The Summit: A Trump-Kim Love Story

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were an unlikely couple. And maybe still are.
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Comments • 202

  • I Want Kim Jong-Un To Kill Me

    Trump I've been love with Kimmy since February 11, 2018. When you fall? Grrrrr.

  • ancalyme
    ancalyme 4 months ago +1

    How did you know

  • A Simple Person
    A Simple Person 4 months ago

    Aww love you too my Orange Fat Trump Baby
    #soon we Will Be Married
    -Supreme Leader Invites You All

  • Shopaholicru 69
    Shopaholicru 69 4 months ago

    It’s Cheesy but his love fest may one day get closer to hopefully convince Kim to end his slave camps. Don’t you people want that or do you hate Trump so much that you don’t care about the starving NK people and want the peace talks to fail ? At least he is trying diplomatically and not dropping bombs. Selfish much?

  • Edwin Mintey
    Edwin Mintey 4 months ago

    I wonder if they consummated their love affair on the last trip or if they are saving themselves. KIm has some big missiles, Donald, not so much.

  • Ed Thatch
    Ed Thatch 8 months ago

    "if there is one" hahahahahahwe'reallgunnadiehahahahaha

  • Jack bharucha
    Jack bharucha 8 months ago

    Trump x Putin OTP

  • Kit Coffey
    Kit Coffey 8 months ago

    Reminiscent of John Mulaney's "Jerry Orbach's Eyes" bit. :-)

  • Ririko Tomikawa
    Ririko Tomikawa 8 months ago

    The Vice President wouldn’t approve.

  • affluent couple
    affluent couple 8 months ago

    White Male Asian Female Love Story - WMAF. All the attributes of these two lovebirds combined make this a true love story.
    The Asian woman in this movie (Kim) is so stubby and short, just perfect for the white male who wants his asian woman like that. *YES*
    the white guy (trump) is an old man with a mind filled with racism after getting
    pwned into a girly man who avoided Vietnam. *YES*
    no pretty white woman would want the white man in the story *YES*
    Old white man, young asian woman *YES*
    Ok Late Show, I get it. That was a direct stab at WMAF pairings. Both have something to prove. You guys at the Late Show are such great subliminal communicators. *AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK*

  • james evarts
    james evarts 8 months ago


  • mukund p
    mukund p 8 months ago

    Liberals with media connections hate Trump so much they are basking in this schadenfreude at the cost of peace. Sad.

  • end4ira
    end4ira 8 months ago +1

    June 12th is kinda of a Valentine's day in Brazil! Lol

  • Anti Trumpster
    Anti Trumpster 9 months ago +2

    But wait.....there is another man who wants the love of Trump and is a green eyed monster on KJU...... John Bolton. Stayed tuned when John says to Donald...come on baby ...push my button...come on...I dare ya.

  • Locust Zedicus
    Locust Zedicus 9 months ago

    Spoiler Alert
    They don't.

  • Ingrid Channon
    Ingrid Channon 9 months ago

    w e

  • A Naam
    A Naam 9 months ago

    “Please consider treating Trump, Trump Junior and Eric as three kids, because in essence we all are to a certain degree.” - Al Frank and somebody else I'm sure, believe me
    Yeah I'm a diplomat. The best diplomat. Can tie my own shoes, just lost the certificate to prove that though. Mt.

  • Nisha L
    Nisha L 9 months ago

    And then it got cancelled...

  • arv in
    arv in 9 months ago


  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 9 months ago +3

    "I'm just a dotard...standing in front of a dictator...asking him to marry me."

  • BeachBum
    BeachBum 9 months ago

    Interesting, because Noam Chomsky says the doomsday clock is @ 2 minutes to 12:00, first time since 1953.

  • Ben Sawyer
    Ben Sawyer 9 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaand it's gone.

  • Brian brush
    Brian brush 9 months ago

    weather it works or not they'll still end up banging each other

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 9 months ago

    DT got sucker-punched by Kim.

  • Arezuiisms
    Arezuiisms 9 months ago +1

    This video is simultaneously so cursed yet so blessed.

  • Aris
    Aris 9 months ago

    No nobel prize then?

  • michael angelo
    michael angelo 9 months ago +2

    Well we just found out there isn't going to be a summit....

  • Yoda
    Yoda 9 months ago


  • Wicher
    Wicher 9 months ago

    Hey Stephen. You know Trump probably would've watched this. Next time, probably never, support a good thing! This summit was a rare opportunity and now it's dead. Trump takes most advice from people from tv. This video was crap anyway. I don't especially like Trumps cabinet myself, but this ONE thing was a good thing. You're probably not main reason Trump cancelled summit, but i'm pretty sure you're a reason. Trump watched this crap video! Hate him, fine. But hate him for the bad things he says and does. This ONE thing was a good thing. Haters gonna hate i suppose. I usually like you a lot, but for now; FUCK YOU Stephen. Just FUCK YOU. It is possible i'll still hate you tomorrow when you make a video about Trumps cancelation. It will probably feel very hypocritical to me when you burn him for that. Sorry for grammatical errors. I'm dutch.

    • Steeve
      Steeve 9 months ago +1

      dafuq? bruh, literally EVERYONE KNEW THIS SHIT WASN'T GONNA WORK. Are you living in a dreamworld? Yeah, it's a good thing that NK wanted to reach out, and if we had any other president, this situation might've been hopeful. But it's fucking Trump. You yourself admit the president of the united states is a fucking moron who listens to TV personalities instead of his own aides.. Trump is a JOKE through and through and UNTIL the very moment something good and concrete actually happens, he doesn't deserve praise or encouragement. He needs to earn that after all the personal gain his family has gotten and the daily lying and subterfuge he perpetually communicates from the white house and on Twitter. There was a 0% chance this was going to work. The joke here is that while Colbert did acknowledge the summit as a good thing in past videos, no matter what Trump will 100% find a way to definitely ruin it because... well.. Trump.

    • Wicher
      Wicher 9 months ago

      frieza65 i will have to sleep soon. It's 2.00 AM where i am. I will respond to you. Please don't insult. It will backfire. Attack me on grammar; weak. Second language anyway. Arguments only please. Ik promise on my mothers life (i love her) that i will only respond in kind. Use better arguments and you win. Good night.

    • Wicher
      Wicher 9 months ago

      frieza65 you're a special kind of answer i see. A marked one. I will not respond to insults. I do not respond to the usual tactics. Arguments, that's it basically.

    • Wicher
      Wicher 9 months ago

      frieza65 yes. He's taking advice from the television! Everybody with two brain cells knows this! Yes, Trump is completely unfit as president! He's a douche. Stephen has more than two brain cells. I admire Stephen, but his Trump hate has gotten out of control. You say he liked prospect of this summit? Great way of showing it. No, great way of showing my point that haters gonna hate. If you say he liked summit, then i don't need to wait till tomorrow. Arguments please. No insults. That's so Trumpian.

    • frieza65
      frieza65 9 months ago +1

      You're an idiot. If Trump takes advice from people on TV in order to make important decisions, then that's his failing as a person. Nobody's fault but his. Also, Colbert has stated that the summit was a good thing. He never badmouthed the potential good that could come of it. So you don't even have a real point. Because you're an idiot.

  • sexychristie11
    sexychristie11 9 months ago

    Can we just talk about how the summit is scheduled on dickheads birthday lol as if he wasn't already full of himself enough

  • Crazy Batman
    Crazy Batman 9 months ago

    Didn't anticipate the breakup in the offing?

  • MrCalifornia1234
    MrCalifornia1234 9 months ago +7

    This was so yesterday.

  • Gabriel Shepard
    Gabriel Shepard 9 months ago +1

    Whoever came up with the pun “bomb com” needs to be promoted.
    Or fired. I’m not sure which one.

  • contactkeithstack
    contactkeithstack 9 months ago

    yeah about that summit

  • Prof. Weed
    Prof. Weed 9 months ago

    Yup, it's theatre.

    SCBJQ 9 months ago +1

    Trump already chickened out of the meeting.

  • Qeisama
    Qeisama 9 months ago

    This reminds of the song, "Celebrated head of state or especially great communicator, did they have brain or knowledge? Psssh don't make me laugh"
    The song perfectly summed up Trump lol.

  • knowitsome nobile
    knowitsome nobile 9 months ago +1

    Spoilers alert...comment section

  • knowitsome nobile
    knowitsome nobile 9 months ago

    What's on 12 June??????

  • Nel Leo
    Nel Leo 9 months ago

    It’s official. Dumb and dumber here have gotten off love boat!

  • Lena Ghio
    Lena Ghio 9 months ago

    Now we know: their love is over

  • ziljin
    ziljin 9 months ago +2

    Summer blockbuster of the year!

  • Rusty Bauder
    Rusty Bauder 9 months ago

    Nope. Not anymore

  • David Kempton
    David Kempton 9 months ago +3

    And it's ALREADY out-of-date! This is the Trump universe, NOTHING is stable, ALL is chaos, and Trump thinks he is in control by being out of control.
    Classic con.

  • Ernesto Marcos
    Ernesto Marcos 9 months ago +4

    "...if there is one". Nope.

  • borot man
    borot man 9 months ago

    Spoilers: It won't. Thanks, dotard.

  • Jacques Blaque
    Jacques Blaque 9 months ago +2

    Obviously, the Nobel committee will have to look elsewhere. Too bad, trumpettes! Thanks for playing, though.

  • Charlstownraces
    Charlstownraces 9 months ago +3

    Lol the summit is canceled

  • Chase Foster
    Chase Foster 9 months ago +3

    This aged perfectly.

  • tubularap
    tubularap 9 months ago +5

    And ... only a couple of hours after this video was posted, Trampoline cancelled the whole meeting, feeling it was "inappropriate" because Pense was called a "political dummy" by NK. Yes, Donnie 2-scoops is playing peekaboo with the whole planet at stake.

  • Sayori Tateshina
    Sayori Tateshina 9 months ago

    Must be a Fox production, because The Summit has been cancelled!

  • Alex .Wallace
    Alex .Wallace 9 months ago

    I have some bad news for you all.

  • Badar Shahzad
    Badar Shahzad 9 months ago +10

    No they won't

  • Apt215 Melissa Brown
    Apt215 Melissa Brown 9 months ago

    Not doh-turd, doh-tar-d.

  • Brandon Stieve
    Brandon Stieve 9 months ago +3

    Sorry it was canceled ☹️

  • mc st
    mc st 9 months ago

    Aaaand just got cancelled... But on tomorrow, how knows?!

  • retnavybrat
    retnavybrat 9 months ago

    And it now looks like the "release date" has been indefinitely postponed.

  • blue4me43
    blue4me43 9 months ago +18

    We really miss President Barack Obama. I wish he was still our POTUS.

    • Diego Silerio
      Diego Silerio 2 months ago

      He would be if it wasn't for the 22nd amendment

  • vertabrate1
    vertabrate1 9 months ago

    so when does trump get his nobel peace prize lol

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago

      I didn't know if you knew about the cancellation when you originally posted. 🙂

    • vertabrate1
      vertabrate1 9 months ago

      yeah i was being sarcastic.

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago

      Not anytime soon. The summit is off.

  • Ed jo
    Ed jo 9 months ago +5

    Yup. they broke up.

  • RageNuke
    RageNuke 9 months ago +15

    Aaaaand... it's gone

  • Mike Sung
    Mike Sung 9 months ago +14

    The timing... as if you were waiting for the news just now

  • _IA_ WOT Blitz
    _IA_ WOT Blitz 9 months ago


  • Helgali
    Helgali 9 months ago +2

    June 12th is actually Valentine's day in Brazil.
    (But with a different saint patron, Antony).

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford 9 months ago +1

    No closed captions - bummer! Thumps down!

  • Benzaiten
    Benzaiten 9 months ago

    oh wow, The Late Show pretty much predicted it'll never take place, no?

    • Benzaiten
      Benzaiten 9 months ago +1

      true, in fact most thought so but this timing by the Late Show? they're good!

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago +1

      I think most people knew that was a strong possibility.

  • Nexus
    Nexus 9 months ago +44

    Lol timing ...and the summit is cancelled. Trump waits nervously by his phone for Kim to beg him back....

  • The Melissa Show
    The Melissa Show 9 months ago +6

    I fell over when he looks through the binoculars 😍

  • Dave Gallagher
    Dave Gallagher 9 months ago

    This will be just like two spoiled 3 year old children trying to play in the same playpen.

  • WK. Rugene
    WK. Rugene 9 months ago +13

    Already envisioning the 'Pull-out' jokes coming out.

  • VianneyCreates
    VianneyCreates 9 months ago

    Too soon! It looks like it's "won't they," and there will not be a June 12. Good work, Republicans.

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 9 months ago

    Except just a few minutes ago trump canceled it, so only good things can come of that. Prepare thy asses for death.

  • JohnSpot
    JohnSpot 9 months ago

    If nuclear wars going to happen, can it at least wait till after June 13th? I have tickets to Hamilton for then

  • Abhirup Bose
    Abhirup Bose 9 months ago +7

    Its cancelled..I am from the future

  • To Max
    To Max 9 months ago +92


  • Daniel Yu
    Daniel Yu 9 months ago +4

    The peace summit has already been cancelled. :feelsgoodman:

  • Seung Jin Lee
    Seung Jin Lee 9 months ago +4

    Oh boy, too bad the meeting is canceled as of this day. Well, I guess Donald Trump really didn't want that Noble Peace Prize. I wonder how many people did not see this coming...
    NO ONE.

  • Mr_RGP
    Mr_RGP 9 months ago +4

    Cancel the summit, production is in development hell.

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago

      The stars can't agree on who gets top billing. 😀

  • ShinobiNintendo
    ShinobiNintendo 9 months ago +4

    Dumb and Dumber 3

  • LordAaronus
    LordAaronus 9 months ago

    why does the thumbnail look like a fat ass

  • RockWithAGun ;
    RockWithAGun ; 9 months ago +1

    Annnnd Trump pulled out. I'm going to say they won't.

  • Cowboy Hank
    Cowboy Hank 9 months ago +21

    0:48 "If there is one" well I guess you called it, since he just cancelled it a few minutes ago 😂😂😂😂

    • asteroidbuckle
      asteroidbuckle 9 months ago +4

      I interpreted it as "if there is a June 12." You know, because of the threat of nuclear annihilation and all. But this interpretation works, too!

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago +3

      I think quite a few people suspected from the beginning that the summit wasn't going to happen.

  • Person McPerson
    Person McPerson 9 months ago +3

    lol, "This Summit" find out June 12th if there is one....

    • Person McPerson
      Person McPerson 9 months ago +2

      lol, yeah just found out. The current U.S. President is an unreliable liar...what a surprise!

    • susan p
      susan p 9 months ago +2

      Person McPerson there isn't.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    Trump & Kim, starring in “Brokeback DMZ”.

    • Tolerance
      Tolerance 9 months ago

      Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison ......Kim Jung won't be pulling out tho...😂☝️

  • cynthia van teylingen
    cynthia van teylingen 9 months ago

    yeah if there is one ever this romantic lovydovey movie style i like hahahah

  • Firnon Zodd
    Firnon Zodd 9 months ago +14

    "Find out June 12th. If there is one."
    If Trump's people keep mentioning Libya there probably won't be

    • Will Pack
      Will Pack 9 months ago

      Trump cancelled it.

    • Firnon Zodd
      Firnon Zodd 9 months ago

      Why am I not surprised

    • liiparks
      liiparks 9 months ago +1

      Firnon Zodd yep, its cancelled

  • Bertie Brown
    Bertie Brown 9 months ago

    Damn it...I was hoping this would have the female translator. That shit fucking kills me.

  • Almagiri Mai
    Almagiri Mai 9 months ago +3

    Disney Cartoons couldn't have written this..... the world has become a caricature of itself, with nukes. Insanity all around. I want to get off at the next stop...........

  • bisquitnspanky
    bisquitnspanky 9 months ago +2

    The nuke site they are talking about destroying collapsed on itself killing 200 people. It's "pre-destroyed". They've done this before years ago when they pretended to destroy a nuke site for the cameras. Nothing new in the DPRK. Trump wants to help Kim stay in power and make money for both of them in the North Korean dictatorship. Easy.

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 9 months ago +10

    I hope kim jong takes trump as a hostage. The only thing better than trump in prison is... trump in North Korean prison. 🤔

    • Evan Nibbe
      Evan Nibbe 8 months ago +1

      What would be funny would be seeing Mike Pence explain why the U.S. isn’t doing anything to secure his release and trying to act as though he still cares about Trump so that the Trumpers don’t vote against him.

    • retnavybrat
      retnavybrat 9 months ago +4

      North Korea would probably be begging us to take him back within a week.

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo 9 months ago

    Good music choice SourPls

  • Donee@AwEs0me
    Donee@AwEs0me 9 months ago +1

    Memers are gonna go crazy on this

  • Hemojang
    Hemojang 9 months ago

    Extra points, what beach is that in the last shot?

  • Sebastian Elytron
    Sebastian Elytron 9 months ago +236

    Power hungry? *Check*
    Mentally unstable? *Check*
    Reckless blowhard? *Check*
    Narcissistic? *Check*
    Inherited everything from father? *Check*
    Nobody alive understands how the hell is in power? *Check*
    Middle name starts with "J"? *Check*
    Yep, a match made in heaven.💖

    • Mikayla Bansie
      Mikayla Bansie 8 months ago

      Sebastian Elytron
      You have won the Top Comment+👍of the Week

    • Mary Light
      Mary Light 9 months ago +4

      You mean made in Hell. You mean Hell.

    • yeahriight57
      yeahriight57 9 months ago +4

      Obese ✅ Obsessed with Obama ✅ Pathological liar ✅ A big man-baby✅

    • ThunderHammer99
      ThunderHammer99 9 months ago

      XxxMuseluverxxX I already said that...

    • XxxMuseluverxxX
      XxxMuseluverxxX 9 months ago

      Sebastian Elytron Tad correction! Jongun is his first name-Kim is his last. In Korean, it’s last name first, then first name. Middle names don’t really exist in Korean, either lol. PSA over lol

  • todshi
    todshi 9 months ago +44

    Sean Hannity must be jealous...

    • Neojhun
      Neojhun 9 months ago +9

      he's the side bitch.

  • I don't care
    I don't care 9 months ago +127

    "Will you go to war with me?"

    • David DeLaney
      David DeLaney 8 months ago

      "Check yes or no."
      --Dave, eat this note if the Vice President sees it

    • Allan Koivu
      Allan Koivu 9 months ago


    • Zaxor Von Skyler
      Zaxor Von Skyler 9 months ago +5

      "You had me at hello."

    • Joker
      Joker 9 months ago +12

      "I thought you would never ask" 🙄

  • No need to worry about my username

    Gotta say, this show is gonna be the bomb

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte
    Napoleon I Bonaparte 9 months ago +7

    This movie is going to be explosive

  • Lemmy K. Is God
    Lemmy K. Is God 9 months ago +2

    It's A True Bro-mance Story

  • Robert Clyde
    Robert Clyde 9 months ago +1

    Nick Lowe!