Surgical Resident Breaks Down 36 More Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Annie Onishi, general surgery resident at Columbia University, takes a look at more emergency room and operating room scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

    CORRECTION: MASH was set in the Korean War, not the Vietnam War. We regret the error.
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    Surgical Resident Breaks Down 36 More Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED
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  • T- 800
    T- 800 11 minutes ago

    Lol that's why they handcuffed me to a bed in the icu

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi 10 hours ago +1

    Good vid =)

  • Kasha R. Savage
    Kasha R. Savage 11 hours ago

    I watch all three Chicago shows and they are all awesome. I love seeing the Med Chicago show is on this list.

  • knghtcmdr
    knghtcmdr 12 hours ago

    Minor nitpick, but M*A*S*H is set during the Korean War, not the Vietnam War. You're thinking of China Beach.

  • hoibsh
    hoibsh 13 hours ago +1

    She cute. I want her to b my little suction cup.

  • Jazmine Arvizu
    Jazmine Arvizu 15 hours ago

    I just spoiled Grey's anatomy for myself wowwww

  • Carlos Womack
    Carlos Womack 18 hours ago

    M*A*S*H takes place during the Korean War, not Vietnam

  • Jessica Schlieck
    Jessica Schlieck 20 hours ago

    Glasgow is nooot pronounced like that sis

  • haitheir
    haitheir 21 hour ago

    i will never believe anyone when they say someone is brain dead after what happened to my friends

  • Brooklyn Boulay
    Brooklyn Boulay 21 hour ago

    i swear i was on edge for the _entirety_ of this video

  • Shammendra Eshwar
    Shammendra Eshwar 22 hours ago

    I want her to be my surgery professor.

  • Behr Willsonn
    Behr Willsonn Day ago

    Actually, "MASH" was not the Vietnam war, but the Korean War., I win.

  • Celtic Curse Gaming

    Of course the scale for measuring how conscious you are is named after Glasgow. Makes a man proud.

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 2 days ago

    10:50 MASH was set in the Korean War.

  • Joe Rogish
    Joe Rogish 3 days ago

    Last time I checked MASH took place during the Korean War not Vietnam

  • rearfangkeeper 1
    rearfangkeeper 1 3 days ago

    Korean War for MASH

  • couchpuhtater
    couchpuhtater 3 days ago

    I know Annie. She’s an exemplary doctor. And seeing her here on one of my favorite TVclip series is absolutely exciting.

  • Sengad
    Sengad 3 days ago

    More of the good doctor pls

  • rayyavocado
    rayyavocado 5 days ago

    All surgery scenes make me nauseous

  • gunzakimbo
    gunzakimbo 5 days ago

    I have subscribed, just because of you and Erik. Enough said.........

  • WanderingPig
    WanderingPig 5 days ago

    More of Annie!! 😆😆😆

  • Sothysen Tuy Hor
    Sothysen Tuy Hor 6 days ago

    More Annie Onishi pls! She's so good at explaining, judging and breaking-down these scene.

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow 6 days ago

    17:30 but does it sound like that?

  • RocioNicte
    RocioNicte 6 days ago

    Twilight: 17:46

  • Jos Batenburg
    Jos Batenburg 7 days ago

    My boyfriend actually had a collapsed lung recently. They did put the drain on the side but definately higher up than the Mad Max stab. (Young NL staff performed the actions)

  • That One Texan
    That One Texan 7 days ago

    Medical Tip: if you use wine as a disinfectant you need to warm it to almost boiling.

  • naikeema knapper
    naikeema knapper 8 days ago

    Im up late watching this and i have to get up in a few hours

  • Ramp Shark
    Ramp Shark 8 days ago

    MASH was during the Korean War

  • Ramp Shark
    Ramp Shark 8 days ago

    So Trump always has a GCS of 3 😂

  • veronica flores
    veronica flores 8 days ago

    Asystole? This is a thing???

  • Dellissueus
    Dellissueus 9 days ago

    spoiler alert maybe?

  • its A
    its A 10 days ago

    ew why do americans say glasgow like that 😷

  • Donnie Montoya
    Donnie Montoya 11 days ago

    Just leaving this here cause MASH is my favorite and I'm a nerd, but it takes place during the Korean War and not Vietnam.

  • Aung Ko
    Aung Ko 11 days ago

    In the good doctor, they were suprised and stared because that guy havs an autism.

  • Te Sz
    Te Sz 12 days ago +1


  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim 12 days ago

    why did I watch this while having my breakfast!

  • Pizzley Bear
    Pizzley Bear 12 days ago +1

    The only thing inaccurate about this is her pronunciation of "Glasgow"

    • its A
      its A 10 days ago

      innit 💀

  • Mrs. Joker16
    Mrs. Joker16 13 days ago +3

    He removed his own appendix😱 meanwhile i struggle to remove a hangnail 🤦

  • Spencer McCabe
    Spencer McCabe 13 days ago

    Not only is that dudes chest compressions weak (you should be goin about 2 inches deep per compression or 4-5 cm for my non imperial friends) he's also going really slow you should be going at a rate of like 100-120 compressions per minute, I'd doubt he'd even get 80 at that rate. 3:15

  • Patrick Limanni
    Patrick Limanni 13 days ago

    Mash was the korean war

  • Samru34
    Samru34 13 days ago

    Please do this with doctor.mike

  • Tshepo Thamana
    Tshepo Thamana 14 days ago

    The Demonic Possession at 22:23 knocked me out😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • cforbes54
    cforbes54 16 days ago +69

    “I hate when that happens” 😂😂😂

  • Kierra
    Kierra 17 days ago +1

    If I had a PENNY for every time I heard “v-fib!” In greys....

  • Hillhouse Productions
    Hillhouse Productions 18 days ago

    Minor nitpick: M.A.S.H. takes place during the Korean War, not Vietnam.

  • destiny kemp
    destiny kemp 18 days ago

    No country for old men is such an amazing movie

  • destiny kemp
    destiny kemp 18 days ago

    If I have to surgery please let her do it so I don’t die

  • Dandafryingpan
    Dandafryingpan 19 days ago

    9:27. How has her foot not been completely destroyed if it's been run over by those heavy hospital beds?

  • Andrew JW
    Andrew JW 20 days ago

    unless that MASH scene is a flashback, its the korean war, not the vietnam war. just a nitpick

  • missa Montoya
    missa Montoya 21 day ago +1

    me :knows that i dont like blood or seeing bad woonds of any kind

    also me: clicks this video and watches the entrie video

  • Andrea Carpenter
    Andrea Carpenter 21 day ago

    at 10:54, it is said that the operation at the M*A*S*H unit was during the Vietnam war. This is incorrect. M*A*S*H eas set during the Korean war.

  • Toyanamura Mujira
    Toyanamura Mujira 22 days ago

    Thor is the best. * 0 *

  • Aunt Deen
    Aunt Deen 22 days ago

    I scrolled down a dozen comments an I’m shocked to not see at least three pointing out that M*A*S*H depicts the Korean War, not Vietnam.

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs 22 days ago

    Twilight - a story about vampires and werewolves - couldn't even get vampires and werewolves right - let alone medical procedures!

  • Gavin Koh
    Gavin Koh 22 days ago

    The cerebral angiogram in The Exorcist was how brain tumours were diagnosed before CT or MRI scans of the head. They are looking for a tumour "blush" or a tangle of blood vessels feeding a temporal lobe tumour.

  • Heart Heart
    Heart Heart 23 days ago +14

    they can feature me in the next video and title it "student breaks down"

  • Tori Gibson
    Tori Gibson 23 days ago

    I really want her to react to The Resident

  • Blue M. Hart
    Blue M. Hart 23 days ago

    I'm honestly surprised I made it through the entire video without getting disgusted and stopping it, like I did with the first video... I could never watch any of these hospital shows, there's something about surgery and illnesses that just freaks me out

  • P Brunner
    P Brunner 24 days ago

    MASH actually took place during the Korean War not Vietnam.

  • Khanyi Kuzwayo
    Khanyi Kuzwayo 24 days ago +1

    She's engaged in this one! ❤️