25 Twisted Pokémon Facts That Will Surprise Longtime Fans

  • Published on May 19, 2019
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    So you want to catch them all? Before you journey through the countryside, hurling pokeballs at anything that moves, you might want to add these 25 facts to your arsenal. That way, you’ll be ready to take on any obstacles in the games you play on your handheld devices. You also might have a better idea of where to venture as you play PokemonGo and you just may know where the storyline could head in the latest pokemon dramatization. Or, maybe it’ll just be helpful to learn a bit more about the pocket monsters whose games have captured our imaginations since the mid-1990’s. Join ScreenRant we uncover these 25 twisted facts about Pokemon that even some longtime fans might not know.
    Here, we’ll go over the mysteries behind Pikachu’s name and its relationship to Meowth. We’ll go through the ways Pokemon experts attempted to duplicate the powerful and rare creature known as Mew. We’ll uncover the unique relationship certain Pokemon share regarding their hopping and splashing abilities, their gender-changing powers, their evolving and devolving properties, their potential to mimic and steal from opponents, and their history. Did you know that Pikachu wasn’t originally intended to be the face of the franchise? Or did you know that Slowbro is considered by some to be a delicacy, within the world of the game at least? Or that Wobbuffet and Parasect aren’t exactly the creatures they seem to be? Get out your Pokedex and expand your knowledge on Kadabra, Weezing, Koffing, Rhydon, Smeargle, Drowzee and more - here on ScreenRant!
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Comments • 364

  • DA Stanley
    DA Stanley 11 hours ago

    Slowpoke: * sees thing on tail * BOI, THAT'S WHERE I MAKE TURDS, GET OFF!

  • Carter Morrison
    Carter Morrison Day ago

    I wanna be the very best no one ever was to catch them is my very quest to train them is my cause I will travel across the land searching far and wide takes Pokemon to understand the power that's insidepokemon gotta catch em all it's you and me I know it's my density Pokemon oh your my best friend in a world we must defend

  • Ryan Lacher Z
    Ryan Lacher Z 3 days ago

    25 fan theories and creepy pastas that only people who don’t know what Pokémon is would think are facts

  • NovaAge
    NovaAge 4 days ago +1

    isn't pikachu is a bunny?

  • Just Cats and Beats
    Just Cats and Beats 5 days ago

    We already know this stuff

  • OneOwen
    OneOwen 5 days ago

    At 13:30 he called dragon nite charizard

  • challenge kid
    challenge kid 8 days ago

    13:42 it has its mothers skull but its still alive so Who,s skull is that really

  • Bread Slice
    Bread Slice 11 days ago

    Why do you keep showing dragonite when saying charizard

  • Chloe Adriano
    Chloe Adriano 12 days ago

    9:41 ... I see what you did there 😂😜

  • Martin Widerlöv
    Martin Widerlöv 13 days ago

    Its sad to see how people still get SO MUCH wrong about pokemon... Screen rant, get your facts right please.

  • Henry Hammarberg
    Henry Hammarberg 13 days ago

    Actually that's "Pokemof" for short

  • Marvelle.ModBars
    Marvelle.ModBars 13 days ago +1


  • Mia is a Freak Show
    Mia is a Freak Show 14 days ago

    Who was the original main Pokemon?
    It's Clefairy!

  • Daddy ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Trash Memes

    Good to see Screen Rant still doesn't know anything about pokemon.

  • Crafter
    Crafter 18 days ago

    any pokemon/human can splash around...

  • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic

    12:42 Hitmontop = Carrot Top !

  • DracoGamez
    DracoGamez 19 days ago

    Sorry to break it to ya pall but that spells p.o.k.e.m.o.f

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 19 days ago

    He pronounced onomatapoeia wrong,and thats not even the right term. Do your research mate

  • Gamer Cadance
    Gamer Cadance 20 days ago

    Dude, Drowzee and Hypno were meant to be based off of the ancient Japanese folklore creature known as a Baku. In ancient times in Japan there were stories about a creature known as Baku who would go around at night stealing and eating the dreams of young children, just like Drowzee. The Baku was also known to steal children away forever from their homes, Just as Hypno. So yeah, again, Drowzee and Hypno are based off of the Baku.

  • oopsy444
    oopsy444 21 day ago

    I actually got that charizard in my 1st pokemon pack ever but I dodnt know it was rare and my older brothers friend traded me for my favorite pokemon at the time. Needless to say i got screwed.

  • Vienna 1114
    Vienna 1114 22 days ago +1

    Th... there's a disease... that comes... from pokemon?

  • GoldenFennekin
    GoldenFennekin 23 days ago

    Screen rant: you don't know any of these even if you are a fan
    Everyone: HOLD OUR BEERS

  • Sudo Ghost
    Sudo Ghost 23 days ago

    Try again bro lol

  • Nicoon the Nopon
    Nicoon the Nopon 23 days ago +2

    Why is it that nobody there knows anything about pokemon we need to get into the more hardcore stuff like the ghost girls and haunted houses and also unknowns and many other things

  • FNAF Fangirl OC
    FNAF Fangirl OC 23 days ago +3

    People who know nothing bout Pokemon: what does he mean pocket monsters?

  • Unrealpayton Gaming
    Unrealpayton Gaming 24 days ago

    What was the clip at 00:01

  • DegaGray
    DegaGray 25 days ago

    that pokemon war is fact btw in the games at least.

  • Whisper
    Whisper 25 days ago

    Goodness, lots of mistakes here.

  • Mick Gorro
    Mick Gorro 25 days ago

    Pikachu, from pika, sparkle, and chū, squeak.

  • Mick Gorro
    Mick Gorro 25 days ago

    What does P.O.K. stand for in the protein name P.O.K. E. M. Ontogenic N.?

  • RunOnGasoline_
    RunOnGasoline_ 25 days ago +12

    "articuno has the spanish word one in its name"
    **shows clip of zapdos**

    • Gamer Cadance
      Gamer Cadance 20 days ago

      Talks about Parasect shows Paras the whole time.😂

  • Caedus The Sergal
    Caedus The Sergal 26 days ago

    Humans evolving smarter? LOL You sure about that? looks like we are getting dumber and dumber each day and year that goes by.

  • Kasey Fraser
    Kasey Fraser 26 days ago

    Is anyone else annoyed that he referred Banette's zipper to a snaggle tooth

  • BlueBraviary
    BlueBraviary 26 days ago

    Clefairy was also deemed too girly.

  • Luke
    Luke 26 days ago

    Manga is book form...anime is cartoon form.

  • drac0nisw0lf
    drac0nisw0lf 27 days ago

    In the Pokemon universe, humans and Pokemon come from the same evolutionary tree.

  • GilEdSa91
    GilEdSa91 27 days ago

    I miss Pokémon pinball

  • Adriana Collazo
    Adriana Collazo 27 days ago

    Okay so I'm pretty sure pokemon fans already know most of these facts already🙄 at least longtime and dedicated fans do anyways

  • ilovemesomejess
    ilovemesomejess 28 days ago

    I would spend the silver dollar, I don't think I could bring myself to part with a silver Pikachu no matter how many I had

  • Chloe Hartwell
    Chloe Hartwell 28 days ago

    I think you got some facts wrong... the ''Dittos are failed mew clones'' fact that was brought up is actually just a popular theory among fans, not actual lore

  • EvlutnTrnrDaisy
    EvlutnTrnrDaisy 28 days ago

    So, you're wrong on alot of things but you DID tell me a couple things I didn't know. Yamask holds a mask of its human face. Banette has a zipper. That was NOT a Charizard, that was a Dragonite. How did you get that wrong twice?? Charmander's evo line isn't dragon. The Pokedex number for Rhydon is wrong #112 not 52, etc. Next time, find someone who KNOWS Pokemon to do the video.

    • Ranga3595
      Ranga3595 26 days ago

      EvlutnTrnrDaisy I stopped watching the video near the beginning, did he really say Rhydon’s number was 52? Because at the beginning he says Meowth is 52.
      This is just a lazy video all round it seems.

  • VvGHOSTivV
    VvGHOSTivV 28 days ago +1

    that's not charzard....

  • tvngo85
    tvngo85 28 days ago +4

    Why the are you showing Dragonite when you are mentioning Charizard?

  • Oh yeah yeah Recruit
    Oh yeah yeah Recruit 29 days ago

    Hitmomchan and hitmonlee are NOT named after them. They have debunked that fact... stop assuming and get your facts straight

  • SuperSpaceAwesome
    SuperSpaceAwesome 29 days ago +1

    mewtwo is weaker than ditto


  • LMVP Truth in Facts
    LMVP Truth in Facts 29 days ago

    the move splash lol

  • Amelia Driscoll
    Amelia Driscoll 29 days ago +1

    Suprized the lore from diamond an pearl stating people and pokemon used to be one in the same wasnt mentioned for that last part of the vid reguarding pokemon speaking their names.

  • Mariah Ham
    Mariah Ham 29 days ago

    Confused by that last bit of information...

  • Anthony McDevitt
    Anthony McDevitt 29 days ago +1

    13:30 Uhmm.... That ain't Charizard......

  • PepperjackJig
    PepperjackJig 29 days ago +5

    this video stated several times that the manga came first, the games were first, this whole video is a load of nonsense

  • The This Guy Experience!!!

    More than likely I know all these facts

  • Shadowstar
    Shadowstar 29 days ago +2

    The Great war is Canon ever since gen 6

  • sdlkjfhaskdjfhaskdjf
    sdlkjfhaskdjfhaskdjf 29 days ago

    So... many... errors.....

  • R Truth
    R Truth 29 days ago +1

    This guy reminds me of the guy voice from toonami, he always pronouced naruto as na-ru-toe I always hated that lol.

  • Sunny Alphax
    Sunny Alphax 29 days ago

    Splash doesn't send water at the opponent splash does nothing it is literally a useless move

  • Starlight Bettas
    Starlight Bettas 29 days ago

    talk of betta fish gives an automatic like xD

  • Mishiara
    Mishiara 29 days ago

    get facts straight - pikachu was not made the mascot of the franchise over clefairy due to it being "smaller and cuter", but that it would have wider appeal to both boys and girls

  • Diz1263737 92
    Diz1263737 92 29 days ago +1

    What surprises me is how little effort you put into this video, did you just google Pokémon facts? Some of these are just in the game as is 😂

  • crystal secrest
    crystal secrest 29 days ago

    Never liked the game's music so always turned my Gamenoy's volume off lol

  • Der Absender
    Der Absender Month ago

    I have heard the theory that our world will be hit by a virus that empowers and disfigures animals (and later humans) by changing their DNA in the near future, possibly originated in a lab, turning it into the pokemon world.

  • archie crawshaw
    archie crawshaw Month ago

    i have been in a tapirs enclosure at the zoo on my birthday in 2017 (i was keeper for a day)

  • asgeras
    asgeras Month ago +1

    3:22 112 = 52, another fact I learned. :D

  • Josie Q
    Josie Q Month ago +1

    Pikachu... "mouse-like"? "Electric mouse"?
    But squirrel-tail...
    Pointy ears?

  • Flaming Charcoal
    Flaming Charcoal Month ago +1

    The hitmonchan and hitmonlee thing with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee is wrong but the second part about them was right

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith Month ago

    the kadabra fact is wrong it was abra it's pre evolved form......

  • The Willow
    The Willow Month ago +1

    Learn how to pronounce manga ya newb

  • warrioroflight99
    warrioroflight99 Month ago

    0:33 can I have this guys job for screwing up?

    • Mental Popcorn
      Mental Popcorn 28 days ago

      The people that work at screen rant have multiple errors in almost all of their listed videos

  • xBloodxRampag3x
    xBloodxRampag3x Month ago

    not quite right with your prices for the pokemon cards, good quality first edition charizards get about 50-100$ the shadowless first edition can fetch you up to 1000$

    • james cerone
      james cerone Month ago

      xBloodxRampag3x I think they’re going off a rare case where a pristine first edition shiny charizard sold at auction for about $5000, but then again most of the stuff in this video was barely accurate

  • audi
    audi Month ago

    Pikachu... fom ''pikapika'' meaning ''shiny'' and ''chuu'', the sound a mouse makes in japanese

  • stormwallwarrior 306

    arboc and ekans are cobra and snake

  • El Does Art
    El Does Art Month ago +2

    13:30 Dragon it's ain't charizard

  • robert knight
    robert knight Month ago

    you didnt talk about the fact that pokemons and humans used to be one and the same

  • Classy kale
    Classy kale Month ago +1

    The face on the mask that yamask carries is it’s face from when it was alive.

  • Pinguin West
    Pinguin West Month ago

    Pokemon vets knew this stuff also we knew that the ditto fact is a theory.

  • coker1212
    coker1212 Month ago

    chu means kiss, not squealing wtf.

  • OtakuGurl 4Lyfe
    OtakuGurl 4Lyfe Month ago +15

    Pika means, "sparkle," or "twinkle", not shining.
    Also, chu, is the sound of a kiss. Which is, sort of, a squeak, but, it doesn't mean to squeal.

  • Vernon Collins II
    Vernon Collins II Month ago

    hitmonlee and hitmonchan is from BruceLee ane JackieChan

  • john fabrizio
    john fabrizio Month ago

    Biological evolution is complete BS with no real proof to support it this show along with many others is propaganda that was used to brainwash us when we were children and it continues to do the same to the children of today.

  • Starry - P
    Starry - P Month ago

    Me: knows all these facts,

    • OtakuGurl 4Lyfe
      OtakuGurl 4Lyfe Month ago

      No, no you're not.
      Or you would know that a lot of these aren't facts. Whoever wrote the article, obviously never fact checked.

  • Tuki -TukiChan
    Tuki -TukiChan Month ago +2

    I watched detective pikachu. I like psyduck. He's Cool

  • The Blotts Show
    The Blotts Show Month ago

    Yeah most of these are just plain wrong. Nice misinformation. Some are fan theories not facts. Lots are based on the anime not the games and are not cannon. And Pokemon did not start as a manga. If you have no idea what you’re on about, don’t bother.

  • The Cookie Knight
    The Cookie Knight Month ago

    Well this is disappointing.

  • Akemie
    Akemie Month ago

    Well, I already knew them all. I think you can call me a pokemon nerd :3

  • Casper Roland
    Casper Roland Month ago

    How are those ''twisted'' facts???

  • peter de leeuw
    peter de leeuw Month ago

    hitmonchan and hitmonlee are not inspired by jackie chan and bruce lee.

  • Krystal - Petal
    Krystal - Petal Month ago

    Hold up. Squealing and shining? Pika is the sound effect for sparks and chu is the sound a mouse makes at least for Japan. Almost but not quite.

  • Overpowered Pretzel
    Overpowered Pretzel Month ago +3

    I wasn't expecting anything good but I knew everything you said in this video

  • Davis the Pawsome
    Davis the Pawsome Month ago

    Anybody else wonder why Pokémon never thought of a water type punching attack?
    We have thunderpunch, fire Punch, ice punch, drain punch, poison jab, dizzy punch, and mega punch... Seriously?

  • Claude Patrick Millet
    Claude Patrick Millet Month ago +5

    Munna and Drowzee have the same influence, you mention both but not that connection lol

  • Davis the Pawsome
    Davis the Pawsome Month ago

    Pocket Monsters

  • Retro Dreaming
    Retro Dreaming Month ago +1

    So did anyone else know the “fishing pole Rhydon statue” fact?

  • Jonathan Milligan
    Jonathan Milligan Month ago

    We can tell you just got some random facts from google and even then you couldn't fact check most of them.
    You really don't deserve all the subs you have.

  • Michael Ehart
    Michael Ehart Month ago

    You clearly never read the manga remove this video all this info is false

  • Matthew Kang
    Matthew Kang Month ago +2

    dudes... Pokemon stands for Pocket moster not some scientific name...

  • Sebastian Wisch
    Sebastian Wisch Month ago +1

    Nothing I don't already know.

  • Richard Ward
    Richard Ward Month ago

    They need to make a Pokemon game that includes every pokemon and legendary pokemon.

  • Lammergeier
    Lammergeier Month ago +7

    I'm what you might call a "longtime fan" and nothing here surprised me

  • M Alexander
    M Alexander Month ago

    I'd say I knew all of this before but a lot of it is varying degrees of inaccurate, from misleading to getting details flat wrong

    • M Alexander
      M Alexander Month ago

      Muuna is a call back to girl in Gen 1 but that's no indication it was actually planned at the time. The Ditto connection is a fan theory. Tons of people use Smeargle competitively. Mr Mime has a neutral name in other languages. There's so much

  • Oficialalloy 1
    Oficialalloy 1 Month ago

    He called dragonite a charzard at 13:29-13:36 what a bot move

    • Zack Foster
      Zack Foster 29 days ago

      Ikr?? I'm not even a pokemon fan and I knew Dragonite from Charizard 😆

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson Month ago +14

    The pikachu name origin is completely wrong...
    Though the derivative sounds are Japanese onomatopoeia, they're actually;
    Pika - the sound of a spark
    Chu - the sound a mouse makes