I Became a Dealer at 16 Years Old

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • MightyTV
    MightyTV 14 minutes ago

    That ain’t surprising. Theys people at 12 I know that sell🤷🏾‍♂️💯....

  • MightyTV
    MightyTV 14 minutes ago

    That ain’t surprising. Theys people at 12 I know that sell🤷🏾‍♂️💯😔

  • Maria Gloria
    Maria Gloria 55 minutes ago

    Avarizia avarizia apri zia avari zia avari zia avarizia

  • pxmpckin
    pxmpckin Hour ago

    Boy: MAMA!
    Mom: oUi BaBi?

  • Francoise Seri
    Francoise Seri Hour ago

    I speak french ABCD French and friends

  • Pucci gang master Torres
    Pucci gang master Torres 2 hours ago +1

    Minute videos
    Me:this isn’t a minute this is 11:--
    Him: I can exsplain

  • TitanLuciferGaming -
    TitanLuciferGaming - 5 hours ago +1

    So this guy got away with a murder N O I C E

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz 12 hours ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul

    Lights cigarrete: *FFFFFFFFTFFFF*

  • Shane dawson
    Shane dawson 13 hours ago

    I sold weed at the age of twelve

  • Gacha Kilix
    Gacha Kilix 15 hours ago

    At sixteen the most illegal thing I did was admit to everybody I’m actually

    13 years old right at the moment

  • Jens Khabib Fric
    Jens Khabib Fric 17 hours ago

    This dude aint shit

  • Jens Khabib Fric
    Jens Khabib Fric 17 hours ago

    You are from Iraq and your cousin name is ben?

  • LiveLeak
    LiveLeak Day ago

    I started smoking at 12 started dealing at 14 at 17 I was buying Qps at 17 did 13 months for armed robbery learned not to do anything bad unless you dont care about the consequences

  • Anthony rodriguez

    buyer: got them goods???
    seller: yes' *Hands over pokemon specil game
    buyer: deer god yes' gives 50$

  • Chris Pereira
    Chris Pereira Day ago

    lmao try 14

  • GelatoMelvin
    GelatoMelvin Day ago +1

    I’m the plug but who need some bud🔌

  • GelatoMelvin
    GelatoMelvin Day ago +1

    In the kitchen cooking crack like it’s bacon - 21 Savage

  • Michael Schultz
    Michael Schultz Day ago

    grandson: i was a dealer at 16

    grandmom: well isnt that nice

  • Jxst2anti
    Jxst2anti Day ago

    Ahhh man said the ghetto low it 😂😂😂

  • thomas carroll
    thomas carroll Day ago

    Your right

  • i hope felix dies a dogs death

    I was a boss at 16, started at 14.

  • Jahseh Mahal
    Jahseh Mahal 2 days ago +1

    Holy crap, I was a dealer at 15 and they just don’t understand why you have to do it then I got caught, same story 😐

  • Qu4ti0n xxx
    Qu4ti0n xxx 2 days ago

    The beginning was asmr😂

  • Aneesh Dalayi
    Aneesh Dalayi 2 days ago

    MinuteVideos: I became a drug dealer at the age of 16

    Kids in my school smoked weed in the bathroom at the age of 12

  • santiago garcia
    santiago garcia 2 days ago

    Wow badass

  • Water Boy
    Water Boy 2 days ago

    :person who took the ball :person that got his ball taken NANI *john cena kicks person*uses super power haaaaaaa POW :game KO

  • Weird Flex But Ok
    Weird Flex But Ok 2 days ago

    Wtf is this fake video lmao

  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus 2 days ago

    Who tf let’s their 7 year old walk around alone 🤦‍♂️

  • John Denver
    John Denver 3 days ago

    The fbi wants to know your location

  • The Fox Bro’s
    The Fox Bro’s 3 days ago


  • RealOne1
    RealOne1 3 days ago

    This man did a hard ass Lil Wayne intro puff

  • Ira S
    Ira S 3 days ago +1

    This video is so nice. The story is great. The narrator's voice is so charming. And the animation is so good too

  • Roman Soulja
    Roman Soulja 3 days ago

    Legalizing drugs and prostitution would end all of this imho

  • father and son cars
    father and son cars 3 days ago

    When a substance pusher walks up to you 💉🤪

  • Blake christie
    Blake christie 3 days ago

    When I'm 16 I'm going to be in school and illegally sell subway 😎🤑

  • Winter wonderland And family


  • carmen
    carmen 3 days ago

    oh boO hoo you aren't special, dealers i know sold younger than 10

    Aussie BASTARD BAST 3 days ago

    If he’s French he should have a French accent

  • Marcos Torrens
    Marcos Torrens 3 days ago

    kids in america wouold be laughing at this lmaooo

  • Mario Jdjfbbf
    Mario Jdjfbbf 3 days ago

    O know younger dealers

  • Switchslash
    Switchslash 3 days ago

    I don’t know why the kids parents knew how bad it was but they went back for a summer

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 3 days ago

    you kno dis was made up by some white guy😭😭😭☠️☠️

  • Molly Barlow
    Molly Barlow 3 days ago

    10:24 I thought he was gonna say **BURRITO**

  • monopoly_kidd
    monopoly_kidd 3 days ago

    This shits fake like if they live ing the gehtto but you not finna fly from country to country

  • monopoly_kidd
    monopoly_kidd 3 days ago

    This shits fake

  • Xyplex
    Xyplex 3 days ago

    There are 6th grade dealers selling carts and juuls

  • thomas hundley
    thomas hundley 3 days ago +1

    ok, the memes are absolutely hilarious, but damn. this story man.

  • Ryan Meuse
    Ryan Meuse 3 days ago

    "Substance pusher" how do u not know what a fucking needle is and carry it home

  • ツ5
    ツ5 3 days ago


  • Luis Carbo
    Luis Carbo 3 days ago

    im a poop dealer since im 7

  • Pou_SaVior
    Pou_SaVior 3 days ago

    He hit the fake cigarette

  • Johann 429
    Johann 429 4 days ago

    I was a dealer with 13 peasants

  • Sebastian MFC
    Sebastian MFC 4 days ago

    Legend has it the hard retard dealer once stayed up 3 minutes past his bedtime

  • hammyhamham
    hammyhamham 4 days ago

    Bro that cigarette is fake my mom used to smoke and it did not sound like that

  • Bea King
    Bea King 4 days ago +1

    At first of all I thought it said I became a dealer at 6 yrs old 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baldy McBold
    Baldy McBold 4 days ago

    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer
    poop dealer

  • Random Fujoshi
    Random Fujoshi 4 days ago

    His voice


  • Random Fujoshi
    Random Fujoshi 4 days ago

    Lol I started at 12 with some random cigarettes

  • Jaden Dodd
    Jaden Dodd 4 days ago

    Kids in my school
    “I illegally sell Hentai”

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man 4 days ago

    I illegally sell yu gi oh cards and those silly bands

  • Swse Swse
    Swse Swse 4 days ago

    I’m a fork dealer at my school because the cafeteria is always low on utensils.

  • B L.
    B L. 4 days ago

    Homeboy acting like slanging drugs at 16 ain’t normal in certain areas smh

  • Bas Vanbeek
    Bas Vanbeek 4 days ago

    trust me you got really lucky with the first trip to Holland Shit goes down here

  • Acid tone
    Acid tone 4 days ago

    lol edgy

  • Potatoe Man96
    Potatoe Man96 4 days ago

    Remember hustler kid from recess?
    This is him now, feel old yet?

  • Casey Rogerson
    Casey Rogerson 4 days ago

    The beginning is hilarious but also why the cigarette hits?

  • Kris
    Kris 4 days ago

    meanwhile in the uk, 14 year olds sell w and b

    • Kris
      Kris 4 days ago

      Trust me

    • Jay Lovie
      Jay Lovie 4 days ago +1

      even younger aswell with county lines

  • benjamin vlogger
    benjamin vlogger 4 days ago


  • Taj Sala
    Taj Sala 4 days ago

    I got to ammit i illegaly gave McDonald's nuggets under the lunch table

  • gewoon Diaz
    gewoon Diaz 4 days ago

    Im dutch and live in netherlands I live in a pretty nice street

  • birb_screm
    birb_screm 4 days ago

    i illegaly sell roblox accounts with no robux but i tell the buyers that there was 1,000,000,000 robux on them

    7 year-olds are so naive

  • Kieran Reynolds
    Kieran Reynolds 4 days ago


  • Hector Ortiz
    Hector Ortiz 4 days ago

    The dramatic inhales 😂

  • Time with Brandon
    Time with Brandon 4 days ago


  • Milanz
    Milanz 5 days ago

    I'm 19 and at med school. I started smoking in college. After 5 months now I have stopped it😐. It was pretty hard to stop and all that peer pressure but now I'm happy.😊.

  • Wolfy Gach
    Wolfy Gach 5 days ago +1


  • end me Gaming
    end me Gaming 5 days ago

    This is not how love happens and. It’s gay

  • Christian Felten
    Christian Felten 5 days ago

    Braaaah god bless your parents

  • Vladimír
    Vladimír 5 days ago +1

    I am not sure if y'all realize how terrible his parents were.
    I blame all fault on them, not talking with him about drugs, not talking with him about his emotions, talk behind his back and basicly high level of ignorance.
    He skipped school? *suprise* He lied to his aunt? *suprise*
    Like if you ain't gonna change to a better person, your kids will have a hard time. Break the circle. Be honest.

  • Chris LeDet
    Chris LeDet 5 days ago

    U dont want money u want lung cancer stop please everyone is your friend cares about u and everyone loves u

  • yessesTV
    yessesTV 5 days ago +1

    Biittchhhh i became a dealer at 13

  • Dominick R
    Dominick R 5 days ago

    Bro what is this in Anaheim kids were taking acid in 7 grade lunch and 8 grade turned into ecstasy

  • Shclar
    Shclar 5 days ago

    I became a dealer at 12 years old... Life isn't easy!

  • Jayden Magee
    Jayden Magee 5 days ago

    If my dad did that and I’m 16 I would attack him

  • The King of XBOX
    The King of XBOX 5 days ago +2

    Him: I became a dealer at 16.
    Me: Oh please, I bOrrOwed tHE tEachErS pEN aNd nEVer gAVe iT BAcK!!!

  • Kiodo
    Kiodo 5 days ago

    I mean who hasn't

    HUDE BOY 6 days ago


  • Dovydas Balciunas
    Dovydas Balciunas 6 days ago

    Chemical engineering to made medicine to help people 😂😂 I think he just wants to learn to cook meth

  • Qz Shouto
    Qz Shouto 6 days ago

    Me become dealer at 7 selling Diamonds in my server

  • Balfour Wheatley
    Balfour Wheatley 6 days ago

    16 when i sold my first P....fuck playing basketball, i gotta eat.

  • Chelsea Balderas
    Chelsea Balderas 6 days ago

    OhhH I donT wAnT MY fAcE In BlaH bLAh
    Bruh just let them draw a real face like that was so dramatic
    Don't @ me

  • Sanic Drawings
    Sanic Drawings 6 days ago

    What the f*ck is this. Why did the dude say I don't want to show my face even though it's animated? Is this dude that of a dumbass

  • Harnaik Aujla
    Harnaik Aujla 6 days ago

    I wanna know how much he made from it doe

  • Andon Giese
    Andon Giese 6 days ago

    If it's too slow put it on 1.5 or 1.25

  • John wick
    John wick 6 days ago

    Subbed and liked very heartwarming vid

  • Spectical Z3
    Spectical Z3 6 days ago

    amazing art style but come on this story is so fake

  • JuankQuinteroMejia
    JuankQuinteroMejia 6 days ago

    bro I love your art

  • JuankQuinteroMejia
    JuankQuinteroMejia 6 days ago

    gave number
    "one day im gonna call you"

  • Carson Almrud
    Carson Almrud 6 days ago

    bobby shmurda been sellin crack since like the fifth grade

  • lil Illyrian
    lil Illyrian 6 days ago

    I have the same Job like him lol