10 Billion Dollar Ideas That Were Stolen


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    K RICHARDS Day ago


  • Hemant parakh
    Hemant parakh 2 days ago

    Sixteers of these Ideas could still be marketed

  • aayush agarwal
    aayush agarwal 3 days ago

    Everything is stolen my friends. That's life. That's the shame we carry knowingly and unknowingly. But getting so successful after stealing the idea and making into a big empire is also a lot of work. Sometimes, the founder himself/herself don't know how to put those ideas into money-making-business.
    I am not supporting stealing. But getting insprired is one thing, and stealing is another thing.
    The whole truth we can never know....

  • sayharris
    sayharris 3 days ago

    You forgot about the film the matrix

  • Mark Jr.
    Mark Jr. 4 days ago

    All these business where stolen from black talent and ideas.

  • Kareemdinho10
    Kareemdinho10 5 days ago

    Why did they sue for cash compensation? I would have asked for say: Non-voting shares on the company...

  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison 5 days ago

    You can't steal ideas, ideas are free

  • Karthikeyan Jayachandran

    Americans loves to steal anything, bcoz they can make billions easily later going public. Say thanks to Govts which has no control on the Stock markets.

  • Demon Of Hell
    Demon Of Hell 9 days ago

    3:06 Who remembers Grand Theft Auto

  • Nick Varville
    Nick Varville 10 days ago

    It's interesting to hear how others pronounce certain words and names. The NAtional BIscuit COmpany, or Nabisco, I typically hear pronounced differently. I know it's due to differences in how we pronounce things across the world, like how in the US we pronounce 'z' as 'zee' and not 'zed'.
    Just an odd thing I wanted to point out.

  • Nick Varville
    Nick Varville 10 days ago

    With screenplays, production companies often reject them, unread, merely to protect against such copyright infringement claims. Still, there are plenty of instances where similar ideas arise at the same time and across many different industries. Activision's Atari hit Freeway and Konami/Sega's release of arcade hit Frogger were developed during the same timeframe, though neither influenced the other.

  • manualLaborer
    manualLaborer 10 days ago


  • Debbie R
    Debbie R 11 days ago

    Jesus is the way to become rich...........
    He said ,"Trust me and all of your needs shall be met."
    Mathew @-27
    โ€ฆ25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
    26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
    27 For the Son of Man will come in His Fatherโ€™s glory with His angels,
    and then He will repay each one according to what he has done...

  • carroll dell
    carroll dell 13 days ago

    Where is Einstein ??

  • Mattias Vejdeland
    Mattias Vejdeland 13 days ago


    V1RUSROX2 14 days ago

    @3:01 what does Mexico got to do with this?

  • Lee OfBacup
    Lee OfBacup 14 days ago

    Most of these are ongoing or were threw out of court. Meaning that they were not stolen ideas. Or have yet to be proved stolen. So your title is bullshit.

  • Marvin PhiRatio
    Marvin PhiRatio 15 days ago

    I am eating Hydrox Cookies right now......O wait I'm eating hydroxyzine opps......nice name buttheads

  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine 15 days ago

    so the WIlly the Wizard people were ousted because they didn't have millions, well thats pretty fair then, eh? FFS!

    OFFICIAL NSA 16 days ago

    What kind of monster calls cookies biscuits? And id say strong lawsuit...damn near exact same design...ridges on edge floral pattern on each face..

  • Paolo Sala
    Paolo Sala 17 days ago

    As for Avatar: its whole imagery stole from Roger Dean's work

  • Mr. Tangent
    Mr. Tangent 18 days ago

    Yeah, so Apple started working on the Newton in 1987 so that Ross guy can suck it.

  • Zacharias Edwards
    Zacharias Edwards 19 days ago

    I hate when people steal ideas from you it's annoying. Punch him in the face.

  • Dj Death
    Dj Death 20 days ago

    kiddicraft problystole they idea from linconlogs lol

  • Arth Armani
    Arth Armani 20 days ago +1

    That phone looks nothing like iPhone, plus is easy to paint one, much harder to make one.

  • Orrin Rockwell
    Orrin Rockwell 21 day ago

    Someone plagiarizes your work, you sue them and before the court looks at the case you have to give the court 1.8 million dollars?

  • umamaheshwar v
    umamaheshwar v 22 days ago

    There is a unique style in stealing ideas by STEVE JOBS from his employeess.... no one in the world could beat it....

  • Kedar.
    Kedar. 22 days ago

    Theft is the foundation of wealth...consider Africa

  • Danny P
    Danny P 23 days ago

    Dumb! controlling Ideas to one eprson to use is like book burning. Besides, how can one person or company keeps billions of pore people from learning to make there own money by any means necessary?

  • Mason Hawks
    Mason Hawks 23 days ago

    In 1990 i was in a band and I came up with a riff to a song the singer had written, we put that song on a demo tape and sent it around various record companies and publishers in the U.K but nothing came of it, 5 years later i was at work when i heard that riff come on the radio, it was now the opening riff to a song called stupid girl by Garbage. Funny eh.

  • homie789
    homie789 24 days ago

    What about the big names like Westinghouse, Edison and Guglielmo Marconi just to name 3. There are lots of people who just rather ride others coattails than actually admit defeat.

  • Bryan 396 and My Key NanoTech Discoveries

    Think about it...The clinton's stole patents from the patent office they owned...and so do the other patent registry locations. Patents are just a way for the controllers to steal the best ideas.

  • Roland Priske
    Roland Priske 26 days ago

    Jack Daniels distillery should pay the Green family millions in reparations.

  • Crohns Disease
    Crohns Disease 27 days ago

    Where are wachowsky "brothers" and stolen matrix idea from adam wisniewski book called "robot"?

  • Raymond Fowlkes
    Raymond Fowlkes 28 days ago

    Jack Daniel, not surprised by that one,I dont even srink the shit..

  • Apple TVinTheLR
    Apple TVinTheLR Month ago

    Everywhere that something new is created exists the genius that invented it, and the jew or Mason who stole the idea and profited from it.

  • Kล™eฤkov Cune_CZ

    5:20 omg czech xDDDDD

  • Andew70
    Andew70 Month ago

    I thought the Facebook payout would be higher. One of them renounced his US Citizenship so he could live in a lower tax haven country..

  • David Parry
    David Parry Month ago +1

    *What I learned today...* _the 'american way of life' and the 'american dream' are based on theft and americans are ruthless human garbage, incapable of having original ideas._

  • semiretired86
    semiretired86 Month ago

    well LEGO actually made the Kiddicraft blocs which were without the holes in the bottom which makes the LEGO blocs and sets being more solid apperently Kiddicraft blocks didn't hold together as well as the LEGO blocs
    in fact LEGO was close to not being the sucess that it is today their factory in Billund which is in the same place where it was started in 1948 it actually burned down in the 50's

  • mido diaky
    mido diaky Month ago

    i swear i pad was my idea since 1997 my brother was witness
    but what can i do

  • Random This Channel

    Lego is better.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Month ago

    I lasted ~7 seconds.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Month ago

    10 Most Annoying Pratt Announcers...
    #1 - You!

  • Tim Schmidt
    Tim Schmidt Month ago

    Big deal. Great ideas are not uncommon - it's the implementation that is rare.

  • Xoxocube
    Xoxocube Month ago

    Nobody stole the smartphone idea. It was inevitable and everyone could see it coming, it was just a matter of time.
    Come on man.

  • Frank Garza
    Frank Garza Month ago

    Why is snap chat worth that much. ๐Ÿ˜’

  • Peadar Ruane
    Peadar Ruane Month ago

    Apple did probably rip off the idea for the iPhone, but not off that guy, but a lad in Finland who invented a smartphone back in 2003 and approached all the big phone and tech companies who turned down his idea as this was the time that the fashion in phones was all about the smallest most compact phones.
    Here is an article from 2003 about the phone.

  • daniel job
    daniel job Month ago

    The estate of Issac Asimov could sue all these tech doucebags and George Lucas as well!

  • jocsonv
    jocsonv Month ago

    Famous Amos cookies isn't included here?

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig Month ago

    Some people have ideas. Others do.

  • r3mix3r
    r3mix3r Month ago

    How on Earth is Snapchat worth more than Facebook ?? According to this video Snapchat=33 billion Facebook=10 billion How is this possible ????

  • Supaooze
    Supaooze Month ago

    0:32 0:39 is it Rose or Ross?

  • loganinkosovo
    loganinkosovo Month ago

    Steve Jobs stole every Idea Apple ever had.

  • Sam Ramos Jr
    Sam Ramos Jr Month ago

    Why isn't Tomas Edison on this list

  • Joseph T.
    Joseph T. Month ago

    They all do it, anything for money.Same as the music business and musicians.Taking others ideas and hoping they won't be caught and sued. And what the hell is so great about Oreos.

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    The 2 other freinds that were going to kick the now ceo of snapchat out of their company deserved what they got coming to them you dont come up with a idea with 3 people and kick one out entirely. I hope the 2 freinds loose the lawsuit

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    I dont feel bad for the people who claimed someone copied their idea but never implemented the product themselves.

  • Buffed Rick
    Buffed Rick Month ago

    Fun fact SC was called peekaboo but they changed it later ...

    FED UPPERSON Month ago


  • Abdul Basit Suhail
    Abdul Basit Suhail Month ago

    * Radio
    * Monopoly Board Game

  • Jeremy Ashford
    Jeremy Ashford Month ago

    Oreos are nasty

  • KING Merlin
    KING Merlin Month ago

    it wasent copied MS Dos was bought for $50000, from the engineer that made the software at some underground tech company he owned, that was located in a ware house

  • Aji Pramudya
    Aji Pramudya Month ago

    Yuckeberg is an asshole

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez Month ago

    I put the very first light on a cordless screw gun in the early summer of 1993. Later that year for Black Friday the First Purchasable cordless Screw gun with flashlight appears on store shelves. My mistake was showing everyone I worked with my invention with no patent.

  • Good human be happy

    I've had a lot of ideas stolen but i can't prove it

  • Will Canlstyegfsjjdytegfwjajhgsykwkwnnsns

    There are more ceos of Uber that just one

  • nash marshal
    nash marshal Month ago

    Bill buy msdos for low cost not stolen

  • vincent mak
    vincent mak Month ago

    If someone got a so call 10 huge billion idea and never work it out. How much does it worth? People always blame on other's success of so call stolen idea. We call this kind of people loser! No matter when where who what why how, they still are losers.

  • Patrick Erickson
    Patrick Erickson Month ago

    NA-bis-co say it with me

  • Roshan Chachane
    Roshan Chachane Month ago

    I always knew, Apple is the biggest thief company in the world. Not a single idea of their own.

  • rfvtgbzhn
    rfvtgbzhn Month ago

    5:38 The MS-DOS source code was really not created from the scratch, but it was also not exactly stolen by Microsoft. Microsoft bought an operating system named QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and later 86-DOS from the Seattle Computer Products (SCP) that was owned by a man called Tim Paterson. This system was developed further by Microsoft as MS-DOS. The dispute is mainly if Tim Paterson has stolen something from CP/M. It is clear that 86-DOS (and also MS-DOS) is very similar to CP/M.

  • rfvtgbzhn
    rfvtgbzhn Month ago

    2:18 you have to pay $1.8 million just to sue someone. Justice is only for the rich...

  • System
    System Month ago

    all others are shit without proof except that wine case

  • Max Julian
    Max Julian Month ago

    yes I believe it because as a teen i invented the Roomba vac and as a poor black kid I had no money or resources and they knew it... Still fighting and looking for answers

  • Sessamess
    Sessamess Month ago

    10 billion fรปcks I donโ€™t give

  • Shoaib Aalam
    Shoaib Aalam Month ago

    and also Microsoft and apple both stole the GUI and mouse concept from Xerox.

  • K Francis
    K Francis Month ago

    British commentators need to learn how to pronounce the names of American companies. NAbisco is pronounced naBISco.

  • radzewicz
    radzewicz Month ago

    Well wait a second, if as you claimed "some people" are STILL LOOKING FOR PROOF that Digital Research's code is in MS DOS how on earth do you figure that it was stolen? Sounds like you made a bogus video, or maybe you stole it from someone else, after all I'm still looking for proof that you stole it from somebody. Digital Research was a big loser in the PC software world, but that was their own fault. Microsoft bought the code for MS DOS from a small Seattle software company after IBM received a cold shoulder from DR.

  • VITA kyo
    VITA kyo Month ago

    The inventors of the transistor received 1$ from the Bell company they were working for ...

  • sintwoOone
    sintwoOone Month ago

    UBER in reality is just a money transference company.

  • lyon406
    lyon406 Month ago

    Gray and Bell should be on this....

  • Sylvia Soliz
    Sylvia Soliz Month ago

    That's messed up what the Lego company did, but I'm a Kreo guy so feeww

  • Andualem Wondafrash

    I mean lol you named a cookie hydrox, How the hell you going to compete against Oreo? either way don't eat Oreo, so so bad for you
    and Snapchat, Damn. You Start a business together and they
    want to kick you out, Hell no.

  • ignADA
    ignADA Month ago

    Don't tell people your idea, cause they are gold mines waiting to be stolen.

  • Carnel Jr. Faulkner

    really?... grand theft uber....

  • Nick Zzz
    Nick Zzz Month ago

    MS-DOS was bought by Gates for around 10.000$. Originally called Q-D.OS (Q-D meaning "quick" and "dirty"). So you cannot accuse Microsoft for plagiarism since they didn't build the operating system themselves.
    And no, it wasn't a copy of the source code from CP/M. It was just an OS of similar philosophy.

  • Dirt Gee
    Dirt Gee Month ago

    I sent in the patent for Cell phone Walkie Talkies threw 1-800-patent my idea they sold my idea to boost mobile

  • Ali Can Malik
    Ali Can Malik Month ago

    Thomas edison should be no.1

  • Ge0 Arc
    Ge0 Arc Month ago

    Good and Evil are just concepts, thrilll

  • awilson2525
    awilson2525 Month ago

    ms-dos ripped off Digital Equipment Co. Vax Operating system. CP/M ripped off Digital Equipment company's PDP operating system. All credit should go to Digital Equipment Company.

  • Sans the spooky scary skeloton

    Lol face book was like here bitch take this 65Mโ€™s and shut up then proceeds on with their billions ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • Mohammad Hamza
    Mohammad Hamza Month ago

    A smart person dont copy he steal the ideas.

  • Jim Ellison
    Jim Ellison Month ago

    GREAT VIDEO................

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago

    so china is only a small player.

  • Banderas Vaduva
    Banderas Vaduva Month ago

    Guess who does not give a shit? Steve Jobs.

  • bora111bora
    bora111bora 2 months ago

    If someone has a good idea for a product, it doesn't mean he can earn millions on it. Making a profitable product requires much more than just idea... and that is why those people failed, they had just and idea, not because someone copied them. If those ideas weren't copied, they would probably be forgoten.

  • Nadir Kambata
    Nadir Kambata 2 months ago

    Just uploaded my first ever Vlog!. It's about Money and Happiness could you let me know what you think? :)

  • Charlie Czaras
    Charlie Czaras 2 months ago

    facebook had a value of over 300 billions in 2016 dummy

  • Roy Perkins
    Roy Perkins 2 months ago

    This is bullshit the recipe for whiskey is older than the English settlement in North America it's Scottish and Irish in origin not
    American it's listed in the history as early as 1405 ,so how exactly does Jack Daniels steal a recipe that's been common knowledge for 3 to400 years before he was born? Idiot fact check before you post your fake news ! Whiskey is mash and water fermented and turned into sugar water that's cooked turned into steam and is distilled with grain alcohol being the end result! It's been made the world over for thousands of years idiot!