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  • Published on Jul 8, 2015
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    Economics is a field which will never dwindle. There might be an increase in technology in the last century or so, but there has been no difference whatsoever for the need of economists in the world. In India, there has been a serious growth in the jobs available for individuals with degrees in economics. There are many reasons that are quoted for this significant growth. Privatization of banks, globalization, open markets are some of the few reasons as to why job options for people with degrees in economics have increased in India recently.
    There are many choices available in both public and private sectors for people with degrees in economics. The public sector jobs offer you financial stability and also offer you a definitive level of prestige in the community. The foremost of the government jobs available to you are in the Indian Economics Service (IES). These are some highly sought after jobs, and it helps to be a great student while applying for these jobs. Then, there are jobs in the reserve bank of India, PSU’s and other public sector banks.
    There are quite a few job openings in the private sector as well. You can apply for a job in many multinational companies, BPO’s in the management domains. You can also consider the option of applying for the many private sector banks and other such institutions. A career as a journalist is also viable with your degree in economics. You can pursue your goal of becoming a journalist by becoming an economics journalist at a newspaper or a magazine.
    If you want to further your education, then a master’s degree in economics is the most logical option. If you are considering a private job, the an MBA degree could be quite helpful. You can also consider the option of becoming a lawyer by studying LLB too. There is a good range to further your studies in, and there is absolutely no lack of good colleges in the country for this.
    These are some of the jobs you can choose with your degree in economics:
    • Auditor
    • Banking and Finance
    • Insurance Investment
    • Marketing
    • Stock Broker
    • Media Analyst
    • Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Advertising
    • Communication
    • Actuarial
    • Education and Research
    • Retailing
    • System Analysis
    The pay packet is quite lucrative too. As a fresher, you can expect anywhere between 4 and 8 lakhs per annum, in the field of economics. There is a huge potential for growth. And, for some of the more brilliant students among you, the pay packet can be further improved. A Masters degree will further help your cause. You can get many better paying jobs with a master’s degree in economics, or with a MBA degree.
    There are obviously a lot of career choices available for you. But, the truth is for you to proceed further you need to put in more effort and time into your education.
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      SATAYAM SINGH yes off course you are get b.a economics but if you are interested in hons in economics you get compulsory study math in class 12th

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    • Karan Nair
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      Md Tahsin alig
      Hi! LSE closes it's doors for students in the month of December (masters program). you apply directly to the school, and not on UCAS.
      mind you, you need a 1st level or 2nd level high in your under grad with GRE scores and teachers recommendation before you apply.

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