First Look at Nintendo Labo

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  • Unique Turtle
    Unique Turtle 4 hours ago

    I wish there was an option to buy it pre-built. I suck at making those kind of things

  • Josue Diaz
    Josue Diaz 4 hours ago

    ya vieron este video (

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte 4 hours ago

    getting tons of money with recycle cardboard. The problem is that is not going to be durable and nintendo is going to sell this very expensive.

  • Michael Cotignola
    Michael Cotignola 4 hours ago

    What an amazing concept!

  • SlyFox2235
    SlyFox2235 4 hours ago

    was that... VR?

  • Gema Ramadhan
    Gema Ramadhan 4 hours ago

    Clap clap 👏👏👏

  • General Autismo Actual

    Nintendo, Inventor of the Pet Rock and Labo, Dies at 128.

  • Ramo
    Ramo 4 hours ago

    I'm going to make an anime wife out of this. Thank you Nintendo.
    P.S: Tsuyu is best girl.

  • legoladplaywell
    legoladplaywell 4 hours ago

    I'm simultaneously extremely confused, and extremely psyched. This looks like fun! And Nintendo brand cardboard is just too funny to not buy

  • cacloc
    cacloc 4 hours ago

    this is like apple fanboy to nintendoboyer

  • Evan C.
    Evan C. 4 hours ago +1

    Ha. 4/20

  • Stepan Akulov
    Stepan Akulov 4 hours ago

    I love this.I think this is butterfly done and this is so beautifully done. Greatest f

  • Saylem Wolf
    Saylem Wolf 4 hours ago


  • Buibuiopolis Mayor
    Buibuiopolis Mayor 4 hours ago

    Gamers ask: why is are so many game publishers putting out rehash games? What is this loot box crap?
    Also gamers: give Nintendo crap for being innovative.
    If u haven’t noticed, gamers aren’t just you teens and adults.

  • Ryan Coyne
    Ryan Coyne 4 hours ago +1

    Nintendo is gonna Make Cardboard Great Again!

  • Feng Qiu
    Feng Qiu 4 hours ago +1

    Though this is not what I was expecting, it looks pretty good

  • Trim Prism
    Trim Prism 4 hours ago +1

    Seems neat. And much more environmental friendly than the stupid Plastic accessories the Wii had.

  • AmericanChoirboy
    AmericanChoirboy 4 hours ago

    now let's all agree to never be creative again...........

  • adhni sulaim
    adhni sulaim 4 hours ago

    well dine

  • galaxyassasin34 madafaka

    Huh... neat

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Es el cartón de las cajas de wii u que no vendieron...

    Digo, me encanto ~~~

    HHUUHHUUHH 4 hours ago

    My mind is blown. Nintendo does a thing again.

  • Omarock
    Omarock 4 hours ago

    I loved Nintendo. Now i LOVEEEEEEEE Nintendo!

    • Omarock
      Omarock 4 hours ago

      What i did as a 6 year old and what i do now combined!

  • Clay Create
    Clay Create 4 hours ago +1

    They got us to make the game for them with super Mario maker but they also found a way to sell us expensive cardboard

  • StreamVid7
    StreamVid7 4 hours ago

    😮😲 Recycling now has another great purpose!

  • radrickdavis
    radrickdavis 4 hours ago +1

    More expensive. Cheaper Materials. Broken Toys. Screaming Children. Genius sales strategy.

  • Gnar
    Gnar 4 hours ago +4's cardboard

  • Kevin Deschênes
    Kevin Deschênes 4 hours ago +2

    In the video there is : steering wheel, camera, gun and aircraft stick but it's not included in the pack! I guess there's gonna be future releases!

  • João  Emanuel
    João Emanuel 4 hours ago

    depois do papelão na carne, teremos o papelão no videogame.

  • TemGoBoom
    TemGoBoom 4 hours ago

    (gasps) It's just cardboard.
    On the other hand though, there's also a transformers function, so transformers on the switch anyone?

  • The SGK
    The SGK 4 hours ago

    Sub to me if you want it and like

  • Algapedia
    Algapedia 4 hours ago

    1:22 speeder bike!

  • Da Nerdy Inkling
    Da Nerdy Inkling 4 hours ago +4

    Is this a joke?

  • Mario- Man
    Mario- Man 4 hours ago

    In this case, Nintendo is the second fish to walk, but the first to run

  • julio felipe almendra
    julio felipe almendra 4 hours ago +3

    The ideia of recycling is really good but it kinda loses the point when you have to actually pay for the cardboard. They're simply selling you non-durable matterials and it's probably gonna be expensive.

  • Alex Does Things
    Alex Does Things 4 hours ago

    With that mech game and some emulation, you could port VR GAMES to switch! And damn would that not be amazing.

  • RomMaxim YT
    RomMaxim YT 4 hours ago

    Well i don't like this type of things but i think is a good idea, a little expensive but good.

  • Ezpicy Boiz
    Ezpicy Boiz 4 hours ago

    Redefining video games? i say wait till it is released, then we can judge it. I mean, dind't we say the same thing about VR in the 80's at first? Now look at VR today. I swear Nintendo are risking it all..... Well, they have since day 1..... In the end I believe the switch might have a lot of applications in many weird ways.... other than the traditional sit down and play tradition...

  • Diego Kelty
    Diego Kelty 4 hours ago


  • ygtygdg rtygcfgh
    ygtygdg rtygcfgh 4 hours ago +1

    Me and my wife's son can't wait to play this!

  • GreenStone Man
    GreenStone Man 4 hours ago +1

    All things considered this is pretty cool

  • Jake Schmidt
    Jake Schmidt 4 hours ago +1

    It's just a little expensive thing for kids to play with and break. It was never anything to make the switch "BETTER" and give to the real fans, it's just business. 😂 📦

  • Otakumichibi
    Otakumichibi 4 hours ago

    I wonder if this is also related to Nintendo's quality of life plans? If the QOL plan is still in action, I'd like to know more about it!

  • Vitor Maklinne
    Vitor Maklinne 4 hours ago +3

    Nintendo is creativity!

  • Bru
    Bru 4 hours ago

    RIP Nintendo ?

  • juan mariano danielo
    juan mariano danielo 4 hours ago +1


  • Emanoel Melo
    Emanoel Melo 4 hours ago +2

    This is the current generation Powergloves! :)

  • starflame34
    starflame34 4 hours ago +1

    I don't think Nintendo understood why people didn't like 1-2-Switch.

  • SoccerDude527
    SoccerDude527 4 hours ago


  • Wild_Cloud
    Wild_Cloud 4 hours ago +3


  • ScaryHobbit
    ScaryHobbit 4 hours ago +4

    4. 20. 2018.
    4 20
    I now know how Nintendo came up with this idea.

  • Ghoul Dash
    Ghoul Dash 4 hours ago

    I can't believe this is coming out near my birthday! XD

  • Hildemar Antoyma
    Hildemar Antoyma 4 hours ago +3

    I have to be honest here, I don't know what to think

  • Megajo The boss
    Megajo The boss 4 hours ago +2


  • Rugal :v
    Rugal :v 4 hours ago +1

    Why is everybody saying I’m not paying 70$ for cardboard I can make that, yeah you make it but you still need the game and I don’t think they sell it separately so making it yourself is useless

  • Nerd Comedy
    Nerd Comedy 4 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one that's confused rn? I mean I love you Nintendo but seriously...trying to sell us cardboard????

  • Vishock
    Vishock 4 hours ago +2

    I love this.
    But damn, Nintendo did it, they finally found a way to sell us an 80$ cardboard.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 4 hours ago

    Song pls

  • Norm Jared
    Norm Jared 4 hours ago +1

    i have no words...

  • Redstone Wizard 900
    Redstone Wizard 900 4 hours ago +1

    I look forward to special cardboard being operated by my Switch. Cool!

  • Ian Villalobos
    Ian Villalobos 4 hours ago +1

    That’s really cool

  • Psychic Psyduck
    Psychic Psyduck 4 hours ago

    The variety pack looks neat

  • CultOfWeirdness
    CultOfWeirdness 4 hours ago +2

    Great! Cardboard. I'm sure my dog won't chew it. I bet it will last a very long time

  • KatoCrimson
    KatoCrimson 4 hours ago +2

    Literally selling you cardboard. Nintoddlers will actually defend this

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 4 hours ago +1

    Cardboard? You should of used K-nex type materials...

  • Alex Pech
    Alex Pech 4 hours ago +2


  • Nintendo teen
    Nintendo teen 4 hours ago +1

    I might just be thinking of this the wrong way but I’m confused

  • chrisphoenix77
    chrisphoenix77 4 hours ago +1

    That's so freaking cool.

  • LuisMacias
    LuisMacias 4 hours ago +2


  • Dragoon-BB
    Dragoon-BB 4 hours ago +15

    Only Nintendo could get people excited over cardboard xD

  • GidRedstone
    GidRedstone 4 hours ago

    You have earned a subscriber that was awesome

  • Brand Name Watermelon
    Brand Name Watermelon 4 hours ago +5

    This look like a great paper Mario game and I respect the 4,20 release date

  • Power Play
    Power Play 4 hours ago

    Creo que es una buena idea lo de nintendo labo .. Ya que seria mas economico y ayudaria al media ambiente

    • Shido Itsuka
      Shido Itsuka 4 hours ago

      venderán cada plantilla a 120$ mexicanos, namames xd

  • wg2004
    wg2004 4 hours ago +2

    In a few years this will cost a lot of money for game collectors

  • A Nightosphere's Lord
    A Nightosphere's Lord 4 hours ago +4

    This is too stupid honestly. What's the point.

    • Kilvoctu
      Kilvoctu 4 hours ago

      Kids generally have good imagination, which this product brings out. That guy is just an idiot.

    • AlMiRed
      AlMiRed 4 hours ago

      It's a game.

    • Connor Bell
      Connor Bell 4 hours ago

      A Nightosphere's Lord kids

  • KnowForceKen
    KnowForceKen 4 hours ago +2


  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny 4 hours ago +1


  • Jurassic J's Animations
    Jurassic J's Animations 4 hours ago +2

    I have never been more excited and happy.

  • Some kid with a doggo for a profile picture Oof

    That looks really promising and exciting, but more importantly, really fun. The only problem I have is that price, 80 for the robot pack and 70 for the variety pack. That’s really pricy for pieces of pre-cut cardboard

    • Richard Zhuang
      Richard Zhuang 4 hours ago

      I think its moreso for the games that come with it lol, but still does seem pretty expensive, wish it was like half of that price

  • XxAldoFuentesMontielxX

    Jajajaja XD

  • Maurix Castro
    Maurix Castro 4 hours ago

    esto esta como el #5 en tendencias WHAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!??

  • agustin sanchez
    agustin sanchez 4 hours ago +2

    Vi este vídeo y se me ocurrió un muy buen negocio de piratería ndeeaahh

  • Caro Castillo
    Caro Castillo 4 hours ago +5

    I don't get why people think it's "just cardboard" It is not. Obviously there is a way so the console can detecte what you are doing and put it on the device. It's surely a hard job to get this done so the customers only have to buy it, arrange the shape and play. I think is a FANTASTIC idea, a mix of classic and modern. The concept of nintendo, trying to bring the young ones and even the older to a more healthy and imaginitive life is, in personal, great. This will make amazing memories on children when they get older. And it can also be pretty enjoyable for many of us, the ones who grew with nintendo 64 (for example) and also have our own memories of the time.
    I just can get over this video. It's interesting and I can wait to try it myself.

  • Otakumichibi
    Otakumichibi 4 hours ago

    Really neat trailer and I can't say I expected this (which is as expected from Nintendo). Considering all the risks, I wonder how this will pan out? Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Alejandro Ramirez
    Alejandro Ramirez 4 hours ago +1

    Also what's to present someone from copying this and recreating it for cheaper? Unless they have RFID specific chips in the cardboard

  • Maka Swift
    Maka Swift 4 hours ago +1

    No Manches ahora nos van a vender cartón!! 😲😒

  • KittyKat64
    KittyKat64 4 hours ago +2

    releasing on 4/20

  • misternintendoking
    misternintendoking 4 hours ago

    At least it’s much less cumbersome and much less confusing than Nintendo’s disastrous successor to the original Wii, the Wii U.

  • eggsamillion
    eggsamillion 4 hours ago +3


  • AnimeBanz
    AnimeBanz 4 hours ago +2

    Price is for the whole kit (cardboard+game)??

  • Alan Rizkallah
    Alan Rizkallah 4 hours ago +2

    Well, as Arlo once put it, "Nintendo, the kings of left field." Never saw this coming and don't rightly know what to think about it.

  • I Am Osqui
    I Am Osqui 4 hours ago +4

    IDK why people is throwing shade at this. Nintendo is trying to bring back something classic and adapt it to the current tech by showing new and creative ways to play, and it's going to be cheaper and funnier than other things (why buy a VR when you can build your own?)

  • ToffeePlays
    ToffeePlays 4 hours ago +2

    It comes out on 420

  • Kobe Cornelio
    Kobe Cornelio 4 hours ago +1

    Why do I feel like there’s gonna be VR with that robot one with the back pack you can put on lol

  • LegoGuy87
    LegoGuy87 4 hours ago +1

    So basically, Nintendo looked at Google Cardboard, and said, "Why can't we take this cardboard material a step further than people want to"
    Same concept as Google Cardboard, but instead of VR, it's Nintendo's gimmicks. Yes, because gamers want to play the piano, fish, or step on a damn gas pedal... on the switch, rather than the actual respective things...
    This may sound crazy, but can't we just have good games?

    • NoT My 360 Iggums
      NoT My 360 Iggums 4 hours ago

      Kids are going to love this dude.

    • laundrybasket
      laundrybasket 4 hours ago

      >"cant we just have good games"
      mario odyssey, breath of the wild, splatoon 2, mario kart 8 deluxe, stardew valley. nintendo probably isnt going to bet everything into this cardboard thing. theres likely going to be more to it, or its just for kids to have fun with for a bit.

    • Awesome 200
      Awesome 200 4 hours ago

      LegoGuy87 *cough* 2017 *cough* my little pony avatar *cough* this looks cool *cough*

    • Vultran Starflare
      Vultran Starflare 4 hours ago

      We already have amazing games on the Switch

    DONALDREES TRAVEL 4 hours ago +8

    What a fantastic engineering toy for kids! Such creative use of the switch !

  • Lamtomxx
    Lamtomxx 4 hours ago +5

    Meme material

  • AderDarsh
    AderDarsh 4 hours ago

    Looks amazing!

  • Haley Vaughn
    Haley Vaughn 4 hours ago

    So.... This is what they are discontinuing the legendary DS line for? Ouch.

    DHAZE DXZ 4 hours ago +7

    By the way...
    Solid Snake would be proud