The inside story of Sting’s final match: WWE Untold (WWE Network Exclusive)

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Learn what happened behind the scenes when Sting’s career came to an end against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015 on WWE Untold: Sting’s Last Stand, premiering tonight on WWE Network.
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Comments • 148

  • 역변한망나뇽
    역변한망나뇽 10 days ago

    Fuxk wwe
    You trampled on my hero.

  • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten

    Seth "The Hitman" Rollins struck again.

  • world star
    world star 11 days ago

    Seth Rollins lucky wwe showing this clip.

  • La'Cori Netter
    La'Cori Netter 12 days ago

    So now people can stop blaming Seth for sting’s injury.

  • ObsessiveFanboy
    ObsessiveFanboy 13 days ago +1

    We could've had the long awaited Taker vs Sting match at WM31 but nooooo.....

  • Adam Mankind
    Adam Mankind 14 days ago

    Legend ♥

  • Yakuza Ninja
    Yakuza Ninja 14 days ago

    The GOAT

  • Indian Action figure Collector

    Now it's dream to see undertaker and sting in same ring at wrestlemania I thought Sting will be the one to end the streak

    • Joseph Drewry
      Joseph Drewry 14 days ago

      And the fact 0 i outlined that happened
      Azxcgazxcvgy has a great reputation as 5

  • Midnight Podcast
    Midnight Podcast 14 days ago

    God doesn't exist.

  • vEuropeanLingelding
    vEuropeanLingelding 14 days ago

    I hate Seth and the Buckle Powerbomb since then

  • ريمكس العرب
    ريمكس العرب 14 days ago

    ايش بيقول؟

  • Aarian Banks
    Aarian Banks 14 days ago

    If you look closely you’ll see Seth Rollins didn’t do anything wrong sting’s body just couldn’t take that bump

  • Awesome Stuff
    Awesome Stuff 14 days ago

    Was he supposed to beat seth that night?

  • Master MoJo
    Master MoJo 14 days ago +4

    What a way to fuel everyone's current resentment of Seth

  • kenz
    kenz 14 days ago

    wanna keep Seth Rollins cool?
    sure.. wait til now to talk about this... that'll put him over for sure 👍😒

  • nii genius
    nii genius 14 days ago +1

    Damn! WWE really knows how to get us emotional. This story makes me sad

  • y81qp kels
    y81qp kels 14 days ago

    Dam sting is old

    • Zafeer
      Zafeer 11 days ago +1

      It's not because he is old. Seth Rollins broke his neck

  • Nonton Gratis
    Nonton Gratis 14 days ago


  • إبتسام احمد
    إبتسام احمد 15 days ago +1

    First sting then Goldberg wwe is not safe

  • Jason King 1381From BKNY
    Jason King 1381From BKNY 15 days ago +4

    Just one more reason for me to boo seth!

  • Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz 15 days ago +1

    Seth rollins heel plis vince

  • Dante'sphotography91 Official

    Petty on you're shameful part. You wasted jobbed Sting!! Such an absolute waste and shame.

  • Varios 1
    Varios 1 15 days ago

    Sting vs Undertaker??

  • Ari Awan
    Ari Awan 15 days ago +9

    He shoulda not joined WWE, kinda ruined his legacy as the only icon who refused to jump ship.

  • AbdulHadi Yaghmour
    AbdulHadi Yaghmour 15 days ago

    We want Sting VS UnderTaker...

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 15 days ago

      HHH and Vince robbed us of that. The are both professionals. Sting would have jobbed to Undertaker at Wrestlemania and Undertaker would have jobbed to Sting at another PPV to make it up .. how about bringing back StarCade.

  • NJP Made
    NJP Made 15 days ago +43

    Why would you show this now when Seth is getting so much heat? “Rollins - the man who ended it for the Icon.”

  • Mohammed ALhassan
    Mohammed ALhassan 15 days ago +1

    This is very sad

  • Tigar Bapu
    Tigar Bapu 15 days ago


  • Lamont Adams
    Lamont Adams 15 days ago +1

    Vince did alot of wcw wrestler wrong

    MIGHTYKNOWN 15 days ago +1

    What happened to sting while he’s fighting Seth Rollins

  • Noren
    Noren 15 days ago +1

    *When you likeeee*

  • 병헌김
    병헌김 15 days ago +8

    Not Seth Rollins
    He is Deth Rollins

  • Chue
    Chue 15 days ago +14

    I'm sure he could of had couple more matches if it weren't for this

  • Kingston
    Kingston 15 days ago +2

    Rollins ended his career

  • The beast Ronaldo
    The beast Ronaldo 15 days ago

    It was
    All my fault

    • world star
      world star 11 days ago

      Leon Smith no. It was WCW fault for going out of business in the 1st place.

  • Fallen angel
    Fallen angel 15 days ago +2

    What untold? A freak accident ruined a few solid matches that he still had left in him. There's hardly anything untold here.

    JUST BRING IT 15 days ago +75

    Sting Fans hit like 👍
    Hogan's fans comment 👊

      JUST BRING IT 13 days ago

      @Kurt Angle Hey you ! I can fill a case against you !

    • New York Guy
      New York Guy 13 days ago +1

      I’m a hogan fan and a sting fan

    • Kurt Angle
      Kurt Angle 13 days ago +1

      India SUCKS

      JUST BRING IT 14 days ago

      @SDS Wrestling! Spearman Yeah !!!

    • SDS Wrestling! Spearman
      SDS Wrestling! Spearman 14 days ago

      JUST BRING IT I like sting more. I thought it was just funny that you have 44 likes For Sting and no one likes hogan

  • EziTheKabaxiom
    EziTheKabaxiom 15 days ago +4

    Just sucked that they booked sting only on 2 matches but loses both of them. He deserve better.

    • EziTheKabaxiom
      EziTheKabaxiom 15 days ago

      PohTrain I meant like the ppv matches

    • PohTrain
      PohTrain 15 days ago

      Thank you for forgetting his matches on Raw

  • Tuck Chesta
    Tuck Chesta 15 days ago +9

    That really stinks for him, wasn't Sting supposed to win the title too?

    • Zafeer
      Zafeer 11 days ago +1

      @Tuck Chesta
      Sting was supposed to win the title. They realised that he is hurt so they changed the decision at the last moment.

    • Tuck Chesta
      Tuck Chesta 15 days ago

      @PohTrain Ah, must've been a rumor then.

    • PohTrain
      PohTrain 15 days ago


  • AMV Highlights
    AMV Highlights 15 days ago +2

    We all hated Rollins 2015 but I'm glad Sting's career ended their. not in any bad pay per view or with any other superstar
    HHH already said Rollins is the Future that became absolutely true

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose 15 days ago +16

    One Word
    Legend 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • KhalÑayak Pubgmobile
    KhalÑayak Pubgmobile 15 days ago +127

    The return of sting was so excellent .But losing match against triple h was the worst .

    • Ari Awan
      Ari Awan 10 days ago +1

      @vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten why not? I've been practicing MMA since 13 yo. Anytime anywhere I can take down HHH, he may be huge but hand-to-hand combat, any MMA will take him down within seconds.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
      vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten 10 days ago

      @Ari Awan You first, tough guy.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
      vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten 10 days ago

      Nah. HHH should have won. Sting looked old and out of place. HHH looked like a killing machine. Sting joined too late.

    • vivahdevlog
      vivahdevlog 14 days ago

      His WM with H is legendary. Moments like that live on forever

    • SryVBK -
      SryVBK - 14 days ago

      Sting is who want to lose at the first WM match he still think like the old wrestler style to lose at the big ppv after change the company Vince ask sting aleady about this

  • βιβη Π.
    βιβη Π. 15 days ago +6

    My dream Wrestlemania match is Sting vs Undertaker

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 15 days ago

      My dream Wrestlemania match: Undertaker vs The Monster Abyss.

  • vizmato wwe official HD match cards vizmato

    Taker vs sting

  • Kresien //M
    Kresien //M 15 days ago +1

    after that fantasy video uploaded by WWE titled : What If Undertaker Went To WCW - I still think Undertaker vs Sting might still happen after Stings teaser/comment towards the end of the video. otherwise I am ok with both of them retired

  • Abhyudaya Tiwari
    Abhyudaya Tiwari 15 days ago +9

    Inarguably one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen❤️

  • Hardi Gamer
    Hardi Gamer 15 days ago

    Is it just me or does the referee Scott the white short hair counts slow

  • Safdar Ghulam
    Safdar Ghulam 15 days ago


  • Afroz Ul haq
    Afroz Ul haq 15 days ago


  • bengamer2019 cool
    bengamer2019 cool 15 days ago


    xX_TRYHARDZ_X x 15 days ago +2

    If you like Goldberg fight against undertaker like then wwe can see it

  • Cory Akabueze
    Cory Akabueze 15 days ago

    Sting wwe run was terrible

    • world star
      world star 11 days ago

      Cory Akabueze they didn't put sting over at all.

    xX_TRYHARDZ_X x 15 days ago +82

    When you like

    Then you and your family have luck

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 15 days ago +22

    Sting should've made his debut at early 2000s when WWE bought WCW

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 10 days ago

      @vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten Sting was right, but eventually sold out to make the money on the merchandising rights.

    • vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
      vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten 10 days ago

      They tried. He refused.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 12 days ago

      @Michael Price lol right and that Wrestlemania match proved it

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 15 days ago +5

      Why, so HHH could go to his father in law and make sure he could bury the Icon to make himself look better?

  • Aqib Ali
    Aqib Ali 15 days ago +1

    will sting return?

  • Raissa Madeira
    Raissa Madeira 15 days ago +1

    Undertaker vs kane

    • Michael Price
      Michael Price 15 days ago +2

      Undertaker vs Kane vs The Monster Abyss vs Madman Fulton vs Luchasaurus

  • Seth Colby
    Seth Colby 15 days ago +8

    then the next year seth injured ANOTHER face painted wrestler thanks to his buckle bomb

    • Hma1D
      Hma1D 15 days ago +1

      Also broke the hell out of cenas nose... Ouch

    • Seth Colby
      Seth Colby 15 days ago

      @Tamzid Mohsin Khan yes it was
      thank you my child lol

    • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
      Tamzid Mohsin Khan 15 days ago

      Demon Finn Balor

  • Jethu Kadam
    Jethu Kadam 15 days ago

    Don't blame seth rollins. Smh

    • Zafeer
      Zafeer 15 days ago +4

      It was Seth Rollins fault.
      Looks like you didn't watched the full match.

  • Luis Vázquez
    Luis Vázquez 15 days ago

    Good News

  • Dearilzamrun10 Nazril Irham

    Undertaker y big show y khali vs mcmahon