Film Theory: Why The Star Trek Federation is Fascist

  • Published on Sep 10, 2016
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    This week I’m boldly going where Film Theory has gone before...straight into the Star Trek universe! This week, it’s all about what we REALLY know about the so-called “benevolent” Federation. Sure, we all want to trust the Captain Kirk will always do the right thing, or that Captain Picard’s shiny bald head is really a beacon of hope in the universe, but what it isn’t? Today’s theory shows that there’s evidence to point to the Federation as something other than a peaceful exploration mission. That actually, the Federation is a fascist system who’s set out to control other species in the universe and convert them to their own propaganda-filled perspective!
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Comments • 17 988

  • Eric Newman
    Eric Newman 2 days ago

    Actually sorry to break it to you, but their are several episodes where private ownership of ships is shown and private property. Also if you want to get even deeper the Fasa Universe of the original series then the Federation's economy is made up of multiple major corporations. Also it seems that most of your evidence is coming from the Jar Jar Abrams universe which is not very great. One last thing I want to point out that Captain Kirk in the Journey Home says "The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many" the original series is about friendships. Next Gen is about Diplomacy and philosophy, Voyager is about finding a way through obstacles, DS9 is about overcoming the worse and making the best out of life, and finally Enterprise is about self-sacrifice.

  • Gerr Gerring
    Gerr Gerring 2 days ago

    It's like he's forget the Federation are post-capitalist

  • XenturianTale
    XenturianTale 3 days ago

    I love your video but, I would like to think that the Federation is good.

  • Thomas Irwin
    Thomas Irwin 3 days ago +1

    Um actually, there are non Federation produced ships, many colonies refuse Federation intervention and aid, and when Spock jettisons Kirk it's a violation of regulations (as Kirk himself says).

  • Gregory Glozman
    Gregory Glozman 3 days ago +1

    Ok, I have some gripes w/ this video. One, his claim that transport, communication and basic life is controlled by the federation is wrong. There are many examples in Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek:The Next Generation that there are businesses booming that serve as cargo and human transport; and on that point of com control, communicators are only seen with Starfleet personnel, not with citizens or Federation leaders; and lastly on that but about controlling life, the tracking of crew and control of communications isn’t to control the crew, but to be there to act as a check and balance. Two, most of his evidence is from the modern day movies, all of these set Star Trek in a much more dysfunctional society compared to Enterprise or TNG or Voyager or Discovery, it feels like Matpat’s just tryna push his belief while not looking at anything else. I have lots of other little things wrong w/ the video but they’re too small for me to talk about, overall I think the video and it’s message were wrong and highly biased against the Federation, and btw, THE FEDERATION AND STARFLEET R DIFFERENT. Starfleet is like the air force or the navy, except instead of military, they’re scientific. The Federation is the government/state. The federation doesn’t own the ships, Starfleet does, they always say the Federation has “requested” they do different procedures, they can’t force them to.

    PEANUTBONE 3 days ago +1

    Starfleet and the Federation are the same. It's like the UN many countries United under the same flag

  • hi it's My name
    hi it's My name 4 days ago

    That quote is not from hitler

  • Estonia is the best
    Estonia is the best 5 days ago

    This is why I hate Star Trek

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 5 days ago

    Sorry but youve got it all wrong. I think youre stoned. So any one who wants to good is fascist? No. Not even.Anyone who wants genocidal capitalism around is nuts.

  • antonio boo
    antonio boo 5 days ago

    All hail the federated alliance!
    leave a like if you get where that is from.

  • jdharm360
    jdharm360 6 days ago

    No mention of the the Maquis?

  • Firman N
    Firman N 6 days ago

    Is communist actually.

  • Ethan Manzi
    Ethan Manzi 6 days ago

    The point in this video is why I don't trust really any news or history. "History is told from the eyes of the victor."

  • [ Space ]
    [ Space ] 6 days ago +1

    Fascism actually very much supports capitalism.

    • [ Space ]
      [ Space ] 7 minutes ago

      @Lia TM not necessarily it directly opposes anarchism due to it needing borders and strong military power owned by a central authority, as well as communism due to it blaming class struggle onto a group of people rather than a system that is structured to harm the working class for the benefit of the rich.

    • Lia TM
      Lia TM 3 days ago

      Fascism can attach itself to every ideology.

  • Clara Kolterman
    Clara Kolterman 6 days ago

    communism =/= fascism. The series clearly shows that there is a good power balance to stop those selfish aspects of humanity from taking over. Also, Starfleet is the military. It's separate from the Federation.

  • Patient Grasshopper
    Patient Grasshopper 7 days ago

    This is why I thought section 31 added some honesty to the Federation. It reveled that it was a Facade, and we also saw with the Maguis that they saw through it (not that the Maquis were the good guys,just that they had a point).

  • Johann Schmidt
    Johann Schmidt 8 days ago

    Antifa has taken to the stars, we need to stop them

  • David Shirvanyan
    David Shirvanyan 8 days ago +1

    1:18 sure discount Episode 3 just because of some bad dialogue in Episode 1

  • Polygraph S
    Polygraph S 8 days ago

    Now you should make a video on 'Star Trek's Federation == Starship Troopers' Federation in the future'. Federation News Network: "Would yoy like to know more?". Also, all Fascist regimes posed themselves as 'do-gooders' (invariably surrounded by a lot of bad guys, lol).

  • stealistic gaming101

    me:OMG dr strange i in star trek dont turn everyone into a baby!!!!!

  • General Knowledge
    General Knowledge 9 days ago

    6 movies

  • James Buchanan
    James Buchanan 9 days ago +7

    What about Sisco's girlfriend. She was a private space trucker?

  • Freeman Pennington
    Freeman Pennington 10 days ago

    Actually it's not just fascist it's socialist in nature but then again as I pointed out not see as I'm coming ISM and fascism are all socialist ideologies who share similar ideals even though they claim that they don't

  • Freeman Pennington
    Freeman Pennington 10 days ago

    Fascism Nazism and communism are all the same ideologies even though they pretend to hate one another they're all socialist in nature and all are the same that's the reason why they have similar belief systems even though they claim that they don't

  • Josiah Cain
    Josiah Cain 10 days ago


  • Peter Dawson
    Peter Dawson 10 days ago +1

    "Apes alone: weak.
    Apes together: strong."

  • GamingTNT
    GamingTNT 10 days ago +3

    A bundle of sticks is Fascist.
    Me: Damn fire being Hitler

    • Jacob coryell
      Jacob coryell 7 days ago

      @GamingTNTThat is a cool way to look at it

    • GamingTNT
      GamingTNT 7 days ago +1

      @Jacob coryell no problem, in the video MatPat was saying that Fascists used a bundle of sticks as a flag then Scotty said a term with a bundle of sticks. Being used by Fascists in some logic a bundle of sticks is Fascist. In a fire you use sticks in a bundle to start the fire, so therefore the fire is Fascist. Also Hitler was a Fascist.

    • Jacob coryell
      Jacob coryell 8 days ago

      I don't get it do you mind expaning it

  • David Jones
    David Jones 10 days ago

    Fascist? I don't really think so. (The shows told are from Starfleet's perspective just a part of the federation) But... the United Federation of Planets does seem less utopian than reported AND operates as Confederation as opposed to a true Federation. (I include that last point to help clear any misunderstanding among students taking a government/civics course.)

  • Suwin Khamchaiwong
    Suwin Khamchaiwong 10 days ago

    Communes are better.

  • Suwin Khamchaiwong
    Suwin Khamchaiwong 10 days ago


  • Faidon Magalios
    Faidon Magalios 10 days ago

    That communicator with the STARFLEET insignia is Captain Pike's STARFLEET communicator. In the very same movie we see and hear a familiar brand: Nokia.
    Now, section 31 is an almost completely transparent organization. Starfleet and the federation neither confirm nor deny section 31's existence. They have their own agenda and I doubt they take orders from anyone.
    A captain, even nowadays has absolute power on his vessel. Spock exiled Kirk as the captain of his ship given to him by STARFLEET.
    That bundle of sticks example is just stupid. It was used to emphasize the importance of teamwork when achieving goals. As I remember, the same example was used in planet of the apes. Are apes fascists now too?
    Captain Edison of the USS Franklin and his crew were deemed missing after they got lost in an uncharted part of space in a nebula. It's not like starfleet didn't want to find them, they couldn't. After being stranded there he started losing his mind.
    "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" that helps embrace sacrifice. On countless occasions starfleet crews have gone out of their way and risked their lives for a single crew member.
    I could continue but I think I've calmed down enough to move on

  • Faidon Magalios
    Faidon Magalios 10 days ago +1

    I shouldn't get mad at this...
    I really shouldn't

  • Faidon Magalios
    Faidon Magalios 10 days ago

    Small correction: The Federation and Starfleet are two different things. The Federation is a government while starfleet is an organization

  • SnowPhiLake
    SnowPhiLake 11 days ago

    Hail the Federation.

  • Toll Moose
    Toll Moose 11 days ago

    This is why i like the orville no facism implied

  • MichaelOfTroyWasHere
    MichaelOfTroyWasHere 11 days ago +2

    This video red pilled me to see that capitalism is the antithesis of fascism and those that are trying to denounce capitalism are in fact fascists themselves. Really gives me a new perspective on who the good guys were in the 2016 election.

    • John Blunt
      John Blunt 11 days ago

      Because when would capitalist and facist ever work together
      (This is sarcasm)

  • Jinkin Lavislad
    Jinkin Lavislad 12 days ago

    So what you're saying is fascism could usher in utopia and propel humanity to the stars? It seems like a kind of intersectional version of fascism. Is that why the only Irishman left alive was paired up with an Asian? The only couple that ever shared the same race was Sisko and his women. Ryker and Deanna doesn't count because she was one of those unscrupulous betazoids. Don't get me started on the shapeshifting changelings or the latinum hoarding Ferengi. Man there are a lot of racial tropes played out in star trek and humanity always demonstrates superiority to other species. #KahnDidNothingWrong #TheFoundersWereRight

  • Anonymous 180712
    Anonymous 180712 12 days ago

    Technically, 3 from the trilogy, currently 2 from the sequels, 3 from prequels, Rogue one, Solo, Star Wars the clone wars tv show and Star Wars rebels

  • chris bartow
    chris bartow 12 days ago

    Actually we star wars fans have soon to be 6 films and 1 or 2 series that I know of we have the films and the clone wars show/shows since a reboot cane out

  • Clair Stoneman
    Clair Stoneman 12 days ago

    I would like to point out, when you compared all of this to Columbus discovering America, it is incorrect. Columbus never set foot in America. And he wasn't trying to find it. He was trying to find a faster route to India. To expand trade there more efficiently. He was also believed the Earth was shaped like a pear, and did not have the confidence of anybody above him that he would succeed. And after watching this, I do not see how this theory holds any water. Besides the fact that this is entirely fictitious universe, where from what I understand, fascism doesn't really exist. I also don't understand how you've drawn this conclusion. But those are just my thoughts. I've watched a lot of your other videos. And I think you have some decent points and some of them. But I kind of get the impression, that most of this is for clickbait. But that's just a theory. My theory

  • Kaden Beck
    Kaden Beck 12 days ago

    Section 31 is rouge from starfleet

  • Kobe Bryan Calayag
    Kobe Bryan Calayag 12 days ago


  • Steph Beach
    Steph Beach 12 days ago

    Good thing the Federation is the "Good Guys" lol

  • Bilimin Sırları
    Bilimin Sırları 13 days ago +1

    Wanna know who are real fascist?

    *STORM TROOPERS!* because they are space Nazis,duh!

  • I got no gems
    I got no gems 13 days ago +4

    Well then, Mussolini was right.

  • PROBABLYwhyNot YT:3
    PROBABLYwhyNot YT:3 13 days ago

    Almost i thought MATPAT say *begon thot*

  • I F
    I F 14 days ago

    I legitimately learn a lot from this man.

  • J. Sandoval
    J. Sandoval 14 days ago +1

    Insinuating that capitalism is the only way to freedom and anything else that may care about the needs of the people at large is fascist is really stupid. Also, you say to question the motives of anyone trying to feed you opinions, but then turn around to plug one of the biggest corporations. I'm sure your opinions are your own. Make your money, but don't become another youtube shill (especially given what you were saying about Jake Paul)

    • holyknight201091
      holyknight201091 11 days ago

      He got that so wrong, the quote he attributed to Hitler doesn't even belong to him.

      Hitler was no socialist.

      "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out- because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-because I was not a Jew."

      This quote was about the Nazis, if they were socialists why did they first come for the socialists. This rewriting of history has gone off the rails.

  • P
    P 15 days ago

    "Unit status report, day 91. We encountered the humans again, their leader still claims they are on a mission of peace and friendship. But we see the powerful weapons their warship carries, we see the advanced spy sensors they bring into our space, we see the wreckage of a Klingon battlecruiser in their wake. They are obviously an expansionistic, militant, and warmongering species - their leader seems unusually confrontational, stubborn, and arrogant - we should prepare for the arrival of a Federation invasion fleet."

  • JohnDavid500
    JohnDavid500 15 days ago

    10:34 yes but it also created democracy in the iroquois confederacy

  • fostabulus gaming
    fostabulus gaming 15 days ago

    There is STILL Vulcan ships around and it's not just humans who have control such as ADMRAL TUVOK who is vulcan

    And also Starfleet does NOT force people to come into there society and they protect those planets who join and have always looked for peaceful solutions

    • P
      P 15 days ago

      No pressure to join the Federation at all. Except when your colonies are completely surrounded and engulfed in Federation space ... when the Federation signs treaties which allow their Klingon allies or their Cardassian enemies to claim that space ... when an evil Starfleet Admiral decides your world has some resource the Federation wants.

  • Montelong12 Games
    Montelong12 Games 15 days ago

    I was wondering something about this and star wars they communicate between planets in different star systems right so how is that possible if nothing can moved faster than light but if they could move faster than light in this universe wouldn’t it be better to just deliver messages

  • R Nichols
    R Nichols 16 days ago

    Typical arguments against equalist socialism as a means of equality. Matpat, you are a fraud - an entity that supports that biased idea of capitalism - to promote socioeconomic inequality. The fact that you are a wealthy, privileged white male clearly demonstrates this. Death to the capitalists. Death to you.

    • R Nichols
      R Nichols 16 days ago

      Star Trek gave me hope for a better future. A pipe dream, yes, but a dream nonetheless. A future of perfected socialism - not fascism. I regret watching this video. I regret hoping that you were just like me. I am worse off because of this. I was a fool. I apologize for detracting from your channel. Good day. I wish you the best.

    • R Nichols
      R Nichols 16 days ago

      Maybe I was wrong. And maybe you just don't fucking care about anyone in the out-group. Surely you've read basic sociology. The in-group and out-group. Maybe you don't care at all. Maybe I was just a dumbass to think anyone could fucking care about trash like me. Thanks for watching!

    • R Nichols
      R Nichols 16 days ago

      Maybe I was wrong. And maybe society was right about me being trash - thanks for watching!

    • R Nichols
      R Nichols 16 days ago

      You once wanted to promote suicide awareness. By promoting capitalism, you have done nothing more than promote the antithetical. Capitalism, and its inherent biases, did nothing more than make my family homeless. It did nothing more than become a weapon against me. It did nothing more than give my physical scars - scars I must relive every time I take a shower. A simple act. Capitalism made me suffer in homelessness as as teenager. And now, you defend it. Maybe I was wrong about you.

    • R Nichols
      R Nichols 16 days ago

      Bluntly put: I am sorely disappointed in you. I once thought that you were intelligent. Upon seeing this, I now question you, Matthew Patrick. I now wonder if I was wrong. If I was misled. If I invested my emotional energy into an individual who was not worth my time. If I was better off staying off the internet and offing myself. Thanks for watching!

  • Cool History
    Cool History 16 days ago

    Starwars fans have to watch 4 films. Roge 1, and the original trilogy. Non of that solo and new trilogy crap

  • Toby Green
    Toby Green 16 days ago

    1:14 the answer is 22.14 days

  • phatdunny
    phatdunny 16 days ago

    You missed so many bundle of sticks jokes

  • 00 111
    00 111 17 days ago +5

    "Fascists despise capitalism, which is designed to give the common man democratic power through their spending."
    How could you be so wrong? Capitalism wasn't "designed" to do anything but preserve the power of the European aristocracy after the fall of feudalism - when the idea of democracy would get you laughed off a stage. It's ridiculous to say that fascists despise capitalism, too - they didn't. Fascism is an economic system as well as a societal one, and under fascism, society is run on the basis of inequality. Inequality by race, gender, and class. The rise of fascism in Europe was itself a response to the growing communist movement radiating out of Russia, and it defined itself on being anti-communist. Communists and fascists fought in the streets - the Americans like to pretend that the US won World War II in the D-Day landings, but they didn't. It was the USSR that bore the full brunt of the Nazis - they were invaded, for Christ's sake! And even though the Russians were led themselves by a power-hungry non-communist dictator, they still managed to transform a cold, desolate, unindustrialised farming economy into the world's biggest industrial complex in 20 or 25 years.
    Capitalism is completely incompatible with democracy - you can't have one free-for-all-based system and another based on majority rule. More often than not, the markets end up ruling over the government, not the other way around. And exercising democratic power through your spending? That's ridiculous - maybe you can change which kind of coffee you buy, but you won't change anything in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, market economies always trend towards total monopolies, so your new coffee brand would be owned by the same person anyway.
    The fact that you have the audacity to make this statement with ZERO evidence, ZERO reasoning and ZERO research shows that you just shouldn't get into politics unless you're willing to do some research. If you're still unclear on the nature and history of capitalism and its alternatives, I'd strongly recommend Innuendo Studio's video essays.

    • -Simão Barbosa-
      -Simão Barbosa- 16 days ago

      Excelent criticism, i would just like to offer two corrections tho: 1) capitalism, at least early mercantile capitalism, didn't help the european aristhocrats preserve their power after the fall of feudalism, it was onde of the reasons for the fall of feudalism, since it economically empowered lower class merchants disrupting the feudal class system, much to the disdain of european noblemen and other aristhocrats.
      2) capitalism isn't incompatible with democratic governance in any way. Democracy is, in a general sense, a governance system wich allows all of it's citizens to have a say in their state's goverment. This state's economy and the way it is managed can be decided by it's citizens by their vote in, generally, the party they think most represents their economic ideals. If most of the world still has a capitalist economy that would be because that's the will of the people somehow...

  • chris willis
    chris willis 17 days ago +6

    I am not sure how well the pork industry would work in a time when you can push a button and create a ham sandwich... I suspect that has a lot more to do with the absence of currency and capitalism than an ideology.

  • Gerardo Davila
    Gerardo Davila 17 days ago +3

    The Kelvin timeline is fascist but he needs to make a pass at prime time.

    • Boats_R_Cool
      Boats_R_Cool 11 days ago

      the Prime time is not. the Terran Timeline might be. but that seems more like an Empire. also Section 31 may be. but thats seperate from the Federation or Starfleet

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 18 days ago


  • Daniel Hendricks
    Daniel Hendricks 18 days ago

    this is basically america

  • Caroline Harned
    Caroline Harned 18 days ago +1

    If the whole series is 531ish hours long, then it took you 22 (give or take a few hours) days to watch all of that straight through. Factoring in basic human needs, that’s about a month. And that’s assuming that you didn’t rewatch anything. MatPat, you have a problem. Go watch Umbrella Academy, and add 10 more hours. It’s good, I promise. 😉

  • Horizonberg
    Horizonberg 18 days ago

    You're conflating fascism and statism. Statism is one facet of fascist ideology, but statism is far older than fascism and features in many different political traditions. The Federation is economically statist for sure, but watching any Star Trek series, it is abundantly clear that the Federation has a very liberal outlook when it comes to individual rights. Their surveillance structure is extremely pervasive onboard their ships, but that's not any different from the way crewmemebers will be closely monitored on any military vessel in a modern navy.

    Some members of the Federation do often insist that the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" but this is never presented as sufficient justification for bulldozing over the rights of a particular individual. There's always a process of reasoning and/or debate that the federation characters have to go through in order to find a balanced solution when they are presented with complex moral dilemas. That's not a very fascist way to go about things. Fascism regards the individual as merely a means to an end. It has an extreme and unbalanced collectivism at its core. The Federation has a lot more power over its citizens than any democratic government does today, but it also seems to have constitutional limits, and employ some form of representative democracy, and champion the idea of inherent individual rights. Because of its commitment to individual rights and the rule of law in particular, it just doesn't make sense to call it fascist.

  • Huxley Leigh
    Huxley Leigh 18 days ago +24

    Matpat: always question the people telling you the facts
    Me:so we should question you then

    • TheAres1999
      TheAres1999 6 days ago +1

      That's why he always discloses that it is just a theory. He's wrong sometimes, but his methods are still educational. His channels are made to foster analytical discussion of various medias.

    • Niels van Huizen
      Niels van Huizen 13 days ago

      @Gamesgamelan so I should question this but also not?

    • Gamesgamelan
      Gamesgamelan 15 days ago +1

      Yes! Always question what you hear, see, read.

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 19 days ago +1

    so wat? Are you *RASIST* against Fascism? And are you XENOPHOBIC against Nazism too?? >;OOO

  • Dark Mail
    Dark Mail 19 days ago +1

    What you said about Columbus is factually in correct

    • Dark Mail
      Dark Mail 17 days ago

      Leche de caballo I recommend you watched a video by knowing better on Columbus

    • Leche de caballo
      Leche de caballo 17 days ago

      No it wasn't. He didn't land in America. Columbus is basically mythology by this point and there are very few true things about him. But yeah he treated people like shit.

    • flufflepufflover
      flufflepufflover 18 days ago

      Yeah, America was discovered by the Vikings who landed on Vinland(New Foundland)

  • Tom A
    Tom A 19 days ago


  • Alex Mowry
    Alex Mowry 19 days ago +1

    Buuuut yeah section 31 is p sketchy

  • Alex Mowry
    Alex Mowry 19 days ago +8

    Also, everything you listed about it being 'fascist' are either for safety or for MILITARY, not regular citizens, just the military. This entire show is based off a militaristic perspective

    • khang phung
      khang phung 16 days ago

      To be fair we know nothing of the general citizen so that means that it might or might not also run under the same code

  • Alex Mowry
    Alex Mowry 19 days ago +1

    It's from the Federations view?? Really!? It's almost like those federation people are our main characters!

  • Josiah Cain
    Josiah Cain 20 days ago +1

    First of all Starfleet is the miltiary section of the Federation, third all members of the Federation have their own governments and ways of life, their cultures aren't taken over like Hitler did, fourth, all ambasadores are elected and so are leaders of the Federation, fifth, they are only shown gaining knowledge from their allies, sixth they also got rid of poverty that came with money, seventh the reboots are seperate so you can't connect information between both the reboots and the original universe, seventh the klingons, romulans, and cardassians either serve religious fanaticals like the dominion or seek galactic dominence and use political espionage to assassinate their enemies or they simply decimate federation colonies, eight all the court martials are because of Kirk's constant rebel against protocol and going against standard operations, and finally all of this is mute because Starfleet and the Federation are politically seperated unlike the military dictatorship of the Nazi and Italian facist governments.

  • Yoerik
    Yoerik 20 days ago +29

    Shows Hitler and Mussolini
    And then shows a Nuclear bomb...
    *Scrambles through papers*
    Did I miss something?

  • Niels van Huizen
    Niels van Huizen 20 days ago +10

    This theory is correct it was proven in discovery (the new Netflix one)

  • Vejitasei
    Vejitasei 21 day ago +1

    To be fair it just varies a lot from series to series. DS9 made it pretty clear that the federation was 'fascist' like with the Marquee. You can NOT leave the federation. The federation is like the EU, you're free to join but FOR LIFE. Not evil directly, but clearly 'fascist - like'

  • Piggy Blitz
    Piggy Blitz 21 day ago +2

    Remember Kids, Old Man MatPat says he just makes these theories, not that he believes all the time. He just gathers evidence and lays it out.

  • Bruno Henrique Sequinel

    What you are interested just in one way of thinking and triking your followers to think that Starfleet is not fascist at all they don't control all of the communications damm you saw one communicator of Starfleet and thought "hmmm Starfleet has all communicators" that's like seeing an apple cellphone and thinking "hmm there's just apple cellphones in the world" about economy in Starfleet there isn't even money and the thing about transport Starfleet does not have all ships we see cargo transports fabricated by different organizations and personal ships like the j class starship beside you got to things right the part where you talk about recourses that were a problem in the 23 to 22nd century but you can clearly see that Starfleet didn't wanted to have those mines creating new technologis to avoid that like the spore drive and trans warp drive making so that in the 24th century there's no mines anymore and you got right about the one government perspective that was the cause of the many wars that Starfleet went ,i find this video an insult to Gene Roddenberry vision of an utopian society

  • 52eagle TGL
    52eagle TGL 21 day ago +4

    me: starts humming intro
    me: darn it maypat! you've successfully tooken over my mind

  • Thomas Stuteville
    Thomas Stuteville 21 day ago

    MatPat, I love your content, I really do, but you have gone and dropped the ball on this one.

    First of all: As many of these other fine commenters have pointed out, Starfleet and The Federation are two separate entities. The mission statement of "Space the final frontier..." is the mission statement of Starfleet, not The Federation. Starfleet is a private organization that serves both scientific and militaristic needs for Earth, which is only a member state of The Federation. Sure, it becomes Starfleet's job to levy protection on other members of The Federation, but just as you say, seeing things through only one perspective, we never see the other races doing the same tasks. Even so, we know for a fact that the Vulcans, Andorians, etc. Have vessels of their own, it's simply an undeniable fact that Starfleet is a larger power, and therefor a logical choice to hold diplomatic meetings and the like using Starfleet as a mediator.

    Second of all: Communicators are not provided to everyone. Once again those communicators are Starfleet's property and are therefor only given to Starfleet personnel. Citizens still have their own general use channels for the equivalent of phones in their own homes. Also, while it's true that the computers are capable of locating all personnel on board ship, but it's simply not possible to be used in how you describe. Even in the later series, if a large scale data dump is required, the ship must return to a starbase to do so. Communication is a light work load for the relay satellites. But with hundreds of thousands of ships being forced to transmit everything so minute as on board crew locations that becomes a bit much.

    Third of all: The news. What makes you so certain the aforementioned news netowrks are owned by The Federation? A quick trip to Memory Alpha (the widely regarded official depository for all Star Trek canon information) clearly says that it is unclear if The Federation News Service is state sponsored or not, making this a weak arguing point.

    Fourth: The events of Galileo 7 and Court Martial are not connected. Starship captains are ultimately given full agency of their actions despite receiving orders from Starfleet Command, making Kirk's decision to save his crew, while against orders, his to make. Court Martial on the other hand is an episode of straight up negligence. Kirk was accused of breaking standard procedure in order to fire off a research pod with a crew member inside that Kirk knew personally, and kill him as a result. This is not a court hearing for Kirk doing the right thing, despite command dictating other actions. This is a hearing for a supposed murder attempt. (Which was actually forged by Benjamin Finney, the victim in question.)

    Fifth: Kirk's mutiny in the 2009 film and Spock's reaction was entirely realistic. Mutiny is a very serious matter in the military, and when you're at extremely long distances away from home base, it becomes the commanding officer's jurisdiction to execute justice on Starfleet's behalf in order to prevent further incidents. This is true in real life as well as Star Trek, so Spock sending Kirk to the barren planet was a logical one, as it ended the threat. Why not just put him in a holding cell? Because Kirk is a crafty individual. Also, you need to pay attention to the context of this action. Spock was emotionally compromised (so his "logic" at the time probably is what caused him to maroon Kirk), as Kirk proved when he returned to the ship to take command with the blessing of Prime Spock. Kirk ultimately saved the ship as well as many more lives and received no reprisal despite his mutiny.

    Sixth: Admiral Alexander Marcus. Every society no matter how perfect has it's corrupt individuals that DO NOT speak for it's entirety. This is no different. Admiral Marcus was the head of Starfleet at the time, and simultaneously a member of Section 31, which is a massive no-no under Starfleet's own rules, but Marcus was in a position where nobody would question him. Now I'm not going to try to argue how Section 31 is a good this, i'll be first to admit Starfleet still engages in some shady practices, Section 31 included but be reminded that Section 31 is NOT connected to The Federation as a whole. Section 31 is allowed to act on it's own, unhinged from regulations and cannot be questioned as to why they require certain things. Perfect for Marcus to utilize in his master scheme to forge a war with the Klingons. Again, Section 31 is kinda a sore spot on Starfleet's track record, but not enough to say that The Federation is fascist.

    Seventh: Economy. Yes, it is stated fact that The Federation does not use currency, and only uses credits for trading with governments like The Ferengi. However, this only proves The Federation is a communist economic structure, and while communism and fascism tend to go hand in hand, they are not one in the same. Again, pay attention to the context of this. Replicators, why need money when anything you want can be synthesized from pure energy in a moments notice and back again? There's no purpose for stores, and restaurants and bars probably just exist as a means of being a social ground, and not that there's any financial gain from doing so. Then there's the ultimate freedom to do what you desire, you reference Picard saying that there is no money but you leave out the rest of what he says. Quote: "The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century... The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of Humanity." (Once again from Memory Alpha). While it's near impossible the logistics of such a feet, to remove greed from the equation in human lifestyles, that is what society in this world has done. The Federation may be communist but it is communism done correctly, it is communism as it is on paper because the one thing that prevents communism from working is eliminated.

    Eighth: As I stated before, any society has it's corrupt individuals. These people do not represent the entirety of the whole. You cannot say that just because Krall is trying to bring down The Federation because it turned him away when he tried to speak up does not mean that everyone is being silenced. That is a false equivalency. Remember that Krall, before being a Starfleet captain, was a soldier, and a damn good one at that, problem was, war ruined his psyche, he could not live with peace. When his ship crashed and no help came his resentment for an organization he already disliked due to being made to make peace with the enemy festered and grew until he broke and went insane. How can you find such a man credible?

    Ninth: Seriously? Needs of the Many outweigh the Needs of the Few, and the stick analogy? So what if that's what represented fascism for years, that is a lie. Fascist states used this ideology as a facade to condition people into believing that everything was for the better this way. Fascist states had no care for the many, only the few that governed them, so that directly conflicts with the very principle of a single stick breaks, but many are unbreakable. This idea that together we are strong is not exclusively a fascist belief, in fact, it is a logical deduction, in fact, it's how almost every goddamn hero's story involving friendship works! You want to tell me that, oh I dunno, Yusei Fudo from fucking YuGiOh! 5Ds is a fascist advocate because he believes in the strength of the group?! Come on, that is probably the weakest argument here. And remember that the famous Vulcan phrase comes from a point of logic. Reducing lives down to numbers in the face of the need to sacrifice something. Vulcan decision making is based in logic, so such a statement makes sense, but remember that the Vulcans are not the sole leader of The Federation either! The Federation is a democracy with a council of representatives from all the different planets, or, member states. It's like The United Nations. That's what it's modeled after.

    In conclusion, I think in all those 500 hours of run time you hastily skimmed through to make a video about one of the largest Scifi franchises in history, you quite largely missed the mark. You want to talk about fascism, go visit The Romulan Star Empire, oh, and don't get confused with the Romulan Republic, they're different as well. Try harder next time.

  • Thomas Vann
    Thomas Vann 21 day ago

    Mr I ruin every show and movie and game in history award goes to Matt pat

  • Art - amations
    Art - amations 21 day ago

    5:49 Mine Turtle

  • king gameplay
    king gameplay 21 day ago +1

    MATPAT did u say chistropher colombus discover america

    • Piggy Blitz
      Piggy Blitz 21 day ago

      I mean, did he not discover it for the majority of the world?

  • Katharine Goaway
    Katharine Goaway 21 day ago

    Should I believe this? I don't know anymore! Star Trek was my favorite tv show when I was younger.

    • Underlord 26
      Underlord 26 21 day ago

      Katharine Goaway don't, we only really see the fleet, not the federation, they are soldiers, of course their regiment is strict

  • Artificial Gravitas
    Artificial Gravitas 22 days ago

    This is not researched very well, even I can debunk this
    1 There are Civilian Starship [as in Angel One] and the individual goverments have their own Ships, sometimes even Planetary Warships
    2 The Individual Planetary Goverments have their own means of communication, for their citizens as well presumably
    3 The Tracking of Crew _on their Starship_ is not unexpected
    4 The Justice system we've seen is all inside Starfleet
    5 Kirk mentions that what reboot spock does is illegal
    6 Replicators are everywhere, they don't have capitalism, because at their Tech-level money is pointless
    7 The Federation is not only Humans, FYI
    8 Needs of the many, is a quote relating to utilitarianism
    9 The Facses don't come from that proverb, but from Roman Lictors

  • aCaboodleofNonsense :D
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    matpat: "something darker hidden underneath the surface of every star trek series or film ive ever watched"
    there's something darker hidden underneath the surface of every series or film he's ever watched :D

    • Darth Kai
      Darth Kai 17 days ago +3

      I bet if we have Mat Pat watch the Ultramarines movie, he'll think of something light and happy about it.

  • Bat Fellow
    Bat Fellow 22 days ago

    Matpat you literally say that the people in Star Trek are fighting over resources but later say they don’t use money that would not and could not make Sense in an economy the reason they don’t pay for food or drinks is because they have replicators that make food virtually worthless they probably just charge a fee to get in to the bar to make money which again has no value in food just commodities

  • TheSharkKid Ultra
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    When you just wanted a faster way to rate girls on their looks but end up establishing a fascist government on the most powerful country on earth
    *Mark Zuckerberg sips water nervously*

  • Fantastic Marauder
    Fantastic Marauder 22 days ago

    The real question we need to answer, was the one Weird Al asked: “Do I like Kirk? Or do I like Picard?”

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 23 days ago

    All civilizations become fascist after they face extinction. Fascist civilizations are only the result of desperation. You can even see it happens in an individual level, when an individual has a lot of resources, its future is guaranteed, there's no desperation, that is, the individual feels free to do whatever he desires at any moment, but when an individual is running out of resources, its future is in danger, there's desperation, that is, the individual feels obliged to go against its desires in order to survive, there's less freedom, it has to choose between live or die - the same happens to all forms of civilization that face an imminent danger.

  • Peregrine
    Peregrine 23 days ago

    I get that this video is purely for entertainment purposes - but the total lack of understanding of Star Trek here is blatant, for someone who's apparently watched all of it.
    Also, ignore the Abrams-verse, it's garbage and has nothing to do with real Star Trek.

  • Ash dog Studios
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    Star Trek !!!!

  • EmeraldThePro12 NoThanksYou

    Section 31 was used to develop these weapons. They have no restrictions, and are a desperate, worst case scenario secret faction. They aren’t even really Starfleet. And besides, who said anything about personal communicators?

  • Eliza Wulf
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    Enterprise? Anyone? Not mentioned once? Okay...It's been a long road...

  • B Bossart
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    "History is written by the victors"

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 25 days ago

    Now that you mention it, you can't "seek out new life, and new civilizations" without inevitably violating the Prime Directive.

    Fun Fact: the word "utopia" was first used in Sir Thomas More's novel "Utopia", published in 1516. In the story, the main character is sent on a diplomatic mission to a distant foreign land run by a society that seems perfect in every single way... but after a short time, cannot hide the horrific reality of brutality, paranoia and violence committed daily by its citizens.

  • Mark Swaggerty
    Mark Swaggerty 26 days ago

    Great video man. You just snuck a great message in this video!

  • Beau Chang
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    I know this is old but isn't that line of "need of many vs needs of few" more of a utilitarian philosophy than a fascist statement?

    • Nick Moore
      Nick Moore 25 days ago +1

      It's more of a social philosophy based on altruism. Like many philosophies, however, it has been used to empower and enslave with equal ease... it simply depends on the intent of the person who uses it.

  • Nuclear Geek
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    Like every other human invention, trek tech were all devised in order to get chicks - green, lizard, bird - don't matter.

  • Bryan Dacote
    Bryan Dacote 26 days ago

    I love how most of the comments have ripped this video apart.

  • Adam Saadawi
    Adam Saadawi 27 days ago

    i don't actually think the federation is fascist, they were trying to protect themselves. obviously, they only care for the individuals instead of the state.

  • jeppeboe 96
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    Clone wars????