can do without that kind of zing.

  • Bob Latrimouche
    Bob Latrimouche 12 days ago

    Now that's just wack

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 12 days ago

    I'm moving to China to get into the trolling business lmao