Film Theory: Why The Star Trek Federation is Fascist

  • Published on Sep 10, 2016
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    This week I’m boldly going where Film Theory has gone before...straight into the Star Trek universe! This week, it’s all about what we REALLY know about the so-called “benevolent” Federation. Sure, we all want to trust the Captain Kirk will always do the right thing, or that Captain Picard’s shiny bald head is really a beacon of hope in the universe, but what it isn’t? Today’s theory shows that there’s evidence to point to the Federation as something other than a peaceful exploration mission. That actually, the Federation is a fascist system who’s set out to control other species in the universe and convert them to their own propaganda-filled perspective!
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  • Brian Alderman
    Brian Alderman 6 hours ago

    Still wouldn’t mind another one tho if you can take my vote into account

    • Brian Alderman
      Brian Alderman 4 hours ago

      Like why they insist on causing a epileptic episode lol

  • Brian Alderman
    Brian Alderman 8 hours ago

    Oh sorry I thought you haven’t made a Star Trek theory

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown Day ago

    This is the single stupidest thing I have ever seen.

  • Vivi_Webs
    Vivi_Webs Day ago


  • Maan Kaabe
    Maan Kaabe Day ago

    May Allah The Most Merciful, The Most Loving, Forgive Us [ Allahumma Amin]

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66 2 days ago

    8:22 The person who said this was actually Gregor Strasser. Although he was a member of the Nazi party, he was eventually purged.

  • Francesco Refolli
    Francesco Refolli 2 days ago

    This is so offensive, only Mussolini was Fascist, viva il Duce, while Hitler was Nazist, and there is a great difference.

    • The Universal Union Elites
      The Universal Union Elites 2 days ago

      ... Hitler is fascist... NAZI is the name of the party, The party falls under the category of a fascist dictatorship. Do your research buddy.

  • LS Gm
    LS Gm 2 days ago

    Tank at 13:37

  • J.M.D Empire
    J.M.D Empire 3 days ago

    Knowing that someone respects what people do on this platform is really refreshing. I think that this would be awesome to do and even want to do it myself. But alas I can't

  • Dexter Williams
    Dexter Williams 3 days ago

    # NCC-1701

  • prisoner_tv
    prisoner_tv 4 days ago +1

    Great theory but Christopher Columbus never stepped foot in America he just bounced around the Caribbean

    • Quinntus79
      Quinntus79 3 days ago

      Which is part of the Americas. America comprises of two continents and surrounding islands, not just the US.

  • Diarmuidthenerd _
    Diarmuidthenerd _ 4 days ago

    Fascism is an extremely branch of capitalism that bit about Hitler hating capitalism is just completely wrong for example there were state sponsored company's in Nazi Germany for example Volkswagen even the quote of Adolf Hitler well he never said that also when you talk about fascism controlling every body's life you mean totalitarianism whist thee usually seen together there totalitarianism can exist in other kinds of governing system eg north Korea is a communist totalitarian state or many of the middle eastern capitalist countrys become totalitarian states

  • Charity Baker
    Charity Baker 5 days ago

    Wasn't Cristopher Columbus trying to find a quicker trade route to India but instead found the Americas and that the world was bigger than he thought? (Or are they just teaching us crap in school as I suspect... /:v) Either way it's just for self gain.

  • jason f
    jason f 5 days ago

    christopher colombus didnt go to the US as you show in your video he went to central and south america

  • Englebert Everything

    If the enterprise is a flagship...
    Why is there no admiral aboard?

  • Eve Lyn
    Eve Lyn 6 days ago

    Y'all no one's got time to read your essays 😂

  • Cashden Clayton
    Cashden Clayton 7 days ago

    1:18 false 7
    Orginal 6
    + rogue 1

  • Omar Abundis
    Omar Abundis 7 days ago

    Columbus didn't discover America

  • Jason Alen
    Jason Alen 8 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the prime directive of "Don't disturb the natural evolution of a planet's inhabitants" goes against this theory. Sure, they might be doing this kind of stuff to evolved planets, but not to planets who haven't achieved warp flight.

  • Kapo the Great
    Kapo the Great 8 days ago +2

    You gotta tell us where you got the music in 4:03 from, it sounds nice

  • mia meme
    mia meme 10 days ago


  • Zhinakin
    Zhinakin 10 days ago +1

    Star Wars fans only have to watch 6 films

  • cyberpunk alchemy
    cyberpunk alchemy 10 days ago

    Matpat, Actually their communist, what you described is not facism.

  • Namless's Media Dump
    Namless's Media Dump 11 days ago

    STD gave us the Klingon Point of View...

    • Wasserrübenvergilbungsvirus
      Wasserrübenvergilbungsvirus 3 days ago

      DS9 gave us the perspective of the Bajorans, Cardassians, Ferengi, Klingons (sometimes), and even the Dominion (the main enemy in the series).

  • Bizel da Beast
    Bizel da Beast 12 days ago +1

    Better than communists

  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 12 days ago

    Can I just say as a HUGE Star Wars fans we have a lot to watch, all the animated series, plus toooooonnns of comics

  • clawleone 1134
    clawleone 1134 12 days ago

    When star Trek says "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one" they tend to be talking about their own self sacrifice. At least in next gen, which is the best (fight me). But when Picard has to choose between letting Q kill a third of his ship or refusing to let him, which would cause the while ship to die, he refuses to sacrifice his crew and the innocent families. They don't get to choose if they're willing to sacrifice themselves for everyone else, which means that statement doesn't really apply. I haven't watched star Trek in five years, so please correct me if I'm mis remembering the events, but yeah... And the reason they don't use money is because they can just instantly have pretty much anything they want with those food machines. And it's shown by their ability to also make mugs and shit that they can make non food items, rendering buying things useless. The real issue, which I really hate to think about because Star Trek was a MAJOR part of my childhood, is that it's fucking racist. Or whatever the term is for hating other religions. I really don't know. My town has Christians, a few atheists, and a Satanist. (That's me! I'm not just calling people Satanists)

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 13 days ago

    The Federation does know how to wield Soft Power.

  • Captain Animate
    Captain Animate 13 days ago

    yeah! dictatorship/totalitarian FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111!!!!!!!

  • Ivy Salmon
    Ivy Salmon 13 days ago

    I like this. Good job

  • Reece Bayliff
    Reece Bayliff 13 days ago

    Gene Roddenberry has explicitly stated that there is literally no trace of currency in any form in Star Trek

  • Sofka450
    Sofka450 14 days ago

    MattPatt, this is so wrong that it’s not even entertaining. All the wrong points. You ignored and confused meaning of actual historical terms and icorrectly applied them to the fictional history. You could’ve played with the idea that cosmopolitism can function only under total control, and explain why, but... you did what you did.
    And I’m so sorry to see this, because it’s not the first time when you present us a populist mess instead of actual analysis.

  • william puckett
    william puckett 15 days ago

    Why Is there a tenth planet

  • Micheal B
    Micheal B 15 days ago

    that bundle of sticks is on US currency... hmmmm... what theory does that support?

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 14 days ago

      That the US is feces.

  • Joesph Stalin
    Joesph Stalin 16 days ago

    Fascist? Where?!!! Let US push them back to their own soil

  • Joseph McGovern
    Joseph McGovern 16 days ago


  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 18 days ago +1

    2:14 Safety Time Machine Key Points
    1. Automatic door lock
    2. Goes invisible
    3. Moves objects out of the way
    4. Has camera/TV inside so the time travellers can observe history
    5. Has rocket power/Uses wormholes to time travel
    6. Rocket fuel fades fast in the sky
    So the environment is not changed.😍😎😉👍

    • Ayelis
      Ayelis 14 days ago +1

      Huh? I mean, sci-fi is cool and all...

  • Felix Knight
    Felix Knight 20 days ago

    who thinks MatPat and John Oliver would get along well?

  • Nuraini Arsad
    Nuraini Arsad 23 days ago

    Was only just suggested this video. Just want to mention that the point on exploration is true for *western Europe* versions. Elsewhere in the world there have been exploration that didn’t do these things. Sure it invariably was motivated by the search for more resources and land. But more often contact with discovered populations resulted in trade, not eradication. The Chinese voyages under Admiral Zheng He, for example, had a massive armada backed by an incredibly wealthy empire, but was peaceful. Likewise the seafarers of Southeast Asia on reaching aboriginal lands in Australia, settled and intermarried and became absorbed. Even when exploration resulted in conquest and dominion, it didn’t necessarily come with eradication of the native race or their culture or their religion, rather it was just new governance with the population left mostly intact. This is why the European colonisation period was so traumatic. It’s not that the various lands were never conquered or received foreign influence before. It’s just that it was the first time the influence was totally disinterested in the people already living on the land, and only intends to siphon away the resources.

  • MLG Dogster
    MLG Dogster 23 days ago

    3:12, a few of the series of Star Trek don’t do this, such as voyager

  • Therealsword15309 It's me

    I love generation

  • Christian Weber
    Christian Weber 24 days ago +2


  • Gavin Pyles
    Gavin Pyles 25 days ago

    Starwars is better

  • Sniff 'ead
    Sniff 'ead 26 days ago

    The only facist dictator that wasn’t a socialist was the emperor of Japan Hirohito, and we only call him facist because he was mates with hitler it was a monarchy like in the Middle East today.

  • Lucas Johannsen
    Lucas Johannsen 27 days ago

    Now I love Game theory but the way he describes Facisim and the way he criticized it made it seem like he hates the series, ( I’m no facist)

  • Susannah Washburn
    Susannah Washburn 27 days ago

    Just realized Star Trek is like reverse Star Wars. One from rebel perspective one from organization perspective

  • Victor Stole
    Victor Stole 27 days ago


  • Jared Langton
    Jared Langton 27 days ago

    Ola Matpat. Hope you see this but really enjoyed the theory and shared it with a few friends who presented this counter argument. It's an article from Redshirts Always Die.

  • AnnMarie Kerr
    AnnMarie Kerr 28 days ago

    Isn't this common knowledge?

  • 이규현
    이규현 28 days ago


  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann 28 days ago

    you are just another mindles troll

  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann 28 days ago

    no mudd had his own ship

  • Eric Feldmann
    Eric Feldmann 28 days ago

    grow up to th victor goes the toys

  • william blair
    william blair 29 days ago

    Its been two years and MatPat is still wrong about the Federation being a fascist entity. I have talked to some of my PoliSci friends(ones that actually know what fascism actually is) and they told me that the Federation is not actually Fascist but more Left wing authoritarian than fascist. They may not have money but they do have internal and external trade. All of the planets in The Federation have their own defense fleets that are not Starfleet and The Prime Directive discounts any notion of imperialism. It is a noninterference regulation in Starfleet.

  • xa xa
    xa xa 29 days ago

    8:25 *"...and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."*
    "This misattribution is sourced from John Toland. In Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography (1976), it is attributed to Hitler in a speech of May 1, 1927. It is recorded in Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future by Gregor Strasser on June 15, 1926."

  • Michelle Hebard
    Michelle Hebard 29 days ago

    ...But those are cashews 🤔

  • Jomerax Rulzz
    Jomerax Rulzz Month ago

    All I saw in the opening bit was chahews.

  • Ella Iboy
    Ella Iboy Month ago

    What about Star Wars mini series like the clone wars

  • Aiden midgley
    Aiden midgley Month ago

    You say a bundle of sticks is racist symbolism hwever america and the Iroquois confederation use bundles of arrows as symbols of unity hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sar Meister
    Sar Meister Month ago

    I liked the Prequel's in all honesty.

  • da Dwagon
    da Dwagon Month ago

    Now I just want to watch star trek now

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart Month ago

    wtf im fascist now

  • Bacon8or Wilver
    Bacon8or Wilver Month ago

    oh come on guys give him a break

  • Mr Miner
    Mr Miner Month ago

    Sorry but this doesn't coincide with what we are shown throughout the series
    Starfleet is the space navy of earth
    In enterprise we see that there are other occupations such as hauling cargo for money
    In voyager when Harry Kim get put back on earth for a couple days we see that there are luxury apartments, coffee stores ect
    And the lack of economics doesn't add up either, again in enterprise we are shown that the titular ship is military and thus would not have any capacity for currency since they needed to fill it to the brim with water, fuel and food. We are also shown that protein resequencing is a wide spread technology which even mad scientist criminals are able to attain.
    Fast forward to the next gen, ds9 and voyager and the federation and it's world's have both industrial replicators and civilian replicators that can make anything bar latinum ( a common currency since it can't be replicated) and poison.
    So if there's no need to pay for your food or drink capitalism didn't get murdered it died a peaceful death knowing that it's job was done

  • Rodrigo Trujillo
    Rodrigo Trujillo Month ago

    Those are clearly cashews. Everything is a lie!!!!

  • Aayush
    Aayush Month ago


    Stalin is wanting know location

  • Aayush
    Aayush Month ago

    What about Data's trial?

  • Aayush
    Aayush Month ago

    I mean, they're communist

  • Aayush
    Aayush Month ago

    The new star trek bad, but Christopher Pike good.

  • Agentflash18462
    Agentflash18462 Month ago

    The Federation is closer to a Communist state (they aren't they are post-scarcity) than a Fascist one

  • Harry Lagom
    Harry Lagom Month ago can you be fascist unless you are nationalist?

  • Stephan de V
    Stephan de V Month ago

    1 yes on wikis you see only uss spaceships but thats because private spaceships are not shown as the stories are told from the federation view as you say but look at ds9 there are humans who haul cargo with their own ships.
    2 yes on the communicators issued by federation you will see a federation logo. does not say privateers do not have communicators. and as in the army here they control their own network
    3 yes if you work for the federation of planets and are enlisted if you disobey orders then you get a courtmartial , that isnt fascism thats how it workd if you join the federation to work for them , like if you join the army you be judged by an army court
    4 new kirk, yes , if you go against your superiors orders and take matters in own hands its indeed mutany. he should have remained locked up untill such a time as he cold be stading before a judge. in this case spock was wrong doing this and this is a writing error indeed. the character of spock should and would not do this. indeed stupid writing but yet has nothing to do with the federation
    5 general marcus did the thing with the torpedos without consent of the federation and if he had survived he would have been convicted for life
    6 the economy by then has changed. as when replicators and robotics come into place all basic needs are fullfilled without having to do work. you can do work if you want as seen by privateers hauling goods but it is your choice. at some point in the west we will have to change out economy as production wil be mostly automated and people still need to buy the products yet jobs will decrease due to automisation and a.i. advances. that isnt the same as fascism done by hitler or stalin thats inevitable economic structural change due to technological advance
    and you still need to pay when your going to quarcks or buy clothing from garek lol
    7 the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. is not fascism it just weighs whats more important to the majority , it does not say you have no freedom of thought or speech or cant have your own believes
    8 ill give you the bundle of sticks. thats an awesome find
    9 klingons were conquerers taking over other inhabited places and ruling them strictly, those places sought help from the federation so the klinongs were the agressor.
    kardashia conquered bajor a non federation planet to empose their rule over so they were the fascist
    to many flaws in your theory that im sure of you knew but spun so it would fit your narrative and made thos film theory possible.
    great try

  • FieryButtonBomb
    FieryButtonBomb Month ago

    Actually yeah this seems like communism more than fascism.

  • FieryButtonBomb
    FieryButtonBomb Month ago +1

    Can someone do a "This episode but every time MatPat says federation it gets faster"?

  • Creatro Tera
    Creatro Tera Month ago +1

    4:02 what is that background music... Sounds epicccc

    • Kapo the Great
      Kapo the Great 9 days ago +1

      I know right, I've been waiting for a reply for years

  • Watashi wa Javier Betancourt desu

    FACT:The God of the Bible is a fascist!

  • Karasaph Exonar
    Karasaph Exonar Month ago

    And here I am, thinking that Star Trek was what Antifa is strivig for.

  • Lightman0359
    Lightman0359 Month ago

    Devil's Advocate:
    -There are non Starfleet [what USS denotes, Federation military vessels] civilian vessels, lie the Kobayashi Maru [made famous in the Kirk cheaty test, but a common DY class light freighter]
    -90% of the main characters are Military [IE Starfleet]. Guinan, Dr Phlox, Neelix, and Quark are examples of civilian personnel on Starfleet vessels
    -Most of your points reference the JJ verse, which was so bad, Leonard Nimoy apologized for it in the middle of the movie [the "alternate universe/not my trek" scene] and CBS wrote out of canon with the possibly equally as bad Discovery
    The Federation [in the Prime timeline/real trek] is a Socialist Democratic Republic: Communist, not Fascist.
    I accept your hypothesis for both the JJ/Kelvin timeline and Mirror Universe.

  • Grant Jochum
    Grant Jochum Month ago

    I always knew star trek was for comis!

  • Marc Brown
    Marc Brown Month ago

    When the federation made the first warship the defiant
    They made it the smallest in the fleet
    And titled it as an “escort” ship
    I think that means that the federation are pretty damn peaceful

  • Tankvin L
    Tankvin L Month ago +1

    facist sound more like communist

  • Matheus .Pexe
    Matheus .Pexe Month ago

    I love watch people trying to outsmart a theory with another theory ahehshshshdhshshshshs

  • R Jonboy
    R Jonboy Month ago

    Conspiracy theories based of Ditznified sloppy additions after Roddenberry.
    1. The Bad Reboot movies don't count. This "Section 31" and such are recent additions and should have been forgotten like the "temporal cold war" crap from "Enterprise".
    2. Starfleet is not the Federation. Starfleet is a voluntary exploration and defense organized along military lines. No one has to join. No one has to become security. If you do, you know you risk your life on the job. True, Starfleet doesn't use money. Food, room, clothing, training, entertainment are included. Doesn't exactly mean they take a vow of poverty. Nobody said they don't get paid, they just don't live or die by the accumulation of wealth. They accumulate experience and knowledge, and connections.
    3. The Federation is cooperative, not fascist. Each planet's culture is treated like it's own community, which is then represented at the Federation Council. Before this suspicion was the rule. Still is, which is why starships have to be military. For the same reason the U.S. has a navy: Jefferson didn't want a navy, but out trade ships had to be defended. You just don't see all the slow merchant traffic starship patrols protect until some pirates start trouble.
    4. We don't mention ST5. Bside, if he was God what would he need with a starship?

  • Cazador
    Cazador Month ago

    So watching all of the star trek movie's would equal the time I've played modded Skyrim

  • Tommy Fox
    Tommy Fox Month ago

    I don't think the people working for these nuts knows about that as well. =|

  • G Blue
    G Blue Month ago

    Dumb asf

  • D3am3r
    D3am3r Month ago

    Federation = New World Order

  • david ward
    david ward Month ago

    They literally aren't. They are a liberal space order that is borderline communist. You would have a better time saying that the starship trooper universe is fascist, yet even then you would be wrong. The closet thing to fascism I can think of in science fiction is the imperium of man in warhammer 40k. If you want to understand fascism just read the doctrine of fascism by Giovanni Gentile then maybe you would understand what fascism is. Mussolini wasn't a dictator. Sure he acted in a sort of executive position, but he ultimately answered to the king. A socialistic order isnt inherently fascist. Just because a government decides to subsidize transportation, communications, and the economy isn't inherently fascism. Just read the doctrine of fascism by Giovanni Gentile.

  • TheyCalledMeT
    TheyCalledMeT Month ago

    do you want to say .. if they don't opress other compeeting systems people are in favor of fascism?
    BTW .. kudos a bold claim and i'm sure you didn't make a lot of friends with this claim ^^

  • Hyena-Gaming
    Hyena-Gaming Month ago

    We only see federation stuff cause that's what's on the surface, there are plenty of.not fedeartion shops, like friagtes an whatnot

  • Simon Afridge
    Simon Afridge Month ago

    Hitler ruled with nationalisme

  • Miles Donahue
    Miles Donahue Month ago

    You spent 22.141667 days watching st

  • Jules Meuwissen
    Jules Meuwissen Month ago

    They aren't really fascists more like communists but the version of communists Amerika has shaped

  • Jules Meuwissen
    Jules Meuwissen Month ago

    The federation is more socialistic then fascistic matzot

  • Vincenzo Karol Flagiello

    Columbus didn't discover America

  • Demonitization Bot
    Demonitization Bot Month ago

    I thought they were Communist

    • Jules Meuwissen
      Jules Meuwissen Month ago

      me to but the version of communists Amerika has shaped

  • Jack Saint
    Jack Saint Month ago

    Gene Roddenberry was a communist, all the Star Trek series shows there's no money at all and all thrive to be better versions of themselves. The Hitler quote is not from Hitler, is from Gregor Strasser and he was killed by SA in the Night of Long Knives exactly because Hitler's mindset and ideology diverged from his. This quote is used to associate Nazism with Socialism/Communism and is a total farce, one of the biggest political hoaxes on the internet. Again you did not make enough researching and just threw random shit to fit your theories. Not cool.

  • Limbo Bilbo
    Limbo Bilbo Month ago

    11k dislikes from trekkies

  • Silkwesir
    Silkwesir Month ago

    I was intrigued with your general concept, but was pretty disappointed how inaccuracies with regards to the source material render most of your points invalid. For example, you connect two TOS episodes which have nothing to do with each other.
    And you conflate Starfleet with the Federation, as others have pointed out, and therefore disregard that we see the stories from the eyes of Starfleet officers, so there is no wonder you see mostly Starfleet stuff (for example the list of appearing ships you mention. there is frequent reference to private spacecraft, often in passing, you just don't see them that often (sometimes you do)).
    Also the Hitler vs Capitalism thing is bollocks. It's a myth left over from the McCarthy era.
    Think about how in the beginning of his reign, the Western Powers, in part, were thankful, seeing Nazi Germany as a kind of bastion against (Soviet) Communism.
    What? ... wait wait wait... the "needs of the many" thing, are you serious?
    Because the federation's philosophy happens to share one premise with fascism, that means the Federation promotes Fascism? That is not logical. It's like saying "the street is wet, therefore it must be raining", when there could be other reasons for the street being wet (e.g. it has recently rained but it's not raining anymore, or someone spilled water onto the road, etc.)
    (I would actually call that an instance of the Stopped Clock phenomenon with regards to fascism: the one and probably only thing which fascism got right ... but that's just my opinion, yours may differ)

  • Péter Ecker
    Péter Ecker Month ago

    What with Discoveri?