Worth $20? - Canway Wood Burning Stove - Review

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
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    Looking for a good quality wood burning stove that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? This is the Canway Camping Stove!

    Link : www.amazon.com/Canway-Backpacking-Portable-Stainless-Traveling/dp/B071P1X3ML
    Price : $20 on Amazon at the time of filming
    Weight : stove - 1lb 1.8oz Bag - .6oz
    It is time for another gasifer stove review and today we have the Canway Camping Stove.
    First off, I love stoves like this as I have always been interested in the design; this one was sent by a viewer to review and I happily accepted the challenge.
    Longest title every; Canway Camping Stove, Wood Stove/Backpacking Stove,Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove Nylon Carry Bag Outdoor Backpacking Hiking Traveling Picnic BBQ
    Compact & Lightweight: Lightweight and easily collapsible,package collapsible size is 5.5"x5.5"x 3.38", compact design makes outdoor stove easy to be packed in a small storage bag leaves more room in your backpack.
    Sturdy Camping Stove: Made of high-quality stainless steel.This backpacking stove with 3 arms pot support base provides safe and stable cooking platform and distributes heat evenly. The style 2 is also suitable for 1-2 people use, but it is higher then style 1, so that it is easily get the firewood added without picking up the pot or pan.
    Environmentally Friendly: With no fuel canisters or alcohol needed, we’ll be leaving no chemical emissions behind. The camp stove use branches, leaves, woods as fuel which is easy to get anywhere.
    High Thermal Efficiency: The secondary combustion keeps camping wood stove burning continued for 20mins with dry firewood and wood chips.
    What You Get: 1 x wood burning stove, 1 x storage bag, 1 x user manual, 2-YEAR PROTECTION FOR FREE from the date of its original purchase.

    Pros :
    Easy setup.
    Very good quality - no flex at all- impressive for $20
    With good materials, it takes roughly 3 minutes for the gasification process to start and the stove is ready to go.
    Wind resistant.
    Thanks to the size, it can burn for a very long time and it is easier to simmer with than some wood stoves.
    Coals will stay hot very a very long time
    Legs have been sturdy so far with no bending or flexing.
    Good quality mesh bag.
    Centralized flame

    Cons :
    Legs are stiff to move which I actually like but time will tell if they become very hard to move which I can see happening.
    Smokey until it gets going; it’s a wood stove….so I’m taking this off of the con list. If you don’t like soot and smoke, don’t use a wood stove!
    General cons to wood stoves like this;
    Cons - this takes longer overall than my Optimus. I enjoy the ritual of building the fire and tending it, but if you’re with impatient people or needing to get on the trail quickly this may not be for you. And you also have to wait for the stove to cool after use.
    - I may not be able to use this in the parks if a burn ban is in effect
    - it does get soot on your pots
    - you have to tend the fire and keep it fed and hot

    Summary :
    For the money, there isn’t much to complain about; hey, it’s only $20!
    Want to improve the design; drimmeling some of this material would make feeding slightly easier
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  7 months ago +43

    I've got some day hike adventures coming up soon in addition to the next overnight adventure;
    who is ready?

    Strength and Honor
    - Luke

    • GravityToy
      GravityToy 7 months ago

      Just an FYI...the bottom of the burn pan will eventually deteriorate. Mine started to go after about 40 uses. I was contemplating cutting a new stainless drop in piece. Instead I bought three more stoves. Love them.

    • Brian Kohler
      Brian Kohler 7 months ago

      Day hikes are more in line with my the abilities of my wife and I. We're a little too old for backpacking trips, but we really enjoy the day hikes, particularly in central Ohio. Looking forward to your updates.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 16 days ago

    I have one of these. When needed (cutting wood prohibited, no concerns for weight, cooking parameters) this stove works great with commercial wood pellets (as used in some big stoves). These add weight but start quick, burn hot and long. During a recent test at 47 deg. F with slight breeze, one load of pellets burned hot for a full thirty minutes with zero attention, then simmered for another 20 minutes. This is great for doing a multi-course meal with hot drinks. Worthwhile when camping in an organized park or setting where wood is limited or prohibited. BTW, I use an aluminum plate under to catch embers. Love this stove!

    DAVID kATZ 17 days ago

    You can also use wood pellets which burn for a log time.

  • Steven Eugene
    Steven Eugene 18 days ago

    TOMSHOO vs Canway vs OHUHU ,He he fun reviews thx .

  • Steven Eugene
    Steven Eugene 18 days ago

    TOMSHOO vs Canway vs OHUHU ,He he fun reviews thx .

  • Steven Eugene
    Steven Eugene 18 days ago

    TOMSHOO vs Canway vs OHUHU ,He he fun reviews thx .

  • peter binkley
    peter binkley 23 days ago

    Love mine.. I pack my trangia stove inside it so it gives me Options. Dont need a wind screen when I burn alcohol. I also made a small triangle pot hold that slips in the feet for smaller pots.

  • JustTheBeginning
    JustTheBeginning Month ago

    You could burn coal in that thing.

  • rob rampy
    rob rampy Month ago


  • Zion Gray
    Zion Gray Month ago

    A flat stainless steele circular plate would be nice to collect the majority of the soot from hitting the cooking pot..placed under your cooking pot and on the pot stands

  • Scott Butler
    Scott Butler 3 months ago

    I used this for the first time this weekend, based on your review. This stove absolutely rocks. As a suggestion, I see a lot of videos with people struggling to start these types of stoves. I grill quite a bit and noticed that this stove looks kind of like a charcoal chimney. I packed the upper compartment with vertical finger sized sticks, then placed some bark on top of a crumpled small piece of paper on the ground. I lit the paper with one match then placed the stove on top of it. After a couple minutes of welcome, mosquito repelling smoke, a roaring gasified fire erupted.

  • goodbi99
    goodbi99 4 months ago

    Excellent review. I like it. Americans are complainers imo. Want things free and easy lol.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 4 months ago

    Nice review.
    I'm an old dude that used to be a boy scout and I like to have stuff that can do more than 1 thing. I have a Champ Swiss Army knife with pliers in it as well as a bunch of other useful stuff; a Coleman machete with a wood saw on the back of the blade; a tomahawk with a hammer-head on the back of the axe head; and a bunch of other useful stuff.
    Luke, I am interested to know if you can turn the fire box up-side-down in the Canway Camping Stove and place a Trangia type alcohol burner on top of it and cook/boil water, etc. If the clearance from the burner to the bottom of the pot, etc. is about 1.25" or 32mm it should work OK, I remember that Hiram Cook had worked out the best height on 1 of his videos years ago but I could not find it. Oh yeah, DO NOT USE yellow Heet in an alcohol burner because the methanol is toxic when burnt. Also, it will eat out the brass that the burners are made of.
    I am also curious that if you can use small sized pieces of charcoal in the Canway Camping Stove and whether or not it would gasify in that stove.

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 5 months ago

    I like that you said they only run full throttle. I hadn’t thought of that.

  • steve s.
    steve s. 6 months ago

    I want to see someone cooking bacon, eggs and hashbrowns on something like this. Just once.

    • Keith
      Keith 5 months ago

      Easy to do without tending.

  • TheRealChetManley
    TheRealChetManley 6 months ago

    These are great stoves...they work a treat with bbq pellets as well.

  • DayGlow76
    DayGlow76 6 months ago

    I have a similar stove and love it. As far as soot goes, it would be nice if the bag were not mesh so as to keep the other stuff in your pack clean. I have switched out my mesh bag with a solid fabric bag to prevent this. But while using, it's gonna get you dirty and that's OK.

  • MAINEiac in a KAYAK
    MAINEiac in a KAYAK 6 months ago

    If you complain about getting dirty the outdoor life might not be your thing. ;)

    I have the small Solo stove and like it, but it would be worth the 20 bucks to have this one in the other kayak (wife's) as a second fire or back-up. I kayak camp so the weight isn't that big a deal.

    I THOUGHT I was buying a BushBuddy, but learned later that Solo stole the design since BushBuddy was never patented.

  • DickCheese0351
    DickCheese0351 6 months ago

    I sometimes toss in some charcoal into mine. Works Great!

  • Sean Fox
    Sean Fox 6 months ago

    Look what do you think about using wood chips in that from Walmart you can buy the small bag of wood chips from Walmart you know?

  • res1492
    res1492 6 months ago

    Strength and honor??.....im sorry but you sound like a right twat saying that

  • raynman67
    raynman67 6 months ago

    The weight for backpacking may be a little more than I would like, but for keeping it in the Truck, car camping, kayak camping or just having it with me to pull up on a nice shore or bay, or take on a day hike where weight isn’t as big an issue,I think it’s gonna be great 👍 ordered two in fact, one for me and one for my brother, along with a couple pocket bellows.

  • PoopingAndroid
    PoopingAndroid 7 months ago

    I bought this stove after your review Luke. I tested it out and I love it. You asked for my opinion, and my video is here.tvclip.biz/video/iMBaWgGShtE/video.html

  • Jonathan Callahan
    Jonathan Callahan 7 months ago

    My canway has a little different top plate with the same legs . It worked really well to concentrate the heat on the pot . The other "stove" we had was a rectangular affair kind of like a tabletop BBQ grill . The canway beat it hands down for speed to boil and for limited smoke once the firewood is burning properly . I did cut dead wood to length of combustion chamber and then split it to fit in stove . Smoked a little longer while the wood was coming to temp. but had cooking temp longer . Great stove for a wood burner . Great review . Thanks

  • Robert Garza
    Robert Garza 7 months ago +1

    Great review brother. Been wanting to get a gasification stove for a while now. I like that you went with a budget friendly stove versus a higher dollar stove. Thanks again. Stay safe.

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth 7 months ago

    Thanks for an informative look at an inexpensive gasifier wood stove. The Amazon products page section you showed has Solo stoves costing 5 X AS MUCH! Functionality seems similar.

  • N.W. Jonkhart
    N.W. Jonkhart 7 months ago

    I like the Tomshoo stainless version, it comes with a bowl for dragon gel. Then you can cook even if a woodfire is not allowed.

  • Sue Nelson
    Sue Nelson 7 months ago

    I think it's a great stove and great price!

  • Mike Muir
    Mike Muir 7 months ago +1

    For those of us north of the boarder, it's about $70 CAD for that exact same unit, or $20+$15 to ship across the boarder. I found the exact same unit here on Amazon.ca www.amazon.ca/dp/B00T8NEI3A/ref=pe_3034960_236394800_TE_dp_1

  • pritchardt5
    pritchardt5 7 months ago

    That is amazing love too own one

  • Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance

    excellent demonstration. thanks

  • * SLYFOX 1963
    * SLYFOX 1963 7 months ago

    I haven't seen anything on Stanley products. The company is as old as dirt i know, but still going. Or have i missed that one? Great for nesting.

  • munchh2007
    munchh2007 7 months ago

    Hi Luke. Have you tried a meths/alcahol stove with this or the gel tray you can get for them this way you can use them in areas where you cannot have an open fire.

  • Sean Fox
    Sean Fox 7 months ago

    I bought me one Luke just because what you showed me that was a nice stove so I'm hoping to get some use out of mind I got mine off of wish but hopefully it's just as good

  • sorehair
    sorehair 7 months ago

    great review...think I may have to get one of these bad boys!

  • Tony Cummings
    Tony Cummings 7 months ago

    I like these type stoves because you don't have to carry fuel with you if there is wood around you can cook !! And you can find wood anywhere. Thanks for the video.

  • michael mchugh
    michael mchugh 7 months ago

    Could you just throw a couple of bbq briquettes in there for a longer burn for relatively low cost?

  • John Foster
    John Foster 7 months ago

    Isn't Canway a Chinese brand?

  • Mike Btrfld
    Mike Btrfld 7 months ago

    I'm going to get one. I'm not a prepper but if I was this would be in my gear for sure .

    • Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance
      Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance 7 months ago

      $12 at Wish, but 2 week wait, and not same brand but great quality, and without label, it seems exact. even came with a oil bowl for liquid fuel

  • munchichi8
    munchichi8 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for reviewing the stove...........
    but a stove that wide of a circumference is NOT drawing air at all because there is NO VACUUM.
    It is basically a pot that holds wood to burn.

    GEAUX FRUGAL 7 months ago

    I have one I paid$20 for. I use it all the time . 2 cups of wood pellets and you can cook a meal in a pressure cooker. I will brown the meat on my electric stove but use the wood gas outside set it forget it come back home and a hot meal I waiting for you. I cooked beans and other times roast. Use the cheapest cuts of meat because you using a pressure cooker you will be able to eat with a spoon. I use a squirt of BBQ fliud to start fire if you have a little wax left after a candle burn put some of that in the wood pellets.
    For wind reason I place the wood stove on a piece of metal in a large 20 gallon tote that has busted holes in it. Most people would throw the tote away I found a new use for it windscreen.
    I never take it down it stays ready to go under the canopy. I cook on it about 3 time a month it takes a very long time to eat all that food. I will eat from that pot about every 2-3 days.

  • Scoutmaster Cole
    Scoutmaster Cole 7 months ago

    I have an ohuhu twig stove and I love it, I take it with me Boy Scouts camping all the time and use it to make tea or coffee. The ohuhu is the same idea, smaller without the feeding window, but still a great stove.

  • Roberto de Bem
    Roberto de Bem 7 months ago +3

    I've had one of these for many years, it's really great in terms of efficiency and the best way to use it in my experience is to use woods of the arm thickness, cut a little below the height of the combustion chamber and break in four. This way the flame lasts longer without having to fuel all the time. Awesome job Luke!

  • kidda74
    kidda74 7 months ago +1

    I use cat litter wood pellets in mine, it's a great bit of kit!

  • J Moore
    J Moore 7 months ago

    kinda dumb not to put a rock under it! He must be a boy scout :)

  • Steven DeAtley
    Steven DeAtley 7 months ago

    nice little cook stove,I like it alot ,Thank you for the review,I might just order one of these

  • simplemanduke
    simplemanduke 7 months ago

    Love your videos. Your camera work presentation and editing are on point. Please keep them coming

  • jdcpac
    jdcpac 7 months ago +1

    Great looking little stove Luke. My grandson is getting into camping and happens to have a birthday coming up, I believe this would make a great birthday present for him. Thanks.

  • Mike Vande Bunt
    Mike Vande Bunt 7 months ago +2

    "Every scenario is different." It's refreshing to see a review that's honest about this, rather than obsessing over timing the boil to the nearest second! (I have one of these, and it will burn nicely with wood pellets.)

  • Talat Steelgleam
    Talat Steelgleam 7 months ago

    I actually only use wood stoves, but mine is a square shape with a larger feeding hole, but more annoying to set up and it warped after a few uses.
    I bring alcohol, solid fuel, and an empty can with this set up to burn my liquid or solid fuel and ifbi happen to run out I burn twigs. The value of not being worried about running out of fuel is very valuable to me.

  • Flapper 45
    Flapper 45 7 months ago

    Definitely a lot cheaper than solo stoves and basically works the same. Good review

  • Rhye_guy
    Rhye_guy 7 months ago

    I own one and my only gripe about it, is it's size is a little awkward and it doesn't nest with anything and the heat retention can be a problem if you are just trying to heat some water quick.

  • Frank Pike
    Frank Pike 7 months ago

    I have a couple of these. When I go out camping, I cheat and pack a few charcoal briquets. I drop one or two briquets in and that carry's the heat out for a longer burn time. This is important, if you are cooking something that might take more time, like a stew or possible baking.

  • David Vance
    David Vance 7 months ago

    I bought one just like this; not the "Canway" but very similar. I love the stove. Mine is a little smaller (9.7 oz.) and fits great in my pack. It's quick and very easy efficient. Yes, it gets "sooty" but with a little rubbing with some wet sand and it cleans up pretty well. Great review on these stoves!

  • Jeremy Darling
    Jeremy Darling 7 months ago

    I don't know... I've never been anywhere where there are no rocks. I don't like carrying more then I have to, 3 big rocks always seem to work pretty well. I've thought about getting a stove but my pack is pretty heavy already.

  • David Mm
    David Mm 7 months ago +15

    Ever since I found out about these gasifier stoves I've been fascinated with them. Actually, I find all of the small, stainless steel, wood burning camp stoves interesting.
    But there's free fuel almost everywhere and it's fun having a small fire.

  • James Martin
    James Martin 7 months ago

    Someone needs to design a gasification stove that operates off pine resin. 😁👍

  • joe Domjan
    joe Domjan 7 months ago

    I just got one and the top section is slightly different but the unit is essentially the same. It does not have the opening on the top piece to add fuel. I would rate the quality as very good.

  • sneakapikachu
    sneakapikachu 7 months ago

    these lil stoves are great especially for the price point, but im still a Solo stove fan. the Solo design seems a bit more sturdy and well thought out. i love the Solo stays relatively cooler to the touch so you can move and adjust its position around camp, and also has the built in ash catcher to dump out once the fire dies.

  • Mountain Views
    Mountain Views 7 months ago

    This is a joke this moron doesn't have a clue