The Taylor Swift "You Need To Calm Down" Backlash, Bella Thorne, Hong Kong Extradition, & Iran

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
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    Bella Thorne Posts Own Photos:
    2 Million Attend Protests in Hong Kong:
    Previous Coverage:
    Iran Threatens to Violate Nuclear Deal’s Limits on Uranium:
    Taylor Swift’s Music Video Criticized:
    More News Not Included In Show Today:
    Phoenix Mayor Apologizes After Police Incident:
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave White House:
    Brazil Supreme Court Vote:
    Flint Prosecutors Drop All Criminal Charges:
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    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Sami Sherwyn
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  5 months ago +1017

    Happy Monday! Here are those timecodes:
    Bella Thorne Posts Photos (00:06), Slate Article on Taylor Swift (02:27), TIA (04:56), Hong Kong Protests (06:07), Tensions in Iran (10:10)

    • Hum phrey
      Hum phrey 5 months ago +1

      @Ali Ghabbour They won't accomplish that if China keeps on trampling on other countries like ours. I really hope that HongKong gains independence from China.

    • Ali Ghabbour
      Ali Ghabbour 5 months ago +1

      @Hum phrey I agree with you definitely China needs a break from everything
      First China needs democracy and human rights and be a good example of how to respect the minorities and stop abusing women and children and accept diversities and equity

    • Hum phrey
      Hum phrey 5 months ago +1

      Dear Americans,
      Please remove all your companies in China. Do you have any idea how many Asian countries and other countries are suffering everyday because of China? Do you have any idea how China has been conquering our lands, resources and seas? Please open your eyes. You are giving them so much money that is why they have so much power. We do not mind power, but what China is doing to us other Asian countries who are not even Chinese, is not democratic, full of injustice, they change the story and lie. Why did you give them so much economic power? How can we fight them when we are just small countries? Their military has been surrounding us.
      Do you know what's happening in Hong Kong? Carrie Lam is one of the "approved" candidates of China. Only 1,200 "people" were allowed to vote.

    • Le Wats
      Le Wats 5 months ago

      👩‍💼👊me, Philly D!

    • Ali Ghabbour
      Ali Ghabbour 5 months ago +1

      @faffy acuta no I think she wanted to make a new version of her like a mature woman but sadly not with creating a family and having a babies and be a good example of a successful woman in her career and in her love life like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera or Adele
      She took the easiest way like lady gaga and Katie Perry

  • Emmett LaFave
    Emmett LaFave 3 months ago

    Cool to support lgbt but guys I work rly hard on making good songs they don't get as many views as her's can u check them out they're on my channel

  • likira111
    likira111 3 months ago

    Hearing it on the radio I always thought the "you need t calm down" song was about attacking annoying men at the club since they seem to be a popular target.

  • stecky87
    stecky87 4 months ago

    Knowing that Bella Thorne 1: has a book out 2: isn't pressing charges despite the fact that she threatened sending the FBI after him, makes her story look fishy.

    Also, she doesn't win, & she took nothing back: the guy wanted the nudes released, she released them.

  • Dejay Pierce
    Dejay Pierce 4 months ago

    Nobody would be good if they were never punished for the things they did wrong. How is it possible to learn and grow if everything you did had no repercussions.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    At this point with Iran, I regard them as having earned military intervention. However, the human cost of such a thing is certainly not worth the benefits, so I understand the reasoning for a more diplomatic approach to the situation. And it is by this merit, that I believe our current... administration (if you could call that sham such a thing) has failed us. Sanctions are almost always a safe bet, but withdrawing from a diplomatic accord for the sake of "saving face" when nuclear and military implications are on the table, is both incredibly irresponsible and ineffective. The U.S. needs to rejoin the accord, and begin de-escalation. Obviously Iran won't, but there comes a point where indulging a belligerent can be far more beneficial than stooping to their level. This, is most certainly that point.

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I'm elated to hear that the extradition legislation has been suspended, but I agree that the fight is far from over. I hate saying it like that too... as if I'm actually involved when in fact I'm just sitting here typing about it. Either way, I'm glad to see that the citizens there haven't lost momentum, and have clearly made an impact. I look forward to seeing the eventual striking down of that bill, but I shudder to think what such issues speak of the future...

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    As much as I am convinced that Taylor's song and vid (and those of many other mainstream pop stars) are primarily PR plays, I can't help but admire the end results for the causes, most of which are objectively good and noble. Regarding that Slate journalist, I do find it rather sad that she feels the need to attack Taylor as much as she does. I understand being disillusioned with the "fakeness" of many mainstream figureheads, but there are much healthier ways of expressing that, and hers was not one of them...

  • JustPassingThrough
    JustPassingThrough 4 months ago

    I'm honestly on the fence about the Bella Thorne thing. I'm skeptical enough to believe it is a deception, but I also find it equally plausible that it is not. If it is a deception, may her career suffer for it. If it is NOT a deception, than I absolutely applaud her taking control of the blackmail.

  • Just Another Happy Humanist

    Trump is obviously trying to instigate some false flags so that he has a pretext to attack Iran. He has been on this for some time now. He wants to undo the good that Obama was able to do within the region.

  • SystemzOverload
    SystemzOverload 4 months ago

    well fucking done belle, and i sure as shit wont be intrested in them photo's out of respect for her. fucking brave and really powerful move.

  • RozuRules
    RozuRules 5 months ago


  • horizontal120
    horizontal120 5 months ago

    the tanker thing rely< souns like us is trying somting shady to start a war ... aka total us mo ...

  • skeerk
    skeerk 5 months ago

    I am *not* in the mood for a war today

  • REXXltm
    REXXltm 5 months ago

    the thing with taylor is the song isn't a lgbt anthem, it is an anti hater anthem that happens to have a verse about anti-lgbt people. it isn't brave she hasn't been saying this since the movement started, it is a safe move and a business move. she did it for the same reason companies make pride logos to "show their support" because they know that'll get you to buy there product.

  • Glam Dring
    Glam Dring 5 months ago

    You told not all i know why

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 5 months ago +1

    Protip: stop pandering to SJWs, cause nothing is ever enough and they'll always find a reason to complain and grab the opportunity to play victims.

  • Obdus
    Obdus 5 months ago

    I hate watching the news UNLESS I am watching this guy. Subscribed ;)

  • Veronica Wilson
    Veronica Wilson 5 months ago

    Taylor swift is mad fake lol do ur research

  • Peanut B
    Peanut B 5 months ago


  • youraveragedude
    youraveragedude 5 months ago

    11:04 remind you philip
    Ever since the deal was signed US never lifted not one single economic sanction. They made a fool out of Iran
    And to top it all off, they left the deal saying it was bad while not even committing to it not for ever a month.
    And after that they started an “Economy Terrorism” where donald trump sanctioned the fuck out of Iran and still is.

  • Mukhayriq
    Mukhayriq 5 months ago

    What happened to the Saturday and Sunday videos?

  • Sara Rahimpour
    Sara Rahimpour 5 months ago

    Wtf Iran didn’t attack the tankers, they shot down an UN MANNED drone...

  • Sara Rahimpour
    Sara Rahimpour 5 months ago

    As an Iranian-American (born and raised in the U.S) I wanted to make a quick comment:
    For those supporting a war with Iran, really think about what you’re saying. Look at it from a humanitarian/ethical perspective. I’m visiting Iran currently for a month and looking around, everyone is suffering. There are people starving, dying of lack of proper medicine, etc. because of the sanctions put on Iran by the United States. I have family here and I’ve seen them suffer. I have a 14-year-old-cousin who dreams of coming to America to be a dentist. She loves listening to Taylor Swift and dancing. She plays piano and obsessed over the Iranian football team. Her favourite colour is purple.
    Think of this girl when you’re supporting a war with a country filled with people who LOVE America and American people. The Iranian government has, for decades, gone against the people’s mentality. The GOVERNMENT doesn’t like America. But average, everyday people adore Americans and Europeans. We don’t want a war. No one should want to go to war and kill people. It’s absurd.

  • Nimit Vikrama
    Nimit Vikrama 5 months ago

    I think Bella Throne controversy was a publicity gimmick. She wants to sell her bogus book.

  • deftrek
    deftrek 5 months ago

    Why did Chinese-Christian faith healing show up for you as an advertiser? Very unusual...

  • Jayee
    Jayee 5 months ago

    8:08 - BAHAHAHA,. For those who speak Cantonese, you'll get it. ;)

  • notsosxechris
    notsosxechris 5 months ago

    Phil, let me assure you, my penmanship makes yours look like cursive.

  • Lee Leister
    Lee Leister 5 months ago

    I love that you threaten to punch your viewers in the throat but you wanna give the writer of that article a hug

  • OliviaArt
    OliviaArt 5 months ago

    Lol maybe a bit late on this but I think Bella was just 👌👌. Like, oh u got nudes of me and is gonna post them? YEET IMMA POST THEM AND THE MESSAGES YOU SENT ME!!

  • The Geekpublican
    The Geekpublican 5 months ago

    The government is meant to represent the people. This desire to hear from the people is a good move from the Hong Kong Government. It is also good that China, at least on its face, is allowing it to occur on its own. However, I am sick of protesters winning and then pushing for more. This actually hurts reform movements by making it seem like we will never be satisfied. This is a good victory. I don't have enough information to call for the bill being pulled, but if the People of Hong Kong do not want it, then the Hong Kong Parliament cannot pass the law.

  • Nytephyre
    Nytephyre 5 months ago

    Yeah Taylor's video is just pathetic pandering and virtue signaling. For the most part people don't give a fuck about your sexuality. Besides, gay is near the bottom of the oppression olympics now. The left eat their own.

  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles 5 months ago

    Celebrities often make up stories like this to get more attention from the media. Who cares...

  • Cybernetik Soul
    Cybernetik Soul 5 months ago +1

    For the Bella Thorne thing, I get wanting to look for him and scare him straight but it's a little nice that she's not trying to mess up his life. But he's got this one time, next time he won't be so lucky, I'm guessing

  • Heath Northam
    Heath Northam 5 months ago

    IF this “hacker” has nudes of other celebrities, and you decide not to go after them, then YOU are taking control from those other victims. Seems fishy.

  • Real Melancholy
    Real Melancholy 5 months ago

    I feel Christina is right that Traylor Swift is pandering to the gay community with her use of colorful imagery and "prominent" gay members.
    Traylor Swift has really never shown herself to be present in the conversation of equal rights for colored and lgbtqia individuals.
    It just seems very convenient, and lucrative, for her brand to present this side that never really existed before.
    Some may say that she's changed and is now an "ally" and providing donations to the most obvious white faced network of gay production.
    But this is not enough to simply give your money and release a music video. It's a stage for her. Just because you have gay men do your make up, your hair, dress you, teach you a few dance moves that came from Beyonce, doesn't mean you're a true friend to us.
    Provide is with the understanding, and the shed of tears, when a black trans woman is murdered on her way home, when a boy is pushed out the house to deal with the world with pain as his shield, to understand the stories of growing up being on your knees praying to God to take the gay away.
    This has never been apart of get conversation. And to me, it still doesn't seem today. At least not in its genuineness.
    To me, the real stories of what's going on is too much for her, and too complex to understand/care. Taylor is a simple bitch.
    From her, I honestly refused to be sold to, or, spoken so honestly by Christina, patted on the head.
    And honestly Phil, I'm sadden. You being a cis hetero male can't really speak on the perspective of an individual's whom this is being sold to.
    Obviously Traylor has a record on cashing in on what's current or socially salacious to her own story. It would be irresponsible not to approach her with the same skepticism.

  • Rojer Maharjan
    Rojer Maharjan 5 months ago

    Hong Kong is a western base in the east. China only wants whats good for their people which include the people of Hong Kong.

  • Martin Stringer
    Martin Stringer 5 months ago

    Every single time an american soldier dies from an IED made by Iran or a terrorist act directly linked to Iran we should drop one MOAB on one of their oil wells. One incident, one well. How many would it take to wipe out their primary source of income i wonder.

  • Will
    Will 5 months ago +1

    God she doesn’t donate they call her a homophobe, she gives money away and she’s being desperate

  • Bree
    Bree 5 months ago

    She hella leaked her own photos lol

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis 5 months ago

    I'm not a monster, I'm just deployed and its hard to watch TVclip floating in the middle of the ocean.

  • Goober Doober9595
    Goober Doober9595 5 months ago

    not even past story. why can't people be left alone? Taylor Swift did something. It didn't hurt anyone. How could you be angry?

  • shadday2007
    shadday2007 5 months ago

    Man, real talk, I don't believe a damn thing the U.S. is claiming with the tanker attacks. Our government has lied to the public so much in the past to just take anything they claim with no criticism. The conflicting stories of what exactly attacked the tankers already proves to me that you should take what the government says with a grain of salt.

  • SinOfDisaster
    SinOfDisaster 5 months ago

    Bella Thorne is faking this shit. It was way too convenient that it comes out right when her book hits the shelves.

  • Frances Zapata
    Frances Zapata 5 months ago

    Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone

    • Jennifer Lyn
      Jennifer Lyn 5 months ago

      They're working on it. He said so in a previous video.

  • Chris Finkbohner
    Chris Finkbohner 5 months ago

    Bella who?

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago

    Nukes are just talk. No country that wants to exist in the future will ever fire off a nuke as that country would immediately be taken down by everyone else. It's basicly permission for other countries to invade you at that point. The US only got away with it during WW2 because they were the only ones to have them at the time.

  • nah im good
    nah im good 5 months ago

    Taylor Swift: just heard about homophobia :/ thats tuff

  • alicealive93
    alicealive93 5 months ago +14

    "Heres the attention you ordered" 😂😂 savage

  • klumpy777
    klumpy777 5 months ago

    Israel hates Iran, so there guard dog the USA will destroy them.

  • Galagya
    Galagya 5 months ago

    I actually agree about the patting gay people on the head thing. We have equal rights at this point. We got what we wanted. Homophobia will always exist (as with any form of hate), but is no longer considered normal. We have achieved so much, & are finally essentially like everyone else.
    Instead of letting me live my life, I get coddled & reassured & defended against a nonexistent attacker all the time. It's exhausting and cringey. I'm not a child. This is absurd. It's an empty talking point, now. It's lost any real weight. It's officially just a feel-good attention grab. So yeah, don't get me wrong, free speech dude! Sing your song, make your stance, you do you. But while the squeaky wheels of the community will support you, the vast majority of the same-sex-attracted community will roll their eyes and live their lives as usual. We honestly find it annoying when people endlessly virtue signal. Honestly, the only positive is the fact that people were encouraged to give to help others... while there are different organizations that are desperately needed and underfunded & GLADD isn't one of them, anything that helps people is ultimately a good thing.
    But yeah, definitely feels like a pat on the head. I'll just say no thanks and move on.

  • Gam3 0ver
    Gam3 0ver 5 months ago

    This Bellathorne thing smells like another Jussie Smollet, another way to increase the value of your brand be it a book or to make yourself a higher profile actor.
    If there are claims she was hacked or whatever then the police should get involved and if it turns out to be bullshit she should get a heavy fine at the very least.

  • Millyy15
    Millyy15 5 months ago

    Sigh. US is framing other countries again. * cough * 9/11 * cough *
    Those tanker attacks are clearly just another inside job. Like the crew says , it was a flying object, obviously an American drone.

  • TFWB
    TFWB 5 months ago

    Dangerous things are happening in the world. And I'm obviously not talking about Taylor or Bella. I'm scared y'all.

  • Sam_inColour
    Sam_inColour 5 months ago

    Honestly, I’m probably late on this but I 100% agree that Taylor was baiting and cashing in on the LGBT community. It’s a terrible song - both production wise and lyrically. It’s great she wants to support GLAAD and LGBT people, but she could have done it in a more creative and less-trash way. The song is terrible. The music video is terrible. Everything is a cliche and just plays on common stereotypes of gay people and only features gay icons of a particular look or with certain characteristics. She’s just cashing in on the pink dollar to get attention.
    In five years I hardly think anyone will be singing the song as an LGBT anthem in the same way they sing Born this Way or Raise Your Glass.

  • Kablou
    Kablou 5 months ago

    Who is Bella Thorne...?

  • Redvines69
    Redvines69 5 months ago

    Looked up Bella Thorne and realized that I've never seen anything she was in, and I'm ok with that. Also, how long do we have to wait for Israel to just remove Iran's nuke project like they have done in the past?

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 5 months ago

    "Iran" attacked tankers that totally is not a false flag like the US has done in the past, yep... llol

  • Jamestercool
    Jamestercool 5 months ago

    I like the meaning of what Taylor did it's really amazing to see that but let's all not forget the people who usually talk trash about LGBT think of the whinny idiots who can't be happy and want things censored and get offended of everything so good on you Taylor ^^

  • Kristin D
    Kristin D 5 months ago

    I had a lot of ads on this video. Is that the knew thing? Or does that just mean ads are working properly for once?