My Dad Found Out What I did In His Car. I Had To Run Away!

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019

    Hi! I'm Steven and pretty soon I will graduate from high school. Many people see this event as… well, maybe not as the beginning of adult life, but something like saying goodbye to childhood. Honestly, I don't think that even the most amazing prom could turn a boy into a man. You can choose to behave like a kid in any situation. Or not.
    All my life I've had a living example of a Real Man - it’s my father. He brought me up alone, and it was not easy.
    He’s tough and a pretty closed-off person, but he has one real passion - his Pontiac GTO JUDGE, a 1969 model, which he polishes often and cherishes. Just so you understand, to even hold the keys to this car, would be considered an achievement!
    And my father catches criminals for a living - he's a policeman. Anyway, by now you've probably figured out - that it’s not always easy to get along with my old man.
    And this is just the prologue, my story began when I met HER. She was as beautiful as a dream and almost as unattainable - Caroline was five years older than me.
    I always had it easy with girls… But with Caroline I felt like a little boy in short pants. When I was supposed to be behaving like a grown up man.
    Anyway, my father had left for three days - he had a training session in Georgia. So with my head full of a mixture of confidence and butterflies, I asked Caroline out. And she… unexpectedly, said yes.
    If she were my classmate I would have invited her to the movies, put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with some funny print. And would have never worried about what to talk about. But I thought that all that was not good enough for Caroline.
    So I ironed a shirt and a pair of trousers, reserved a table at a restaurant, and decided that I’d let her do the talking, staying silent and mysterious like some Clint Eastwood character.
    All that was fine, but my shabby cornflower-blue Ford was totally tarnishing my look. As opposed to my father’s JUDGE. And the keys were there - on the table in the hallway.
    I spent quite a lot… well, I spent A LOT of money on our dinner. And thankfully I did not have to come up with topics for conversation - Caroline was chewing and talking in nonstop mode.
    Also she did not understand a thing about cars. She called this rare beauty of a Pontiac a “nice old geezer” but seemed impressed that it had only two doors.
    What can I say about my date with Caroline?.. I was in heaven!!! Please do not judge me too harshly. I was totally in love!
    And so, up in the clouds, I made the stupidest mistake of an inexperienced driver - I crashed the car right near my house.
    My father’s precious Pontiac.

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  3 months ago +904

    Have you ever had to confess to doing something that you knew you'd get in trouble for? Or maybe you acted foolishly because of a girl? Subscribe to the channel and tell your stories here.

    • Uziel Ortiz
      Uziel Ortiz Month ago

      Yeah I got in trouble once and I told my parents that it was my lil brother and then the next day I had to confess it was me and I got growned

    • little l the gamer
      little l the gamer 2 months ago

      Well this is a secret but i am adopted but um no one likes me everyone bullys me one day i fell because my mom was abusing me and the she just lost it and cut me a while ago and she got cancer and died befire i could tell her i loved her

    • xXTøxic CarolineXx
      xXTøxic CarolineXx 2 months ago

      So a couple years ago I put a hat over my really bright and hot lamp, (the hat was wool) then it caught on fire. Well, it was smoking, but close to a fire. So I TEXTED my mom, when she was just in the other room. Stupid, right? Yeah. I was stupid and I got what i deserved

    • Mages143 Mages
      Mages143 Mages 2 months ago

      Love ❤

    • GEMKO
      GEMKO 2 months ago

      poo on you

  • OMG Scextifi
    OMG Scextifi 7 hours ago

    Why don't they let the person who share the story talk for the story because the one who is talking for this guy talk like in 5 different story

    KALUNGI EPHRANCE 9 hours ago

    Friendly aliens in trouble😅😅😅

  • Bollo Mohamed
    Bollo Mohamed 12 hours ago

    He did that to your dad's car stupid hea

  • Ayah irfan
    Ayah irfan 15 hours ago

    This is how many times they used this voice

  • Ceci Ng
    Ceci Ng Day ago

    I thought this story was about a girl 🤣

  • Ayonitemi Abiodun
    Ayonitemi Abiodun 2 days ago +1

    The first time I saw the video I thought he was a girl 🤷🤷🤷

  • Gaming with Kayla
    Gaming with Kayla 2 days ago

    when you said your dad left for georgia i was like im from georgia what the heck

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 3 days ago +1

    This guy should tell his dad the truth about what happened to the car

  • Quashan Jenkins
    Quashan Jenkins 3 days ago +1

    When I met her 1:05

  • ร๏гค
    ร๏гค 6 days ago +1

    I have only one thing to say...

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    My hat is too
    hit the like button
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  • Aqib Waajid
    Aqib Waajid 7 days ago

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  • Bella and Ruby the dogs

    This is a true story. I live in Australia and I just got my parents hand me down mk5 golf whilst my mum bought a 5 year old Mercedes b250 in black and my dad received her old Audi Q5. Anyway I had to take my brother out to buy milk or ice cream or something like that, when I was backing out I scratched the rear bumper of the Mercedes. I realised when I got out and went to the front of the mk5 that there was a black mark on the front fender

  • Gabrielle Rohn
    Gabrielle Rohn 10 days ago

    Your story is the only story that made me cry out of all the ones I've watched

  • Shanti Kpoper
    Shanti Kpoper 11 days ago

    Who else is annoyed by his voice??

  • Iceberg Penguin
    Iceberg Penguin 13 days ago

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  • kevin ocampo
    kevin ocampo 15 days ago

    Is not your Pontiac Gto, is your father Pontiac Gto

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    Asian Dod 16 days ago

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    Sawyer Howe 16 days ago

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    Sawyer Howe 16 days ago

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    Sawyer Howe 16 days ago

    You could find your mother on face book

  • StoriezCron
    StoriezCron 19 days ago

    Here’s a believable story. While you were driving down the road home, something appeared in the road out of no where and you freaked out and swerved out of the way and crashed.

  • William Sully
    William Sully 19 days ago

    I thought you were a girl

  • Lucss Saget
    Lucss Saget 24 days ago


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    BaldiBloxGamer 25 days ago

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    Honey Bees 26 days ago

    I won’t ever be a man..

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    Roses are red.
    Ketchup Is to.
    I put a comment.
    Wait why is it blue.
    Read More.

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    The worst part was his voice

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    Me:Your...Dude,your Lovesick

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    Flint lockwood

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  • TITANIUM Brothers 2000


  • s!ʟᴇɴᴄᴇᴅ • ᴛǫᴀʀs

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  • Luan Gomesdias
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    Obinna Felix 2 months ago

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    Zphir135 Games 2 months ago

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    LiL Outlaw405 snow 2 months ago

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