Real Doctor reacts to DOCTOR STRANGE | Hospital Movie Scenes Review


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  • David CW Kallgren
    David CW Kallgren 8 hours ago

    Darn, I was hoping to see a bit on Doctor Strange's recommendation to his own surgery, that is, how they should have done it

  • Tortellini
    Tortellini 8 hours ago

    I learned a lot of things today

  • SelectAll
    SelectAll 8 hours ago

    I just did a St.Johns First responder course so I know majority of the terms

  • JJazzy BRO
    JJazzy BRO 8 hours ago

    Smart NI🅱️🅱️A ish

  • Alexander Ho
    Alexander Ho 8 hours ago


  • Ai Jidan Abdullah Bari Khan

    why are you so happy? too happy!

  • ffirth1
    ffirth1 8 hours ago

    That was really cool. Thank you

  • Ayesha Tazeen
    Ayesha Tazeen 8 hours ago

    As a dentist , I got Disturbed from ur teeth Dr hope.

  • Reirei Barker
    Reirei Barker 8 hours ago

    He is a sorceror bruh. You with Dormammu or something

  • TheWestFire
    TheWestFire 9 hours ago

    There. I watched it. Now then TVclip, kindly remove this from my recommendations as it’s been there for 2 weeks straight.
    Also, very informative and rather than ruining the movie for me, this video helps me appreciate the movie all the more. Thanks mate.

  • Seth Pittard
    Seth Pittard 9 hours ago

    There is still people who dont realize that the first patient the guy on the phone mentions in the lambo is actually James Rhodes aka War Machine.

  • Enrique López
    Enrique López 9 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Scitimar
    Scitimar 10 hours ago

    Hmm always thought nerves couldn't repair damage

  • Okhy
    Okhy 10 hours ago

    The hand washing technique is actually taking example from religious practice.

  • Shaylen Nelson
    Shaylen Nelson 10 hours ago

    I acquired more knowledge in this video than in my entire 4 years of high school

  • 15aG
    15aG 10 hours ago

    This is cool, but can we get Doctor Strange reacts to Doctor?

  • Henry
    Henry 10 hours ago +1

    I found this very interesting👌

  • Vlad Tepes Empalamientos Locos

    Dr Strange reacts to Doctor Strange

  • herb0bearing0seed
    herb0bearing0seed 11 hours ago

    So does everyone have their own youtube channel at this point?

  • Meiyan’ Laforme
    Meiyan’ Laforme 11 hours ago

    Dr.hope: Here’s your skull
    Me: hey give it back!!!!

  • Bruno Byron Pereda Castro

    worst video reaction ever REAL TOMATO REACT TO attack of the killer tomatoes!!!!

  • Rufuston The god
    Rufuston The god 12 hours ago


  • Travis C
    Travis C 12 hours ago

    That was so fun.

  • Niamh C
    Niamh C 12 hours ago

    This is actually one of the best doctor videos I’ve ever seen! Usually they ramble on and on and I get tired of long-winded explanations. You explained everything perfectly and still kept things very entertaining!

  • ExclusiveYeet
    ExclusiveYeet 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ryan Diver
    Ryan Diver 13 hours ago

    Okay youtube I watched the video, now stop recommending it plz

  • music for life
    music for life 13 hours ago

    Love your videos so informational thanks for the information

  • Panic! AtTheForehead
    Panic! AtTheForehead 13 hours ago

    I've learned more in this 22 min video than I have in my whole year of biology.

  • Proud__ ___Merican
    Proud__ ___Merican 13 hours ago

    *real iron man reacts to iron*

  • Flaring Dichotomies
    Flaring Dichotomies 14 hours ago

    I have a feeling for the paddles & the dramatic angle of strange covering his face w/mask, there was a director or producer higher up the chain that insisted it stays in regardless of accuracy

  • William Hayward
    William Hayward 14 hours ago

    6:00 It's comic book reality, it's heightened a great deal even when realistic stuff like this is touch upon in parts, so yeah things have to slide in a series of films where the plot matters and it, like the characters, should be taken seriously enough, but not too seriously or it betrays the comic booky tone these characters and storylines are based on and it's not as fun to watch.

  • felynecomrade
    felynecomrade 14 hours ago

    "You're probably thinking 'oh why am I being so nitpicky?'"
    Dude. It's SURGERY. Life or death proceedures. It DEMANDS nitpickyness.

  • Tunerfromhell 1
    Tunerfromhell 1 14 hours ago

    Very interesting, I love it!

  • Dragenslayer 907
    Dragenslayer 907 14 hours ago

    Haw he gets frizzbeied off a cliff and only gets out of it with only jacked up hands

  • Osama Rahman
    Osama Rahman 14 hours ago

    What about Real "Odin" and "Thor" reacts to Vikings.

  • Quid Pig
    Quid Pig 14 hours ago

    *Real doctor reacts to doctor strange* oh this is going to be exciting *Litteraly 2 seconds later...* “that’s a good hand watching technique”

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee 14 hours ago

    What’s in his eyes

  • John R. Timmers
    John R. Timmers 14 hours ago

    Ok the only problem was when he "passed out" it was him leaving his body, and him waking up was him going back in after the fight

  • Supernova71288
    Supernova71288 14 hours ago

    I'm surprised he didn't mention the pristine condition of the bullet. A bullet will never come out of tissue looking like that. It will either come out in pieces or come out looking somewhat smushed due to impact. That bullet looks like it was never even put into a casing, let alone fired into anything.

  • Matthew Machanda
    Matthew Machanda 14 hours ago

    I love these but I swear I almost had multiple panic/anxiety attacks when you were describing these things haha!

  • Jacks Bunker
    Jacks Bunker 14 hours ago

    6:08 Why can you hear a heart monitor beeping in the background when his hearts supposed to have stopped?

  • PCP_ YT
    PCP_ YT 15 hours ago

    Coool 👍🏻

  • FaZe_Donald Chen
    FaZe_Donald Chen 15 hours ago

    *If Doctor Strange Watch This Video*

  • Shirayuki Sawako
    Shirayuki Sawako 15 hours ago

    21:28 Doing what? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • my name thor
    my name thor 15 hours ago

    somehow a movie about a wizard is more medically accurate than grey anatomy

  • Pagan Min
    Pagan Min 15 hours ago

    Do Nip Tuck reaction please

  • Power bodybuilding
    Power bodybuilding 16 hours ago

    That scene appears to be cut jnto the wrong place. If you look closer his hands are not gloved yet. Minor movie mistake in the sequence I’m sure someone just missed it. They didn’t know Doctor Hope was going to be picking apart Doctor strange lols.

  • Egal manning
    Egal manning 16 hours ago

    Who else knows all of the parts of your skull from zombie go boom

  • The range Gamer
    The range Gamer 16 hours ago

    I don’t see him how strange

  • Devil Buster
    Devil Buster 16 hours ago

    I can Imagine this guy watching the movie with his girlfriend and started saying that shit

  • Lucrio Playz
    Lucrio Playz 16 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Adrian v
    Adrian v 16 hours ago

    Sub to piudipi

  • Mary Jeya
    Mary Jeya 16 hours ago

    like how you invlove science in movies too. great job

  • Finnley Clark
    Finnley Clark 16 hours ago

    really good video

  • Sir. Catsalot
    Sir. Catsalot 16 hours ago

    thanks, now i feel phantom pain and unease everywhere

  • Servant of the Ancients

    Okay, but is Doctor FATE more realistic of a doctor?

  • shawn bracebridge
    shawn bracebridge 17 hours ago

    Well, why would you react and check for accuracy WHEN ITS A FREAKING COMIC BOOK MOVIE?!?! Christ, I don’t know why people care about realistic accuracy in a fictional superhero universe...

    TSM_CRAIG 17 hours ago

    Oh no no

  • Nightcore Kiwi
    Nightcore Kiwi 17 hours ago

    I remember from my last surgery, they played Christmas music right before I fell asleep!

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 17 hours ago


  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 17 hours ago

    I've only just realised the Air Force Colonel was Rhodes. And now I feel stupid

  • Wilson Banez
    Wilson Banez 17 hours ago

    5:51 something flew on the microphone

  • Chris Gio
    Chris Gio 17 hours ago

    6:29 this is so important

  • Jerome Claessen
    Jerome Claessen 18 hours ago

    Our doctor here is not wrong about doctor Strange`s car accident here. I was a passenger in a car roll over due to negligent driving which made me a quadriplegic. Drive safe folks!

  • Janekja
    Janekja 18 hours ago

    What if patient chooses a cancerous music?

  • мyѕтerιoυѕly lιzzιe

    Patients can choose the music sometimes..

    Hey can you play b lasagna by pewdiepie?

    • The1andonlyAbber
      The1andonlyAbber 16 hours ago

      Doctor: Sorry, you’re not going to make it.
      Me: This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito!

  • tor ppp
    tor ppp 18 hours ago


  • hRonny 9421
    hRonny 9421 18 hours ago +1

    Dr Hope how much money would you make in a month period?

  • Holl E. H.
    Holl E. H. 18 hours ago

    This was pretty cool. Of course, I never knew your brain could squeeze out of your skull. That part was kinda freaky. Yup, kinda freaked out about that.

  • Katha Dornbach
    Katha Dornbach 18 hours ago

    He looks like an older version of Freddie Highmore from The Good Doctor

  • Dave Jung
    Dave Jung 19 hours ago

    plural of vertebra should be vertebrae which is pronounced vertebr"ee". that is how they be teaching us at med uni, but i have never heard anyone say vertebr"ee", everyone says vertebra even for plural. I am confused

  • Oliverrdam
    Oliverrdam 20 hours ago

    Real doctor reacts to real doctor reacts to DOCTOR STRANGE

  • Me.
    Me. 20 hours ago

    Brilliant! Keep doing these, they’re very interesting.

  • Wojciech Klisz
    Wojciech Klisz 20 hours ago

    This felt a little like first aid refresh. Thank you doctor!

  • The POtato
    The POtato 20 hours ago

    Dr hope: so here's your skull..
    Me: wtf put it back

  • InStinct
    InStinct 20 hours ago

    Me and my fiancée are also doctors and our reaction was exactly the same at the beginning when we were watching this like "Oh, nice technique, neat. Oh no the mask what are you doing lol".

  • AJ Hunter
    AJ Hunter 21 hour ago

    I love the way you explain all the fancy medical words.

  • Mathieu Gaydos
    Mathieu Gaydos 21 hour ago

    I never realized the Airforce Colonel is Rhoades from Civil War!

  • Jose Nevada
    Jose Nevada 21 hour ago

    Why aren’t we talking about harvesting organs

  • Nicholas Hogan
    Nicholas Hogan 22 hours ago

    That first patient with the mid thoracic burst fracture, 35 year old colonel in experimental armor?
    Yeah, that's Rhody. War Machine.

  • fuzzX
    fuzzX 22 hours ago

    whats wrong with your teeths

  • Rukker Dogan
    Rukker Dogan 22 hours ago

    Real pornostar reacts to ICarly

  • Rukker Dogan
    Rukker Dogan 22 hours ago

    Real Porno star reacts to Victorious

  • The Bommel
    The Bommel 22 hours ago

    were there ever arguments about the music? let's say the patient wants to hear deathmetal like cannibal corpse but the doctora and the assistents can't stand it ?

  • Quantum
    Quantum 22 hours ago

    Nobody cares, stop over analysing fiction dumbass

  • Peter Pro
    Peter Pro 23 hours ago

    I love your shiny eyes. No homo.

  • Krystian Golus
    Krystian Golus 23 hours ago

    the most realistic part was very quickly confirmed ``brain death`` for a donor

  • Assault Corgi
    Assault Corgi 23 hours ago

    Dr Hope to your comment of they don’t become conscious after cardiac arrest or heart attack. I was working on a person for 5 min administered 2 shocks and got a pulse with manual pumping. 5 seconds later he sits up screaming. Of course breaking the sternum and ribs from compressions which I was so scared feelin like I’m bouncing off the back off his spine thru his chest I hope no one feels that ever. Explain this please. Even the emts screamed when he woke up.

  • Kevin Ko
    Kevin Ko 23 hours ago

    doctor u need a break u talk to much about spinal cords it reminds me of aot

  • Alvin F
    Alvin F 23 hours ago

    You're voice is so satisfying it would be able to cure cancer.

  • judis howser
    judis howser 23 hours ago

    7:30 he starts to look like Dr. Strange

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 23 hours ago

    Luckily, we can legitimately say "A Wizard did it"

  • Rayana El
    Rayana El 23 hours ago

    So why is benadryl dindershnatz acting like he is a real doctor?

  • Dexil Gaming
    Dexil Gaming Day ago

    Shouldnt you be at work saving lives?

  • Stef Grap
    Stef Grap Day ago

    Learn greek, and then, speak of medical word terminology! Cranio=scull tomy=cut or structure..

  • DLS Tekno
    DLS Tekno Day ago

    Most of us drive lamborghini


  • Mirage 1
    Mirage 1 Day ago

    Dr. Hope is hot

  • Querlox
    Querlox Day ago

    Great Vid, I Learned Alot!
    Doctors Like You Really Are Smart!
    Im now your new subscriber!

  • Kami84
    Kami84 Day ago

    Should have showed how he scrubbed into the OR, it was all wrong. He had his glove on and put his own mask on, which means he would have already broken the sterile field.

  • Stanley Scalf
    Stanley Scalf Day ago

    8:20 remember the experimental armor videos they were showing at that government hearing Tony Stark had to sit through in Iron Man 2? Remember the one that hammer industries produced that the mid section up spun all the way around while the legs were still facing forward? Yeah that’s the patient they are referring too. The “colonel” was the port sap inside.