HOW did they publish THIS? **CRAP GAME ALERT**

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • If you've ever wanted to play Mountain Rescue Simulator but were worried you would have way too much fun, then never fear! The Game Grumps are here to save the day and do it for you! Grab some lube for this one!
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Comments • 2 533

  • TheNerdy Dork
    TheNerdy Dork 43 minutes ago

    I have lost so much moisture in my body while watching this! Man, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! Seriously though! I’m laughing so hard the tears are flowing like a broken dam, this is hilarious to watch! Thanks guys! This is the best way to flex my core today

  • Sebastian Aponte
    Sebastian Aponte 6 hours ago


  • Scylla_Leviathan

    Nintendo in there house while on fire: this is fine

  • Aquabreeze
    Aquabreeze Day ago

    But why is Dan naming himself after the host of Meet the Press

  • Nia LaShia
    Nia LaShia 2 days ago

    We'll be right back...

  • Alex otero
    Alex otero 2 days ago

    The first area with the symmetrical buildings look like they’re based off of nuke town from COD black ops. Lmao

  • Camilo Garrido
    Camilo Garrido 3 days ago

    It's been 0 days since Arun beatboxed

  • TennoHack
    TennoHack 5 days ago

    I read them

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc 5 days ago

    This is for the SWITCH?!

  • Caution Hazardous
    Caution Hazardous 6 days ago

    Man: * Is dying *
    Arin: * Pause game *

  • aazhie
    aazhie 7 days ago


    Good b/c I am dying plz halp XDDDD

  • Hi There
    Hi There 7 days ago +1

    The ones around the beginning where they meet Karl, they're from the map Nuketown. They could be replicas, but it's the EXACT same layout. Judging from the quality of the game, I'm guessing they're just ripped straight from Black Ops. xD

  • InsufficientPlayer
    InsufficientPlayer 7 days ago

    I leave for a year. How the fuck is arin still beatboxing.

  • Pandine
    Pandine 7 days ago +4

    This already feels like a Game Grumps Classic.

  • Barry Benson
    Barry Benson 7 days ago

    Owner of a lonely heart!

  • Erik Janicki
    Erik Janicki 8 days ago

    *Pauses Game* 11:16 *A WILD OLDBAG APPEARS*

  • Pat Lund
    Pat Lund 8 days ago

    I fucking lost it at 20:55

  • Spirits
    Spirits 9 days ago

    Anybody realize the map area they spawned in is a carbon fucking copy of nuketown.

  • Curtis Morgsn
    Curtis Morgsn 10 days ago

    Monekey man start intro haha.

  • Alex
    Alex 10 days ago

    Not gonna lie it killed me when the guys name was actually Karl, I even told myself "Wouldn't it be funny if his name was Karl"

  • EnderBender
    EnderBender 10 days ago

    This is the same quality as a roblox game

  • Dom Alonso
    Dom Alonso 11 days ago

    "Break the mould...break your back *UH*"

  • Joshua Pesavento
    Joshua Pesavento 12 days ago

    Even roblox games are made better than this game.

  • Jayden Keller
    Jayden Keller 12 days ago

    Ive watched this video at least 3x a day since it came out

  • Jan-Willem Swart
    Jan-Willem Swart 13 days ago +1

    3:27 "What's the meaning of Stonehenge?" -ylvis(stonehenge)

  • SASizzle
    SASizzle 14 days ago

    I read your tags.

  • Samantha Barber
    Samantha Barber 14 days ago

    the music just sounded like that one song in steven universe future when steven's driving the car in the trailer except the version where it doesn't get creepy

  • accskaguy
    accskaguy 15 days ago +1

    I love taking a game like this, and turning it into comedy gold. :D
    Don't ever stop being this kind of great. :)

  • Krystal Kossen
    Krystal Kossen 15 days ago

    Did anyone else hear the song from Phoenix Wright in the background at 11:18?!?

  • Joe S
    Joe S 15 days ago

    Lost it at "oh put that person on me"

  • Trismon55555
    Trismon55555 16 days ago

    for a moment, I thought they were playing "The Stretchers".
    I am a fool.

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 16 days ago

    I loved this a lot more than I thought I was going to!

  • Austin C
    Austin C 16 days ago

    It is Carl!

  • Maxwell Kowal
    Maxwell Kowal 17 days ago

    At first I was like "this looks fine for a Gamecube title, what are you talking about?" Then I found out it was for the Switch...

  • Rick60 Noscope
    Rick60 Noscope 17 days ago

    They should've renamed this episode "we'll be right back after these messages"

  • Noah C Cornelius
    Noah C Cornelius 17 days ago +1

    Arin: **is about to crash**
    Also Arin: "We'll be right back after these messages."

  • Awkward Platypus
    Awkward Platypus 17 days ago

    Maybe I'm late to the party here, but Ben is a treasure.

  • Two Nerds and a Geek Productions

    The pause menu brings this game from an F to an A+

  • Crash Hazzard
    Crash Hazzard 19 days ago

    is it just me or are those few houses at the start LITERALLY The nuketown houses
    like layout and everything? Even the backyards and the angles theyre on

  • Siris The Dragon
    Siris The Dragon 20 days ago

    The reason why mountain roads irl zig-zag up the slope is to avoid the exact problem you're facing in this game when driving up hill.

  • DanSullivanTV
    DanSullivanTV 21 day ago

    I haven't laughed this hard at a game in a while. Every time Arin paused I lost it!

  • BassClefEly
    BassClefEly 22 days ago

    Oh, another bad Steam game. Steam really needs some sort of quality control... wait, is that a Switch Pro Controller?

  • HarryLarry BarryGarry
    HarryLarry BarryGarry 22 days ago +1

    They've completely sold out now and make cringey click bait titled videos and thumbnails. Good job guys, you turned something great into garbage to get more views.

  • robmcg26
    robmcg26 22 days ago

    Wow. That Dishwalla reference. (yes, had to double check) took me back to middle school.
    And if your gonna say "you're old", you're never too old for Game Grumps.

  • Cloudzy
    Cloudzy 22 days ago

    Ok so I was constipated and I was on the toilet watching the part where he drives off the cliff and he paused and I laughed so hard I pooped

  • Dilopho
    Dilopho 23 days ago

    Yes, people read those.

  • americanwillow
    americanwillow 23 days ago

    That sounds like the music from Deadly Premonition.

  • ThatGuyPlays YT
    ThatGuyPlays YT 24 days ago

    Is it just me or does the layout for the first town look like nuketown?

  • Josie Joyner
    Josie Joyner 24 days ago +1

    oh god the’s so bad to look at

  • Filler Shmazman
    Filler Shmazman 25 days ago +1

    Jojo's "to be continued" meme: the game X)

  • radiation34
    radiation34 26 days ago

    Just liked to say, the starting houses reminds me of nuketown

  • Indava Lucazo
    Indava Lucazo 26 days ago

    Man these titles never do it for me lol, kind of obnoxious

  • Extreme Depression
    Extreme Depression 26 days ago

    This game is so shit this entire time I thought the thumbnail was a really old LEGO game

  • SleepyDedenne / Lucian L

    Next, you should check out the abomination that is Moto GP 18. The tutorial is so bad and janky i couldnt even pass it and the graphics.... well they're like this.

  • Alex#13
    Alex#13 27 days ago

    The title of the videos are so weird now

    FooFoo ANIMATIONS 27 days ago

    The guy who let this game pass must have had a bias with skiing

  • Legendary Orange
    Legendary Orange 27 days ago +29

    "Hey Timmy, what's your favorite episode of Game Grumps?"
    "I like the one where they listen to the pause screen music for a looooooooong time."

  • Fiddlin
    Fiddlin 28 days ago

    The pause menu music sounds like The Reaper by Blue Oyster Club to me

  • RocksRockMySox
    RocksRockMySox 28 days ago

    Just thought I'd catch up on some game grumps while I decorate cookies. Unfortunately I need a steady hand and have to keep pausing the episode to laugh 🤣

  • Kat
    Kat 29 days ago

    hmmm I haven't been here in awhile...
    Erin has a complete spasm

    Ah yes im back