• Published on Sep 12, 2017
  • VERY excited to unbox for you a ONE OFF special controller, for YOU to win! :D
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Comments • 4 022

  • PrinceyBOII Gaming ツ

    How do you win

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit 16 days ago

    I had to watch 11mins just to see what i came here for

    BLASTGAMER18 5 months ago

    Ali there needs a liberator PS4 controller

  • Kararadam07 Safarixd
    Kararadam07 Safarixd 10 months ago

    Ali a is faking playing

  • TR3NTkiLLer3457564 TRENT

    2018 any niggas

  • Kyriak karat
    Kyriak karat Year ago +1

    Yes I live in, o he didn't say anything about my country. What hey there is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,1 chances you now my country really you don't believe me OK then my country is Cyprus OK see that's what you get man that's what you get🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾also that's the symbol of my country

  • Adefemi Kasali
    Adefemi Kasali Year ago

    Ali is so nice, he could've kept it for himself but he didn't. That is a very very nice controller. 😊

  • hrehan Miglani
    hrehan Miglani Year ago

    99% I am wining it

  • Turtle boi Gaming and more

    BTW I won it but didn’t see this video XD

  • Mike Lanier
    Mike Lanier Year ago

    Please I lovvvvvvve this channel And I am poor please I I I need this controller because I have a friend that Is coming overseas and he doesn't have a xbox and l only have one controller

  • Elmo tic take video
    Elmo tic take video Year ago +1

    My name is Jaime Rodriguez and I watch full of your video it was so badass and I subscribed to your video your videos are awesome

  • Mysterious Hacker

    I did it

  • Leo
    Leo Year ago


  • danpie danpie
    danpie danpie Year ago

    Bet he didn’t now he was gonna be famous at fortnite at this time

  • FaZe Zay
    FaZe Zay Year ago

    Please second scuff I've never had anything from you

  • FaZe Zay
    FaZe Zay Year ago


  • Beth Cameron
    Beth Cameron Year ago

    I want it

  • Cooper Kann
    Cooper Kann Year ago

    i wanted it until i saw what it was

  • Fiery Gamer 360
    Fiery Gamer 360 Year ago

    I have an Xbox one day one controller, I call it my lucky controller

  • PulsEx X
    PulsEx X Year ago


  • Ghost Faze_627
    Ghost Faze_627 Year ago

    10:42 you will thank me later

  • DarkWolf XYTG
    DarkWolf XYTG Year ago

    what about us ps4 players

  • The Epic team V2
    The Epic team V2 Year ago

    Can you plz bring the show to Israel

  • Michael Mizrahi (Student)

    Sorry I am commenting to much but i can’t find the link and the please give it to me I am bored of my plain white controllers

  • Michael Mizrahi (Student)

    Please give it to me please

  • Michael Mizrahi (Student)

    What is the controller called

  • Michael Mizrahi (Student)

    I would like it but I play on Xbox mybe it is also for Xbox

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      You can't get it, it is Xbox but this was given away a few months ago. Sorry lmao

  • Ad Am
    Ad Am Year ago

    I really need a new controller for my Xbox my current one is broken and I can’t get Fortnite wins

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      1:Just bye a normal controller, this one is already given away.
      2. You can't get wins, so what? A controller can't help 😂

  • Ginette Gabriel
    Ginette Gabriel Year ago

    I need this controller

  • Ginette Gabriel
    Ginette Gabriel Year ago

    Please I need a controller mine is broken I can barely use it the a button is James my r stick keeps moving the camera up

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      It has already been given away

  • MadNadz
    MadNadz Year ago

    a much more clear explanation of the controller: a normal xbox controller with ali i paintings on...

  • Dijon Swagger
    Dijon Swagger Year ago +1

    I want one of that more control ps4

  • mario soto
    mario soto Year ago +1

    Do you have a Ali a controller for PS4

  • Manny Blogs
    Manny Blogs Year ago

    Nice controller man hope someone nice won, I am very late

  • Taylor Last Name
    Taylor Last Name Year ago

    I won the controller

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      Stop lying idiot

  • Lucas Vollmer
    Lucas Vollmer Year ago


  • steven dargie
    steven dargie Year ago


  • Moose Man
    Moose Man Year ago


  • Muhammad Najam
    Muhammad Najam Year ago


  • Muhammad Najam
    Muhammad Najam Year ago

    I subbed and likes

  • Nathan CHAN
    Nathan CHAN Year ago

    is the giveaway over because im 9 months late

    • J6
      J6 Year ago


  • Kahsvdkdfwvsjdhdvndhd

    Can I have it I liked every one of your videos

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      Yeah right, anyway it has already been given away

  • Collipet Plays
    Collipet Plays Year ago

    I NEED PS4

  • Damien Leddy
    Damien Leddy Year ago

    Your class alia that remote is deadly sorry you didn't win the tourement but at least your still class at fornite battle royal. Could I plz have the remote .🤣💎

  • kaysie.don
    kaysie.don Year ago

    I got the normal black one :(

  • Alex Player
    Alex Player Year ago

    Can I have it I come first place every time on fortnight

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      It has already been given away. And I bet you don't have a single win on fortnite, you didn't even spell it right

  • Myth
    Myth Year ago

    i use ps4

  • Myth
    Myth Year ago

    please let me have it

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      It has already been given away, and stop copying myth ffs

  • Howie2288
    Howie2288 Year ago

    I need a controller

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      Then bye one

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Year ago

    I'm done

  • The Gaming Pro 89627

    Any one who got the controller comment of u did get it

  • Joshua Day
    Joshua Day Year ago

    Ali a where all of the cod fans live I came here for CoD

  • Mason Bunch
    Mason Bunch Year ago

    I have been watching u for 3 years i love ur videos and i have an xbox and i love ur content keep it up

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris Year ago

    My dog Lily would loooooove Eve. Lily is a cavapoo shes only 14 month's/1 and 2 month's.

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor Year ago

    I am delited for this channel

  • DeathRider
    DeathRider Year ago +1

    Do you still have a chance to win if u come here June 2 2018?

    • J6
      J6 Year ago


  • Rawr Playz
    Rawr Playz Year ago

    Poop I’m late is he even playing fortnite back then

    • J6
      J6 Year ago

      No because that stupid game wasnt out yet, he was playing Call of duty (An actual good game)

  • Brayan Curry
    Brayan Curry Year ago

    I olweis wach yo videon I love it

  • Kasen Lingenfelter

    Who here is watching in 2020

  • McGrady 4favre
    McGrady 4favre Year ago

    Its been 8 months since this vid