David Beckham on Parkinson Part 1


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  • Josh Wakefield
    Josh Wakefield 6 years ago

    the biggest honour you will ever do (Y)

  • Asgood asitgets
    Asgood asitgets 7 years ago +1


  • Asgood asitgets
    Asgood asitgets 7 years ago +1


  • Takethatwanderers
    Takethatwanderers 7 years ago

    Parkie mentions at 1:36 some 3 reasons why England havnt been successful in world cup competitions since 1966 - all three reasons include the word 'money'.
    That is what football has turned into, a money making machine, a business. Its no longer about the taking part and winning nor the representing of your country. Its about how much this, how much that.

  • Ony Dozie
    Ony Dozie 8 years ago

    I think there are many different types of intelligence and I think he exhibits footballing intelligence.

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter 8 years ago +1

    @skinnyb999 why not, i agree that soldiers need more credit for what they do, but i've never agreed with the whole "football players dont deserve that amount of money" argument. It's a business, they're no different to people working in top end jobs in offices, they're lucky, yes. But they're in the right business. Also, Beckham is more than a football player, he's an ambassador, and an icon for our country. he's done this country proud.

  • DJKrissJ
    DJKrissJ 8 years ago

    @warpfield98 I know what you mean. It's a shame that so many people are ready to make negative judgements on those they see in the media. Obviously I don't know Beckham or Cruise, but from everything I've seen and heard of them, they both seem to me, to be genuinely nice guys as well as being incredibly talented.

  • TinnY
    TinnY 8 years ago

    @seandrumzmusic no 1 in football/sport deserves a knighthood, give it to the real heros in the army

  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster 8 years ago

    you lot talk a pile of shit. beckham is the best player for england for many years, could u idiots bend a ball like beckham.

  • nikeswool
    nikeswool 9 years ago

    Bechkam was overrated after leaving his familiar Man Utd. There is no guarantee that acquired skills will continue shining elsewhere under new managers, working with new egos and settings (human element). I think player values should be determined considering risk/speculation, like stocks in Finance. I think Finance's valuation methods have never found a better way to be applied than in Football.

  • happysappy21
    happysappy21 9 years ago

    "I'm a lot more braver" lol

  • sellobic
    sellobic 9 years ago

    if beckham was any thicker he'd set

  • kathy radley
    kathy radley 9 years ago

    I am Irish and absolutely adore Beckham. He is the heart of English Football. A gentleman and a wonderful player. He deserves a world cup medal. With Englands players they should be winning the world cup.

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter 10 years ago +2

    sir david beckham.
    he deserves it

  • Dawson
    Dawson 10 years ago

    men do get better with age, unlike women

  • GemmaPrice28071991
    GemmaPrice28071991 10 years ago

    OMG the most handsome man on this planet i love him

    and he seems to get much better with age and hes the biggest inspiration to young children

  • Averyofthemain
    Averyofthemain 10 years ago

    We found out about Paris Hilton same time britain did and we were twice as disgusted--don't drag America thropugh the mud because of that tramp

  • Hammeo Fillkon
    Hammeo Fillkon 10 years ago

    Beckham, love you man, you have done so mucth to the fotball, don't care what anyone say's

  • weirdoalex
    weirdoalex 10 years ago +2

    No offence dude, but ur nation gave us Paris Hilton. At least David Beckham has talent.

  • J O'Brien
    J O'Brien 11 years ago

    I dont understand how he gets so much attention. There are so many better players around.

  • RobAntDen
    RobAntDen 11 years ago

    he is a gorgeous guy, but i hate when he talks it just ruins the sexy image with his annoying little voice

  • xiyuemaa
    xiyuemaa 11 years ago

    if becks is greedy then wat makes 90% of the nation. its alright. greed is natural :p

  • 1984dw
    1984dw 11 years ago

    this guy is real more of a man than the phony rich yanks like tom cruise ect

  • 1983Dave1983
    1983Dave1983 11 years ago

    I agree with Parkinson, the amount of money footballers get paid and they can't win us a world cup. Lampard and his toe-punting shots in the last one pissed me OFF.

  • Elrich89
    Elrich89 11 years ago +2

    I was remarkably impressed with David Beckham in this interview, he looked very smart indeed, and he came across really well.

  • Elrich89
    Elrich89 11 years ago

    They're not jealous, they just look down on him because of his lack of education. Which is unfair, because OK, he's no intellect, but he's a nice guy (as this interview shows), and yes, he is a superb football player as well.

  • Nicky Sissi
    Nicky Sissi 11 years ago

    Hes delicious BUT I had to stop watching half way through as I had fallen asleep.

  • scunnyred
    scunnyred 11 years ago

    sorry i'm the idiot ,i was replying to 18031966.wrong box

  • scunnyred
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  • osotoron
    osotoron 11 years ago

    David Beckham: Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved (Acts 16:31 Your Bible)

  • Azzy
    Azzy 11 years ago

    Brian Barwick sees a woman holding three bags of shopping. He asks "Can you manage?" and she responds "No I don't want the job."

  • grant findlay
    grant findlay 11 years ago


  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward 11 years ago

    wots 9 inches and hangs from a total twat?

    Steve Mcclarens tie

  • Ben H
    Ben H 11 years ago