Why is Paris so expensive? | CNBC Explains

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Paris is famous for its elegant shops and historic sites. It’s also been ranked one of the world’s most expensive cities. CNBC’s Timothyna Duncan reports on what makes this city so costly.
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Comments • 696

  • Le Dinh Dong
    Le Dinh Dong 5 days ago +1

    The answer is simple: Paris is the number one tourist city of the world. Tourism drives the cost of living high.

  • ON
    ON 7 days ago

    Vancouver is really expensive right now.

  • Awadhesh Yadav
    Awadhesh Yadav 8 days ago

    Yes, it is one of the expensive city in the world however it's my dream to visit to this city first if I ever get an opportunity to visit

  • Fat Guy
    Fat Guy 11 days ago

    those are rookie numbers, welcome to hk

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 15 days ago

    Mom can we have a bookshelf?
    Mom: We have bookshelf at home
    Bookshelf at home

  • Venkat Babu
    Venkat Babu 16 days ago

    Show biz women and guys flock.

  • Aman Keshari
    Aman Keshari 16 days ago

    Because it was built by stolen money from India

  • MiZack Clark
    MiZack Clark 17 days ago

    If you want to live in Paris you better read wait till I get my money right by Mike Clark on amazon or listen to it on audible.

  • Natasha NOR
    Natasha NOR 19 days ago

    I live in Oslo, Norway, work at the hotel. I've met and talked to many Parisien tourists who were visiting Norway, all of them said and nagged to me "damn everything in Norway is so expensive" ....😂 Seems Norway is expensive for Parisien people too lol.. 😁

  • Sukhrab Babadjanov
    Sukhrab Babadjanov 25 days ago

    What about so cheap city ???

  • prospecops
    prospecops 25 days ago

    Toronto: hold my $1,000, 000 average house price

  • Lawrance Ovarabia
    Lawrance Ovarabia 26 days ago

    Ugh! The Paris of your imagination is long gone. Quit looking for it in France, better to download the movie Amalie and save your money. They don’t even have Notre Dame anymore. The one thing Paris still has is plenty of is abject rudeness. Imagine an entire people nearly losing their country and culture in WWII ...repay its liberators with such fantastic arrogance. Little wonder that not even French people can stand the Parisians. Hitler could have dealt a little better with their misguided sense of “superiority”.

  • Marion Duchemin
    Marion Duchemin 28 days ago

    Galeries Lafayette the way we know them today have been here since the 1912. The cupola and the beautiful hall have been designed after Opéra Garnier (red and gold) and the byzantine style. By no means has it been built or modified to please Asian tourists. But I totally get that they would find it awesome, cause it is. That's my French pride here. (it stops where the piss smell in the métro starts)
    Nice vidéo btw. It may have been nice to explore the measures taken to try to avoid empty housing bought by locals and/or foreigners just to be rented. What we call here "résidences secondaires". Also there's been a law that sets a minimum of m2 to be eligible to renting because crazy prices led to abuse in renting offers (like "chambres de bonne" less than 9m2, barely heated with no elevator, at insane rent prices), like in most big cities I'm sure.

  • thesamuraihobbit
    thesamuraihobbit 29 days ago

    Because it's the capital city of a first world country and a major tourist hub?

  • Senthilkumar Kumar
    Senthilkumar Kumar Month ago

    Please provide us many videos about oil and gas industry

  • S Tang
    S Tang Month ago

    350sq.ft. = 32.5sq.m.
    $15,000 per sq.m. is so normal price for an apartment in the center of Bangkok.
    I would say the apartment in Paris is so cheap for that high standard of living

  • Nick Tan
    Nick Tan Month ago

    As usual my biggest cheers to CNBC for always coming up with one of the best content. I am actually VERY surprised by the top 10 list that my country Singapore is actually not in the most expensive and that New York is actually THAT expensive even compared to sydney and tokyo.

  • 资默奇
    资默奇 Month ago

    This video really doesn't say anything. There are more cities that are richer than Paris but at the same time have lower real estate prices. So the real question is: why Paris can't control its real estate prices or is it simply because Paris doesn't even intend to control them.

  • Cherian Thomas
    Cherian Thomas Month ago

    A word of thanks to the team behind 'CNBC Explains.' God bless ur venture.

  • situated4
    situated4 Month ago

    Youngstown, Ohio is not expensive.

  • Andromediens
    Andromediens Month ago

    Paris: I'm expensive
    NYC: hold my beer
    Dubai: *laughs in arabic*

  • Silviu Teodorescu
    Silviu Teodorescu Month ago

    *5:54** EDINBURGH HAS THAT BIG SALARIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*

  • Tele Opinions
    Tele Opinions Month ago

    I think it is a way over rated city. Why don't you make a video about Parisians not picking up their pooches poo and people stepping and sliding on it on rainy days (9 months/year)? They're gross.

  • Laurențiu Dragotă

    why don't people use the metric system jesus

    ERIC LI Month ago

    Everything is expensive except wage

  • Sammy Aiech
    Sammy Aiech Month ago

    All right Parisians, let's relocate to Frisco, Sydney, Zurich and the like. At the end of the day, it's the cost of living that matters.

  • Gustavo on the telephone

    Rich foreigners buying out everything

  • جعفر حیدری


  • Financial Privacy
    Financial Privacy Month ago +1

    And France is doing its best to become the highest taxed jurisdiction in the world! They are almost there, go France go!

  • sumit patel
    sumit patel Month ago

    That what happens when deep rooted capitalist ideas run the city.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    This is such misinformation. That woman picks THE most expensive tiny neighborhood in Paris to illustrate his point. It’s as dumb as picking the West Village in NYC (where a studio would easily go for close to a million dollars). Paris is absolutely not an expensive city to live in. That’s the reason why a lot of minorities still live inside its city-limits while all minorities are kicked out of Manhattan and the center of London.

  • John-Sebastian Barrera
    John-Sebastian Barrera Month ago +12

    Every large city is expensive for the middle class now.

  • Throw money at me
    Throw money at me Month ago

    Its expensive cause it's too small

  • Debora Leggerini
    Debora Leggerini Month ago

    Nobody is saying that Paris is becoming more expensive than usual because it is the lately fetiche of Chinese mainland.

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel Month ago

    So when they say Paris do they mean the city or Île de France? Because Paris itself is tiny, probably the equivalent of central London or Midtown + downtown New York.

  • Formata Gfys
    Formata Gfys Month ago


  • Malibu
    Malibu Month ago


  • Robert Mcgee
    Robert Mcgee Month ago

    Cause lots of humans have a desire to live like rats! They like being packed into small congested areas. And being controlled by the government.

  • Loïc Rolas
    Loïc Rolas Month ago

    You missed one important fact : Paris is tiny, 102 km square with 2 million people as compared to London with over 1500 km square and 8 million.

    • Noé Fillon
      Noé Fillon Month ago

      I see what you mean now. But Paris' suburbs are still very expensive in my point of view. May be it is even more expensive in London

    • Loïc Rolas
      Loïc Rolas Month ago

      @Noé Fillon Well, the video was about why Paris is so expansive. The reason is because the CITY of Paris is more or less comparable to a hyper core of a big capital around the world. For instance, if you compare the average renting price in Paris (102 km2) vs London (1500), so Paris will be much more expansive, and I bet, that is why Paris is rated as a highly expansive city. However, your compare London (1500 km2) vs the Greater Paris (814 km2), so the french city will be way cheaper. In the same way, if you compare the actual Paris, with the Zone 1-2 of London, London will be far more expansive.

    • Noé Fillon
      Noé Fillon Month ago

      It dépends on what you are talking about, the single Paris town ? All the urbanised area including the suburbs?

  • 大老表
    大老表 Month ago

    Next video: Why is ShangHai so expensive?

  • J
    J Month ago +2

    Real estate agents in an alternative universe: _Its free real estate._

  • Beyano Beyano
    Beyano Beyano Month ago

    I guess you’ve never been to Noumea, New Caledonia... !

  • ali ali
    ali ali Month ago

    won't this drive out talented and young people? it could just leave paris with old and wealthy people.......could lead to a boring city

  • Farabi Fardin
    Farabi Fardin Month ago

    Why this girl as a reporter

  • Ou Michael
    Ou Michael Month ago +1

    For those of you saying Paris is not expensive enough. Paris is the indeed the MOST expensive city for luxury hotel price. Check out the Ritz, Le Bristol, Crillon, Le Meurice, Plaza Athenee, La Reserve Georve V, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Lutetia, Shangrila, Le Royal Monceau...

  • The perfect Stranger

    Dubai is more expensive than Paree.

  • Valentin le Lyonnais

    My city Lyon is so much more beautiful and quieter than Paris

  • Stephen
    Stephen Month ago

    Honestly, people don’t have to live in Paris. There are suburbs around it that cost WAY less to live and take the metro or drive to central Paris

  • Vik Ferreira Barrios
    Vik Ferreira Barrios Month ago +2

    Every big city is expensive not only Paris.

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez Month ago

    because they shoot protestors in the eye. truly.

  • swirlcrop
    swirlcrop Month ago +1

    This is a great video. I completely agree with what you say.

  • Alex Fescu
    Alex Fescu Month ago

    Don't you get it? This city is welcomming you only if you are rich, milionair .... The avrege Joe is not welcomed here! basta!

    RAUL FERNANDEZ Month ago +1

    It seems that most people need to learn basic economics. Btw Lafayette building shown in the video is beautiful

  • Proloyjit Goswami
    Proloyjit Goswami Month ago

    Thanks for sharing the views of Paris the city of love and informations in details...😊

  • Randy Holy-Day
    Randy Holy-Day Month ago

    Are prices/costs for foreign tourists increasing (hotels, restaurants, museums, taxis)?

  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago


  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago

    San Francisco is more expensive than Paris

  • Corullo TJ
    Corullo TJ Month ago

    London, Paris, NYC, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong... Damn everywhere is expensive man, or it has always been expensive?

  • Evan Hughes
    Evan Hughes Month ago +1

    Couldn’t they have chosen a person who speaks better English to do this report?