Super Smash Bros 4 All Cutscenes Movie / All Character Trailers | Wii U and 3DS 【FULL HD】


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  • CommunityGame
    CommunityGame  Month ago +33

    Super Smash Bros 2018 All Cinematic Trailers:

    • Tyler a2009
      Tyler a2009 28 days ago

      CommunityGame t

    • almogz 9
      almogz 9 Month ago

      in the first trailer there is a cloud becoming mario right this cloud is smash bros on the gameboy

    • Haring
      Haring Month ago

      ty my man

    • TheDeathe21
      TheDeathe21 Month ago


  • Beeko
    Beeko 8 hours ago

    11:51 that’s how console wars are settled

  • Ian R. Nava Huber
    Ian R. Nava Huber 9 hours ago

    I am Surprised just watching the trailers gave me so much glee

  • Nintendojo 1504
    Nintendojo 1504 9 hours ago

    I want a 12 season show of smash bros anime

  • penguinz._
    penguinz._ 12 hours ago

    What? We have Megaman, Mario, Sonic, Pac Man and then we add some other chars in the dlc like Cloud and Bayo this game is ridiculous and I can see smash 5 being more ridiculous

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark 3 days ago

    The one problem with this is seeing the detail of Palutena's oddly changed eyes.

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark 3 days ago

    Luma is so the kind of thing Kirby would ally with in his series.

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 6 days ago

    If Bayonetta joins the smash, Dante should join too.

  • James Barker
    James Barker 8 days ago

    My favorite smash 4 character i hope is in smash 5 and it is mewtwo

  • Cedrick Johnson
    Cedrick Johnson 8 days ago

    (Grabs act II butter flavored popcorn)

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark 9 days ago

    You know, I think Jigglypuff was the only one not in any of these trailers.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark 9 days ago

    This game cheats.
    He totally got that duck.

  • YouDaFiles
    YouDaFiles 9 days ago

    Bayonetta is my fav by far!

  • Zer0scope
    Zer0scope 12 days ago

    Ok let's get real for a second. Adding Cloud to SSB was really dumb. Bayonetta and Ryu are OK, because both have some footing on Nintendo Consoles. In fact I want Bayonetta for Smash 5. But please, no Cloud.

  • Digital Horizon
    Digital Horizon 12 days ago

    God all of pits remarks about bayonetta

  • Mr.PBBaconL YT
    Mr.PBBaconL YT 16 days ago

    Smash can really make a good movie
    Instead of making the world as the World of Trophies, the story can be different
    A new villain can be connecting dimensions together trying to collect every strong fighter (Mario, Link, Pit, etc.) to make them as her/his own puppets
    As the smashers meet at first they will fight thinking that they are the guy behind all of this, but some may know of this villain and try to help others like Meta Knight, Mewtwo, or Lucario
    As the heroes finally gather their team together they can finally go to the villain to defeat this guy from destroying their worlds and combing them into a monstrous planet of many strong villains and enemies
    They can take inspiration from Brawl’s Story Mode for this

  • Albert Ye
    Albert Ye 16 days ago

    Mewtwo was skipped from Brawl because it was such a bad game.

  • Matthew Plants Vs Zombies

    29:07 always gets me... LOL

  • DarkShadow 101
    DarkShadow 101 17 days ago

    Sonic the Hedgehog is awesome

  • Primal Uktena
    Primal Uktena 18 days ago

    To this day Wii Fit Trainer still stuns me.

  • OG BamBam GO
    OG BamBam GO 18 days ago +1

    27:14 my dude just sitting there contemplating his life while getting yelled at lol

  • itsguy 246
    itsguy 246 19 days ago

    When will there be an anime/manga?

  • Tactical Wizard
    Tactical Wizard 20 days ago

    Man, I want an animation or something to honor my boi Samus

  • ArrCee
    ArrCee 21 day ago

    I just want more Donkey Kong characters

  • Christopher Bonilla Fernández

    8:27.. Where's ma money!?

  • Victor Vu
    Victor Vu 26 days ago

    1:34 Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

  • Ash
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  • dat Boi
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  • Jonah Aqui
    Jonah Aqui 26 days ago

    Jumpscare Timestamps:
    11:37 - Very spooky

  • MegaPenguin3000
    MegaPenguin3000 27 days ago +1

    Smash 4 aka half the characters from FireEmblem

  • Anthony Nieves
    Anthony Nieves 29 days ago +1

    The chrom troll still hurts everytime.

  • Marelle Carter
    Marelle Carter Month ago

    Shulk: I'm really feeling it!

  • Richard Sorgo
    Richard Sorgo Month ago

    24:44 "Watch out Luigi, these Mechkoopa robots will eat ya alive"

  • Mashed Potatozs
    Mashed Potatozs Month ago

    Oh shite these are sped up aren’t they

  • DisTuber mario
    DisTuber mario Month ago

    15:07. That kick was impressive.....FOR A MERE MORTAL.....

  • Shir Gaiser
    Shir Gaiser Month ago

    rewatching this cause why not. a new smash is coming out soon.

  • SuperNintendoPlushie

    I had never actually seen the trailers in 60fps...and now I wish I had sooner because it looks AMAZING.

  • FreekBOI
    FreekBOI Month ago

    Poor Ness

  • Jesus Moreano
    Jesus Moreano Month ago +1

    No one asked for you Corrin

  • Andros the warrior High Alpha

    I can imagine if a Marvel Character gets to be put in a Smash Bros game same with a Dynasty Warrior character too or even a DC Universe Character too.. Hell yeah that'll be insane awesome!..

  • Robo YT
    Robo YT Month ago

    A trailer of lucas was useless since he was in brawl

  • CTuchman
    CTuchman Month ago +3

    "Lucas Comes Out of Nowhere!" lol was that shade on Lucas?

  • Travis Desmond
    Travis Desmond Month ago

    If they're doing a port of the wii U game for Switch and they add a story mode, the CGI scenes in these trailers should be used in the game as well as a basis the the story.

  • Nicholas Barretto NOAA Radar pro / weather

    Amazing 😉😁

  • Ewan Does a Thing
    Ewan Does a Thing Month ago


  • Yoshikai Nintendragon

    Oh man i really hope Greninja returns in Smash Switch, i think the same for every character except the clones like Lucina and Dark Pit that could just be alternate skins.

  • Bryan Tootill
    Bryan Tootill Month ago

    20:53 Waluigi in a nutshell

  • Badtu
    Badtu Month ago

    Diz zuckz

  • theninjamaster67
    theninjamaster67 Month ago

    now Sony just needs to make another PlayStation all-stars and bring back Dante then do a cross over with smash so Dante can fight Bayonetta! then my life will be complete :3

  • Jorge Ussiel Vega
    Jorge Ussiel Vega Month ago

    Iwata :')

  • marcela lopez
    marcela lopez Month ago


  • Hudson Gilbert
    Hudson Gilbert Month ago +1

    Gee, the newcomers sure Don't like Mario

  • ProbablyLanna
    ProbablyLanna Month ago

    Soooo... was I the only one who was salty that they added Rosalina and didn't complete the 3 Princess Pair?....Like.. I'm pretty sure if they can add Dark Pit, Dr. Mario and Falco who are clearly copies with slight variations, and Duck Hunt and Fitness Trainer making them original... they can add Princess Daisy.. like? I have a right to be salty man.

  • Blocked
    Blocked Month ago

    Lyn: You have such a powerful legendary sword.
    Roy: I can use it only so many times...

  • Brobocop
    Brobocop Month ago

    Gender swap?
    Okay sure, why not.

  • Aiden Kugler
    Aiden Kugler Month ago

    Out of all the original 12... Jigglypuff couldn't be seen in the trailers at all.

  • MKNerd Music
    MKNerd Music Month ago

    Luma seems so soft and squishy.
    ...I want one.

  • Troiloka
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  • Smash4Ever
    Smash4Ever Month ago

    Cloud uses his final smash on Ike cuz his final smash IS A TOTAL RIP OFF OF IKES!!!

  • Victor Damázio
    Victor Damázio Month ago +1

    Before N. Sane Trilogy:
    "I kinda wish for Crash for Smash Bros., but not that much" - 20 upvotes
    "I would love Crash in Smash, but he is missing, it won't happen" - 15 upvotes
    "Crash in Smash Bros. is a dumb idea, he is a Sony character, plus, the character is dead" - 100 upvotes
    After N. Sane Trilogy:
    "Well, seems like Crash is back, how about him in Smash?" - 50 upvotes
    "Now I can have hope that he comes for the next Smash Bros." - 30 upvotes
    "Crash is relevant again, but he is owned by Sony, it's a dumb idea to ask him for Smash" - 80 upvotes
    After N. Sane Trilogy on Switch:
    "Crash is on Nintendo BABY! Now #Crash4Smash!" - 800 upvotes
    "Plz bring Crash to Smash Bros." - 500 upvotes
    "Crash is a dumb character, those who have Mario, don't need Crash" - 5 upvotes

  • Dog
    Dog Month ago

    I think the villager trailer was perfect cause you can see the smash logo on the red thing

  • unoriginal username

    "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum"
    >Says that while fighting Bowser Jr.

  • flootwo
    flootwo Month ago +1

    Rewatching this after switch reveal. Of course chrom appeared in robin's final smash, but maybe he's on the roster for smash 5?

  • KAMIKAZIXD mccaffity

    super smash bro reminds me of a holy grail wars and that one anime on netflix

  • Paris Cat
    Paris Cat Month ago

    If Miss Kitty Powers was a character her line with her reveal would be, “Miss Kitty finds a match!”, get it? Because she’s from a match making video game.

  • Bastien Yaiba
    Bastien Yaiba Month ago

    20:53 Maybe in Smash 5

  • Dank korn
    Dank korn Month ago

    These are the best.

    AGEINE Month ago +2

    There should be an entire Kid Icarus and Legend of Zelda crossover anime.

  • TR_ 8R
    TR_ 8R Month ago

    Shulk is really feeling it

  • Rigby
    Rigby Month ago +33

    And we’re back baby

  • Cozmic Shadow
    Cozmic Shadow Month ago +2

    This just makes me more excited for the possibility of a story mode in smash 5

  • Yo Go
    Yo Go Month ago

    6:59 and that help to do what exactly?

  • Yo Go
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  • stanstanmansasn Olivas

    32:52 si son peruanos entenderan que asi se pone fujimori con el viagra okno

  • Gary Winthorp
    Gary Winthorp Month ago

    They should make a game where all these characters can fight each other.

  • whitegenome22
    whitegenome22 Month ago

    Who’s here watching this cus of the hype for smash 5?!

  • Daniel Crecca
    Daniel Crecca Month ago

    We need an incredible story mode for smash 5. Seeing these all in a row makes me wonder what the scrapped story mode was going to be

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer Month ago

    31:09 you would think he could handle it

  • Tyke
    Tyke Month ago

    Who came back here after the Smash 5 trailer?

  • Sonic 2006 B
    Sonic 2006 B Month ago

    Sm4sh more like 5mash

  • Iced Lemonade
    Iced Lemonade Month ago

    Just make a Smash anime already

  • ISO Tomas Perez
    ISO Tomas Perez Month ago

    Cloud has rohan kishibes from jjba voice right?

  • Jocachaval C.
    Jocachaval C. Month ago +2

    Since smash for the Switch got announced is time to revive the HYPE TRAIN.

  • AJVlogsandMore
    AJVlogsandMore Month ago

    The balance board from wii fir Should be there 😂

  • Moezhyk Baghushninibar

    Rest in peace Mr. Iwata

  • David Orellana
    David Orellana Month ago +1

    I can only hear etika's screaming

  • Square
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  • Thakkattack
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  • 4arms4life
    4arms4life Month ago +1

    Since the next Smash Bros game is on the way, I think we should walk down memory lane with this.

  • Gustavo Espina
    Gustavo Espina Month ago

    It was a wild ride through sakurai's hype train now just a few months for smash switch

  • Mr Pancake3
    Mr Pancake3 Month ago

    Corrin chooses to smash!!!
    Bayonetta: time for the best part: smashing!!!

  • Literal Cringe
    Literal Cringe Month ago

    With all these trailers, they could have easily made a dope story mode.

  • Koiipo !!
    Koiipo !! Month ago

    The hype is coming back bois

  • Tommy McFast
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  • LHunter101
    LHunter101 Month ago

    Who here after smash 5 trailer?

  • Michael Gemmill
    Michael Gemmill Month ago +2

    anyone else watching this for the hype for smash 5 ?????

  • Jared Lewis
    Jared Lewis Month ago

    Smash 5

  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Gustavo Oliveira Month ago +1

    Hard man