• Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • DC and Warner Bros released the first teaser trailer for Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, showing us the dark origins of Arthur Fleck aka the Joker. We’re introduced to Todd Philip’s corner of the DC Universe. We’re introduced to Arthur’s home life and how his failing stand-up career turned him from street performer into the Clown Prince of Crime. We’re also introduced to Zazie Beetz character as well as Brian Tyree Henry, as well as this worlds Arkham Asylum. We’re also introduced to a young Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne, and Robert De Niro’s character who is a fun nod to an icon De Niro role from the 80’s. How does A.Fleck turn from man to violent instigator of riots against the police? We’ll find out this October 4th! What easter eggs did you catch in this trailer? Let me know down below.
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  5 months ago +1826

    Hey folks! Erik here! Sam was awesome and stepped in to break down this Joker trailer while I covered the other stuff this week... and RECOVERED from this cold! I have not dusted away... yet... AND I'm curious to know whether this trailer has won you over on Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, or if a Joker movie without Batman is merely one-half of the story you want?

    • Mike Mcbeth
      Mike Mcbeth 19 days ago

      @Mike Forrest nooo

    • Mason McDaniel
      Mason McDaniel 23 days ago

      Famous Pogo comic strip quote - "We have met the enemy, and he is US!" - maybe a nod to the fact that people's cruelty created the Joker.

    • Justin Li
      Justin Li 23 days ago

      He's shaking in the locker room cuz his shoulder is dislocated

    • Ash Murrin
      Ash Murrin 2 months ago

      He missed that pogo was the name John Wayne Gacy used

      ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! 2 months ago

      the biggest easter egg is that if not for the joker then batman wouldnt exist.

  • Rach
    Rach 6 days ago

    I feel like hiss joker is a mix of Jack Nicholson, and Heath Ledger. It actually looks really good.

  • Solo Faison
    Solo Faison 7 days ago

    Pogo's could also be for Pogo the clown that's what John Gacy called himself

  • City of Gold and Lead

    Not a nod to the Pogo comic strip, it’s a reference to Pogo the Clown A.K.A. John Wayne Gacy, arguably the worst real world clown ever.

  • City of Gold and Lead

    How about Otisburg being in the map? Reference to Ned Beatty’s Otis writing that on Luthor’s map in the original Donner Superman.

    ALEXIS WOODS 9 days ago


  • Let's Talk about Actor's and More!

    imagine this movie came out today on sucide prevention day...

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith 12 days ago

    I felt so bad when he said “my purpose in life is to make others happy,” and then he got beat up.

    RONIT ROY 12 days ago

    Affleck could be a nod to Ben Affleck.

  • Damian Leurink
    Damian Leurink 14 days ago

    Kane?? Bob Kane? Anyone?

  • Kenny Johnson
    Kenny Johnson 15 days ago

    U dont listen do you that is his therapist

  • Fabio Marques
    Fabio Marques 15 days ago

    Kane is a nod to Bob Kane. Even Kate Kane (Batwoman) is a nod to BOB KANE!

  • Rizwan Imtiaz
    Rizwan Imtiaz 15 days ago

    J O K E R .....will be AmaZinGGGG 🤩

  • giuliana silva
    giuliana silva 17 days ago

    So who is the hero in the movie!

  • foxiron 214
    foxiron 214 17 days ago

    it's feels like joker and Krusty the clown, should be a fun buddy cop movie.

  • Yakkup Arturo
    Yakkup Arturo 17 days ago

    We in a gang

  • Fack Brah
    Fack Brah 18 days ago

    Pogo the Clown.

  • Reviews GoodnBad
    Reviews GoodnBad 18 days ago

    The speech about ‘everyone was laughing at you... they’re not laughing now....’ is directly from Britain’s Got Talent when we first met Susan Boyle.

  • Minnesota Arctic Blast

    The age difference could be because there is more than one JOKER in the DCU

  • Memnon
    Memnon 19 days ago

    Why so serious?

  • Wisdom R
    Wisdom R 19 days ago

    "Its true what they say, society is to blame" -The Penguin Animated series

  • Carla Jones
    Carla Jones 19 days ago

    Can't believe you missed one of the best Easter eggs of them all. Pogo the clown aka John Wayne Gacy.

  • Ehren .Newton
    Ehren .Newton 19 days ago

    I am very excited for this movie

  • Joe Hall
    Joe Hall 20 days ago

    POGO was the name of clown of child killer JOHN GACY

  • Janet Vonnik
    Janet Vonnik 20 days ago

    The Joker is all of us

  • jsquared5eva alsocas
    jsquared5eva alsocas 20 days ago +1

    I am a solid MCU person, I have disliked every DC movie in recent years, but this might be the movie that at least puts DC back on the map for me. It looks really good.

    GUCCi SUSHi 20 days ago +2

    This movie looks legendary🤡

  • Keith Schultz
    Keith Schultz 20 days ago

    This is gonna be a winner!!!

  • Wayne C. Hitt The Hitt Home Group

    “Pogo’s” comedy club... perhaps something to do with John Wayne Gacy’s clown name: “Pogo”... looks like Flecks makeup is a nod to that as well. Creepy. Can’t wait to see this thing.

  • Brayden Murphy
    Brayden Murphy 20 days ago +4

    Oscars: And The Oscars Go To
    Oscar Worker: Wait, Watch this joker trailer
    Oscars: The Oscars Go To The Joker

  • Kriss Armstrong
    Kriss Armstrong 21 day ago

    Yup... that’s just what NY streets look like at night, that and worse and all gone by the morning

  • Natalie 82
    Natalie 82 21 day ago +2

    Pogo was John Wayne Gacy's clown name. Gacy was a serial killer and also a clown. Pogo's is a _perfect_ name for the comedy club!

  • Reemaveli3TBG
    Reemaveli3TBG 21 day ago

    He in the Bronx

  • Edgar Molina
    Edgar Molina 21 day ago

    But tbh I feel like I just saw the whole movie in 11 min

  • Edgar Molina
    Edgar Molina 21 day ago

    That's lit I wish in the end somewhere in the wardrobes you can see all of the previous joker outfits from the video games, and movies like Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, and Batman movies with George Clooney. His cult reminds me of the people in V for Vendetta

  • K-9 no joke
    K-9 no joke 21 day ago

    So.... The jokers real name is Arthur?

    VIKAS KUMAR SINGH 21 day ago +5

    Marvel: endgame is the craziest thing in 2019
    DC: Send in the Clown

  • SilenceSlayer224
    SilenceSlayer224 21 day ago +2

    Pogo was the alter-ego of the most notorious clown in history, John Wayne Gacy.

  • Jennika Ochoa-Mendez

    Can’t wait to see it! 😍😍😍

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez 22 days ago

    I'm pretty excited!

  • Kale Radish
    Kale Radish 22 days ago

    4:55 yeah there's garbage heeps in every black city

    RED PILLS42 22 days ago

    I can't wait to see this movie!

  • Kasandra Taylor
    Kasandra Taylor 22 days ago

    Looks like a good excuse for the deranged to copy cat him for real. So I’m not going to go put myself down in a dark theater with a bunch of blood thirsty millennials that see this kind of weirdo as a hero.

  • M 3
    M 3 22 days ago

    I was all for Joker until I saw Robert DeNiro. Next movie please...

    • Frederik Van Thielen
      Frederik Van Thielen 20 days ago

      It makes perfect sense to cast DeNiro in this movie. Watch Scorseses "The king of comedy". It starred DeNiro and inspired DC's "The killing joke" and probably this movie as well.

  • Jackson Lake
    Jackson Lake 22 days ago

    Pogo's could also be a nod to John Wayne Gacy who was also a clown known as "Pogo the Clown". He dressed up as a clown for birthday parties but also murdered young boys and buried them in the crawl space under his house.

  • captainnemo
    captainnemo 22 days ago +2

    the clown mask is the same one ledger wore in the bank robbery

  • Mike H
    Mike H 22 days ago

    This looks F'ing epic!! What a perfect casting choice.

  • Claudia aguilar
    Claudia aguilar 22 days ago

    1989/2019 Joker🙌🏾

  • Jasmine Carter
    Jasmine Carter 22 days ago +4

    I call it now. Sophie is gonna definitely die.

  • Stupid Android
    Stupid Android 22 days ago +2

    I don’t think Pogo was a reference to the comic, I think it was a reference to Pogo the clown (John Wayne Gacy) a serial killer who had a clown alter ego


  • sean cutshaw
    sean cutshaw 22 days ago

    Did anyone else think Brian Tyree Henry might be playing Aaron Cash the Arkham Asylum guard who has his hand bitten off by Killer Crock?

  • Chris jones
    Chris jones 22 days ago

    I hope they don’t PC this movie.

  • Jim Feig
    Jim Feig 22 days ago

    Attacking cops is awesome.

  • Jerryca Bussiere
    Jerryca Bussiere 23 days ago

    he's mentally ill? they broke him

  • Corinne Agrell
    Corinne Agrell 23 days ago

    Take a look at this trailer and the movie taxi driver

  • Corinne Agrell
    Corinne Agrell 23 days ago +1

    Kane is the last name of one of the 2 creator's of batman as well

  • T. D.
    T. D. 23 days ago +1

    I hope this becomes a therapist type/original/dark/psychological thriller.

  • john ramos
    john ramos 23 days ago +1

    Do you know society tend to stay away to those people who suffer from mental illness. Ir battling mental illness.. The movie kinda reflect the human nature towards people with illness.

  • Marc joseph Streeter
    Marc joseph Streeter 23 days ago

    maybe pogo is a reference to the psycho murderer pogo the clown.

  • Amy Rosanova
    Amy Rosanova 23 days ago

    Wait, his Mom? Not his Wife? o.o Oh. Okay.