MY TWIN DOES MY MAKEUP (How She Wants ME To Wear It)


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  • Caterra Curry
    Caterra Curry 3 months ago

    I am ALISSA!!! Sorry I had to do it lol 😂❤️


    I found Arnells channel like a couple of weeks ago...
    I was like "wtf does Alissa have a second channel?" 😂 I was pretty confused lol

  • Karen Yurely
    Karen Yurely 3 months ago +2

    I didn't know you have a twin😍 !

  • Muva J
    Muva J 3 months ago +8

    I like how Arnell did your highlight, it looks so cute ❤

  • eemiilyx
    eemiilyx 3 months ago

    You two are so beautiful !!

  • Ayomide A
    Ayomide A 3 months ago +1


  • Charlie’s channel 2018

    I literally love you

  • Olivia Brielle
    Olivia Brielle 3 months ago +360

    “That’s why you be looking dry sometimes” Alyssa why you clock her like that lmfaoo

  • Chloe Walker
    Chloe Walker 3 months ago

    I did not no she was a twin😮🤯

  • Amy
    Amy 3 months ago +1

    i love it!

  • Countrylovey Asmr
    Countrylovey Asmr 3 months ago


  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 3 months ago

    It literally thought you cloned yourself.. The voice,looks,and personality is all the Same !👀😍❤️❤️

  • Alyshia Jackson
    Alyshia Jackson 3 months ago

    I think you should do a collab with Bretman Rock and Princess. I think that would be AMAZING on so many levels.

  • Kim Do
    Kim Do 3 months ago

    Arnell killed this lol👌🏻 i would add lashes tho girl 😍😘

  • Liz Vela
    Liz Vela 3 months ago +1

    Please do more videos together

  • tori_akai
    tori_akai 3 months ago

    Wow, Arnell's Alissa impression is so spot on

  • Tabatha Taylor
    Tabatha Taylor 3 months ago +705

    If your twin ever wonders what she’d look like with short bleached hair she just has to look at you

  • mstarrc
    mstarrc 3 months ago

    y’all are so cute! i have a twin as well

  • Izzybell consuelo
    Izzybell consuelo 3 months ago

    Has anybody noticed they have the same color eyes

  • DarthRupi
    DarthRupi 3 months ago

    Alissa your cat is so cute and floofy! I love when you and Arnell make videos together :)

  • Grace Oh
    Grace Oh 3 months ago

    4:45 Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  • lilboujeemar
    lilboujeemar 3 months ago

    You should get khadi on ya channel and do her makeup😭

  • AdrianaEliseG
    AdrianaEliseG 3 months ago

    I love you two together lol

  • Tykiesia Levi
    Tykiesia Levi 3 months ago

    Love this nose highlight

  • Harks Rahania
    Harks Rahania 3 months ago +17

    They speak so quiet but then the laughing and singing is deafening when you turn it up 😂😭😭

  • T Capri
    T Capri 3 months ago +230

    When Ardell said she was tired after foundation... I felt that lmaoo

  • Stephanie Sapiens
    Stephanie Sapiens 3 months ago

    Wait I didn’t know you had a twin!?

  • Samara Blount
    Samara Blount 3 months ago

    I think that lip is definitely for you!!!

  • Camden Abdull
    Camden Abdull 3 months ago

    It would be so funny to see you recreate a look Arnell did on her channel with the products she used and with her routine.

  • Brenda Martinez
    Brenda Martinez 3 months ago

    Y’all are like twins twins 😭

  • Nunu Bella
    Nunu Bella 3 months ago

    Omg ! You should do a mukbang , it would be so good

  • camille craft
    camille craft 3 months ago

    This is so amazing...the fact is that you guys look and sound the the way I love you guys sooooooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aprilperez1016
    aprilperez1016 3 months ago

    That lip combo though😍👌🏼

  • Two Thousand And Pretty

    You guys are so cute!

  • Tay Salas
    Tay Salas 3 months ago

    The nose highlight is amazing

  • Janessa Estrada
    Janessa Estrada 3 months ago

    I think Arnell did really good I feel like the nose highlight and how she did you nose it looks really cute and adorable and it reminds me of ponelopy from reck it Ralph haha 😂❤️♥️💋💞

  • horta erica
    horta erica 3 months ago


  • C4rt3rs4rt
    C4rt3rs4rt 3 months ago +2245

    “Is this why you be lookin’ so *_dRy?_* “
    I was hollering!😂

  • Sabrina Hawk
    Sabrina Hawk 3 months ago

    The sweetest family vibes!

  • Mimyakko
    Mimyakko 3 months ago

    Y'all should do a channel swap! Alissa films a video for Arnell's channel in Arnell's style and vice versa! It could be cute
    EDIT: OOH! Or y'all pretend to be each other on your guys' channels and see if subscribers can tell the difference

  • Rüya Sertyalçın
    Rüya Sertyalçın 3 months ago

    This is so confusing oh dear god

  • sk8erboi822003
    sk8erboi822003 3 months ago

    For Who???? lmao best moment here hahahaha

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl 3 months ago +3

    I loveeee the lip combo, what did she use? Besides chestnut?

  • 101blu101
    101blu101 3 months ago

    I thought arnell was going to be pretty and give you swiggally brows

  • Danielle George
    Danielle George 3 months ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at Alissa's facial expressions. You two remind me a lot of my sister and I. I can tell you two have a special bond.

  • Vivan Depina
    Vivan Depina 3 months ago

    Nose highlight should be in your routine

  • Noe McDonals
    Noe McDonals 3 months ago

    I luv everything except the brows the look is cute!

  • Chardonnay Dru
    Chardonnay Dru 3 months ago +3

    You guys are so funny and beautiful 😍

  • Iyanna Marie
    Iyanna Marie 3 months ago

    Name a better duo... I’ll wait ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nia Huntley
    Nia Huntley 3 months ago

    She did a great job ! A different routine from yours but it came out good

  • Nicki RED
    Nicki RED 3 months ago

    She did a good job! The lippie n highlight is nice

  • Mar tyna
    Mar tyna 3 months ago

    Me and my sister are twins too ♥

  • Isabelle Abboud
    Isabelle Abboud 3 months ago

    Hahaha I love this so much

  • Jennifer Medina
    Jennifer Medina 3 months ago

    same eyes,voice,flawless skin,same eyebrows😻just the hair and they would be exactly the same😂♥️

  • punkybrewstar83
    punkybrewstar83 3 months ago +10

    There is twins, and then there is twins. You guys look exactly the same.

  • Got cake Murphy
    Got cake Murphy 3 months ago

    She did good

  • Sam Baller
    Sam Baller 3 months ago

    I was laughing this whole time lol 😂😂

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 3 months ago +22


    You look just alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *L I V I D*
    *L I V I D* 3 months ago +18

    I’m new and didn’t realize u and a twin but since I’m new if you had the same hair I wouldn’t be able to tell who is who

  • Claire
    Claire 3 months ago

    "What are these..?!!"😂😂😂

  • shenae
    shenae 3 months ago

    This shit hella funny

  • Michelle DeDeus
    Michelle DeDeus 3 months ago


  • Michele Davis
    Michele Davis 3 months ago +186

    Yall should switch channels one day looooooong in the future without telling us and be each other

  • Keyla Torre
    Keyla Torre 3 months ago

    😯what? 2

  • Giovanna Sage
    Giovanna Sage 3 months ago

    You look great it’s nice and natural

  • Funeka Mmakola
    Funeka Mmakola 3 months ago

    You guys are so cute😘

  • Jasmine Brooks
    Jasmine Brooks 3 months ago

    She done a great job and I gotta say the nose highlight is very cute I like it

  • Vanessa Winn
    Vanessa Winn 3 months ago


  • kattyperryboo
    kattyperryboo 3 months ago

    So cute

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 3 months ago

    This was such a cute video lol

  • Shanna Sloane
    Shanna Sloane 3 months ago

    I use that lip combo everyday. Looks good on you...

  • mak3upbypr1ncess
    mak3upbypr1ncess 3 months ago

    You guys are the most identical twins I’ve ever saw I swear. (Edit)

    CECE HUGHLEY NOEL 3 months ago

    Pretty. You two are so cute when you comment on each other’s looks! You look EXACTLY alike! I’m a twin too, so...🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Vivian Amu
    Vivian Amu 3 months ago

    I love the look. Great job Arnell.☺

  • Arion Crowder
    Arion Crowder 3 months ago

    I adore them !

  • Autumn Forest
    Autumn Forest 3 months ago

    This is literally tripping me out and lowkey makes me feel uncomfortable especially when both of you guys talk and its the same voice and the same face... 😶 twins are super fascinating lol

  • JaQuanda West
    JaQuanda West 3 months ago

    I love when you both are together ❤😁

  • Miya
    Miya 3 months ago

    What was the first sponge

  • mal heat
    mal heat 3 months ago +1


  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 3 months ago +11

    You guys sound like zendaya lol

  • Finau Nau
    Finau Nau 3 months ago

    Ayeeee time to go watch arnell’s now 🤪🙌🏽

  • F
    F 3 months ago

    Hold up wait a minute! Y’all thought I was finished?! When I bought that Ashton Martin y’all thought it was rented?! FLEXIN ON THESE N--- IM LIKE POPEYE ON HIS SPINACH

  • Mystik Jay
    Mystik Jay 3 months ago

    And the classic wink tho.. lol

  • b a n d i t ø ll-//
    b a n d i t ø ll-// 3 months ago

    If they both had the same hair, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them. They even have the same voices. 😂❤️

  • Jacklyn Hernandez
    Jacklyn Hernandez 3 months ago


  • Jackie Ikpe
    Jackie Ikpe 3 months ago

    I thought she just put on a black wig to play as her sister. They EXACTLY the same.

  • Olivia D 15
    Olivia D 15 3 months ago

    “You’re gonna choke fool!!” 😂😂

  • Quiana Jackson
    Quiana Jackson 3 months ago

    Look so cute

  • Fun talks
    Fun talks 3 months ago

    Voices face and all things are same

  • tingeofsass 09
    tingeofsass 09 3 months ago

    (yelling voice) "alissa, do you wanna look bad??"
    (whisper, i'm-so-done expression) "you're stupid."

  • Destiny Davis
    Destiny Davis 3 months ago

    That’s fine ... I like deserts

  • Jakeyra_ xoxo
    Jakeyra_ xoxo 3 months ago

    She did really good

  • SlapChopYerFace
    SlapChopYerFace 3 months ago

    "I've never been this close to your skin before" ...Didn't y'all share a womb lmfao

  • Joy Hunter
    Joy Hunter 3 months ago

    I like the brighter under eye and the lip 😍😍

  • Rickita Green
    Rickita Green 3 months ago

    I love this look especially the lip combo ❤️ .. I give this a 9 only because I like a more thicker brow and the feathery look Alissa does

  • The Five Floogles
    The Five Floogles 3 months ago

    I didn’t know about a TWIN?!

  • abrown truth
    abrown truth 3 months ago

    i love yall ! Its cute , i love the lip combo

  • tingeofsass 09
    tingeofsass 09 3 months ago

    "what's wrong with that??"
    arnell, 2018
    i need that in a tee 😂😂😂

  • Joachim Hansen
    Joachim Hansen 3 months ago

    i hate it aahaha, you're both so adorable tho

  • sherell green
    sherell green 3 months ago

    The nose highlight is cute and that lip combo