Dunkey's Best of 2017


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  • Tactical Roll
    Tactical Roll 48 minutes ago +1

    I really like videos like this, we get your real opinion, and hear about really good games, while still having a joke here and there. Great video!

  • MunMun MurMur
    MunMun MurMur 16 hours ago

    "Video game adaptation of Gone Home"
    This might've been the single greatest roast I've seen Dunkey make.

  • Justtryme90
    Justtryme90 Day ago

    I honestly watch these best of videos just for super mario brothers 2 winning GOTY

  • MediocreCartoonist
    MediocreCartoonist 2 days ago

    You didn't like Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • Fwiji the Ninja
    Fwiji the Ninja 2 days ago

    This video is amazing. It doesn't matter how long. I'll keep coming back to it. It's like I have an internal clock that when it runs out, I have to watch this video again.

  • Title or Something
    Title or Something 2 days ago

    What is the song that he plays while reviewing furi

  • Jack Banks
    Jack Banks 2 days ago

    You got the good games
    The REAL good games
    The MASTAPEECE zone
    ( If you haven't played any of these shame on you)
    And Then
    We got the BIG BOYS!

    • oh god why
      oh god why 11 hours ago

      yes that is indeed what he says

  • Gaurav Vaidya
    Gaurav Vaidya 2 days ago

    Man the part where he started talking about Furi and the music came on I had goosebumps running all through me

  • Supar Hack_r
    Supar Hack_r 3 days ago

    You’ll never see it comiiiing~~

  • Berry
    Berry 3 days ago

    The moment the Persona 5 soundtrack played I was just.


  • Zam Zteele
    Zam Zteele 4 days ago

    “Old and busted, new hotness”

  • Emporor Cormac
    Emporor Cormac 4 days ago

    no shadow of war?

  • bottyes
    bottyes 5 days ago

    Only Dunkey has the courage to use MIB2 footage.

  • tanuj q
    tanuj q 5 days ago

    Furi Soundtrack name ?

  • Kurekuyo Shinkuji
    Kurekuyo Shinkuji 6 days ago

    Persona 5?

  • Jones Brothers
    Jones Brothers 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed he ACTUALLY wrote dunkey at the end ?

  • Evan Bohn
    Evan Bohn 7 days ago

    why can't zero punctuation be more like this and just get to the point instead of trying so hard to be british?

  • Fernando Voticky
    Fernando Voticky 7 days ago

    I love the dunkey Easter egg of sonic mania, sadly I think it was removed

  • Peter Leary
    Peter Leary 7 days ago

    what was the song playing for furi

  • James P
    James P 7 days ago


  • Memelicious Ravioli
    Memelicious Ravioli 7 days ago

    whats the music that sounds like dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun at darksouls 3? i assume it a darksouls soundtrack but i cant seem to find it

  • Harrison Themak
    Harrison Themak 8 days ago

    Where tf is knack 2?

  • Vasja Majer
    Vasja Majer 8 days ago


  • yappy
    yappy 9 days ago

    Bought Furi, can't beat tutorial boss after 10 tries

  • Clipper FAn
    Clipper FAn 10 days ago

    Mario 64 still makes me want to kill myself

  • Fart Zero Gaming
    Fart Zero Gaming 10 days ago

    Knack 2 Baby!

  • Ruben
    Ruben 10 days ago

    Half of these on the nintendo switch!

  • ISteal RandomVideos
    ISteal RandomVideos 11 days ago

    doom is like blaawwwummmmjaaaaa

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 11 days ago

    Does anyone else know the name of the song he played during the Furi section?

  • Brian Valladares
    Brian Valladares 11 days ago

    The tree is more interesting than the game

  • poisenbery
    poisenbery 11 days ago

    if dlc was always this good, ea would be my favorite company

  • Snikpoh 1390
    Snikpoh 1390 12 days ago

    You're the best reviewer on TVclip.

  • xX_Zaincool_Xx
    xX_Zaincool_Xx 13 days ago

    Why did you not add Horizon zero dawn to the list?

  • Z_Twe12e
    Z_Twe12e 13 days ago

    I can't believe Dunkey has Super Mario Sunshine in his "Mastapeece Zone" . Equally surprising is that Super Mario World isn't a "Big Boys".

  • Matthew Baranyai
    Matthew Baranyai 13 days ago

    I love dunky

  • Jumpy20
    Jumpy20 16 days ago

    Hollow Knight!

    "Its pretty much like dark souls...."
    I tought he was going to respond enthusiasticly about this game -_-

  • Dembai
    Dembai 16 days ago

    Just woke up my whole family. Thank you for reminding me that SMB2 will always be the game of the year.

  • Tushar Mitra
    Tushar Mitra 16 days ago

    What's that disco music in the beginning

  • Walid Rajini
    Walid Rajini 16 days ago

    Furi is dickgarbage persona schould have been on here instead of that repetitive garbage same as superhot its just too repetetive after 2 hours

  • Ariel Arusy
    Ariel Arusy 16 days ago

    In Zelda, there is no real most of the game, only if you so desire you can climb and soar through hyrule but there is so much freedom even more than in Odessey. I’m not saying that Oddesey is a bad game it’s incredible but it does not deserve number one over Zelda in my opinion

  • Multiplied By Cheese
    Multiplied By Cheese 16 days ago

    Imo, Furi has one of the best, if not the greatest video game soundtracks of all time.

  • Jbacon Mack
    Jbacon Mack 17 days ago

    Why does Fury sound like a song track from phantom pain?!

  • Megagnura
    Megagnura 17 days ago

    One year Dunkey is going to name Super mario Bros. 2 second place and everyone is going to lose it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 18 days ago

    But the. At the top you have Knack 2

  • gausm warhole
    gausm warhole 18 days ago


  • Bolígrafo Hacker
    Bolígrafo Hacker 18 days ago


  • The gamer guy
    The gamer guy 18 days ago

    I haven't played shovel knight I'm gonna die, there's so much I want to do.

  • Desmond Taylor
    Desmond Taylor 19 days ago

    The Furi soundtrack gave me goosebumps

  • dank melons
    dank melons 19 days ago

    Which is the intro song...

  • chadwick swagpants
    chadwick swagpants 19 days ago +1

    No video on horizon zero dawn?

  • Votrox
    Votrox 20 days ago

    Super Mario Bros 3 over world? Shame on you brother. Oh yeah and Odyssey is definitely better than any other game on the big boys

  • JD Maness
    JD Maness 20 days ago

    Furi has the best soundtrack of the year. Reminds me of hotline Miami 1&2. Which also had awesome music.

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054 21 day ago

    We don't deserve odyssey

  • Sha Ms
    Sha Ms 21 day ago

    R O N A L D T H E B L U E G U Y

  • Dixobot 780
    Dixobot 780 22 days ago

    I never played Mario

  • Trimi Doroci
    Trimi Doroci 22 days ago

    PUBG was a game that was released hahahahaha

  • Miturbanis Derty
    Miturbanis Derty 22 days ago

    Iudex grundyr was so easy are u joking

  • NinJustice
    NinJustice 23 days ago

    Of course Mario Oddysey beat Breath of the Wild. YOU CAN BE A TREE

    also I can’t believe Knack 2 wasn’t on the list

  • Ghost Ranger
    Ghost Ranger 23 days ago

    Man, Dunkey LOVES platforming

  • MerpDaDerpyDerp
    MerpDaDerpyDerp 24 days ago

    What is the music playing at the very beginning of the video?

  • Gage Sanderson
    Gage Sanderson 24 days ago

    Dark souls 3 sucked ass. The level design was shit compared to dark souls 1. And it was stupidly frantic and not very tactical/strategic, just spammy as hell.

  • UltimateGameZ 657
    UltimateGameZ 657 24 days ago +1


  • Pokemon Hunter
    Pokemon Hunter 25 days ago

    In the master piece mario zone you missed Mario teaches typing

  • low_quality_memes
    low_quality_memes 25 days ago


  • Wade Leee
    Wade Leee 25 days ago

    Cuphead is dark souls of cups

    • Wade Leee
      Wade Leee 25 days ago

      I believe you mean of the dark souls of cups

  • Zenkaichi DeadnAlive
    Zenkaichi DeadnAlive 26 days ago

    Gotta pause the video there... The Gone Home shade got me xD

  • Khalid Al semari
    Khalid Al semari 26 days ago

    and funny

  • Khalid Al semari
    Khalid Al semari 26 days ago

    dunkey your awsome

  • Khalid Al semari
    Khalid Al semari 26 days ago

    2017 was actullay best year for game and a played al the games but a didnt played bad games but liked 2017

  • The Breakfast Megapowers

    Ok not gonna lie. I downloaded the audio to make the Super Mario Bros 2 GOTY remix my new ringtone.

  • liam bradley
    liam bradley 26 days ago

    You know you're a brilliant TVcliprs when a video who advertise themselves in title and thumbnail and get more views than subs

  • The Queen
    The Queen 26 days ago

    I'm disappointed that I didn't see Persona 5 anywhere on his list, like at all

    • Zhin The Tyrant
      Zhin The Tyrant 24 days ago

      The Queen How about you make your own list and put it anywhere you want to?

  • Thicc jerry
    Thicc jerry 27 days ago

    What is with you and super Mario bros2

  • Gringo Stingo
    Gringo Stingo 27 days ago

    we can’t have one?

  • Jody Michael
    Jody Michael 27 days ago

    I'm tilted that he has the galaxy games above sunshine :c I just can't accept that they are that good I played the first one for a good several hours but it just seemed like the same thing over and over and the worlds seemed small and bland everytime maybe I just needed to play more and maybe 2 is better since I've never played it

    • The Supple One
      The Supple One 25 days ago

      Jody Michael Galaxy 2 is really good. As far as I'm concerned, it's way better than Galaxy 1, but I've never played sunshine

  • Asane Boi
    Asane Boi 28 days ago +1

    Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce

  • Snake Raptor
    Snake Raptor 29 days ago +1

    Paradox interactive dish out 10 times more dlcs than EA btw :D

  • Its a Jay.
    Its a Jay. 29 days ago

    I have been through thick and thinn of the furi soundtrack and can still not find the song dunkey used! 😬

  • partysoss
    partysoss 29 days ago

    Super Hot is great, but have you ever played it in FUCKING VIRTUAL REALITY!?!?!?!?!??!

  • LightningStrike HD
    LightningStrike HD 29 days ago +1

    All the games u like are Mario games lol

  • Jacob Mellick
    Jacob Mellick Month ago

    What is the song that plays during the Furi clip?

  • Ulted The Clone
    Ulted The Clone Month ago

    Quick Question: Why was Sunshine not in the Big Boys Zone for you?

  • RoboKitty
    RoboKitty Month ago

    remember the alamo?

  • Dyslexic Heron
    Dyslexic Heron Month ago

    What game is that 12 seconds in?

  • mortuss
    mortuss Month ago

    Unfortunatly I have about a quarter to my name.

  • Ian McGaughey
    Ian McGaughey Month ago

    He makes the freaking Super Mario Bros. 2 joke every year, yet it’s just as funny every time.

  • George Blanchard
    George Blanchard Month ago

    “PUBG was a game that was released.”

  • Gingerman611
    Gingerman611 Month ago

    Literally pausing the video at the Mario list and then thinking, “but where is super Mario bros 2?”
    Press play: “And then you have-“
    Lmao 😂

  • Jacob D
    Jacob D Month ago

    "I don't need a cutscene to tell me that this isn't the mcdonalds parking lot" @every FPS ever

  • Johan Olarte
    Johan Olarte Month ago

    And they makin knack 2! Hah?! Now what yo gon do?!? Hah?!

  • Zenpai mN
    Zenpai mN Month ago

    *SUPER* *HOT*
    *SUPER* *HOT*


  • Chad Cuervo
    Chad Cuervo Month ago

    Remember Snake Fortress?

  • John Gee
    John Gee Month ago

    What was that song from furi

  • mr jönte-dps
    mr jönte-dps Month ago

    What's the Furi song?

  • Saint Eagle
    Saint Eagle Month ago

    Why not Horizon: Zero Dawn?

  • Benjamin Burt
    Benjamin Burt Month ago +3

    The top 3 games are Sonic, Zelda, and Mario.
    Good to see that gaming hasn't changed since 1991.

    • The Supple One
      The Supple One 25 days ago

      Benjamin Burt (not including Sonic Forces)

  • Jeriel C
    Jeriel C Month ago

    i wonder if Dunkey actually does like Mario 2 to any extent. I know it's a really odd game but I still have a lot of fun with it

  • Samuel Murray
    Samuel Murray Month ago

    Dunkey honestly, I love you're channel man. Your comedic sense of reviewing a game and really putting gameplay and and certain game styles into perspective. You also show off alot of indie games that wouldn't get as much love as the big name games. I just spent the past 2 days playing super hot. I really appreciate your channel man.

  • Gaminglifestuff
    Gaminglifestuff Month ago


  • Gaminglifestuff
    Gaminglifestuff Month ago

    And make sure you play the remastered dunk souls too