Awkwafina on Her Family, Her Name & Crazy Rich Asians

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • Awkwafina talks about how she chose her name, what her family thinks of her career, shooting her new movie Crazy Rich Asians and living in Beijing.
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    Awkwafina on Her Family, Her Name & Crazy Rich Asians
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Comments • 1 822

  • Paul Manafort
    Paul Manafort 18 hours ago

    I want to marry her

  • Davies Sidney
    Davies Sidney Day ago

    Love her to no end. Hate Jimmy's guts.

  • Tran Hoang
    Tran Hoang Day ago

    Amen sista!!! Better represent👏🏼👏🏼 I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME OF THIS MOVIE❤️💛 it was truly amazing!

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 3 days ago

    About time we saw some funny Asian women in American movies.....long overdue!! Go Awkwa!!!

  • firdaus125
    firdaus125 4 days ago

    She sounds like that girl from Orange is the new black

  • naej J
    naej J 5 days ago

    She sounds like Miley😊

  • nemaminika
    nemaminika 5 days ago

    She's hilarious :D

  • Matt Mac
    Matt Mac 6 days ago

    Got a voice like she deepthoats a bastard file

  • Gixxer90
    Gixxer90 10 days ago

    She needs to drink some aquafina because her throat is dry af

  • K G
    K G 12 days ago

    She's so lovely.

  • Unknown One
    Unknown One 12 days ago

    Who is this

  • Jj Fad
    Jj Fad 13 days ago +1

    Id smash

  • James Ebola
    James Ebola 14 days ago

    When you have no talent at all, pick a silly name to draw attention to yourself. It works well in USA. By the way, why is she always hunched over?

  • Jim Holecek
    Jim Holecek 15 days ago

    I like her raspy voice. Could listen to it all day long.

  • Lisa Wilson
    Lisa Wilson 16 days ago

    She’s really intriguing.

  • aTypicalAZNgirl
    aTypicalAZNgirl 16 days ago

    I'm crying now. 😭 But I love you Awkwafina, you always make me laugh!!

  • Trevenus
    Trevenus 16 days ago

    I thought this is that kid that flexes

  • John Larry
    John Larry 16 days ago


  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Awkwafina is Miley Cyrus, Wearing Prosthetics!

  • Miles North
    Miles North 18 days ago

    She's marginally cute but the nice thing is that she can also do the laundry - when not chained up to the basement radiator, that is.

  • Hector Castellanos
    Hector Castellanos 18 days ago

    No one talks about Asians Americans whuy ....

  • Hector Castellanos
    Hector Castellanos 18 days ago

    Nahhh . Asia's are the snow flakes

  • itsjemmabond
    itsjemmabond 19 days ago

    So this is the woman who has the voice of a 58-year-old divorce attorney?

    INGSOC 20 days ago

    I ❤ her!!!

  • Darryl Banks
    Darryl Banks 20 days ago

    Well that was awkward... Lots of small-talk filler, but they plowed through it like professionals

  • Subliminal Enterprise
    Subliminal Enterprise 20 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel asks all the wrong questions and he really looks like an idiot especially over the fact that he's sexually harass women on the New York city streets and it's been recorded on camera for his show way back in the day this guy is a dumbass I don't know why people watchem

  • lockstam
    lockstam 21 day ago

    She’s adorable and funny.

  • Le Corny
    Le Corny 21 day ago +1

    Its nice her parents were cool with her pursuing her dream in art. Meanwhile Im stuck in this hell of pursuing a medical career...typical asian thing.

  • Motif
    Motif 22 days ago


  • hollywoodshopaholic
    hollywoodshopaholic 22 days ago

    She’s so adorable

  • The Money View The Money View Group

    OMG she was the best thing in the movie and made it all bareable funny as hell.

  • Jun Dequina
    Jun Dequina 23 days ago

    Hahaha "asian turkey"

  • Arya Nair
    Arya Nair 25 days ago

    I am loving this

  • Giselle B
    Giselle B 25 days ago

    she's the best part of crazy rich asians just sayin

  • ImmaGhost
    ImmaGhost 25 days ago

    Did she just say asians have no personality with the asian turkey reference...

  • Pastechi
    Pastechi 26 days ago

    She a cool ass asian

  • Jen mcewan
    Jen mcewan 27 days ago +1

    Went to see movie yesterday great film

  • yên le
    yên le 28 days ago

    Her voice is the same Miley Cyrus, pretty deep voice

  • Bubbly Boo
    Bubbly Boo 29 days ago

    Her role and her family in the movie are hilarious ....
    They made the movie so fun to watch.....

  • mmafan2223
    mmafan2223 29 days ago

    She's a talented actress, very funny and played her role well in CRA!

  • Eungmi Kim
    Eungmi Kim 29 days ago

    she is great !

  • toonmili03
    toonmili03 Month ago

    I love her voice

  • Adu Bhandaru
    Adu Bhandaru Month ago

    She's funnier than Kimmel.

  • Fey Fey
    Fey Fey Month ago

    I’ve just finished watching Crazy Rich Asians. Love the movie! 💯♥️ Love the casts. Love everything about it. 💓

  • bobby williams
    bobby williams Month ago

    Great job.👍👍👍👍

  • Kai Umeda
    Kai Umeda Month ago

    She’s as funny as Ellen

  • Devon Brooks
    Devon Brooks Month ago

    You're not even acting 1:26 I FREAKING LOVE HER VOICE

  • Raunaq B
    Raunaq B Month ago

    Terrible interview by Jimmy. Pretty clear she was getting tired of the bird talk

  • S N
    S N Month ago


  • Alexandriah אלכסנדריה

    Awkwafina has a beautiful voice....I like her even better in person. Really cute girl (Aquafina) haha (^_^). Her natural dark hair is really pretty vs the wierd dyed yellow hair on "Crazy rich asians".

    ONEUX Month ago

    Clearly not a designer nobody says “its just papaya”

  • andi alamsyah putra

    Awkwafina vs Awkarin


    She sounds like amethyst

  • Mills Obb
    Mills Obb Month ago

    She reminds me a lot of Natasha Lyonne

  • Paul Relf
    Paul Relf Month ago

    My celebrity crush. Talented, super hot and I LOVE her voice!

  • 626lololol
    626lololol Month ago

    The thing is, I’m Asian Australian, lived in HK for a while. I grew up with Hollywood shows and Disney, and I always felt left out. I wondered why my culture wasn’t like theirs and why I couldn’t have cool Caucasian features, or why my parents weren’t cool Caucasians who were chill. I couldn’t relate to the western shows so I just aspired to be them. But I reckon more movies like this would start making young Asian Australian feel less left out, and that we can be proud of being Asian because our culture is just as important

  • Sherlinta Kaban
    Sherlinta Kaban Month ago

    sounds like Miley Cyrus's voice.

  • Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas Month ago +1

    Hey Henry you are very Charming young man I enjoyed your movie Crazy rich the other one that you played into it pretty good you're awesome

  • kelvin nelson
    kelvin nelson Month ago

    Her voice is everythinggggg. Love

  • Cecilio Hagos Jr.
    Cecilio Hagos Jr. Month ago

    shes naturally funny.. love her in Oceans 8 and crazy rich asians..wish more solo movies

  • Stevan Ruutana
    Stevan Ruutana Month ago

    This is ASIAN PRIDE!

  • 李孟君
    李孟君 Month ago

    只可惜她是 日本人 如果她會說 中文 那該🈶多好🤔

  • nanda anindita
    nanda anindita Month ago

    Love her voice!

  • Amit Kher
    Amit Kher Month ago

    An awesome movie. It gives the Bollywood and Hollywood a run for their money. I Loved every bit of this movie. If it were me, I'd nominate it for Oscars.

  • L Hunt
    L Hunt Month ago

    I love her voice,

  • Anitra Thompson
    Anitra Thompson Month ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE AWKWAFINA!!!!!!! 😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍 She is one of a kind! So real, intelligent, and hilarious! ❤️

  • will_draw4java
    will_draw4java Month ago

    I loved her in 'Dude'

  • Enlin Zoo
    Enlin Zoo Month ago

    I love her sm

  • lumos minima
    lumos minima Month ago

    "that's just papaya" lol

  • griiseknoen
    griiseknoen Month ago

    Awkwafina's a genius

  • Mux Muxan
    Mux Muxan Month ago

    Danny In LA is Quaking rn

  • Jeannie Yang
    Jeannie Yang Month ago

    Shes soooo cute and hilarious; I really like her short blond hair from CRA.

  • Beto 23
    Beto 23 Month ago

    She has a stupid ass nickname and she’s not even funney how is this biznitch famous

  • snilrach
    snilrach Month ago

    damn...people didn't get the jokes about Joy Luck Club's massive budget and HUGE success.

  • F is the bomb
    F is the bomb Month ago

    awkwardfina jokes

  • remizart
    remizart Month ago

    I just finished watching this movie and Searching! She is amazing and I was very happy to support both Asian films this even! Great job with them both and hopefully much more to come. ❤️

  • Edward Chen
    Edward Chen Month ago

    She should wear the outfits in the film

  • cupnoodle11
    cupnoodle11 Month ago

    she's so cool!

  • Shen Shen
    Shen Shen Month ago

    The only Chinese American actor I like. She is down to earth and real.

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart Month ago

    I really like her in crazy rich Asians. Hope she go far from there.

  • Kristen Hart
    Kristen Hart Month ago

    I saw this movie last weekend and I came out crying too! It was so good and this gal was so funny in it. Lots of all types of people in the theater watching it and it’s pretty vanilla where I live. Quite a few older people (in their 60’s)watching it too. ❤️. I highly recommend it!

  • MikeM
    MikeM Month ago

    "What are you doing chasing your own goals, be a good daughter and be an Air Traffic Controller!" - Exact the representation of the movie

  • cryogenicheart2019
    cryogenicheart2019 Month ago

    Sounds like she just slept in LOL no way she “explored asia” and could only struggle to talk about some “bird park”

  • Yali Ding
    Yali Ding Month ago

    Government sanction magazine.....

  • shirley ma
    shirley ma Month ago

    I was thinking to myself why does she sound so familiar. LOL. She has a very similar voice to Miley Cyrus.

  • good evening.
    good evening. Month ago

    the bird park is weird

  • Tylerrightfoot
    Tylerrightfoot Month ago +1

    I’m Malaysian-Chinese and born in Sg. 😏

  • Ms. R
    Ms. R Month ago +1

    I like her voice

  • Ban Gtan
    Ban Gtan Month ago

    I loved her but not the interview. He kept interrupting her when she was getting into detail.

  • DoubleDS9
    DoubleDS9 Month ago

    Excellent interview. I had no idea who she was before this interview and learned a lot mor about her story, amazing.

  • Florence Truong
    Florence Truong Month ago

    I'm so happy i'M CRYING TEARS OF JOY

  • Jefry Dimaliwat
    Jefry Dimaliwat Month ago

    Asian Ellen lol

  • Remy D
    Remy D Month ago

    Awkwafina is my favourite actress.

  • Miserable life of Linda

    So great seeing Black people supporting this movie! ❤️

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First Month ago


  • cocococo
    cocococo Month ago

    This interview is so smooth. It's like watching two people have a normal conversation, there's no awkwardness nor tension. I love this!!

  • Darren Clapson
    Darren Clapson Month ago

    Oh come on, there's massive representation of Asians in cinema..... in Asia.

  • Say L
    Say L Month ago

    I love her in the movie. Such a great personality!

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Month ago

    She’s got a dope voice and I love how she talks with her hands. Fuckin dope.

  • serialkilla23
    serialkilla23 Month ago

    Good to see Asian American in film but Asian American have nothing Asian in them , they are pretty much trying to be white.