VENOM TRAILER Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • VENOM starring Tom Hardy has a new trailer with some clues pointing to Carnage and Eddie Brock's origin. Why wasn't "Venom" in this Venom teaser? Erik Voss points out all the Venom Easter Eggs you missed, including the villain and which Marvel comic storylines are influencing this story. Will Spider-Man cameo in Venom?
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Comments • 734

  • AirBorneNS _
    AirBorneNS _ Year ago

    I thought the teaser was perfect, it did what it was supposed to do, tease us, that final shot of Eddie on the hospital with the symbiote slowly crawling up his neck make its ominous and awesome

  • Jackson Cellerini

    no carnage

  • Fernando Lopez Jr

    Please send me a link to the video with that image of him holding the notebook

  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore Year ago


  • AnthonyFox Gaming

    the forest eddie is in is where LOGAN died

  • The RadioRacer Group

    Carnage has telepathic powers

  • shadow glitcher
    shadow glitcher Year ago

    I found out why the computers went to the sides

  • shadow glitcher
    shadow glitcher Year ago


  • Evelyn Simmons
    Evelyn Simmons Year ago


  • Rohit Bhushan
    Rohit Bhushan Year ago

    Spideys' dead bruh...😐

  • Orion Inc.
    Orion Inc. Year ago

    Go break down the full trailer. It has Venom in it.

    TWENZY BATZ Year ago

    Has anyone ever wonders why peter might not make a cameo because first of all avenger infinity war will be taking place this Friday and I believe spidey might be... gone but still there are universe spideys

    TWENZY BATZ Year ago

    I was gonna say that there is a official trailer by Sony but I’m 2 months late so I can’t say it cuz it might have not been out yet

  • Chaos and Gore
    Chaos and Gore Year ago +1

    It's Kasady. K A S A D Y! Not Kasaday.

  • Rayquaza Pasta
    Rayquaza Pasta Year ago

    Is this a part of the MCU?

  • Yeuktin
    Yeuktin Year ago

    Eric Looks like Tom Hardy but Chubbier

  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi Year ago

    tom hardy is just the shit. anything w hardy is bound to be good. one of the few times i feel like he looks like himself; such a chameleon

  • antonio mansen
    antonio mansen Year ago

    Hei do the second trailer

  • MAXO9199
    MAXO9199 Year ago

    THAT ad before the video started "Hi, my name is Danny and I'm an addict" *skip* "Hi, I'm Erik Voss"

  • Ameer Ababil
    Ameer Ababil Year ago

    yess will be awesome

  • King_EnderBrine
    King_EnderBrine Year ago

    Carnage is in the movie so it's rated R mark my words everyone

  • Klint Karas
    Klint Karas Year ago

    Do we know the rating yet? Cuz carnage will never be done well in a pg13 movie.

  • Klint Karas
    Klint Karas Year ago

    I really hope we end up with flash Thompson in a couple of movies.

  • Mr. GamesAlot
    Mr. GamesAlot Year ago

    6:17 Notice how his hand and arm are black

  • Mr. GamesAlot
    Mr. GamesAlot Year ago

    2:54 And shortly after that commited suicide.

  • CypherVn
    CypherVn Year ago +1

    If heath ledger didnt die he'd be perfect to play as Carnage tbh.

    FOREVER B Year ago

    JOHN DOE!!!

  • Nikolas Scott
    Nikolas Scott Year ago

    Spiderman would never cameo in this movie. This was made mostly by Sony, not entirely marvel. The spiderman in the sony-marvel universe was Andrew Garfield. He was fired because he dissed sony. However, if I'm not mistaken, Tom holland- the marvel-marvel spiderman- was LENDED to marvel by sony. So/but if there was a possibility that spiderman could cameo in this, I would love it if he would be in the VERY first scene, getting rid of venom, eventually leading venom to finding Eddie or getting captured. Also, spiderman would do something to anger Eddie.

  • MrBolt BO3/PS4
    MrBolt BO3/PS4 Year ago

    Sony have said Spiderman (Tom Holland) gets one scene in the movie

  • Deadkill Z
    Deadkill Z Year ago

    a peter parker cameo would be cool but if they put spiderman i think thats pushing it

  • crUfLOx mlm
    crUfLOx mlm Year ago

    is it just me or did someone else spot tom holland's peter parker's silhoute in a suit facing a car rt before the symbiote is shown?

  • Fi Dang Yang
    Fi Dang Yang Year ago

    At 6:16 u can actually see sum of the symbiote on Eddie's arm.

  • ReviewMe
    ReviewMe Year ago

    Now this is just a theory, but when the computers and employees get blown away, it could have been Hazmat, a villain to Venom who is a scientist. But if a stretch, but that’s all I got. XD

  • nic the native demon

    Am i the only one who thinks the raw symbiote looks like living vibranium

  • Gabino Rubio
    Gabino Rubio Year ago

    Heck yeah a peter cameo

  • Nikoli Krzeminski

    I said carnage right before he said carnage!
    What if carnage is attacking the building

  • Unhelpful Revelations

    Hey, as long as the actual trailer isn't like this, I'm not worried.

  • Noah McGill
    Noah McGill Year ago +1


  • Mo Moツ
    Mo Moツ Year ago



    Oh damn

  • JChandler36
    JChandler36 Year ago

    I realy realy hope this is related to what happens in Infinity War, and that ship thing at 3:33 happens to be from Infinity War, and that we possibly see Spidy get sick from his return thus leading to venom.
    I somewhat doubt this, but it would be pretty cool.

  • ayush raavi
    ayush raavi Year ago

    your personality is like Ian hecox from smosh

  • Deez Nawtz
    Deez Nawtz Year ago

    what universe is this set in?

  • CarpeDiemTomorrow
    CarpeDiemTomorrow Year ago +1

    I'm hoping this to be a dark excellent film. Confident with Hardy in it

  • EJ3333
    EJ3333 Year ago +1

    This movie is real not fan made it was in theaters as a trailer before certain movies!

  • Sid .A.
    Sid .A. Year ago +1

    If carnage is in this we all know that it's gonna be R rated

  • Payten Snipes
    Payten Snipes Year ago

    If they had carnage in this movie than it would be close to nc-17 rating

  • Mega Zeta
    Mega Zeta Year ago

    I think it's likely that the "telekinetic blast" part will, in the movie, feature tentacles of the symbiote that haven't been rendered in CG yet in the trailer. The reason why people and monitors get swept aside is that they're at the height of the tentacles.

  • Ben Stewart
    Ben Stewart Year ago

    They probably edited out a symbiote tendril coming from Brock in the office scene. Much like in Thor Ragnarok how they did the same thing with Thor losing his eye. Js

  • Negasonic NRG
    Negasonic NRG Year ago

    I wanna see peter

  • Shinken7
    Shinken7 Year ago

    Enough of the trailer is shown. Too many people complain that too much is in the trailers, now too many will complain that there's not enough shown here.

  • Georg Laubichler
    Georg Laubichler Year ago +1

    If there will be a cameo of Peter parker i hope tobey will be their choice WHO agrees ?

  • Rogjester _
    Rogjester _ Year ago

    Tom Holland is in the movie trailer. The camera is facing the back of his head in some sort of tunnel

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds Year ago

    8:40 venom isn't a part of the MCU

  • KekMeisterAUS
    KekMeisterAUS Year ago

    Is this movie gonna be standalone or part of the MCU

  • Edward Garcia
    Edward Garcia Year ago

    OK he should never narrate ever.....

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    Great video

  • DP Productions
    DP Productions Year ago


  • DP Productions
    DP Productions Year ago


  • Daniel Aune
    Daniel Aune Year ago

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