10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY (Crash, saves...)

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  • Miegie 1
    Miegie 1 10 hours ago

    I know this is a late comment. But who pays for the damage of, for example, houses or poles etc. I understand the team have to repair the car themselves but do they also have to pay for the other damage?

  • Give It A Rub
    Give It A Rub Day ago

    I feel sorry for the poor guy at 8:10 who's driving.
    Probably listens to a woman yelling at him at home and at work

  • Quin Hashi
    Quin Hashi 2 days ago

    No problem 😂

  • Parker Hartley
    Parker Hartley 2 days ago

    Her: I’m home alone Me: 8:37

  • mrszopen1997
    mrszopen1997 4 days ago

    3:40 one of them said that they need to get the hell out of there cause he can't swim xddddd

  • MrTindervox
    MrTindervox 8 days ago

    2:20 "Eik tu naaaxui - gerai cia" Lithuanians XD

  • joeman543
    joeman543 8 days ago

    Dang, trees are strong!

  • Kamil Skonieczny
    Kamil Skonieczny 9 days ago

    3:40 Spie*dalamy

  • barry phillips
    barry phillips 9 days ago

    Crazy bastards! In many cases if they had used more like a curuit racing line instead of having wild over correction they would have been quicker!
    At 7.33 the marshall could left a brown stain, haha lol, he was very lucky the tree was there.

  • FreddNET
    FreddNET 10 days ago

    8:10 Don't get a female co-driver, unless you want a permanent tinnitus. Got annoyed hearing that high pitch voice only by this clip. 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 days ago

    In the first clip, they flipped 180 and started driving the other way afterwards.. wtf xD

  • Shea Duffney
    Shea Duffney 10 days ago

    So many tracks from the Dirt series! LOL awesome. Im a rally driver too, but only in a video game!

  • jay lesmeister
    jay lesmeister 11 days ago

    They keep the pedal pinned after its said and done!

  • SOEL86
    SOEL86 12 days ago

    Man rally is so much nope.

  • Anes Niksic
    Anes Niksic 13 days ago

    Damn that dudes whole fucking engine came out, with flames and all, talk about a crash

  • justforever96
    justforever96 13 days ago

    Ought to do another video showing each one twice, with the second one at half speed, so I don't have to go back and watch each one again manually.

  • justforever96
    justforever96 13 days ago

    LOL, why am I watching this the day after I stuffed my truck into the ditch? It's not as fun in real life. And I don't know how some of these guys save it; once I see nothing but trees going sideways at close range through my windshield, it's too late and I'm going in no matter how hard I try to save it.
    The first one though...aren't they heading back the way they came? Look at the trees. Either the woods give way to a field on the left just as they start to roll, and the car spins 180deg as it's upside down, or they ended up heading back the way they came. Look at the torn up soil and tire marks all over the track. I really can't tell, even with that little green tree by the track to use as reference.

  • Elia Reguzzoni
    Elia Reguzzoni 14 days ago

    ''madonna maiala''

  • John McLane
    John McLane 15 days ago

    The bigge balls ... Fan and driver

  • Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP

    lol at the guy @3:33 he's saying 'we're fucking off from here, I don't know how to fucking swim, amazing turn'

  • p4trick11pl
    p4trick11pl 16 days ago

    3:39 ,,Spierdalamy! ja nie umiem pływać" hahahaha Uwielbiam to xDD

  • Kalle Koivulaa
    Kalle Koivulaa 17 days ago

    Mikko hirvonen 👌

  • alex pencek
    alex pencek 18 days ago

    What is group b?

  • alex pencek
    alex pencek 18 days ago

    4:40 what a bunch of dumbasses standing right in the middle of the road with a foot of snow on the ground.

  • Samantha Q
    Samantha Q 18 days ago

    This type of race is a lot more exciting than the American racing where they just drive in circles for two hours. Left turn, left turn, left turn, yellow flag slow left turn.

  • Hasmin Sirac
    Hasmin Sirac 19 days ago

    Very very nice

  • Mas Pras Channel
    Mas Pras Channel 20 days ago

    I think we must made a car from a tree.

  • Terry Murray
    Terry Murray 21 day ago

    6:44 what????

  • Damian Simmonds
    Damian Simmonds 21 day ago

    The first one: Car nearly flips tiwceGuy in passenger seat: *acts like nothing happend* Go!

  • Lord Kekington
    Lord Kekington 22 days ago

    Bunch of good stuff then a stupid one at the end

  • mattheu groebl
    mattheu groebl 22 days ago

    3:50 jeez. He definitely got a few bad injuries after that

  • Kashmirknight
    Kashmirknight 22 days ago

    These fuckin dudes are crazy!

  • Fanus Lie
    Fanus Lie 23 days ago

    6:24 thats so me

    UNKN0WN SHAD0W 24 days ago

    "Energy - Driver / MIX VIDEO" stole this vid

  • Rikkert Biemans
    Rikkert Biemans 25 days ago

    1:41 that was sick :O

  • Igor 671
    Igor 671 25 days ago

    Spierdalamy ja nie umiem pływać XDD

  • ChaosTeam_ A/D
    ChaosTeam_ A/D 25 days ago

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  • nytom4info
    nytom4info 25 days ago

    Car defies gravity!!! OMG! Aliens!!!!

  • realonoreanicola
    realonoreanicola 27 days ago

    Destra tre meno meno Aleeeeeee!

  • qresind
    qresind 27 days ago

    I cried when a Lancer crashed

  • Gunnon1
    Gunnon1 27 days ago

    many of these clips are slightly sped up (speeded up or how you should say it). So this video is fakery really for many parts. Doesn´t anyone else see it?? For example in 4:23 5:49 6:09 and so on.

  • Nayfen Retcar
    Nayfen Retcar 28 days ago

    1:20 NANI?!

    CORSA 28 days ago

    love me some lancia and opel clips

  • Nolan Rogers
    Nolan Rogers 28 days ago


  • Pedro Paiva
    Pedro Paiva 29 days ago

    Alguém brasileiro aqui?

  • Royall Jhonny
    Royall Jhonny Month ago

    porca maiala

  • Olli Lehtonen
    Olli Lehtonen Month ago

    Rally is line NASCAR, but for men.

  • Saturn_io
    Saturn_io Month ago

    Wow this is my first rally video and I have nothing but respect for these drivers. Just the pure skill they spectate is amazing

  • Szynatorr
    Szynatorr Month ago

    3:40 "spierdalamy, i to szybko - nie umiem pływać kurwa" -" get the fuck out, quickly, i can't fucking swim"

  • Someonefromhell Someonefromhell

    3:36, nie uniem pływać, KURWA HAHAHAH

  • Holis Hidayat
    Holis Hidayat Month ago

    Sek ngewe

  • Amado Delacruz
    Amado Delacruz Month ago

    :( Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............

  • n0ckter
    n0ckter Month ago

    Dont worry, it'll buff out.

  • DrBIeed
    DrBIeed Month ago

    If the guy at :57 was a good rally driver he would have kept going even after the front of the car was torn off. Pussssehhhhh!!

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni Month ago

    I race a few Porsches too, see them here ; tvclip.biz/video/SKdVMk6IgcE/video.html (youtube link)

  • DaRealCarlos \
    DaRealCarlos \ Month ago


  • manou blyat
    manou blyat Month ago

    pt1 0:36min la 205 comment elle rattrape sa

  • Gucci Elvis
    Gucci Elvis Month ago

    Eurobeat intensifies

  • Freddie Moun
    Freddie Moun Month ago

    Last one speechless

  • Freddie Moun
    Freddie Moun Month ago

    The woman co-pilot didn't scream when they fell amazing lol

  • Linc The Sinc
    Linc The Sinc Month ago

    Unreal car control

  • Юра Андриенко

    Hear it ))) 3:41 курва маа

  • Shaun Barker
    Shaun Barker Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant footage,as a young child my dad took me to rac rally stages.
    In the late 70's and early 80's.
    The drivers are incredible and today's cars as well

  • sangtea rspa
    sangtea rspa Month ago

    best drivers in the world

  • LiezAllLiez
    LiezAllLiez Month ago

    9:55 steering lock not tight enough..

    • Zynksx
      Zynksx 23 days ago

      LiezAllLiez He could have easily dropped a gear, blipped the throttle and got the rear end out to make it around that corner, smh such a shame

  • Vincent Gutierrez
    Vincent Gutierrez Month ago

    Niggas flipped like it was nothing

    FAILURE Month ago

    That first one was me it was my old channel

  • Cosigner22
    Cosigner22 Month ago

    Lumber Jackin @2:51

  • Marque Lethenstrom
    Marque Lethenstrom Month ago

    Who pays for the damages to poles, fences, vineyards, crops, houses, barns, etc.?

  • max moriarty
    max moriarty Month ago

    4:23 might have been the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • SimBaa
    SimBaa Month ago

    3:45 you can literally see how light this car is

  • The Diamond Company


  • Liz Seguro
    Liz Seguro Month ago

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  • Jombo
    Jombo Month ago

    7:01 me playing dirt rally

  • omkar naik
    omkar naik Month ago

    salute these incredible drivers

  • Daniel Wolfe
    Daniel Wolfe Month ago

    0:31 INTERIA DRIFTO??!!

  • goldsheikh
    goldsheikh Month ago

    Rally drivers are probably the most skilled drivers out there.

  • Ujwal Bhagat
    Ujwal Bhagat Month ago

    7:56 the car be like: "Let's go for a walk in a park "

  • Ujwal Bhagat
    Ujwal Bhagat Month ago

    What has happened to their brakes?

  • doh1959
    doh1959 Month ago

    1.16 secs two photographers competing to see who gets there heads knocked off first

  • haveaniceday45
    haveaniceday45 2 months ago

    4:10 that is estonian language, if you wondrer what language it is.

  • oshi fi
    oshi fi 2 months ago

    #rally is the best

  • Hold the Door
    Hold the Door 2 months ago

    either rally physics are simplified like in videogames or the drives use magic outside of hogwarts.

  • jojy yo
    jojy yo 2 months ago

    Better than ken show block

  • Ronailson Alves
    Ronailson Alves 2 months ago

    So eu falo português

  • JuventasOne
    JuventasOne 2 months ago

    What's the car at 9:46 ?

  • Michael Tea
    Michael Tea 2 months ago

    i laughed at 5:51

  • sonichuizcool
    sonichuizcool 2 months ago

    . Rally racing is what separates the men for the boys.

  • Samuel Sarduy
    Samuel Sarduy 2 months ago

    These rally cars are fucking tanks

  • Chris74 banz
    Chris74 banz 2 months ago

    037 e Delta s4?????

  • Paciek Tank
    Paciek Tank 2 months ago

    3:40 We're getting the fuck out. I can't swim for fuck sake (in Polish) lmao

  • Go Fuckyourself
    Go Fuckyourself 2 months ago

    0:43 Weeeeee

  • Stefan Carutasu
    Stefan Carutasu 2 months ago

    i have a question, how do you get into rally car racing?

  • Twiggyay
    Twiggyay 2 months ago

    3:48 must have been seriously injured. holy shit.

  • Stuebe Doo
    Stuebe Doo 2 months ago

    where i the running in the 90s soundtrack?

  • Nathan Dejesus
    Nathan Dejesus 2 months ago +2

    5:50 And they were never seen again...

  • Marie O
    Marie O 2 months ago

    Do not show me anymore of these... please delete

  • emynitro
    emynitro 2 months ago

    7:50 😂😂😂