Parallel LANDINGS!!! PRM and SOIA approaches! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to a great video about, "How can it be that airplanes fly so close to each other and then land on parallel runways?" The procedure/technique I´ll be showing you today are the PRM and SOIA approaches. I admit the are fairly rare and only a few airport around the world have such approaches but they are definitely worth explaining as the videos some passengers have recorded from their seat look pretty daunting.
    A PRM approach is more or less the same as a normal ILS approach, except that the landing runway has an adjacent parallel runway spaced only 3000-4300 feet apart. If you approach such an airport, you would listen to the ATIS beforehand and the ATIS will mention if PRM approaches are in operation. You as a pilot have to have special training within the simulator to be certified to fly such an approach. Then you read the "Attention to all users of PRM approach" chart. There is some key information listed on that chart, briefing you with the differences and facts about the PRM approach.
    The most important item, in my opinion, is the dual VHF requirement. You aircraft has to have two functioning VHF radios. On set number one you dial in the tower frequency and on the second set you monitor/listen to the approach controller, and set the volume level accordingly.
    But see more in the video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this basic introduction video about PRM approaches!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    at 51 777 wins the race of 777 vs e175

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    Question: On very few occasions (at cruising altitude) the plane would suddenly pull up/down and accelerate/decelerate (very abruptly I might add) and then resume its normal course. What would cause such a sudden change in the flight plan?

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    How about we be the best pilot and lad the plane together! As a passenger that's always kool

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    steemdup 15 days ago

    I have not experienced tandem landings at the same airport; however, once when I flew into SFO, we were parallel with an aircraft landing at the same time at OAK. Pretty cool, imo lol

  • Mr.Random
    Mr.Random 16 days ago

    I remember when i was on a flight from Manchester to Paris. When we were approaching Paris, i saw this this other plane in the sky. I didn't most of it but then i saw it again, this time closer. I was getting worried and a bit paranoid. And then it came really close and i literally cried (LOL) and i thought we were gonna crash and die. And we landed and yeah...i felt stupid? That was my first time seeing a parallel landing.

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    what about fra/eddf ? is it a prm approach airport? cheers!!

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    Hello Captin Joe. I love your videos. Can you make a video on how many engines can a plane fly with? Thank you.

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    Cap.. Joe.. Kindly explain what is the difference between Boeing 777 and 777x??

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    I've flown ILS PRM into ATL. Capt. said look to your right, and there was an AirTran 717 aircraft next to us. Could almost see the passengers from AirTran looking at us.

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    x y 20 days ago

    Capt. Joe, really like your videos. Great for pilots and non pilots alike.

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    Do they prohibit PRM approaches during storms/high knot winds

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    i am a airbus a380 pilot

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    I noticed the pilot in the prm simulation at Sydney airport appeared to turn the wheel right on a left heading breakout. Hope he didn’t crash. Hahaha

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    Awesome , Excellent , Superb , In all OUTSTANDING

  • Phil Hunt
    Phil Hunt 28 days ago +1

    Thanks for the explanation. As a passenger coming in to SFO I had one of these. However the pattern was weird. On downwind instead of turning left on to base near san mateo bridge we turned right out to sea(westward). We then did a broad circle around to the left and were joined by what looked like a jet fighter on the right as we did what turned out to be a wide, circular base leg. Eventually both planes did the approach you described. On landing I noticed the other plane was a nasa plane. I trained as a glider pilot and am used to formation flying(while soaring). Seeing a dual landing was new to me. Thanks for the explanation!

  • Ahmad Dan-Hamidu
    Ahmad Dan-Hamidu 28 days ago

    What about TCAS, will it be in the "TA-inhibit" or "TA/RA-inhibit" mode?

  • Yashwanth T Rajaratnam

    Captain. What is hot brakes. What do you do when u detect at 35000feet height. A recent report on this in India. My name is yashwanth in short camled Yash. Would be very helpful. Cheerq

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    and why did the 767 had to do a breakout in your example?!? didn't the 747 "screw up"?

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    Just as you showed the above view of that airport, I thought "That looks like Kingsford Smith."
    I live and work in Sydney, so I got a little excited.
    NB There is a Motorway that runs across beneath the runways of Kingsford Smith airport, which I use quite frequently, so I've seen several of these PRM approaches, but didn't know what they were called.

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  • I Love Taylor Swift

    If a pilot causes a breakout manoeuvre on another plane, would he get reprimanded for causing such a thing?

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    Doesn't sound too safe even with all these safety procedures. On both collision danger, and breakout alert pilot error. Many times radios malfunction, and a lot of accidents happen during a go - around, because of poorly trained pilots poorly managing flaps and angle of attack.

  • Nicolas FERNANDEZ
    Nicolas FERNANDEZ Month ago

    Not sure if related but approaching Barcelona Airport, I saw a plane very close and lower on the left (by the window). A few seconds later, the pilot very turned abruptly. I didn’t know that a passagers plane could turn so fast! Then the pilot gave a message remiding the passagers to switch off the phones and we landed with no issues. Might have been a false alarm or radio interference because of a phone? A mistake from the pilot?

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    All good unless it's Air Canada

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    As a regular flyer into Sydney airport, I have experienced it a few times

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  • James Lee
    James Lee Month ago

    I did in fact experience a Break Out Procedure one night at home airport (Minneapolis). We were A320 Airbus and we got the "signal" to Get Out Of Dodge when we were less than 2 miles from approach end of runway 12L. It was a dramatic situation because it was pitch dark plus IMC. When the pilot flying my plane called the "engine room" for All Ahead Full, wow did the power really come up fast on that Bus. Uneventful climb to 4000, sharp left turn, back around for a second try at the ILS, no problems then. We were not the "bad guy" -- the aircraft on approach to 12R had deviated to its left sufficiently that we were given the order for Break Out. Very Impressive Procedure then unfolded. I do not know if we still have this simultaneous approach on the books at KMSP. At one time we were one of only a handful of airports in USA that had authorized use of this parallel approach procedure.
    This is a great video !! Especially the example at KSFO.

  • Hoodie Nation
    Hoodie Nation Month ago +1

    When I was going to KUL, there was an airplane landing to terminal 1, and mine landing on terminal 2. The airplane landing to terminal 1 landed first then mine. It was a close comparison of landing time. Anyways, I still enjoying the landing.

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    Flew an approach into SFO in bad weather in 2006. During a break in the clouds / rain I saw a United 747 WAAAY TOO CLOSE! I did not feel safe.

  • Martin Connor
    Martin Connor Month ago

    A company called ITVV made a video of a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 from London to San Francisco, which culminated in a parallel approach to 28L. This was a good few years ago now, and I was surprised that they were instructed a) to keep the other aircraft in sight and b) maintain the same speed, which must be a bit of a challenge with a different Vref.
    The video has been ripped off on TVclip which disgusts me, but can still be

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    I'm now an expert and will become a pilot immediately

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    dpm1982 Month ago

    Excellent video and you answered a couple questions I was curious about. I'll never fly either PRM or SOIA approach but it interesting. The closest I ever came to one was landing a Grumman Tiger on the right side with a DC-10 freighter on the left side but we were 5000' feet apart wing-tip to wing-tip and on parallels. They started off well behind us but we were wings even at 2000' from runaway threshold. I was peddling as fast as I could and tower reminded me (and my instructor), "Caution, Heavy DC10 landing the parallel." I glanced over my left shoulder at about 1500' from the threshold and called out, "DC10 insight no factor" and my instructor freaked because he thought I was going to freeze up on him. I think he was more nervous than I was, I thought it was a blast (having fun, not wake blast). I wanted to tell tower that I bet we'll be able to turn off the right-side before they can turn off the left side, but Mr Happy in the right seat would have pulled my ticket for that!

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    How can they be clear of each other safely??

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    As cool as it might be to fly these procedures I see little reason why the ever so safe airlines and airports take so many risks with hundreds of souls aboard an aircraft and deliberately risk to have to fly breakout procedures in the first place (in fact I see one and only one reason, as always). That was something new to me. Thanks for the insights, Joe.

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    I have a question regarding the SFO airport. Once I was sitting on the right side of the plane so I had a good view to the right (and slightly ahead). We were landing on the left runway and just slightly ahead of us to the right was another plane so the two were approaching almost in parallel. So it was different than what you describe in the video where the plane on the right should be behind the plane on the left. Is that a valid approach into SFO? The interesting part is that just as the other plane touched down, we went into go-around due to our runway not being clear of traffic.

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    About a year ago i was on a flight back from BC and we came in to land at sfo on 28L, turned out that an A380 moved into the no transgression zone. We made a quick turn up to the left.

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