1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Lightweight - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 331

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • In ‘62 Ford put the whole Galaxie... on a diet!
    This is a special car indeed. While Dodge was burning up the dragstrips with 413 Wedge engines, and Chevrolet was making tracks with their famous 409, the 1962 Ford entries were maxed out at 406 cubic inches. And although they cranked out 405 HP through a high-compression, aluminum intake multi-carbed FE series V8, 1962 Ford Galaxies needed every advantage to beat the competition. Ford’s solution came in the form of fiberglass and aluminum!
    Super Stock drag racing was really hot in the early 1960s, and by 1961, Dodge and Chevrolet had lightweight cars to compete. Ford engines made power, but the cars were heavier, so the result is this factory lightweight 1962 Galaxie here in The Brothers Collection.
    These early lightweights are an uncommon sight for sure. Ford only built 11 of these diet 1962 Galaxies fitted with fiberglass body panels like the hood, fenders and trunk lid. They used aluminum for the front bumper, and the inner fenders were also formed aluminum. It all looks like regular production parts, which was part of the goal… the Super Stock classes needed to stay true to the production form. But that didn’t mean they couldn't get creative!
    Inside, Ford ditched the radio, heater, and other non-essentials like the door pulls, sound deadener, and carpet. The driver sat in a light bucket seat and grabbed the thin steering wheel and Borg Warner 4-speed handle on the way to low ETs.
    The 406 breathed harder through tubular-style cast steel exhaust headers and dual exhaust, and the underhood area looks sparse with no comfort options and a trunk mounted battery. These engines ran a 11.4:1 compression ratio, churning out 405 HP and 448 lb-ft. of torque. The 4-speed sent the twist back to a 9” rear end spinning 3.50:1 gears. This one relies on heavy duty shocks, springs, and ladder style traction bars to help the 15” wheels and tires grab what they could of the road. A bigger radiator and better drum brakes round out the performance package for less than $400.00 in ‘62.
    One problem is that the conversion of the 1962 Galaxie lightweights took a while, and by the time these cars were race-ready, it was already time to start building the new 1963 cars. In fact, many of the ‘62 chassis were re-bodied as ‘63 cars to get a head start.
    Of the 11 built, only 4 1962 Galaxie lightweights are known to survive as ‘62s, and of those, only 2 are said to have their original body panels. This is one of those 2. The total weight reduction was around 164 lbs, allowing the car to tip the scales at just 3400 lbs.
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    1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Lightweight - Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 331
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  • Kooduh
    Kooduh 5 days ago

    I like this story of this Galaxie, it shows how the light weight formula has evolved. Nice video, nice car, I've given this Ford a thumbs up. Any chance the First Gen 1964-66 Barracudas will be getting any love on Muscle car of the Week? Even an ugly ducklings deserve a little spotlight.

  • Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum 22 days ago

    hey MCOTW cowards! why no comments on your Saudi Arabia video?

    • What Me Worry
      What Me Worry Hour ago

      So morons like you can't throw shit everywhere. Duh!!!

    • MuscleCarOfTheWeek
      MuscleCarOfTheWeek  22 days ago +1

      +Motersickle Bum it's not about cowardice. We're not a political channel, we're about cars and sharing the passion of cars. Some commentors could not grasp that. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Sa Lauerman
    Sa Lauerman 25 days ago

    That’s an uncommon car.... so is my husband’s 1967 Ford Galaxy 500 XL with about 25,000 original miles! It’s been his sheltered baby but he’s now looking for someone who will appreciate it just as much.

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina 26 days ago +1

    Cool looking car and great story about it. My parents once owned a galaxy back in the mid 70's though it wasn't one of these models.

  • johnp234
    johnp234 26 days ago +1

    Unlike most folks here, I actually owned a 1962 Galaxie (traded my 67 Cougar in 1969 to my buddy, who added $500 to the deal), with the 406 tripower motor. Not the lightweight, but believe me when I tell you that the only two times I was beaten in a street race were to an SS396 Chevelle with the L78 motor, driven by a girl named Bonnie, and a 426 Hemi Plymouth GTX.
    The only mods I did were a set of Hooker long tube headers, and a pair of Mickey Thompson J70 x 15's, which actually fit under the rear wheel wells with no cutting, and the same chrome reverse wheels the previous owner had put on. It turned 13.5 at the strip. In a full size 2 door hardtop that must have weighed 3,600 pounds.

  • Musical Help
    Musical Help 26 days ago


  • Daniel J
    Daniel J 27 days ago

    Ford was MASSIVELY underestimated. I personally saw street races back in 60's and 70's where Fords murdered the competition. Yet the stigma was all about GM and Dodge, in spite of getting their asses kicked. Leave it to BS advertising. Just like today with Apple.

  • Opera
    Opera 27 days ago +1

    Thanks, great history & mechanics...I was just getting my Driver’s License & lots of interest in cars, drags, Mechanics in early 1960’s.....

  • Matheus Marchiori
    Matheus Marchiori 27 days ago

    I hate you Kevin

  • steven 111
    steven 111 27 days ago

    You guys gotta do some none stock day two muscle cars. I’d like to see those

  • Shady Jake
    Shady Jake 27 days ago +2

    Who is that guy maxing and relaxing in the chair at 4:39? Is he the driver?

    • MuscleCarOfTheWeek
      MuscleCarOfTheWeek  27 days ago +1

      You spied him! That's Doug - he's appeared in several videos before. Good eye!

  • Monte Maguire
    Monte Maguire 28 days ago +2

    Check out DOING IT CHEEP . Paw Paw bought a 1965 Ford Galaxy .

  • Terry Bruce
    Terry Bruce 28 days ago +1

    One of 4 remaining... now that is what I call a rare classic...and would I ever love to run it down the drag strip!! … or take it to Barrett Jackson :)

  • scott satren
    scott satren 28 days ago +1

    I attended the first Rick Cole auction right after the 87 stock market crash when a lightweight went through, if memory serves me I think it went for around a 100,000. It was the 1st time I actually saw one in person, pretty cool indeed. Thanks Kevin.

  • Shelia Elder
    Shelia Elder 28 days ago +1

    I own a 62 ford galaxy 500 xl its light blue 4 dr hard top! Needs a lot of money put into it

  • Brian J. Prain
    Brian J. Prain 28 days ago +2

    Love these videos, but I wish they would focus on the sound / idle a little more. I'd like to have a few moments to just enjoy hearing the cam, etc.

    • Opera
      Opera 27 days ago +1

      Brian J. Prain yes me too... interestingly, I got to hear a few of State Police Hemi’s & Pursuit ;In Northern INDIANA (early sixties).. A few SD 421 Catalina (1962?.), Ford 427, 409’s: at a Garage Hang Out: to,and from couple of drag Strips: namely US30, and Bunker Hill, Avila, etc.

  • Bud Lee
    Bud Lee 29 days ago +2

    I can definately say , I've never seen one of those . Nor have I heard of a 406 .

    • Kim Morrison
      Kim Morrison 23 days ago

      The 406 was a one year engine for 1962. It could not compete typically with the 409 Chevy or especially the Mopar's 413 Max Wedges of 1962. The big full size Fords also were to heavy to win vs the Mopars and Chevy's.

  • aaron langley
    aaron langley 29 days ago

    I love the four door full size slabs with big engines and four speeds. Sleeper City!
    I want to build a 65 custom 500, or Biscayne 4 door post. Big, comfortable, cheap to buy, and they look like grandma's car or a detective's car. Until you open up the taps. Will install 4 wheel disc brakes for the sake of everyone else on the road though.

  • Tom Zinninger
    Tom Zinninger 29 days ago +2

    My first car was a 62 Galaxie 500, with a worn out 352 2bbl. I was with Dad that cold day in December of 61 when we went to a little dealer well off the beaten path where he felt he could get a deal. It was also my first engine rebuild, all at 15 years old. Took until four years ago to get my 64 which has been in the family since new. This time it got a body-off restoration. The 390 looks just like a 352 and really brought back the memories!

  • dee Fisher
    dee Fisher 29 days ago +2

    i love these videos. but not as much as i love my 1967 ford galaxie LTD fastback big block with a/c lol

  • Custis Long
    Custis Long 29 days ago +1

    Shoulda just shoe horned that tri-power big block in a Falcon! Huh? Then see what happens!!

  • Mark Fonseca
    Mark Fonseca 29 days ago +1

    Nice job.

  • Bud Wiser
    Bud Wiser 29 days ago

    The problem with this car is that it just doesn’t have the look of a bad assed muscle car like a Cuda or Camero it looks more like a family car but it still had muscle.

    • Big block stang
      Big block stang 29 days ago +1

      It was built in 62. Do your history already. Dont remember seeing cudas and cramaroes then.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 29 days ago +1


    N9IBZED 29 days ago +1

    My dad had the standard Galaxy not the 500 and definitely not the lightweight same yearvthough

  • Todd Saeger
    Todd Saeger 29 days ago +2

    Thanks for sharing! Wonderful piece of car history

  • What Me Worry
    What Me Worry 29 days ago +3

    Marv Tonkin the Ford man. N.E. Portland Oregon. I grew up in Portland watching his TV commercials. His brother Ron is another iconic car dealer in Portland. Great to see this. I love those early to mid sixties Fords.

  • LightningBlueMeanie
    LightningBlueMeanie 29 days ago +4

    I find it so funny how small the tires are on these powerful machines.

  • Michael Leers
    Michael Leers 29 days ago +2

    Wonderful, Kevin!
    Heck, if we could go out to the Brother's Collection and scrape up all the rubber, we could make whole set of tires. :)
    Keep up the great vids, love 'em!

  • bgh70
    bgh70 29 days ago +1

    Great cart! I was surprised at the 3.50 gears. I love FE engines, 4 speeds and the big Galaxy.

  • WY O
    WY O 29 days ago +1

    The one thing that hampered Ford in 62 was the lack of a sleek roofline, the Starliner went away after 61, and the "semi fastback" didn't return until midyear 63.

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago

      Very similar to the Chevy but in this case I think Chevy hit the mark a bit better this time.

  • WY O
    WY O 29 days ago +1

    Don't forget "Dick Brannon"

  • 413x398
    413x398 29 days ago +2

    What dork just downvoted this?

  • William Hernandez
    William Hernandez 29 days ago

    Do the 1966 Mercury Monterey S55 427 next.

    • 413x398
      413x398 28 days ago

      @William Hernandez Lots of vids about 428-equipped versions. Maybe search Jalopnik for mention of a Medium Riser.

    • William Hernandez
      William Hernandez 28 days ago

      @413x398 I think 10 were ordered from the factory so at least 1 is out there in someones collection.

    • 413x398
      413x398 29 days ago

      Do you know if they have one?

  • Hank Torrance
    Hank Torrance 29 days ago +7

    Thanks for featuring one of the legendary 406 Ford engines. The 406 and 390 6pk motors were in my Chilton manual but I've never seen one. I have been lucky enough to see a 427 SOHC fitted in a starliner!

  • Ian Fosbrook
    Ian Fosbrook 29 days ago +1

    hell Yea .. love me some big Galaxie action..
    keep em Rolling... 🤘

  • BrewBlaster
    BrewBlaster 29 days ago +3

    A like button hit for you is automatic before I even watch the video.

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 29 days ago +1

    Love these types of video's, the cars that aren't frequently talked about. Plus three 2bbl is just so American, it's like the blue collar setup that just happens to be sexier that duel quads ever if most stumble in practice.

    Also read this week that Corvette Mike may have the only 67 L88 corvette in existence which still has the original block, is it true the Brothers don't have one? No shame if they don't it mean they were used as intended just thought that was odd given that there are quite a few ZL1 powered cars with original blocks.

    Didn't Ford use one the lightest frames to begin with on their full size cars? GM full size frames are quite robust for mid size cars as well

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago

      @bgh70 In the video on I only see five mounting points on one side either way that's too much for a duel quad. It's two mounted fronted to back and one mount backwards. If this was wearing an aftermarket intake I imagine Kevin would have pointed that out. It's asymmetrical and certainly appears like a two double pumper at first glance but they didn't arrive until the mid 60's. Anyway I'm done, maybe Kevin can sort it out.

    • bgh70
      bgh70 29 days ago

      @GlassTopRX7 Look at 0:49. That is 2 Holley 4bbl carbs.

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago

      @bgh70 I don't think so.

    • bgh70
      bgh70 29 days ago

      @GlassTopRX7 This car has 2 Holley 4bbl carbs. May not have been factory installed, but that's what it has.

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago

      @bgh70 The 405hp used 3 Holley 2bbls the only other option was a single Holley 4bbl rated at 385hp.

      I think it might look that way because the first two carbs are mounted back to front to make it work with the manifold.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 29 days ago +2

    Ford's first factory lightweight drag car. Awesome ride. Many Ford guys have told me they like the 406 better than the 427 because it's less finicky

  • Scootosan
    Scootosan 29 days ago +2

    The more a car is Uncommon and or Weird the better in my book.

  • r douglas
    r douglas 29 days ago +2

    Great job people! I love watching the history behind these great cars and ones I never heard of.

  • Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum 29 days ago

    how about starting with a smaller car?

    • Motersickle Bum
      Motersickle Bum Hour ago

      @What Me Worry yeah, like they didn't understand POWER TO WEIGHT in 62. geeshy...

    • What Me Worry
      What Me Worry Hour ago

      Genius. Go back to 1962 and tell them.

  • Brian Cabral
    Brian Cabral 29 days ago +1

    Only a 3:50 gear?

    • Brian Cabral
      Brian Cabral 5 days ago

      @GlassTopRX7 i hate to tell you but this car like the other very limited produced WERE BUILT FOR DRAG RACING ON A TRACK...and they did run Slicks...these were not showroom everyman production cars that were driven on the street. Racers got them so your theory is bullshit. These cars like the Thunderbolts were factory Super Stockers not street cars and all Super Stockers ran and still run Slicks...i know...i raced for years at New England Dragway and down in Englishtown both NHRA sanctioned tracks in Bracket with a Pontiac and a Chevy and have seen every class of car run...have you? Pontiac also had their lightweights with the "Swiss Cheese Catalina" and Ford and Mopar too....these were built for racing in very limited numbers and only racers got their hands on them and these cars were not bought to be driven on the street as a daily driver. And if you've ever seen the Pure Stock Drags they all run over a 3:90 gear as high as a 4:56 and they do it on period correct tires from the factory.. And the majority of them run better times.. 😀 Stick to your 4 bangers and Rotory engines and when you actually know what you are talking about when it comes to American Muscle Cars you have owned and raced and spent time at drag strips to have some knowledge about things then get back to me, until then you just sound stupid.

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago +2

      That's probably enough for quickest production stock times on street tires. For slicks that wouldn't cut it. If you look at at the quickest 1/4 times as reviewed it's often they're geared with a modest gear and I think that was because on a unprepared surface like the street that was the quickest. Most of those mag test weren't done on drag strips.

  • Scott H
    Scott H Month ago +4

    Another incredible car from an incredible collection. I never thought I'd get to see a lightweight Galaxy in action like this. Thanks Kevin.

  • The Fett Fan
    The Fett Fan Month ago +6

    That is a very well restored , nostalgic not to mention iconic early 1960's racing muscle Galaxie. It looks absolutely FAB!!! Also the artwork on this model has a very 1960's appearance. Great presentation as always!!!!!!

  • Broc Luno
    Broc Luno Month ago +6

    We had the non-lightweight version as a used shop car in '66. 406 tri-power. Won it in a street race running my buds 49 F-1 with a big nail valve. The Ford was a tire shredder, and it went well on the street, and out at 4-Lanes on Hwy 1 at midnight :D
    Most of the time it was on Atlas Plycrons, but when the deal was serious it went on cheater slicks. We has a serious tune and Isky cam and valve train. It was a 12.90 car on a good day at Fremont, but more often ran low 13's. Those cast manifolds worked well with 36" 3" "collectors". We took a fair amount of weight out, but never really gutted it ...

    • Broc Luno
      Broc Luno 22 days ago

      Cool, enjoy !

    • Kim Morrison
      Kim Morrison 23 days ago

      Yep Bruno sounds like you had a nice one with the Isky mod. I have a big soft spot for any late 50’s or early 60’s super stockers of any brand! I have a ‘70 Nova SS now with modified L78 and L89 aluminum heads with the old M21 4 spd for my weekends in the good weather!

    • Broc Luno
      Broc Luno 23 days ago

      Absolutely. A lightweight 413 could best it by 2 car lengths. But it would beat up most of the stuff the kids could bring to Santa Cruz for evening "cruising" :D

    • Kim Morrison
      Kim Morrison 23 days ago

      2 tons of fun. I on the other hand used to see these old 406's & 427's getting their clock cleaned at strips in the 60's. Too damn heavy and not enough HP to run with a 413 Savoy/Dart.

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C Month ago +1

    What? No rear seat delete?? lol

  • Benevolent Protector
    Benevolent Protector Month ago +20

    I was 8 yrs old In 1962 when my dad was waiting in the sales office at the Turner Ford dealership in Fremont California, picking up his new Galaxy 500 that he ordered from the Ford Factory in San Jose Ca. several months earlier. There was another guy in the office, also waiting to pickup his new Galaxy 500, and that's how dad met Ed Terry, a future factory Ford Drag team driver (several videos of ED here on YT) and they became good friends while beating the rivals at Fremont Dragstrip ..which all began in 1962.
    My dads Galaxy was black on black with the 390 HP engine, 4 speed and posi-track. Ed was picking up his Galaxy, a lightened factory race car from Detroit, identical to the white Galaxy in this video. Thanks for the memories..

    • Opera
      Opera 27 days ago +1

      Benevolent Protector thanks. For sharing this Early Stuff & happenings......actually quite a sight when the firstRace Fords,& 1963 & Half , 427 came thru Wolf Lake IN ( Noble COUNTY,etc.) & my Garage Buddies, etc....lot of Car talk & envy....

    • scott satren
      scott satren 28 days ago +3

      Awesome memory, I have no doubt. Too bad we can't turn the clock back.

    • Alan
      Alan 29 days ago +1

      Ok boomer

    • Franc Furian
      Franc Furian 29 days ago +2

      Benevolent Protector you really lived it👍🏻

  • B Rob
    B Rob Month ago +4

    So clean underneath wow

  • PlymouthDuster 225
    PlymouthDuster 225 Month ago +6

    Another great video love your channel. That's why I like watching this channel is because I get to see rare muscle cars that I don't ever see in person at the car shows I go to.

  • bill thompson
    bill thompson Month ago +1

    Why didn't they use the 427 ?
    Plus all of that work and money why didn't they just use a lighter car like the Fairlane?

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago +4

      @bill thompson The 352 would surprise me assume it was torque you were enjoying but the 390 not so much as it likely had more compression than the 460 and about the same stroke. However the 352 could have been in much lighter truck to begin with.

    • bill thompson
      bill thompson 29 days ago

      @GlassTopRX7 I have a 460 my F250 four-wheel drive I swear to God my 352 did better I know my 390 did better

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 29 days ago +2

      It's an FE block and there isn't much metal there for big bores. The 427 was a 4.23 bore was pushing it, any flaw in the casting would result in cracked block so the fact that any were let loose in the wild is surprising. The block was designed for a 4" max bore originally. Arguably they FE's aren't true big blocks they are in that same range as the Pontiac V8 between most big blocks and small blocks.

    • Scott H
      Scott H Month ago +4

      The 427 didn't come out until '63. Ford upped the ante in '64 with the legendary 427 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt.

  • Ricky Mellottsr
    Ricky Mellottsr Month ago +8

    Sweet . I love the factory drag cars . Thank you for sharing this car . Nicely done.....

  • Old Town
    Old Town Month ago +1

    Something to look forward to on Fridays, but at 4:53 this video is more of a teaser clip. Doesn't a car like this deserve more attention?

  • L S
    L S Month ago +3

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing it! 👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Gene Fortney
    Gene Fortney Month ago +5

    Another great video, special thanks to the Brother’s Collection!