Pink Floyd - Another Brick In the Wall | Will Barber| The Voice 2017| Blind Audition


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  • aziz boussa
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  • Logical
    Logical 13 hours ago

    He has no control lower on his bridge,He cannot control air properly and is doing a pretty rough job on his vocal cords,If you take into account him not understanding the langauge and ignoring that then it is still terrible,The only saving grace of this audition is the playing of one of the two instruments being used and that is the one on his lap,the one in his throat is useless in the current way he uses it. Sorry but the truth is the truth. The irony is the placement of his tongue and lack of overuse of his throat muscles,he has the right idea but obviously has never listened to himself.
    Garbage vocals with a good sound coming from the instrument on his lap.

    However that is all moot as this is "The Voice" not "check out the under used instrument i play"

    Let's stop the cycle here.

    I was given the link to this song by a friend. I wish i had never clicked it as it was a waste of 2 minutes and 45 seconds of my time,Not only did this give me less faith in humanity but also made me think more and more people are tone def.

    So let's stop the cycle here. Don't link this video to your friend to waste his/her time. This rendition in this audition is a terrible waste of time. So here i am doing you all a favor,Do not link this to anyone else. And please do not think it is good or skillfull you are essentially dumbing yourself down as even the instrument he played on his lap was not played on tempo.

    I think you would find better renditions from high school children's school recitals. And they will probably even be on tempo.
    One mans trash is not another mans treasure. It is still just trash.

  • محمد العازمي

    Tam says

  • Markus Freeman
    Markus Freeman 15 hours ago

    Очень хорошо!

  • Eren Karanacakoğlu
    Eren Karanacakoğlu 15 hours ago

    what is this instrument ?

  • Man of beard
    Man of beard 17 hours ago

    What was this. The comedy segment 😂

  • xXFloxerXx
    xXFloxerXx 17 hours ago

    What Is the name of the instrument?

    PHILIP WATCH 23 hours ago


  • Tomate Farcie
    Tomate Farcie Day ago

    zazie stp arrête de surjouer c'est énervant

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    Njgawwqqqw p0rpb i


  • cristiano alves
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    Algum português ou brasileiro aqui se arrepiando

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  • alex holovič
    alex holovič 2 days ago

    Anyone who knows something about music, can you explain to me why do they think he is so good? because to me it doesnt sound that great, he can play an instrument well, but its supposed to be about his voice right?

  • team busse
    team busse 2 days ago

    he is god

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  • Maurice Stephens
    Maurice Stephens 3 days ago

    That was awful 🙉🙉

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    J'aime bien les commentaires du jury, nazes à chier

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    Pour une fois que les américains aime ce qu’ont fait il faut être contents

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  • leviatandrache1
    leviatandrache1 4 days ago

    Ich hab leider nichts gefunden . tolle Stimme. der könnte auch hurt singen

  • aquamarine ancient soul

    His guitar playing was better than his singing

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  • emanuel mihai
    emanuel mihai 4 days ago

    we really need the entire song of this version!!!

  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor 4 days ago

    This guys chronic as fuck... he literally sounds horrible...

  • Carlos Cícero Rodrigues

    Chega dar uns arrepios no corpo . Muito show

  • Alejandro Toledo
    Alejandro Toledo 5 days ago

    what kind of music is that guitar sound

  • Yurik Bar
    Yurik Bar 5 days ago

    Бл... мне больше понравилось чем оригинал. Мужик красава!

  • Геннадий Асадурян


  • Radu
    Radu 5 days ago

    What instrument is that?

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  • abbesworld
    abbesworld 6 days ago

    He’s so beautiful

    A POWER 6 days ago +9

    Best cover I've heard in the last decade!

  • Lealmarkson Aguiar
    Lealmarkson Aguiar 6 days ago

    Pq demorei pra ver esse vídeo, muito foda

  • leviatandrache1
    leviatandrache1 6 days ago

    I come from Germany and my English is very bad, but this man ist very very good, crazy and he has talent. Der Typ ist mega krass, ich habe so etwas noch nie vorher gesehen. Toll ich werde mir mehr von ihm ansehen

    BORG AI 6 days ago +18

    I still love Will's version best... awesome!

  • Apple With eyes
    Apple With eyes 6 days ago +1

    I remember watching the music video for “Another Brick in the wall” and I got scared when the kids got turned into sausages.
    It sounds way funnier


    amo esa canción

  • leviatandrache1
    leviatandrache1 6 days ago

    Echt krass cool

  • Ivan Kulich
    Ivan Kulich 6 days ago

    Цой жив!

  • Сергей
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  • Juano :V
    Juano :V 7 days ago

    Where the tabs?

  • Brad Ashmore
    Brad Ashmore 7 days ago

    anyone know if this guy ever made it and if you can find his music somewhere?

  • Ghost Ghost
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  • Furkat - bek Holdar - ügli

    Достойный викинг

  • В'ячеслав Швец

    это круто !

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  • fred chet
    fred chet 8 days ago

    le seul valable reste Pagny !!!

  • Za Ki
    Za Ki 9 days ago

    He didn't prenounes words very well and that's hard too me

  • Dave Strider
    Dave Strider 9 days ago

    Can someone tell me what instrument he was playing? It looked like a mountain dulcimer but it didn't sound like one so it was hard to tell..

  • Aline pontes
    Aline pontes 9 days ago

    O programa é the Voice, pessoal vira antes do cara realmente demonstrar a voz. Só pq se amarra na música.

  • giacjack
    giacjack 9 days ago

    You rock man !!!!!!

  • Василий Шелопугин

    вот это я понимаю...

  • Nobody
    Nobody 10 days ago

    This guy is a complete anomaly, he's a French redneck. He don't make a wee bit of sense.

  • Z_owl.
    Z_owl. 10 days ago

    Что за инструмент?

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  • Mr. Hubert
    Mr. Hubert 10 days ago

    I ned this version but clear without jury and prople

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  • Dicom Ecuador
    Dicom Ecuador 11 days ago

    GOOD GOOD GOOD infinity GOOD

  • Shatalkin ky
    Shatalkin ky 11 days ago

    крутой мужик)

  • OneSkiWonder
    OneSkiWonder 11 days ago

    He sucked. This was horrible. He’s okay on the slide guitar, but his singing of the song was dreadful.

  • Михаил Потемкин


  • Gareth the devil
    Gareth the devil 11 days ago

    very best verseion i have heard of the song

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  • siy4545
    siy4545 12 days ago

    makes me happy this video has nearly 62 mil views

  • Gilles Roddier
    Gilles Roddier 12 days ago

    Ce mec n'a besoin d'aucun de ces gusse pour avoir du talent

  • GaMeLLe
    GaMeLLe 12 days ago

    Merci mec!!!! Je t 'ai écouté bien 50 fois tu déchires continues!!!!

  • Crypto Nitro
    Crypto Nitro 12 days ago

    oui si on pouvais avoir la même sans blabla :D

  • Чч Попа
    Чч Попа 12 days ago

    Привет всем из чечни.класс исполнение

  • SAS
    SAS 12 days ago

    What the fuck was that?!!! Punk!

  • Roland Schmid
    Roland Schmid 12 days ago

    Hat nix mit Pink Floyd zu tun. Geh sterben Du Arschloch! Pink Floyd verarschen können nur die, die annähernd das selbe auf dem Kasten haben. Da gehörst Du definitiv nicht dazu! Ein Kondom hätte so vieles verhindert!!

  • Dorian De-Palma
    Dorian De-Palma 12 days ago

    Hi looks like a Tom Hardy :)))

  • Black Ninja
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    Nice 🤟🤟🤟🤟👍👍👍gg

    • Jean Jean
      Jean Jean 10 days ago

      Black Ninja ça va la miniature ?

  • Robert Emilian
    Robert Emilian 12 days ago

    He killed it maaaan

  • Tommy Seibel
    Tommy Seibel 13 days ago

    I hate singer Song contest Things but this is genius

  • Adis Tahric
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  • Orfo
    Orfo 13 days ago

    I love this version.

  • Angel Fabian
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  • Andrés cabrera
    Andrés cabrera 14 days ago

    Alguien sabe que es la cosa que tiene en su mano izquierda? Por favooooor!

  • Joaquin Vergara
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  • Dylan Burts
    Dylan Burts 14 days ago

    i think he sounded like shit. rofl

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  • Florian Alvermann
    Florian Alvermann 14 days ago

    Wah daa nahd naoooo saf kantayyyya ... Arrnayyahy ya justa naddabrig in the wooh

  • Lykoff
    Lykoff 14 days ago

    woooowww, awesome ... оху...ть круто

  • Francesco Di Molfetta
    Francesco Di Molfetta 14 days ago

    Semplicemente Magnifico.

  • Andrew Dikusar
    Andrew Dikusar 14 days ago +2

    На Tom`a Hardy похож)

  • Rubén Dario Álvarez Alcaraz

    Muy chingón. Brother se me erizo la piel!!!

  • joa lecarre
    joa lecarre 14 days ago

    Waow ❤️ j'écoute du rap D'habitude mais je croit que ces la seul que me donne envie de pleurer tellement elle est bien 😍❤️j'avais vraiment envie de pleurer quand il est monté ❤️

  • RomanMega Gunko
    RomanMega Gunko 15 days ago

    Голос бомжа - пропойцы)

  • Олег Попков
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    Дама видимо пришла на шоу .Угадай мелодию..

  • Jean-Paul Cornu
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  • Jayne Cobb
    Jayne Cobb 15 days ago

    Hehehe...Euro Hillbilly. Kills me.

  • hubert
    hubert 15 days ago

    What instrument it is

  • Adi Niet
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  • Alek Kl
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  • Hugo Oliveira
    Hugo Oliveira 15 days ago

    Qual e o nome do instrumento que ele está usando?

  • Kravas Play
    Kravas Play 15 days ago +1

    0:34 Bear Grylls?

  • Rafael D'Carmo
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    Nothing more amaze me since the voice China :/

  • SOF-Cruel
    SOF-Cruel 16 days ago

    I simply don’t get tired of watching this!!!!

  • Dervis Ozturk
    Dervis Ozturk 16 days ago

    That amaazing