"East Virginia" / "John Brown's Dream" | Nora Brown

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • In a mesmerizing set, musician Nora Brown breathes new life into two old-time banjo tunes: "East Virginia" and "John Brown's Dream." An evocative performance paired with a quick history of the banjo's evolution.
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Comments • 67

  • somewhereinthewoods
    somewhereinthewoods 2 months ago

    I made this video of the wonderfully talented Nora Brown. Please watch and enjoy! tvclip.biz/video/e_AEtoPcS7A/video.html

  • Bri Wimz
    Bri Wimz 2 months ago

    Speechless and covered in goosebumps.

  • burt bloom
    burt bloom 2 months ago

    Schlomo is smiling. Not only is Nora brilliantly talented, but quite articulate as well.

  • fire rises
    fire rises 3 months ago

    White people -don't- have culture

  • Meredith Williams
    Meredith Williams 4 months ago

    This girl is channeling Roscoe Holcomb.

  • ren
    ren 4 months ago +3


    this is truly very beautiful

  • B Welkinator
    B Welkinator 4 months ago

    The fun thing about Nora Brown is that as she ages and matures she'll add more fingers to her pickin' style and at some point, open her mouth and set her voice free! She has a lovely voice all bottled up inside her.

  • The Unenlightened Hour
    The Unenlightened Hour 4 months ago

    What's up with her clothes? Is this East Virginian satire? I mean not EVERYONE dressed like that, some people wore sandals. But everyone did play the banjo.

  • Leslie Campos
    Leslie Campos 4 months ago +1

    Why she have few likes ??? She is incredible !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Heather MacNeil
    Heather MacNeil 5 months ago


  • Vu Tran Van
    Vu Tran Van 5 months ago


  • The Nothing Man
    The Nothing Man 5 months ago +1

    "HOly Crajp! Why iz moosique on TED? et iz juicst 4 science and technolog!"

  • ScottOne
    ScottOne 5 months ago +1

    Can't understand 75% of what she was singing.

    • noah bain
      noah bain 5 months ago +2

      you don’t really need to

  • cheeseisgreat24
    cheeseisgreat24 5 months ago +4

    Cue the people angrily commenting and forgetting that the E in TED stands for "Entertainment"

  • sunkid86
    sunkid86 5 months ago +2

    I don’t understand what I just saw. Is she this talanted? What is that on her face? Knowledge? Experience (can’t be)? Arrogance? How does she understand these songs so well? Is she just mimicing older musicians? My envy reaches painful levels. I am upset.

    • Meredith Williams
      Meredith Williams Month ago

      Her singing style does mimic old Appalachian vocal traditions, specifically Eastern Kentucky. I think her pickin' is influenced by Old-Time banjo but with her own spin on it. All this talent at 13. Amazing.

  • Shoes N Scents
    Shoes N Scents 5 months ago +1

    I actually live, and are from East Va.(757), and can confidently say, It’s pretty country outside the cities. Like two different worlds colliding l.

  • Lava Lamp
    Lava Lamp 5 months ago +3

    This song really takes me to the place I belong

  • M Y
    M Y 5 months ago +1

    Wow I hope they keep enjoying making music because it's lovely

  • Rice MenaRQ
    Rice MenaRQ 5 months ago +38

    *THose 155 dislikes are from WEST Virginians*

    • 東Higashi
      東Higashi 5 months ago +1

      there are only 69 dislikes now

    • Shoes N Scents
      Shoes N Scents 5 months ago

      Rice MenaRQ 😂 gotta excuse them. Their cusbands and sisterwives cloud their view.

  • mxwitch
    mxwitch 5 months ago +3

    Dang, she can pick that banjo! What a prodigy, hopefully she keeps growing on this musical path. Much love from a bluegrass-loving Virginian in the Midwest!

  • E.M. Khieu
    E.M. Khieu 5 months ago +6

    Old soul, beautiful

  • KompostDoktor
    KompostDoktor 5 months ago

    Me after watching this video: 4:48

  • KompostDoktor
    KompostDoktor 5 months ago +2

    Made me shiver

  • Doug G
    Doug G 5 months ago

    So the Big Bang happens and spits out this mirac.... oops

  • Doug G
    Doug G 5 months ago +1

    Oh my god.. wonderful

  • league
    league 5 months ago +1

    Unsubscribed. upload good, quality, thought provoking content and I'll come back, PEACE. 👌

    • JohnyG29
      JohnyG29 5 months ago +3

      Don't come back.

  • DeDraconis
    DeDraconis 5 months ago +1

    West Virginian here. It's really funny to refer call the other ones "East Virginians" to their face, they get so triggered. I'm particularly nasty and sometimes ask them if they're from "Lower" or "Lesser" Virginia, haha.
    Nice banjo playing. Couldn't understand what she was singing very well though, lyrics in description would have been nice.

    • DeDraconis
      DeDraconis 5 months ago

      ​@mxwitch Howdy! And I'll happily trade an ocean view for being on the other side of the Blue Ridge and protected from the nuclear fallout if DC ever gets hit. :D :D :D

    • mxwitch
      mxwitch 5 months ago

      DeDraconis you're just jealous we get both mountains and sea! Just kidding. 😂 Howdy from an East Virginian o'er yonder in Illinois! 👋

    • DeDraconis
      DeDraconis 5 months ago

      ​@Zephurr's Yes, I know. It's a joke between us that the West Virginians call everyone in regular Virginia "East Virginians."

    • Zephurr's
      Zephurr's 5 months ago

      East Virginia... as in the Eastern part of the state of Virginia

  • Aaron Syrmopoulos
    Aaron Syrmopoulos 5 months ago +26

    Wow!! She is way too young to have that much soul...

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 5 months ago +1

    So where is the "idea worth spreading"?? Quo vadis, TED?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 5 months ago +1

    I wasn’t all that impressed, but then the awesome claw hammer started 👌

    • Meredith Williams
      Meredith Williams 13 days ago

      @JohnyG29 She's only 13, give her time lol

    • JohnyG29
      JohnyG29 5 months ago

      The two-finger stuff knocks "clawhammer" out of the park in my opinion. Clawhammer is much easier.

  • TheMixmastamike1000
    TheMixmastamike1000 5 months ago +7

    walmart yodeling kid collaboration comming soon 😂🤣 but jokes/wishes aside she is incredible 👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • SulphuricSeaTurtle
    SulphuricSeaTurtle 5 months ago +5

    'take me home country road , to the place I belong West Virginia - wait...

  • Alianger
    Alianger 5 months ago +7

    Aaaayup. She's good!

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 5 months ago +8

    West Virginia, mountain mama. Take me home, country roads!

  • Jacqueline Kondakov
    Jacqueline Kondakov 5 months ago


  • Ethan Republic
    Ethan Republic 5 months ago +11

    I didn't know Ted could sing!

  • Dominik Sulzer
    Dominik Sulzer 5 months ago +8

    Okay, nice song, but this is TED and I expect TED talks, not TED musicians.

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char 5 months ago

      @Soulreaperalex but iss okay wittle boy, dooza yous need a bandaid for da gaping wound you claim is caused by coming within 70 billion miles of another p.o.v.? awww poor wittle guy

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char 5 months ago

      @Soulreaperalex yep and all i did was share my opinion about your opinion -- if you want a sterile purity zone of just you saying your own individual nonsense with no one else existing around that, stay off the netwebtubes, lulz

    • Soulreaperalex
      Soulreaperalex 5 months ago

      Aviri Char Jesus Christ, are you that bothered about it. All I did was share my opinion that maybe this should be posted on a TED music channel.

    • Aviri Char
      Aviri Char 5 months ago

      @Soulreaperalex i don't, generally, but that's because of a cultural divide mostly, plus a lot of bad examples of it, which this isn't... and lack of the thing that you're whining about TED being about, which isn't lacking here, so....? your point is kinda making even less sense the more you look at it -- really really bad sign of how well thought out the things you say are
      and I didn't say country music, I was referring to the place, which literally is a whole frikking area/land/region/planet of view, not even just a point, dimby -- the music is just the part where you're missing the E (and the D) in TED apparently, because yawn another slowcoach

    • Soulreaperalex
      Soulreaperalex 5 months ago

      Aviri Char I love country music actually

  • byida
    byida 5 months ago +14

    Beautiful! Very talented!

  • Leo jiang the terrible
    Leo jiang the terrible 5 months ago +8

    West Virginia! country mama! Take me home, country roads...