No Robot Will Be Able to Replace These People

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
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    You know, there's a lot of talk these days about the possibility of robots starting to do all the work that people do. This possibility makes many people happy, but others are afraid of being left without a source of income. Besides, the rise of the machines is not far away! But don't worry, because there are people in the world who will never be replaced by robots. Why? Well, for you to understand, we will introduce you to the protagonists of our video.

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  • Mermaid Man
    Mermaid Man Day ago

    Checking the safety of a train doesn’t seem like the type of job that should be done quickly, smh.

  • gamer set go
    gamer set go 2 days ago

    When you had a argument with your parents and they told you to do the dishes→6:53

  • MLslayer YT
    MLslayer YT 3 days ago

    Some people i know from 'MARTIAN' AND 'APOLLO 13'.

  • Ethical Hackers Ethical hackers

    Please Save water🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kelly Stephens
    Kelly Stephens 4 days ago

    6:53 when your mom asked you to wash the dishes but you forgot to

  • Mutahir Liaqat
    Mutahir Liaqat 4 days ago

    Hey Pakistanis are more faster than those indians

  • Ki No
    Ki No 5 days ago

    Putang ina e yung angels burger nga samin pag order ko may inabot agad e. Kaliwaan. Ganon kabilis.

    JOEL TECH MALAYALAM 5 days ago +1

    Most of the videos are from india

  • Azer0
    Azer0 7 days ago

    8:31 fastest speaker in the world ejjsieiejwjsowiwnsbeiwiwhsheiejwnejejeiakksenej

    GKC’S LIFE 7 days ago +1

    Poor sheep 🐑 being held like that

  • Paulo Rey
    Paulo Rey 8 days ago


  • Slython
    Slython 8 days ago +2

    How are robots made?

    By robots

    How are humans made?
    &$#*&# $*&#@ $*&# $& #@$

  • aSkyNine
    aSkyNine 8 days ago +1

    7:00when my mom says she pulled up to the house and the pots better be washed

  • Cameron Crawford
    Cameron Crawford 9 days ago

    It’s funny bc a robot could replace these people easily and do it longer, lol

  • L Jay Yen
    L Jay Yen 10 days ago

    For the man who was cleaning the pan he was doing it fast cuz he was scrubbing faster and plus he was doing outside not like right near the sink

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts 10 days ago

    Is it weird that I have done 7 function tests on L98A2 rifles in 42.74 seconds

  • Ryu Kaname
    Ryu Kaname 11 days ago

    wasting a Plate take me 30 seconds at least

  • Jake Garcia
    Jake Garcia 13 days ago

    It’s the person not the object

  • Tarela fids
    Tarela fids 13 days ago

    The guy at 3:00 is the real life steve in minecraft

  • Art zzz
    Art zzz 13 days ago

    Robots will not replace people , here is why

  • Juicy Plushy
    Juicy Plushy 15 days ago +1

    *_When you scan someone body_*

  • Kelly-Marea Sharma
    Kelly-Marea Sharma 15 days ago

    In India they never wear safety gear

  • Bethanie Charles
    Bethanie Charles 16 days ago +1

    Poor sheep 2 one

  • Tausif Utchhash
    Tausif Utchhash 16 days ago

    Indians suck

  • Chandler Wells
    Chandler Wells 17 days ago

    How to not be replaced: transfer your mind in to a robot BOOM you are not replaced because u are the thing replacing you

  • Jimbob Jelly time
    Jimbob Jelly time 17 days ago

    At country file they told people about the grass cutting thing

  • dave chan
    dave chan 19 days ago

    Depende rin sa grass yan

  • Jameson Click
    Jameson Click 20 days ago

    India. People is so talented

  • Jhie Yho
    Jhie Yho 20 days ago

    4:28.. Be careful girls

  • AGN
    AGN 20 days ago

    Robots are picking strawberies meanwhile, and that 24/7. So, on the long run, I doubt the headline.

  • Hyoroemon Meto
    Hyoroemon Meto 24 days ago

    Prop for you for adding source.

  • Seth Reopelle
    Seth Reopelle 24 days ago

    That guy can finger bang you to death


    A few things negros always do that robots will never be designed to do:
    Be drug addicts
    Murder thousands of innocent people every year
    Live on welfare
    Be pedophiles and rape children
    Lie, cheat and steal so they dont have to get a job
    Have mostly single mothers with murdering scum for their offspring
    As a percentage of their race, they rule in each category I just listed and there may be others.

  • Paras Kaikessa
    Paras Kaikessa 25 days ago +2

    Mobile game ads fighting the skip button

  • Paras Kaikessa
    Paras Kaikessa 25 days ago +1

    Peaceful villager: *exists*
    Vikings: 3:10

  • Chris Marcotte
    Chris Marcotte 25 days ago

    I worked at a pizza place making large pep pizzas in under a minute. Thats from a dough ball

    CURTDOG 25 days ago

    When you wanna play fortnite but your Mum says you must do the dishes first 6:55

  • •A.R.M.Y• •Y / N •

    I would of broken my finger. That man got bones if steel.

  • Grey Dominguez
    Grey Dominguez 27 days ago +3

    1:20 aww that sweet sheep looks so happy.

  • USBYDProductions
    USBYDProductions 27 days ago

    So maybe no one single machine can be as versatile as a human "machine" but any specific machine could do these tasks considerable faster if it was built to specifically do that. Like a riding mower in the first clip, which also just happens to dispose of the clippings much more efficiently than mr scythe or even mr weed wacker

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 27 days ago

    One sheep in what? A machine could do the whole body at the same time in under a second without even manhandling the sheep like that.
    So he can do a few fries in a minute? Machine do 10Lbs a second.
    Change tires in an eternity, try visiting a car manufacturer, they would be hopeless behind.
    Talking fast, what about a million word a second?
    Only one thing machine will never be able to do, make stupid titles to TVclip videos:-)

    • Fried Mule
      Fried Mule 25 days ago

      @OWNAGE 101 Thanks for your reply, lets keep it to the subject instead of mutual abuse:-)
      I cant see why a computer should have any limitation in producing any sound in any speed, it's only the speed of the "voice-chip" and processor that limits that. In a way, you could say that computers do that every day, every phone call from lets say USA do go trough a computer that compress every word, convert them and then deliver them as normal speech, several million words a second. And cutting a sheep in a second, no problem, it only takes someone who make a sort of construction that has some sort of cutting mechanism build in. It is not necessary so it wont be made but you have several machines who do similar impossible tasks today.

    • OWNAGE 101
      OWNAGE 101 25 days ago

      You're just a stupid 5 year old, one million words a second? I don't think so. A whole sheep in one second? Absolutely not. Your child imagination is getting the best of you

  • Kenji Mouri Miyamoto
    Kenji Mouri Miyamoto 28 days ago

    "Human being is strong because we have the ability to change ourselves" - "Saitama"

  • SocThis
    SocThis 28 days ago

    hate to break it to you.. but literally all of this will be replaced & kinda are. they may be good but you don't beat a robot. you simply don't. Replacement is not just about speed. It's about efficiency & cost of operation. which is where the robot wins 99% of the time.

  • Trebor Ironwolfe
    Trebor Ironwolfe Month ago

    For the safety-inspection jobs, I would be far more impressed if they actually *found a problem* during the inspection.

  • Madman Slayz
    Madman Slayz Month ago

    people that does stuff with no safety is a true professional

  • Sameer Sk
    Sameer Sk Month ago

    07:48 Eminem's Dad

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    10:00 um yea right shes using a machine see that thing that spins it super fast uh yea that's a machine also a robot would have like 50 going at once

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    8:47 lol a robot would just have a stamp and cut like 50 in one go and with the axe thing i saw axes being made my machines once like 500 were layed with multtian metal an like 30 sec

  • Lucassostreams
    Lucassostreams Month ago

    At 4:22 I watched that movie last night

  • Nastase Dorin
    Nastase Dorin Month ago

    Think it again.

  • Bryn Diesel
    Bryn Diesel Month ago +1

    Was that the micro machines guy?!

  • Mini Moviz
    Mini Moviz Month ago

    5:07 i feel bad for his girl

  • Wag 1
    Wag 1 Month ago

    9:29 imagine after the train is going at 100m/h and crashes. It was because the wires wasn't checked properly

  • Wag 1
    Wag 1 Month ago

    6:54 I am worried for that guy

  • Dreadnaught 717
    Dreadnaught 717 Month ago

    9:44 this is why Chinese products don't last long 😂

  • CT-5555 Fives
    CT-5555 Fives Month ago

    Poor sheep

  • Azusa YT
    Azusa YT Month ago +2

    Didnt Eminem do 700+words in a min
    And tech9 did around 1k

  • Powerslide Inc.
    Powerslide Inc. Month ago

    how do window cleaners do this?
    its so boring that any creature would eventually make it more interesting in some way shape or form to pass time faster

  • dimensionshrestha
    dimensionshrestha Month ago

    And the Kung Fu master name is hoe and he can crack coconut with a finger lol... I bet his wife and girl friends can barely walk

  • sandeep rawat
    sandeep rawat Month ago

    5.50 we are Indians amd we dont care about safety we are morons and idiots.