Fashion Expert Fact Checks Grease's Wardrobe | Glamour

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Fashion historian Raissa Bretaña fact checks the historical accuracy of the costumes and wardrobe in the musical film Grease. She analyzes the clothes of Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko and explains every layer of historical dress from 1958 teens, from petticoats to hair clips and shoes to hairstyles.
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    Fashion Expert Fact Checks Grease's Wardrobe | Glamour
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  • Henry R
    Henry R Hour ago

    Fact check Mad Men!

  • Brandy Loutherback
    Brandy Loutherback 6 hours ago

    The movie had a very 70s sheen to it!

  • Lee- MusicLover
    Lee- MusicLover Day ago

    i REALLY prefer her to do these fashion expert videos- she just seems genuine. no put on accent, no fake sounding attitude. she just seems like a genuine person sharing her expertise. please let her continue these!

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich Day ago

    Because being a teenager is a trend

  • Lms No Name
    Lms No Name 2 days ago

    My cousin was the blonde tbird, I NVR met him but was awesome to see him in one of my favorite movies ever!!!

  • iiLiyah
    iiLiyah 2 days ago

    Your saying sandy changed herself for her man when Danny did the same thing they really just skipped over the whole part when Danny wanted sandy back 😬

  • shantelle thorpe
    shantelle thorpe 3 days ago

    Fact check peaky blinders please

  • Anne Veenhoven
    Anne Veenhoven 4 days ago

    Fashion historian:2 small mistakes
    Ms Paint glamour barf fest: how about no

  • seir323
    seir323 5 days ago +1

    I really love watching these videos, but am I the only one distracted by the drawings? For example, she specifically points out the peter pan collar, and the short bangs, but the artist drew them as pointy and long instead. The petticoats aren't as full as described. And why did they make Sandy's pants WHITE at the end? Surely there were black pants that fit the style of the time? Or she could have dyed or made them?
    It's not just this video or artist, not trying to throw shade at this one in particular. I just wish the drawings were held to the same level of accuracy-checking as the originals, or some choices like the white pants color change were explained.
    I also think it would be pretty cool to make it drawn in the style of fashions at the time, or you could make a sort of photoshop composite of the resources shown in the video! As an artist, I totally understand the time and effort it takes to make drawings, and the time crunch they may be facing. It also seems more like the drawings I've seen/ made for theater costuming, so that makes sense instead of doing it all in a high-fashion, exaggerated style. Just when compared to the photographs of the movie costume, it seems more cartoonish than it would viewed on its own, or in comparison to a design.

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 5 days ago

    So.... For the most part. It's actually spot on.

  • Fucked Gplus
    Fucked Gplus 5 days ago

    We all know that old greese lady now. ... Bimbo working at your local drive stop... Smelling like 60 pack of cigarettes.....

  • Anna Heu
    Anna Heu 5 days ago

    Fact check the outsiders please

  • Marissa R
    Marissa R 6 days ago

    This all makes me so sad lmao idk why 😭

  • Madamoiselle SushiCat

    It would be cool to see a fact check of Newsies (the live musical version)

  • lonely wanderer
    lonely wanderer 8 days ago

    The jacket sandy wears is a schott and Danny's is a d pocket motorcycle jacket possibly by brimaco

  • Dawson sears
    Dawson sears 10 days ago

    But props to her

  • Dawson sears
    Dawson sears 10 days ago

    Does she actually know all this or reading off a card?

  • Master Markus
    Master Markus 13 days ago

    Man... remember when Marlon Brando was a heartthrob and not a crazy incompetent nobody wanted to hire? (Well, he's dead now, but you know, in the few decades prior.)

  • teambeining
    teambeining 14 days ago

    “Let’s forget that she had to change herself to keep her man....”

  • Theodore Arndt
    Theodore Arndt 15 days ago

    Can you do Cinderella

  • Breenah Williams
    Breenah Williams 15 days ago

    Does anyone else hate that marker sound?

  • Aiden Mooneyham
    Aiden Mooneyham 17 days ago

    No that girl can get a life

  • Comment Cop
    Comment Cop 17 days ago

    I was Danny for Halloween lol

  • karen gabriella
    karen gabriella 18 days ago


  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams 24 days ago

    Do Anastasia

  • Angela
    Angela 26 days ago

    They sewed her pants closed because the zipper broke, not simply because they were too tight.

  • Mandy Kleeschulte
    Mandy Kleeschulte 26 days ago

    The best fashion historian you guys have had!!! Bring Raissa Bretaña back please!!

  • Gwen Polley
    Gwen Polley 27 days ago

    i love grease and i’m mad netflix took it off for usa

  • AudOldEnds
    AudOldEnds 29 days ago

    It really irritates me when my parents say Sandy’s finale transformation ISNT her changing for her man

  • Andrea Estrella
    Andrea Estrella Month ago

    fact check the 1961 west side story or sing street !!

  • Vera Dandiflor
    Vera Dandiflor Month ago

    I actually believed Sandy's hair in the end was fake ☺️

  • Amy Hunt
    Amy Hunt Month ago

    Can you do a Jasmine

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    10:17 one of their jackets literally says gaylord. lol

  • jmonta21
    jmonta21 Month ago

    My grandma said they DID wear tight pants in the 1950s, however they weren’t sold that way. My grandma (and other “bad girls”) would get the tightest fitting jeans they could find, then sit in a bath tub (fully dressed) of hot water then let the jeans dry to their figure. They also worse jeans so small on the waist they had to lay on their beds and pull the zipper up with wire hangers!

  • Luis Sauceda
    Luis Sauceda Month ago

    "Let's move past the fact that she has to change herself to keep her man". That comment is irrelevant to the topic of this video. How about let's move past the fact you said that.

  • Tyra JB5
    Tyra JB5 Month ago +1

    For my schools homecoming, we did dancing through the decades theme. Freshman were ‘50s
    Why didn’t I watch this BEFORRRRRRRE

  • Here for It
    Here for It Month ago

    Even our fashion expert is too young to know that the shoes Olivia Newton John was wearing are Candies. They were everywhere during the late 70s, especially L.A./Hollywood where this film was shot. Spandex pants also became extremely popular during the disco era, as bell bottoms went out and straight legs came in. They almost always had front pockets and patch-style back pockets and a front zipper, just like jeans. They were well-made and heavy. They were usually worn during a night out, not at school. You would often see Candies at school, however. Many kids went to class dressed up like sophisticated adults during this period, carrying clutch purses and slim 💼 briefcases, especially in L.A. during the disco and GQ eras.

  • Jordan Gidget
    Jordan Gidget Month ago

    Her hair is sooo cute

  • Jeffrey Ngo
    Jeffrey Ngo Month ago

    who cares and this is so boring

  • Belle Smifff
    Belle Smifff Month ago

    Fact check
    Friends please

  • Sweetened Edits
    Sweetened Edits Month ago

    Can you do The Outsiders and fact check it

  • Indi Bladez
    Indi Bladez Month ago

    Greasers Rock On🤘

  • Rubie Luna
    Rubie Luna Month ago

    Still don’t understand what happens with the car at the end. Wtf was that

  • Aries Ashworth
    Aries Ashworth Month ago

    I don't know if this was intentional, but: "Beacuse they go together..." Anyone else catch onto this? haha (7:39)

  • Juliane Jørgensen
    Juliane Jørgensen Month ago

    Sorry.. but we need to remember that both changed for eachother?
    Danny changed for Sandy and wise versa 😅

  • Hill m
    Hill m Month ago

    that was interesting!

  • moi
    moi Month ago

    Man I love fashion

  • Christine Gentles
    Christine Gentles Month ago

    Not about the fashion..but even though Sandy did "change herself to keep her man", he did the same thing to keep her!!

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M Month ago +1

    We just gonna forget that she wasn’t the only person that changed herself to keep their lover...
    I mean half the plot is Danny changing himself to be more pleasing to her.

  • dramaticpirate
    dramaticpirate Month ago

    It's perfectly okay for a man to have to change for a woman, but when a woman changes for her man it's all of the sudden a problem. Alrighty then.

  • CASSPurr Waspurr
    CASSPurr Waspurr Month ago

    i tried to watch this but the main voiceover is horrendous

  • Brittany mcdaniel
    Brittany mcdaniel Month ago

    Do elvira

  • Brittany mcdaniel
    Brittany mcdaniel Month ago

    Please bring back the sweater clip for the hair it's so pretty

  • Angel Blue
    Angel Blue Month ago

    The sweater clips!!!! I once held those things in my hands and I remember thinking: wtf is this???

  • Kea Seaman
    Kea Seaman Month ago

    Pretty sure Sandy's name was Sandy Dumbrowski in the original musical and Sandra Dee was, of course, still a reference to the actor, but also another way of saying "Sandra D."

  • Sapling
    Sapling Month ago +4

    Why is there a narrator included? Can we just have the historian only?

  • Sam anguiano
    Sam anguiano Month ago

    The leather biker jacket was actually introduced by Schott before Harley Davidson

  • Angelika Rawks
    Angelika Rawks Month ago

    Do "Once upon a time in Hollywood." I was a child during that time and lived in the exact places shown in the movie, yet it just seems wrong somehow. I think the younger characters are wearing shorts much more than they actually would have been in that era. I remember long peasant skirts more. But it's always fun to have an expert critique this!

  • Melissa Larigan
    Melissa Larigan Month ago

    Downton Abbey please.

  • Your Bard Has Died Of Dysentery

    Is everyone forgetting that danny was changing for her too?? They met in the middle.

    • Brandy Loutherback
      Brandy Loutherback 6 hours ago

      Sandy is such a boring role! She's almost 18, and freaking out about getting her ears pierced! I'm with Rizzo!

    • Ariel Plante
      Ariel Plante 2 days ago

      Your Bard Has Died Of Dysentery h

    • Marissa R
      Marissa R 6 days ago +1

      Bailey Wright but she didn’t ditch her full out tight black leather outfit?? Lol or is that a different scene 😂

    • Ebony Panther
      Ebony Panther 14 days ago


    • Rose Gold Eq
      Rose Gold Eq 14 days ago +2

      @Bailey Wright That wasn't the point, also his friends and Sandy's friends didn't ditch theirs