Guy Tries 7 DAY WATER FAST DIET💧 No Food for A Week Results

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Check our what happens AFTER THE WATER FAST here:
    ❌ is under 18 years old
    ❌ has an eating disorder
    ❌ is underweight
    ❌ is pregnant or breast-feeding
    ❌ has heart problems
    ❌ has type 1 diabetes
    ❌ has an autoimmune disease
    ❌ has uncontrolled migraines
    ❌ is undergoing a blood transfusion
    ❌ is taking specific medication; seek the advice of a doctor
    I am in no way a medical expert on fasting, nor am I instructing anyone to try a 7 day fast. This video was made for documentation purposes ONLY. I've made my own choice to fast, knowing all of the health risks that may be involved. If anyone attempts this fast, they do so at their own risk and shall not hold On The Cheap Tip, LLC liable for one's own health issues before, during, or after their fast. Please speak to your doctor before attempting any type of fast or diet plan.
    There is a clear difference between Fasting and an Eating Disorder. Someone does NOT develop an eating disorder from dieting or fasting. An eating disorder is developed in the psyche of an individual, usually well before they decide to diet or fast. People who enter a fast or diet with a clear perception of body image and health goals, know there is a means to an end. With an Eating Disorder, there is no end. People with an Eating Disorder suffer from a psychological standpoint, in which they have an un-realistic perception of body image. Therefore, they may take dieting, fasting, or binging to an extreme to “achieve” their desired weight goals. In the end, a person with in eating disorder may never be satisfied with their body, no matter how skinny or unhealthy they may be making themselves. If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY FAST OR DIET. Please be advised by a medical professional.
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  • A Z
    A Z 22 hours ago

    I just found you a while ago.amd I love you!!
    You and your work is wonderful ✨

  • Nikki Pool
    Nikki Pool Day ago

    "Hello from the floor " 😂❤ I absolutely love you! So adorable

  • Deirdre Bethea
    Deirdre Bethea 2 days ago

    This guy is hilarious! Im going thru videos to see people’s experiences with water fasting... and this one had me cracking up

  • Diya Hasan
    Diya Hasan 3 days ago +1

    Im on my water fasting. Today is my 2nd day. Wish me luck!

  • Sasha
    Sasha 3 days ago

    I'm gonna try this ! #willpower

  • Sam Halsband
    Sam Halsband 3 days ago

    I’ll do this and lose 10 pounds

  • VM TV
    VM TV 3 days ago

    I finished my day 5 yesterday, initially I wanted to do 20days but I really felt like dying. My stomach was a little painful and I had headaches the whole time. I'm gonna try again and see how far I can go. Thanks for uploading this video its really inspiring

  • Yvonne Bales
    Yvonne Bales 4 days ago

    4 and a half kilos and no food to think the solution of my weight problem is so close and yet so far

  • R A
    R A 4 days ago

    Great job ! Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Abhay Krishna
    Abhay Krishna 4 days ago

    Hehe... suffer😈

  • Sweet CupCake88
    Sweet CupCake88 5 days ago

    I wanna have a glow-up before school so I'm probably gonna try this diet 😂

  • Sandra Nalugo
    Sandra Nalugo 5 days ago

    I salute you 😊
    And i don't know why am laughing everytime you eat. Probably those sounds 😂😂

  • Kiran Parmar
    Kiran Parmar 6 days ago

    Can I drink coconut water?

  • Septred's Palace
    Septred's Palace 6 days ago +2

    I think that this video may be your most viral video for views.

  • BossKitty ***
    BossKitty *** 10 days ago +2

    You guys are wicked to pick this for him😂😂
    Am just loving your Videos! You got this😌

  • dundun Dunnn
    dundun Dunnn 10 days ago

    Easiest way to lose weight is to skip dinner & drink lots of water to keep yourself full. Lost 3kgs without starving myself within a week & a half

  • William Flett05
    William Flett05 11 days ago

    Longest i lasted was 85hours then my mom order pizza that night

  • GynxSnipezZ
    GynxSnipezZ 11 days ago

    is it okay that i'm just eating a half of a salad because my mom makes me eat dinner

  • Trudy Nelson
    Trudy Nelson 14 days ago

    This sucked the energy out of me just watching him and hearing his voice!!! I’m sorry y’all but I would of probably quit on y’all on day 1 at 3:20 when I looked at my stove... 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • No results Found
    No results Found 14 days ago

    I’m only 15 and I weigh 210 and I want to become a marine for multiple reasons. I want to do something with my life, I want to become social, I want to lose weight, I want to serve, and I want to make my name known. I am right now a no life fat ass who doesn’t do nothing. I need to work myself into shape. This is day one of core workout along with water diet. Wish me luck!

    • William Flett05
      William Flett05 11 days ago

      Try keto diet bro thats how i lost wieght i wieghed 220 at 13 but am 6foot 3

    • the Others
      the Others 13 days ago

      No Results Found Don’t just fast, if you have higher body fat levels it is effective and a friend of mine did intermittent fasting, but after you need to start eating in a way where you focus on your nutrition and make it a habit, I watch TVclip vids on working out and nutrition and so if I’m sitting around and I see it it motivates me to work out, and when I was a few weeks into working out it was just something I did, these people you see on the internet who look athletic all year round have made it a habit. It takes time, I had a friend who could hardly run 100m and a year later he is now shredded as he made it a habit

  • cyx x
    cyx x 15 days ago

    normally my attention span only lasts like 7 minutes but ur video rly kept me glued on my screen it was very interesting and educational

  • DarknessHero
    DarknessHero 16 days ago +1

    Do you take dumps during they 5 days?

  • chrisonthedot
    chrisonthedot 16 days ago

    I'm on day 3 dying inside rn.

  • s mcgee
    s mcgee 17 days ago

    9/3/19 I am soooooooooo PROUD of you for doing this and you are incredibly brave to do this for five days, thank you for teaching us soooooooooooo many things that the body goes thru when fasting and how to break a fast. again you are Amazinggggggggggggggggggg to do this for the public so we can see what one may go thru doing a fast in REAL life, hugssssssssssss and congrats on your results and loved watching you eat your salad and broccoli.. way cool! thankyou.

  • Reem Khalifa
    Reem Khalifa 19 days ago +1

    Dude, 152! You're lighter than me.. I'M 15!!

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 20 days ago

    The hardest thing is when others are eating around you

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 20 days ago

    A full week of fasting is tough. Good job.

  • Phoebe Shearer hipkin
    Phoebe Shearer hipkin 20 days ago

    Okay I’m doing this

  • Karla Love
    Karla Love 21 day ago

    Day 1 for meeeee

  • Trillxr
    Trillxr 21 day ago

    Just finished a 10minute water fast

    Feels good

  • Just Ray
    Just Ray 22 days ago

    End of the first day you will be like...I CAN EAT A HORSE! You will wake up feeling like gold! Second day close to the same...then its smooth sailing.....

  • Kids World
    Kids World 22 days ago

    your nausea due to acid reflux, should have a glass of baking soda in the morning, and a glass before going to bed. anaother tips is, you should drink warm water little at a time instead a glass at one go.

  • xenia perez
    xenia perez 22 days ago +2

    I didnt ate for 6 days i only drank water a a apple for the 6 days and i weighted 138 after my weight was 125

  • No hype Gamer
    No hype Gamer 23 days ago

    My longest atm has been 2 days 😅 i have a 7-8 day fast starting tomorrow

  • RattleSnake1995
    RattleSnake1995 24 days ago

    I'm finishing day 6 atm and all I can say is this is freaking agony

  • Abigail Parks
    Abigail Parks 24 days ago

    Wut? Me no lose diet IM THE WEIGHT U ARE AND IM ONLY TEN SO I WILL BEGIN DE DIET! Family: We got chips, and steak

  • Alexia dL
    Alexia dL 25 days ago

    Could you try the Cabbage diet soup

  • Darcy Moorhouse
    Darcy Moorhouse 25 days ago +1

    I really want to do it although I'm 11

  • Gizmo 9990
    Gizmo 9990 25 days ago +1

    Ok well I'm only 13 so I'm only going to do this for 2 or 3 days

  • John Skogman
    John Skogman 26 days ago


  • Sanjuice channel
    Sanjuice channel 29 days ago

    I'm on a water fast diet right is my 4th day......and i also lost 2.5 kg in last 3 days

  • Julie Morris
    Julie Morris 29 days ago

    Salt man. Salt your water sir

  • Hala Salamah
    Hala Salamah Month ago

    This will not work if your at your grandma's house

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 Month ago

    I am almost on day 5 of a water fast for 7 days. I am just tired

  • 비안카Bianca
    비안카Bianca Month ago

    I'm trying this but I'll eat an apple every day just cause. I really need to lose weight, let's see how it goes.

  • TTV-moey Dib
    TTV-moey Dib Month ago +1

    Yessss it worked I’m trying this

  • Ayad Omr Ayad
    Ayad Omr Ayad Month ago

    I tried to starve myself for 3 days and my father bought doughnuts

  • Gianna Marciano
    Gianna Marciano Month ago

    I don’t think 7 days is good for you, personally. 3 days max. Good job though! btw i’m sure you get this a lot but you remind me of a young Harvey Fierstein from Ms Doubtfire lol ♥️

    • Mardally Freitas
      Mardally Freitas Month ago

      People have done water fasts for 21, 50, and an extreme of 100 days.

  • anam tahir
    anam tahir Month ago

    I love it i am going try it atleast 4 days

  • Parmida Mehran
    Parmida Mehran Month ago

    Hi guys so i want to share my own experience on this. First of all I didn’t DECIDE to starve myself, i just couldn’t eat bc i was depressed. I did lose a lot and lot of weight during the first week, but when i stopped eating nothing, even though i ate so little during the day, i did gain 1-2 kgs back again. This is not a really good idea in my opinion and if you started eating like your regular diet you’ll definitely gain all the weight you lost back.

  • Kennese Madria
    Kennese Madria Month ago

    His voice changed, like it got raspier (if that’s a word)😂

  • Hassan Chaudary
    Hassan Chaudary Month ago

    I'm doing it for the 2nd time for 7 days and today is my day 1..

  • Stacey Davis
    Stacey Davis Month ago


  • Angela Rudge
    Angela Rudge Month ago

    Well done!

  • Aliyah Love
    Aliyah Love Month ago

    2:34, me when I started my 3 day water fast lmfao

  • Alexis Ford
    Alexis Ford Month ago

    He said I’m a skinny bitch omg this made my day 🤣🤣😂

  • MakeoutHill •
    MakeoutHill • Month ago

    I did this for a month straight then a week on and off and I fainted the first day of my new job LMAOOOOOOOO and learned that this isn’t healthy after I went to the hospital and that I could’ve died but I lost 46 lbs 💀

    • MakeoutHill •
      MakeoutHill • Month ago

      I started at 204 I’m 150 now but that’s from doing keto too, but I was also in ketosis from the water diet due to insufficient amount of carbs so go figure ig

  • Banky
    Banky Month ago

    Brilliant! welldone man.

  • tracie taylor
    tracie taylor Month ago

    Hi huni you did 4 days more than i could do so well done. xxxx


    Something normal around here. Please send me food👌🏾