Before You Buy - LiteFighter 1 Combat Tent - Setup

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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    The Setup process is very important when it comes to the purchasing a tent; how easy or how complex is it?
    Today Luke is setting up the LiteFighter 1 Combat Tent in multiple ways and this is an episode of Before You Buy!
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Comments • 112

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago +10

    Everyone, I'm in Colorado and the adventure which I just filmed is INSANE and I can't wait to share it with you all.

    Everyone, stay safe and have a great rest of the week.
    - Luke

      BEN DOVER Month ago +1

      Are you at the ULTRA TOP SECRET BASE Cheyenne Mountain?????

  • Jonathan Aide
    Jonathan Aide 2 days ago

    Wow! Just saw this review. I am Jonathan Aide the Director of Sales for LiteFighter. Please feel free to reach out through our website. We have other products that we would like for you to do reviews on.
    Feel free to email at

  • ocrider69
    ocrider69 10 days ago

    Love mine.

  • Any Mouse
    Any Mouse 17 days ago

    Thanks for the preview. I am looking forward to your review.

  • Stuart Kanof
    Stuart Kanof 22 days ago

    Luke! Huge fan man, I appreciate all your hard work giving us top shelf reviews.. Had a quick question for you. I was looking to pick up the Ionosphere. What would you recommend for a slightly smaller build? Love how bombproof the Ion seems to be built. Similar durability and packability would be ideal.. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Co, I used to live in Vail..

  • dale carpenter
    dale carpenter 23 days ago

    Why can't you just put the tent part in over the ground cloth and trade poles and clip it all it in still together !

  • Matthew Peters
    Matthew Peters 24 days ago

    This tent is difficult, cumbersome and not at all workable... Sucks!!!! Complicated!!! No room!!!!

  • Iridium242
    Iridium242 24 days ago

    I lucked out today and came across this tent, did a little trading and now I have one, its like new, very little use. Cant wait to set it up!

  • Jo Outdoor
    Jo Outdoor 25 days ago

    what a fuck!

  • Curt Robinson
    Curt Robinson 25 days ago

    You’d freeze your butt of if was windy and cold. Bugs and everything else would sleep with you. Just another tent.

  • Simply Channa
    Simply Channa 26 days ago

    Can u please tell me where i can find the ground sheet?! Ive been searching for weeks! And all i see are tarps

  • Lightstrider
    Lightstrider 27 days ago

    Nice, so that looks like a 1 person version of the 2 person USMC combat tent, I like it.

  • Cindy Türpitz
    Cindy Türpitz 27 days ago

    Great Video

  • Michael W
    Michael W 28 days ago

    I have been rocking the Litefighter 1 for three years now. Used it along with the Hunker 1 on a 15,000 mile road trip up to AK. Love the LF 1, especially on the cot. That is one setup you did not include. It is designed to sit on a USMIL green cot. I STRONGLY recommend using the ground fly to help prevent aluminum edges from wearing the tent tub down.

  • Veronica Bolanos
    Veronica Bolanos 29 days ago

    Luke is the kind of dude, that every neighbor needs if and when shtf!! I hope there's a "luke" within 2miles of me cuz nobody in my house will know what to do but grab their phones. Which of course probably won't work and they're left wondering why. Thanks, Luke I been learning a lot from you! I know that you're a skilled hiker but your also a survivalist too.

      W ALKERONE 27 days ago

      Luke , like most others who have prepared, haven't stocked up for the neighborhood. He will be at Lone Wolf Mtn to try to keep his family away from all those who have not prepared. Prepare for the worst or expect to be on your own. Really. When it comes to your's not a joke.

  • papiofisher
    papiofisher 29 days ago

    We're and price range of this tent pls

  • James Martin
    James Martin 29 days ago

    3D printed thin durable plastic structure that you can roll up in one direction then unroll and bend in the other direction to form a ridged arch. That you can slip into T's inside the tent to get rid of those poles. Design the main body of the tent out of thick durable water proofed lycra material. Very lightweight and you can fit it into a thigh holster. 🥴👍

  • Tim Langston
    Tim Langston 29 days ago

    This reminds me so much of my old MSR Hubba, but in cammo.....and with 2 doors

  • shcmoly
    shcmoly 29 days ago

    Cool surplus if you can find it cheap. 4+ lbs for a 1 person tent is heavy. 'hooch' can be done with any x-frame tent if you are willing to take the time to customize a tarp with grommets.

  • matt berry
    matt berry Month ago +1

    a guy went to his psychiatrist and said " sometimes i think i'm a wigwam and sometimes i think i'm a teepee.
    the doc said you're too tense.

  • John West
    John West Month ago

    Hey Luke, where can one find the Hasty Hooch?

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver Month ago

    Nice looking tent and great instructional video, Luke. I love the subdued colors of the camo, too. This would be an ideal tent for stealth camping. After watching many of your videos I'm inspired to get out and camp. Just made reservations at a beautiful state park with a site right on the lake's edge to try out all the new gear accumulated in the last month...tent, air mattress, tarp, camp grill , stove, and even my own porta-potty. The last time I camped at this site I caught enough fish to feed the campers in the entire quadrant of the lake. After testing all the gear in a controlled setting then I'll hit all the primitive sites I know. Being retired I can now do what I love doing the most..full time!

  • Guitar Hiker444
    Guitar Hiker444 Month ago

    Sweet! I'm gonna get one very soon! I've been using the ORC-ICS one man for years now and its a great tent but i want something a little lighter and multicam camo is was nicer than older ACU digital (stealth camping). I have compared multicam to four other camos in many situations and multicam just disappears just about anywhere its amazing! The pole structures between the ORC & litefighter are very similar. But the lite fighters poles are all one piece "Spider" lol (nice feature)! I also like the double vestibule too where as the ORC only has one. I was a little concerned with the amount of room though? Looks like theirs plenty of head clearance but the width is no more than the width of a cot?..Although the two vestibules can help to store the gear you cant fit inside with you. The ORC is pretty clammy inside in semi wet conditions! where the litefighter has more mesh which means more breathability! The ORC is really waterproof though! I'm hoping the litefighter does well in that respect! Sold lol..Thanks alot for the setup vid Luke! Hike on!

  • Randy Anderson
    Randy Anderson Month ago

    I just spent a month in Romania using this exact tent, placed on a military cot. If you have any strong winds it does not hold up well especially if it rains. The inside does hold water very well though.

  • Tan N
    Tan N Month ago

    Not really unique, many freestanding tents have the capability to be set up with the ground sheet (foot print), poles & fly only configuration, including my REI 2-person tents.

  • Xarai
    Xarai Month ago

    thats a tarp not a tent

  • Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis Month ago

    Hi Luke love all your video

  • Titan inc Survival
    Titan inc Survival Month ago

    Luke, good review. Always enjoy your honest reviews.

  • Collin
    Collin Month ago

    How much?

  • Mr C U
    Mr C U Month ago

    NO WAY !! Would I sleep in that tent .


    Totally agree with SorchaFyre! Ty for all the videos man!

  • MrLangDog
    MrLangDog Month ago

    Didn't seem that the hasty version was any quicker really. Thanks for the content!

  • Shashkin's Cozy Survival

    Hey Luke! Wow-wow! Ground sheet for ground sheet! You knew I've just bought a tent with the ground sheet included and just didn't want to equal me, so you've nailed it! :D

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O Month ago

    also kinda sounded like you said ground sheet too.(ya know)
    lol" every body has their day's........

  • daniel bernier
    daniel bernier Month ago

    Hi Luke love the videos was wondering which tent would recommend between this one the light fighter 1 or the eureka TCOP I like both but definitely value your opinion would be used for spring through fall and keep the videos coming

      W ALKERONE 27 days ago

      As the tcop is a 4 season tent at about 6 lbs.....I would think the L.F.1 would serve you better for no snow or really cold temps. But the tcop rocks. Colemans Military supply often has the tcop new in box for $199. on special. Just keep checking the site or get on their email list for sale sheets. As you may know, the tcop is a total black out and is 8 ft long x 42 in. wide. At 32 in. high it is stealthy. I love mine!

  • BC Bob
    BC Bob Month ago +1

    Im a bit leary when items are advertised as being "Combat or Tactical". More often than not its just buzz words and a gimmik to sell cheap junk to those that have been in neither situation.
    Thanks for the vid and as akways a great review!✌🏻

  • By George!
    By George! Month ago

    Hey Luke, I have a question for tents in general. When I wake up in my tent my eyes are strained and it is hard to see because of the colors of the tent. Is there a tent color out there that would reduce this effect? George

  • saemus hailstorm
    saemus hailstorm Month ago

    so this is 'lightweight' tent , yes ?

  • Grim Adventures of Bushcraft and Hiking

    lol that's some fast clipping there ;) This thing looks a lot like my popup tent

  • tenzin044
    tenzin044 Month ago

    Looks like almost the same Msr's tents system. Greetings.

  • Richard_N
    Richard_N Month ago +1

    Doesn't really seem that hasty to me.

  • Louis Mecka
    Louis Mecka Month ago

    Glad you left the edits in there, had me chuckling

  • Chronicle Gaming
    Chronicle Gaming Month ago

    I messaged u
    U haven't replied

  • Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole Month ago

    Have you used this in adverse conditions?

  • Chad Wright
    Chad Wright Month ago +1

    Thx for teaching prolly won't buy the tent but it was a good watch

  • spider Outdoors
    spider Outdoors Month ago +1

    Hasty hooch? Is that a portapotty? 😂 My brother said hasty was slang in the army for taking a dump. Takin a hasty😂😂😂

  • Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole Month ago

    I look forward to all of your reviews

  • Tannenherz Bushcraft

    High Luke, it is interesting to know the weight of the tent always. Kindly Fiete

  • Red Cat Hat
    Red Cat Hat Month ago

    Just wondering where you would use the hastie hooch (did a spell that correctly?) set up? Seems like you would be just inviting the snakes, spiders and all the fun creatures to come hand out with you.

    • shcmoly
      shcmoly 29 days ago

      Meant to be done in the rain to keep your tent body dry. Can also leave the body at home to save weight when the skeeters are not out.

  • Mäx Pauer
    Mäx Pauer Month ago

    I’ve got the MSR Elixir 2 and it sets up EXACTLY like that 🤔

    • Freddy Taul
      Freddy Taul Month ago

      Mäx Pauer I have both of these tents. You’re right. Very similar set up. The Elixir poles are much better.

  • dmkccR2ventureMade
    dmkccR2ventureMade Month ago

    Versatile tent!:-)

  • Stealth Andy Steath

    Morning buddy 😁. Would love to take that out in the woodland for a camp. Lol ATB Andy 🇬🇧 👍 ☕

  • Ronald Coleman
    Ronald Coleman Month ago +1

    It was invented by a friend of mine. I Love it. Thank you Sir

    • Roy Garcia
      Roy Garcia 8 days ago

      Ronald Coleman I’m thinking of buying one
      What seasons can this little tent handle? I have the Catoma badger one man tent
      Have had it for about 2 years now lolkinda disappointed by it in first few weeks
      I just don’t want this one to be the same outcome as the Catoma badger

  • cgriggsiv
    cgriggsiv Month ago

    Not bad setups at all
    Good video as always
    And this time instead of one-tent you set up 2 tents

  • SorchaFyre
    SorchaFyre Month ago +13

    Hi Luke! I just want you to know that your videos are how I decompress from work. I live in Wisconsin and don't outdoor nearly as much as I should! But I love you videos, your reviews and especially you crazy out in the woods in a winter storm videos. I appreciate your endurance, sir. Couldn't imagine doing that here in Wisco. Thank you for all your positive energy!

  • moto2kx2
    moto2kx2 Month ago

    The Tent I presume is not blacked out for night, correct?

  • Paddle & Hike
    Paddle & Hike Month ago

    cool tent! ;)

  • panzerabwerkanone
    panzerabwerkanone Month ago +4

    That's a pretty fly for a white guy. Thanks for the review Luke!

  • Charles Cosimano
    Charles Cosimano Month ago

    doesn't look very hasty.

  • minuteman patrol
    minuteman patrol Month ago +3

    Luke do you recommend any if the European military tents

    • Sawtooth Survival
      Sawtooth Survival Month ago +1

      @minuteman patrol There's TVclip videos on the Snugpack tent

    • minuteman patrol
      minuteman patrol Month ago

      @Sawtooth Survival thank you

    • Sawtooth Survival
      Sawtooth Survival Month ago +1

      I bought Snugpacks Bunker tent and it is Awesome. It's made incredible Durable. It's the tent that's made for the British military. If you take care of it, it'll last you a lifetime. I Live in Idaho, Weather patterns are extreme here. Brutal winters, Rains and winds. Tent has had 0 leaks,Tears,Rips or Fails.
      Good Luck