One Month Baby Update!


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  • Jackie Bao
    Jackie Bao 6 minutes ago

    omg we have the same birthday ! ! !

  • Danika Padilla
    Danika Padilla 11 minutes ago

    The thumbnail Flynn is so cute his blue eyes

  • Laura Matthews
    Laura Matthews 16 minutes ago

    Hearing Flynn cry made me cry

  • Unaysah Kalu
    Unaysah Kalu 23 minutes ago


  • Hua Blue
    Hua Blue 30 minutes ago

    "He's a really good burper"
    *I wonder why?*

  • Luna Star
    Luna Star 44 minutes ago

    He loves classical music?!
    Seriously, I would love to teach him if he picks up an instrument.

  • Lily Hardeman
    Lily Hardeman 50 minutes ago

    he is sooo gorgeous!!

  • Keeping up with meno

    you are filming with a go pro

  • Hannah Nixon
    Hannah Nixon Hour ago

    Flynn is so F!ing CUTE!!! OMG HE’S ADORABLE!!!! 😍😍🥰🥰

  • Cathryn Rosalie
    Cathryn Rosalie Hour ago

    Fun fact, the black and white thing is super common in babies:) they can't actually see colour very well so anything with stark contrasts aka black-white will be super fascinating to them

  • Brianna Blanchard
    Brianna Blanchard 2 hours ago

    I'm so exited my mom has a baby on the way!!!

  • Julia Holl
    Julia Holl 2 hours ago

    And your such a amazing family! #postnotifacations

  • Julia Holl
    Julia Holl 2 hours ago

    For some reason it went away and I can’t get it back agian but id love to friend you!

  • Julia Holl
    Julia Holl 2 hours ago

    OMG! You friend requested me! I am literally crying I love u so much!

  • morgan_ rulus
    morgan_ rulus 2 hours ago

    Collen: Flynn hates *add interpreputs
    Me: NOOOO!!!

  • Jiya Panchal
    Jiya Panchal 3 hours ago

    I love this video 💕

  • Nadeen Nader
    Nadeen Nader 4 hours ago +1

    Awwwww this vid is the cutest video EVERRRR!!!

  • Jamie Hill
    Jamie Hill 4 hours ago

    My son was born a month ago also. I feel you on everything. We watch your videos together all the time.

  • shruti sharma
    shruti sharma 5 hours ago

    I dont want to be rude but you are hella obsessed with your baby, i mean its ok but can we please talk about something else😑😑😑😑
    Its always flynn flynn flynn.....uuuuh im so done with it.(JUST STOP)

  • Hazel Paterson
    Hazel Paterson 6 hours ago

    You wont be calling him cute when he starts t have temper tantrums

  • Pink Lemonade
    Pink Lemonade 6 hours ago

    THIS IS HELPFUL AND CUTE! You should do monthly updates on what you keep learning about him and of parenthood because i wanna be a mom someday but im just really concerned that im not prepared for EVERYTHING-everything and knowing all these things like tummy time, or the "smiling/figuring out his face" thing, pee in the mouth thing lol PLEASE RECORD MORE!💜💜💜💜

  • Kenzie Reeve
    Kenzie Reeve 7 hours ago

    i want footage of his grunting so much bc i have cryed with laughter both times u have imitated it and ohmygod i just need to see that

  • Carmens Blogs
    Carmens Blogs 8 hours ago

    he was born on my birthday what the heckkk mind blowen xx

  • Danny Platt
    Danny Platt 8 hours ago

    Can you start playing Roblox? Its a really fun game Its full of Different Games My Favorite is Royale High Its like A Princess,Queen game you can buy skirt and wings with diamonds and if your higher then level 5 you can spin a wheel to win accsesory's or Diamonds
    Edit: Or death xD Lol

  • Danny Platt
    Danny Platt 8 hours ago

    Wow Great Im 13 Days Late xD

  • bunnylover1098 Ashley
    bunnylover1098 Ashley 8 hours ago

    Omg your baby grew so fast :c

  • Aaliyah Ali
    Aaliyah Ali 8 hours ago

    Sad all my baby pictures and videos were burnt in my house fire

  • Khiara Charm Aquino
    Khiara Charm Aquino 9 hours ago

    Omg I thought we were the only one that did tummy time sksksk with my lol sister skks

  • Aarielle Griffin
    Aarielle Griffin 9 hours ago +1

    Colleen has a black and white Shirt on ❤️

  • Aarielle Griffin
    Aarielle Griffin 9 hours ago +1

    Flynn did the same thing I did when I was a baby, my parents would always see my hands no matter what. When I’m sleeping and the blanket was a round me there goes my hands near my face again. I was very obsessed with my fingers growing up.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 9 hours ago +1

    How was it a month ago? Omg

  • Elibobelly Sandoval
    Elibobelly Sandoval 10 hours ago

    He’s so handsome 😍

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 10 hours ago +1

    Miranda looks so different👀.
    How, are you really Miranda Sings!!!

    • Tyler Thompson
      Tyler Thompson 10 hours ago

      Probably because she doesn’t have as much lipstick 💄

  • lady
    lady 10 hours ago

    all babies like black and white things! babies dont care about colors, they care about contrast. so you're spot on with that one, mama!

  • E Denny
    E Denny 10 hours ago

    When do you post

  • ŠhadowPawš boi
    ŠhadowPawš boi 11 hours ago

    OML u are so much like my sister when she had her baby that's frickin adorable... And ur baby is so much like my sisters, baby my sisters lil fat baby girl rolled over super early too❤❤

  • ineedfwendsYT
    ineedfwendsYT 11 hours ago

    That smile he made was so FREAKING CUTE my heart melted ☺😘❤

  • Multi fandom Edits
    Multi fandom Edits 12 hours ago +1


  • Mαrch Plαყs
    Mαrch Plαყs 12 hours ago +1

    I͢ a͢c͢t͢u͢a͢l͢l͢y͢ s͢u͢b͢b͢e͢d͢ ❤

  • Schrecklicher Inhalt
    Schrecklicher Inhalt 12 hours ago

    Anybody still wondering when haters back off
    S2 Ep9 comes out ?

  • Callum Hamilton
    Callum Hamilton 12 hours ago

    your baby is cute

  • Cøttøn DEGamer
    Cøttøn DEGamer 12 hours ago

    My aunts new born takes 30-45 minutes to burp lol

  • Payton plays House
    Payton plays House 12 hours ago

    #collenscorner I love you I have a. Question can we do a collab you are the best!!!

  • Savanna
    Savanna 12 hours ago

    Flynn is so adorable🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍👶🏻

  • Isabella Hawkins
    Isabella Hawkins 12 hours ago

    8:33 i got a kick outta this

  • jocelyn varieur
    jocelyn varieur 12 hours ago

    YOUR BABY IS FUCKIN CUUTE but you know that ;)

  • Rainbow LPS
    Rainbow LPS 13 hours ago +1

    It feels like 2 weeks ago =.) When you said sleep, eat, poop, and cry, that reminded me when my mom told my that babies are crying pooping babies. xD

  • The Narator Wizard
    The Narator Wizard 13 hours ago

    OMGGG!!! Congrats Colleen!
    Love youuuuuu!❤️❤️😘😘

  • DeAnne Downs
    DeAnne Downs 13 hours ago

    Be warned colleen boys are ummmm .. I'm not going to spoil it 😬. =•3

  • Kakey love
    Kakey love 13 hours ago

    he is so cute ur gonna be a great mother

  • Katia Archundia
    Katia Archundia 13 hours ago

    I dont have home videos 😭

  • Faith Glascock
    Faith Glascock 13 hours ago

    Has Ariana met Flynn? If not you should totally make that a video! Ily!

  • Nicole Avila
    Nicole Avila 13 hours ago

    Hey just so you know there is someone out there pretending to be you and pretending to give away money. It was sketchy and i didn’t fall for it completely but someone might ):

  • Destinei Teal
    Destinei Teal 13 hours ago +1


  • hay the great Ritz
    hay the great Ritz 13 hours ago

    Make a new video

  • Yareli Cuevas
    Yareli Cuevas 13 hours ago +1

    My baby cousin is 7 months and he just started walking 👶😂😂😇

  • Olivia Butterfield
    Olivia Butterfield 14 hours ago +1

    TEA COW I'm sorry I had to bring it back even though no one will probably see this

  • Shawolfie Wolf
    Shawolfie Wolf 14 hours ago

    Am i the only one who laughed when she said They found glitter in flynn's butt 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏😂😂👏😂😂👏😂👏😂👏

  • tristieanna chledowski
    tristieanna chledowski 14 hours ago

    My niece Saphire can sleep through blaring music

  • Shasha Karim
    Shasha Karim 14 hours ago

    My niece is one month old too she was born Dec 9th 2018 her name is Taraji

  • Genesis Sanchez
    Genesis Sanchez 14 hours ago +1

    He is so cute and yall have a nice family
    1 like 1blessing coming
    Love yall

  • Haidyn
    Haidyn 14 hours ago


  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson 14 hours ago

    THIS IS SO CUTE!!🥴🥰😂

  • Peppa pig Lover
    Peppa pig Lover 14 hours ago

    He is so cute

  • xxtranicerxx Cao
    xxtranicerxx Cao 15 hours ago +1

    oh my gosh Colleen your are so pretty and carefull

  • Lia Martinez
    Lia Martinez 15 hours ago

    Hello guys no I want to see her back show me a baby's face

  • Molly Kate Lennon
    Molly Kate Lennon 15 hours ago

    He's so big! 😄😊

  • Elisa Hoerth
    Elisa Hoerth 15 hours ago

    Flynn is so beautiful

  • AandP
    AandP 15 hours ago

    The reason why he pees when you take the diaper off is because the air hits the no no square and makes him pee

  • Peytin Bresciano
    Peytin Bresciano 15 hours ago

    “He’s a good little escape artist”😂 lol lmao

  • Rajiv Lal
    Rajiv Lal 16 hours ago

    How come we can’t watch your comedy special on Netflix

  • Lola Tidwell swigget
    Lola Tidwell swigget 16 hours ago

    “Oh god I really need sleep” MEEE

  • Little LPS Madi
    Little LPS Madi 16 hours ago

    Miranda’s child:

  • Finn Woods
    Finn Woods 16 hours ago

    He is so cute

  • Finn Woods
    Finn Woods 16 hours ago

    Ma name I flin

  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence 16 hours ago

    "Bbq ba bbq grew grew grew grew r.w r.w r.w r.w r.w 5 grew grew 4th grew 5percent

  • Emma Tiong
    Emma Tiong 17 hours ago

    You have to make a new My Family video, with Flynn included!

  • Lexi Russell
    Lexi Russell 17 hours ago

    He is so cute

  • Sonia Mata
    Sonia Mata 17 hours ago

    You are pretty

  • Shyloh Gomez
    Shyloh Gomez 17 hours ago

    is that why u is wearing black and white

  • Sonia Mata
    Sonia Mata 17 hours ago

    Mine is on the 18th

  • Sonia Mata
    Sonia Mata 17 hours ago

    His birthday is before mine

  • renrensiren112
    renrensiren112 17 hours ago

    Aw I didn’t really think about the fact that some day my baby won’t do some things anymore he hated baths but now he tolerates it he got home and immediately didn’t like his hands swaddled anymore and now at 3 months doesn’t like being swaddled in any way anymore and he makes a lot of noise like flynn does he’s done it since he was born too he’s still doing it and now he is very eager to talk he has said ah goo since he was like a month and a half he also does a face he pees like :o

  • Maya Custard
    Maya Custard 17 hours ago

    I doesn’t even feel like a month and he is soooooooooooooo cute

  • Ellena Featherstone
    Ellena Featherstone 17 hours ago

    Plz remake the "my family" video with the new members that would be so cool

  • Jojo Mo
    Jojo Mo 17 hours ago

    Colleen is just the sweetest mom ever😍❤

  • Jojo Mo
    Jojo Mo 17 hours ago

    "They say that right now his smiles don't mean anything, it's just his face like figuring out how to be a face" lol mood😂😂

  • pugle Puckett
    pugle Puckett 18 hours ago

    aww we have the same birthday

  • Jay Odedra
    Jay Odedra 18 hours ago +1

    Miranda won't be happy you stole her baby

  • Toy Master
    Toy Master 18 hours ago

    I can't believe you are30 years old

  • Lora land
    Lora land 18 hours ago

    He's so cute omg I love you when your not meranda

  • Shalon St Omer
    Shalon St Omer 19 hours ago

    😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 😇 😇 😇 😇 the

  • ray lilili
    ray lilili 19 hours ago

    why not give birth to him on the 24th...

  • Harry M
    Harry M 19 hours ago

    Why are there haters?!?!?!

  • Hailey Gulley
    Hailey Gulley 19 hours ago

    My mom was born on the same day so they have the same birthday

  • Laiba Musharraf
    Laiba Musharraf 19 hours ago

    My mum had a baby 7 months ago and she is the cutest sister ever. Good luck Colleen

  • Livi Griswold
    Livi Griswold 19 hours ago

    2 years ago she pumped her boob for a vid

  • David Springob
    David Springob 20 hours ago

    my b day was yesterday and i turned 10 can i please have 20 likes

  • Amy Mcconnell
    Amy Mcconnell 20 hours ago

    My sister was bor 2 months early

  • Vivian Jasper
    Vivian Jasper 20 hours ago

    You said when you first got pregnant, you wouldn’t make every video about your baby. Every single video has. It’s just messed up to plaster your child’s face all over the internet.