Film Theory: Why The Star Trek Federation is Fascist

  • Published on Sep 10, 2016
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    This week I’m boldly going where Film Theory has gone before...straight into the Star Trek universe! This week, it’s all about what we REALLY know about the so-called “benevolent” Federation. Sure, we all want to trust the Captain Kirk will always do the right thing, or that Captain Picard’s shiny bald head is really a beacon of hope in the universe, but what it isn’t? Today’s theory shows that there’s evidence to point to the Federation as something other than a peaceful exploration mission. That actually, the Federation is a fascist system who’s set out to control other species in the universe and convert them to their own propaganda-filled perspective!
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Comments • 19 210

  • andy dubs
    andy dubs 10 hours ago

    By your definition, all military organizations are fascist

  • Authomat
    Authomat 18 hours ago

    Your Definition of Fascism was wrong and basically was equal to authoritarianism as a whole or even the communist side of that spectrum. Also you looked only on the Starfleet which is military-ish and every military is basically authoritarian, so... Yeah, pointless

  • Swatino
    Swatino Day ago

    Capitalism=freedom. Lololololololol

  • LadyRavencide13
    LadyRavencide13 2 days ago

    We do get other perspectives btw. And they tackle the idea of history being written by the Victor's and how different sides can have different views in many MANY episodes. You are also forgetting about the many episodes relating to the non-interference policy etc and the fact that after joining the federation you are offered help if you need it but under the condition that the federation doesn't control every aspect of your life etc as you assert. Also we are seeing the world through the star fleet lens. Who knows what other communication systems are in place on Earth? Everything we see is through star fleet which is like looking out our world/society based on what we know about the army/navy! It doesn't work.

  • Kim Holtby
    Kim Holtby 2 days ago

    If he really had watched every movie and series (as he claims to have done) we do see the perspective of other races. The Captains make log entries, but most of what we see is not log entries, nor would log entries cover events in, say, the Klingon High Council or the Xindi Council. Having a functional government does not equal fascism, and we mostly see Starfleet ships because (as he pointed out) the franchise is showing us mostly crews of Starfleet ships or stations, however there are civilian ships and you do see them in every series. Additionally member planets have their own fleets, as permitted by the Federation charter. These also are shown in various episodes.
    Nor is the Federation 'fascist' for having laws and enforcing them. Furthermore, member planets have their own laws, and the laws of non-member planets are also respected. The Prime Directive gets misinterpreted by a lot of writers (it really means non-interference with non-warp capable civilizations. Trade and interaction with other warp capable civilizations is actually permitted by the Prime Directive, otherwise the Federation would not even be allowed to defend themselves when attacked.
    The Federation is not always right, and their flaws and failures are shown in various series and various movies, however a lack of perfection likewise does not equal fascism.
    Frankly the person who made this comes across as someone who has not actually watched much Star Trek at all, just enough to post a bunch of unsubstantiated garbage....

  • Suomen Sisu
    Suomen Sisu 2 days ago

    National-Socialism and Fascism are different things, Hilter was, in fact, a national-socialist, Mussolini was a Fascist.

  • Jesse Rothhammer
    Jesse Rothhammer 2 days ago

    PECAN!!! lol WTF was that? Khan. I get it. But that was funny.

  • Future Link
    Future Link 2 days ago

    That quote is not hitler. It was a rival, Gregor Strasser. He had the man who made that quote murdered when he publicly criticized hitler for privatizing production instead of making it public. Every time you said hitler "wanted to destroy capitalism" I cringed. They invented the word privatization to describe what he was doing.

  • Aleksander Fasting
    Aleksander Fasting 3 days ago

    His definition of fascism is wrong. What he defined is the start of the video (“a system of government that controls all aspects of a citizens daily life“) is authoritarianism. Fascism is just the social ideology where a group is worth more than an individual, and every individual is a danger to the group, counteracting individualism, and basing of the “bundle of sticks” idea. Authoritarianism is a tool for maintaining fascism, but but a fascist state isn’t necessary authoritarian. His definition of fascism was wrong, but if his theory is right, it’s still fascist.

  • MrFluffyribs
    MrFluffyribs 3 days ago

    Wait why is it bad to say “better save many then just one”

  • Trevan Minnig
    Trevan Minnig 3 days ago

    When are they gonna go to Bodlygo?

  • Looking In With Victor B

    1. Those are Cashews, not Pecans
    2. Star Wars fans have hundreds of novels that date back way before the movies to read, not just 4-7 films.
    3. Other races have ships inside the Federation, like Vulcans. Though our voyagers come from the US, hence why ships are nominated USS. (Note war ships)
    4. Your claim of Fascism is actually quite racist against Natives, whom, in the story of Hiawatha, uses the breaking of one arrow or stick, to unify the clans against the opposing Europeans instead of allowing each clan to remain in chaos. Thus using the quote as "done by fascists" actually does insult Native Americans (who also did not use money as currency either, btw)

  • PyroMancer2k
    PyroMancer2k 4 days ago

    Anyone else notice that most of the actions that he pointed to as being strongly linked to Fascism were from the NEW JJ ST? And even reference that the director talking about how they wanted to deconstruction Star Trek, as in insert their own take on it.

  • Michael Becherer
    Michael Becherer 5 days ago

    I think they seem more communist

  • Stone Smith
    Stone Smith 6 days ago

    Rip spak

  • Eseercam
    Eseercam 6 days ago

    1:49 Bruce Banner/Hulk 1.0
    1:51 Dr. Strange
    1:53 Heimdall
    So Marvel heroes are also Star Trek Villains🤔

  • Ajax Son of Telamon
    Ajax Son of Telamon 6 days ago

    You clearly have no idea what your talking about.

  • debba stevens
    debba stevens 7 days ago

    i was told that in" he third reich" the "deutshe mark" was based on a gold and silver? standard unlinke most nations who in that time addopted a simular system like the federal reserve so no if your planning to remove cash you dont go for the gold standard...anyway if i am wrong do correct me lol

  • Joshua J
    Joshua J 7 days ago +1

    Capitalism ≠ common man having democratic power through their spending. May be worth the time investment to brush up on economic theory... don't blindly buy what a public high school economics class has to offer.

  • Sam Chapple
    Sam Chapple 7 days ago

    I refus to belive your treachery against star trek you jurk

  • Sam Chapple
    Sam Chapple 7 days ago

    i am an accomplished treky

    IAN HEINE 8 days ago

    The Federation is more Socialist than Fascist, as they apparently abolished Money. Somehow. But the Definition of Fascism is "A Government ruled by a Single person or a Small group that is made up of a Certain Group of People and Antagonizes all Others." There is a Federation President, but they are Elected like a Normal President, and the Existence of the Federation Council probably means there's a Fully Structured Government. Also, they Openly Accept all Species, as they believe Peace is the best Option.

  • noah chamberlain
    noah chamberlain 8 days ago

    ok why wood a u.s soldier in w.w 2 make a Universe about the good guys being fascist

  • Penj401
    Penj401 8 days ago

    Matpat says question everything so everything he’s saying in the thank you for sponsorship end clip is a lie 🤔

  • Akili Amethyst
    Akili Amethyst 9 days ago

    The Federation is a Utopia don't kill my one hope for the future!!!
    Roddenberry is totally rolling in his grave whenever the Federation is portrayed as anything but a Utopia.
    I personally take everything Trek made after his death with a grain of salt.

  • Jack Marshburn
    Jack Marshburn 10 days ago


    • Jack Marshburn
      Jack Marshburn 10 days ago

      fkjvnjdvsdkjvsjhbxc hjb,
      jdfdfkjdc kjlv

  • J S
    J S 11 days ago

    What does starbucks have to do with youtube? lol idk but I LOVE IT!

  • Thanastasia Amadeus
    Thanastasia Amadeus 12 days ago

    That wasn't God in ST5. He was a disembodied alien who fired beams from his eyes. One of the most famous quotes from that movie was a question posed by Kirk when said alien wanted him to bring the ship closer. He asked
    "What does God need with a Starship?" Which set forth the second and final act.
    A true wingman and his best friend, Spock walks up to Ol' Laser eyes after His boy Kirk got trashed and he's like
    "You've not answered his question. What does God need with a Starship?"
    And of course laser eyes is all
    ".....pew pew.."
    Like a punk. But that's my throwback and much fanheart to Leonard.
    Cruise the stars Spock. 💘
    Back to my point lol
    Board a Navy ship and follow the Captain around for a few hours. Common Navy Practice to keep a verbal log. That was even before TV.
    This and a few other things you've mentioned clues me in to the fact that you really didn't watch the movie.
    Sol good. Just sayin'.

  • zcool 99
    zcool 99 12 days ago

    If u didn't get the intro u shouldn't be watching this episode

  • Joel Crow
    Joel Crow 12 days ago

    Totally on-point here. Leftists wrote the show to try and portray an ideal civilization, but these are the clear pitfalls.

  • Tropical Fish Person Isidro Boland

    Also we Star Wars fans have to read every comic and spin off series.

  • Miriam K
    Miriam K 13 days ago

    You forget, that we never really see the lives of the civilians. What we know is the military and in this context it is reasonable that on everything is the logo of the federation, it's the same with the U.S. army.
    Speaking of reason, it was Spok who said, that the needs of many overweight the need of the one, a person who prefers logic and sacrifice yourself, so a lot of others can survive, is the most logical decision.
    I don't think the federation is perfect, but you can't say they are fascists.

  • brinbrin62 62200
    brinbrin62 62200 13 days ago

    You could do the very same video about how the Federation is some kind of communist utopia. However, the Federation has will always have something unpleasant, something untold, something too good to be true.

  • Kendall Monnett
    Kendall Monnett 14 days ago

    hey you have 2 first names

  • Sugar Cat Witch
    Sugar Cat Witch 14 days ago

    Who else dad made them watch the original series and the original movies?

  • David Shirvanyan
    David Shirvanyan 14 days ago

    Of course because of the phantom menace, revenge of the sith is also “bad”? Wtf

  • MrSmileyFaceGames
    MrSmileyFaceGames 15 days ago

    I'm probably about to upset a lot of Star trek fans but have you seen The Orville, Matpat?

  • Heath
    Heath 15 days ago +1

    This is communism.

  • jane schwab
    jane schwab 16 days ago

    anyone else notice that the Romulan's symbol matches the symbol of the eagle and target (circle) which was also 2 symbols of England during ww2?

  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 16 days ago

    'The needs of the many out way the few' is from utilitarianism not fascism

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck 16 days ago

    How dare you disrespect the Star Wars prequels!
    especially Revenge of the Sith, that was actually awesome

  • Grant T B
    Grant T B 16 days ago +1

    Not a theory, just a hypothesis--a highly dubious one.

  • SpinDash
    SpinDash 17 days ago

    5:48 Mine Solo

  • roller4312
    roller4312 17 days ago

    libs triggered

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja 17 days ago

    The part with the bundle of sticks is funny because it is the unsung label of the us. It is ALL over us art and monuments it’s on the Lincoln monument it’s on art in the capital building

  • Rccamo3
    Rccamo3 18 days ago

    "To spread that home empire, indoctrinating others under a single government and religion." Okay, maybe the government part is right, but religion? Dumbass. Why do they allow such diverse starship crews with such varying and different cultures to practice whatever they wish???

  • Roxanne Clarke
    Roxanne Clarke 20 days ago

    On that list of ships in the "Star Trek-verse" Andromeda was listed. Andromeda is another sci-fi series created by Gene Roddenberry, and Oh My God, it is so much better that the original Star Trek.

  • Dougal Flopguy
    Dougal Flopguy 20 days ago

    Where's Han Solo when you need him? He's assisting Star Fleet in protecting Earth from the Borg.

  • Sincon Iokese
    Sincon Iokese 21 day ago

    Oh my god, they are space nazis...

  • Mасонская ложа Мехмеда

    9:12 but Mussolini liked capitalism

  • Sergio Díaz Nila
    Sergio Díaz Nila 21 day ago

    It is not Fascist, is Space Soviet Fantasy.

  • Spider Shakespeare
    Spider Shakespeare 21 day ago

    now its seven series and 13 movie

  • unbelievable gaming
    unbelievable gaming 21 day ago +1

    your definition of fascism is very incorrect those things are usually in fascism but not needed fascism is ultranationalism with dictatorship the federation has democracy so based on your definition the usa is fascist and the money thing that's communism and socialism which hitler had in his form of fascism the federation is evil but not fascist there basically a gigantic usa with a communist economy

  • Blucksy 20-04
    Blucksy 20-04 22 days ago +1

    I would call them socialist because because they aren't necessarily fascist (national socalism) because that is what fascist and communist think because they are both sorts of socalism

  • Blucksy 20-04
    Blucksy 20-04 22 days ago +1

    You fool every knows that the federation is communist

  • hippity hoppity
    hippity hoppity 23 days ago

    You spent 26 days star trek.

  • Kenny Jenkins
    Kenny Jenkins 23 days ago

    Actually.....christopher columbus never set foot in america

    MMC CROWNUS 23 days ago

    neither capitalism or communism have the answer. They both have major flaws.
    See The Third Position by Cultured Thug channel

  • Shooketh O.o
    Shooketh O.o 24 days ago


  • Professor Pokeball
    Professor Pokeball 24 days ago +1

    "History is told by the victors." Winston Churchill

  • Melody Miller
    Melody Miller 24 days ago +1

    heroes are the side that won

  • you're a little socialist

    "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system from the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."
    -Gregor Strasser
    the economic part is a lie!!!!!!!

  • MyMastermind11
    MyMastermind11 25 days ago

    he did not find america(talkin bout columbus)

  • Djenan Zulyevich
    Djenan Zulyevich 25 days ago

    no u

  • Aaron Cabatingan
    Aaron Cabatingan 26 days ago

    He's mentioning Starfleet, not Federation.
    And Starfleet is technically military.
    And most of this is shown without context

  • andres estupiñan
    andres estupiñan 26 days ago

    Your theory fails in the most basic point. That's not fascism.
    Fascism is actually the resultant of a really strong or unestable capitalism. Also, your's its a so liberal point of view, a little simplistic.
    Belive me, i study politics.
    Next point, you're just talking abaut militars un the video. For all militar it's quité the same. Qué don't usualy see or interact whit civilians in the series.

  • Ara sketch
    Ara sketch 26 days ago

    Kral was trying to start a war as well as being a kill happy suisidle war lord

    One other thing: The Prim Derective

  • Ara sketch
    Ara sketch 26 days ago

    You said that all transportation is controlled by the federation but how would you explain the Klingon ships the romulen ships and the Vulcan ships and frengy ships and that race with the pale reptilian skin that is commonly seen in Star Trek the next generation and others. Not all transportation is controlled by the federation.

  • Freies Reden
    Freies Reden 27 days ago

    Fashism is about Race Order.

  • Comrade lego
    Comrade lego 27 days ago

    All hail the terran empire

  • SUPER Gordon
    SUPER Gordon 29 days ago

    🖖 Live long and prosper

  • Ken Jett
    Ken Jett Month ago

    This video is full of lies and misperceptions about the Federation in Star Trek. Its veiws of Star Trek like these that is destroying the essence of the Franchise. Its no wonder STD is the way it is when being created with writers with thesr views of Star Trek.

  • Will Hunt
    Will Hunt Month ago

    Christopher Columbus didn't land in America

  • Kira Blanchard
    Kira Blanchard Month ago +1

    Heelo MatPat! Do you remember when people were charting the ocean and happened upon Antarctica. They weren't trying to conquer new lands or even find them, they were solely looking to map out the ocean. Also, when you spoke about Columbus, I thought back to his original goal, to find a faster trade route to India. My point is that people don't always try to conquer, grow, or take resources, sometimes things really are as innocent as they seem. Anyways thanks for reading and have a good morning/evening. :)

  • v
    v Month ago

    "Every episode is told from the perspective of the Federation"
    "The only ships we ever see are built by the Federation or their enemies"
    I guess this guy missed DS9. Some trekkie.

  • The Fastest Man Alive

    You have been and will always be our theorist. PE-KAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Communists and fascists are both socialist. They both espouse a system where the government is your sole economic enterprise. The difference is that communism is an all-inclusive socialism while fascism is a specialised socialism. Both are equally deadly.

  • Not so Generic
    Not so Generic Month ago

    7:40 you are wrong on one thing: You said "where are the rest of the federation," but you overlooked the fact that only people higher up IN section 31 can stop a section 31 officers mission, even the main Starfleet group itself can't stop them. They are a highly secretive division and probably no one else knew about them in the first place.

  • rurouni324
    rurouni324 Month ago

    Antifa really needs to watch this video. Perhaps on the Apple or Samsung phone that they exchanged money for. Using their phone plan that they also exchanged money for. (provided mommy and daddy aren't just funding their nonsense) None of these being owned or controlled by the government.

  • Barnaby
    Barnaby Month ago

    I don't count the reboot films as Star Trek.

  • MinecraftianTrekkie


  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander Month ago

    8:26 and now dear Don will show you how "capitalism degenerates into fascism when the precarious ally with the powerful to dominate the powerless"

  • thatotherfangirl
    thatotherfangirl Month ago

    Well this is a interesting one.

  • Piestar 77
    Piestar 77 Month ago

    You just changed my entire fucking view of the entirety of Star Trek

  • [Outlaw]MadPatStreaming

    Why...just why is this a episode

  • Karl V Redweld
    Karl V Redweld Month ago

    If you think Star Trek is fascist then you're a fucking idiot. Please refrain from making comments on political ideologies you know NOTHING about.

  • Mojo Z
    Mojo Z Month ago

    Wow ,they are attacking the unconscious mind 😯

  • Homelover productions

    Maybe money does exist but all quintessential resources and government programs don't abide by it for example if I wanted to buy a ship I would use the science of my planet

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett Month ago

    Impeccable Analysis! 👍

  • BulkkocKariseuma
    BulkkocKariseuma Month ago

    I like how you did not include the line "Sometimes the needs of the one outweights the need of the many"
    I understand this theory, but what we hear is the point of view of the military. There needs to be a strict heiriarchy within the military to not cause chaos (which it does anyway, the public just don't get all the information). There are indeed parts where orders shall not be executed, becuase people need to have a moral. When you're in battle and kill so many people, you get numb in the moments (it will bite you in the ass with PTSD if you don't have the morals clear). Therefore there are so many examples of kidnaps and tortures. A saying is that there is no rule when it comes to war and love, but there are so much more than the besiders see and undderstand. When it comes to the military, the staff who plan the way of the troops have to be complied, because they have much better view of the whole situation than the troops/squad/group/pair/individual soldier. However, when it comes to this, the group is no stronger than the weakest link. If one cannot stand, they must be carried. The extreme bond that gets created between soldiers is stronger than most. They need each other to stay alive. An example for this is Hunger Games, when the toxic fog comes to Finnick, Katniss and Mag. Mag, aswell as the others, knew that she had to go into the fog to give the others the chance to stay alive, but they did not want to let her go. And when Mag was gone, they had no-one who could help them with the knots to hunt (or thatever they did). When it comes to leaders (in this case, Captain Kirk), he was willing to save the world and disobay orders. The same thing happend to Captain America, but he didn't have enough people around him to back him up with his statements.
    So, yes. The military is kinda fascist. My squad often joked around with each others, saying we were a cult - Using the same uniforms, carrying weapens and being in restricted area. And, I might be biased, but the needs of the many do outweight the needs of the few. But, the needs of the one also outweight the needs of the many. It is all a question of perspective.
    It was a good video, even though I do not agree for all of it. But I know your videos in to broaden one's perspective, and you really did that well. You rule, man.

  • Logan Nevico
    Logan Nevico Month ago

    Ok let's get real here. Star Trek the motion picture honestly sucked. Like V'Ger had a cool concept but the execution sucked ass

  • Climbing the Sine Curve

    What about trading ships.

  • Eric Abbott
    Eric Abbott Month ago

    Please don't insult me and every other Star Wars fan by putting The Force Awakens in there... every single one of the prequels was better than that trash movie.


    Mat oat do a cloudy with a Chance of meatballs theory is the science accurate? Would Flint's machine work? What are spray on shoes?

  • Redemtionm Kazuki
    Redemtionm Kazuki Month ago

    Then the Borg must be mega fascist

  • Joshua Cross
    Joshua Cross Month ago

    I had many issues with this, but section 31 is a valid point

  • Dominus Pegas
    Dominus Pegas Month ago

    How the hell did this not show up on my feed until now?

  • Dominic Kieran
    Dominic Kieran Month ago

    I’m pretty sure that this is already somewhat cannon

  • Darth Xader
    Darth Xader Month ago

    There’s a few more Star Wars movies
    Any way
    * imperial flags drop behind me*
    * I start a impationent speech about the empire saying basically everyone should join*

  • Der Nerd
    Der Nerd Month ago

    Correction Hitler was a National Socialist not a fascist