The Cast Remembers: Maisie Williams on Playing Arya Stark | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 8, 2019
  • The actor looks back on her first day on set and getting to reunite with her onscreen sister and offscreen best friend, Sophie Turner.

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  • Kakarotto
    Kakarotto 23 hours ago

    A girl is not the only one who is gonna miss GoT

  • t s
    t s 2 days ago

    One of the best reasons to watch this show is growth of acting ability of the youngest stark children, this was literally their first acting job and to see them grow up as these characters as Maisie said is worth watching alone.

  • Chel la
    Chel la 6 days ago

  • Chel la
    Chel la 6 days ago

  • Moozy
    Moozy 7 days ago

    Such a shame they ruined Arya in two last seasons.

  • Not yo daddy
    Not yo daddy 7 days ago

    She doesn’t look like a PUG anymore

  • Lauren Banuelos
    Lauren Banuelos 9 days ago

    “this is the movies! can’t you make it happen?” 😂😂😂

  • laughs in hidden
    laughs in hidden 9 days ago

    maisie is a great actress. throughout every season she's delivered great acting

  • laughs in hidden
    laughs in hidden 9 days ago

    My queen!!

  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 9 days ago

    My fav from day one :)

  • Lilpebbles Pebble
    Lilpebbles Pebble 10 days ago +1

    😭😭our watch has ended. Thanks to all the cast and crew for 10 amazing years.

  • moonsterino
    moonsterino 11 days ago +1

    they've written this incredible season for us to wrap up GoT?

    I'm sorry, what "incredible season" ?

  • Jay Beaulieu
    Jay Beaulieu 11 days ago +2

    Arya is the real hero of got

  • The Matrix
    The Matrix 13 days ago

    Every single one of these "The Cast Remembers" makes me want to cry.

  • Paulina De La Rocha Hermann

    She is soooo cute ❤️

  • uwu mackie
    uwu mackie 15 days ago

    She was the reason that got me into GOT. Everyone was talking about her and I got so curious and now I absolutely love her :( ❤ miss you Arya

  • ellie
    ellie 16 days ago

    so is it ar-ya or ar-re-a

  • J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan

    Where's the re-members for Alfie Allen? I was hoping Theon would be like the North in re-membering.

  • Informed Choice
    Informed Choice 17 days ago

    Great job Maisie :)

  • Shane Gallagher
    Shane Gallagher 18 days ago

    My top 10 Arya moments are
    10. When she hits Joffrey with a stick & puts a sword & at him & he begs for mercy.
    9. When she killed the fat boy, was not expecting that at all.
    8.When she gets really pissed of with the Brotherhood for selling Gendry & she tells them their not doing it for their God, their doing it for their gold.
    7.She gets needle back in the tavern & she repeats the words back to him that he said to her friend before he killed him. "maybe I'll pick my teeth with it".
    6.When she kills the Night King
    5.When she tells death not today.
    4.When she's doing blind training with sticks, she can't land a blow at all, but then she gets better & better & the Waif can't land a blow on her & she then hits her & blocks her swing & the cool music starts playing in the background.
    3.When she kills all the Freys & tells the servant girl to tell everyone that "The North Remembers"
    2.When she killed the Waif, was a great chase scene were she jumps over the wall & lands on all the fruit rolling down the steps, then lures her to a room and then cuts out the candle so it's dark, were Arya fights best against the Waif in darkness.
    1.When she kills Meryn Trant her sisters abuser & 1st on her list. Loved the way she leaps at him like a wolf & then pokes the pedos eyes out. And she tells him who she is, & then she tells him that he's nothing & she slits his throat.
    Oh yea spoilers. Oh, wait there suppose to go at the top.

  • jadoresephora roi
    jadoresephora roi 19 days ago

    I love her character and Daenerys ..those two are bad ass women who can fight and DGAF at that moment and time...

    V4Y4MIERD4DENOMBRE 19 days ago

    Arya worse every season :(

  • Evan Page
    Evan Page 19 days ago

    They should have never ended this show.

  • Fmod P
    Fmod P 20 days ago +2

    She's amazing, it's not easy to do the role of arya stark, and she nailed it

  • Dianna James
    Dianna James 21 day ago

    I am NOT OKAY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • TheAditya404
    TheAditya404 21 day ago

    Maisie looks like a better version of Leslie Winkle from the Big Bang Theory.

  • Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    I love Arya sou much Maisie is a great actress i love Maisie sou nu h i am from Romania

  • Tye B
    Tye B 22 days ago

    Arya is my favourite character. Maisie IS Arya. She did such a wonderful job.

  • Retro dealer 64#
    Retro dealer 64# 24 days ago

    Funny ugly accent voice.

  • traumaticjeon
    traumaticjeon 24 days ago

    yesss my fav character since the beginning

  • 风声鹤唳
    风声鹤唳 25 days ago

    只有我一个人觉得她的眉毛很像哈士奇嘛 哈哈哈 很好玩

  • LivanaFaolan
    LivanaFaolan 25 days ago

    The pigeon pie scene is one of my favorites. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving character. :D

  • Arpita Pattanayak
    Arpita Pattanayak 25 days ago +2

    Love you Maisie! You are a beautiful person inside out. Still can't believe the show has ended. #GOTfanforever💜

  • Mayuri Karkhanis
    Mayuri Karkhanis 26 days ago

    The hound: who taught you that shite... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • arya V
    arya V 27 days ago

    Gonna miss arya stark.

  • no copyright
    no copyright 27 days ago


  • elige brown
    elige brown 27 days ago

    I loved it when her and the hound were walking up the trail to her aunts castle. The guy is like your aunt is dead and aryia just starts laughing hysterically. It was awsome when Aryia caught up to John Snow.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 28 days ago +2

    Well their watch has ended. It was an awesome journey with incredible plot twists and unexpected deaths. I don't like what they did to Dany but atleast Arya's character got her closure.

  • Crimson
    Crimson 28 days ago +1

    Who else is here after watching the finale but not ready to be done with GoT?

  • Amy G
    Amy G 28 days ago +1

    Aww..i miss that little Arya

  • mhatesrvnticha
    mhatesrvnticha 29 days ago +2

    Her child voice is so cute

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 29 days ago +1

    Arya is my fav 😭💞

  • Arya C N
    Arya C N Month ago +2

    She was d reason me started watching GOT..bcoz every one was asking me , hey arya stark...u r amazing .. then i was like..who d bloody hell arya...That led me to everything has gone .😥

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown Month ago +2

    Why do most young badass teenager girl on TV.

  • Amardeep Grewal
    Amardeep Grewal Month ago +1

    My favorite character, loved how strong and determined she was. Her character never wavered but just got stronger and stronger.

  • Fallible Angel
    Fallible Angel Month ago +1

    I don't understand HBO producers just cavalierly dismissing even the idea of an Arya Stark spinoff. Yes, I understand that you have to remove yourself from the crowd and bit but, a production company should have some idea of the pulse of the viewing public and understand that an Arya spin-off could be hugely successful. They should approach Maisie Williams under massive secrecy and see if she's open to the idea and go from there.

  • Ekah Esther
    Ekah Esther Month ago

    My favorite girl 😍😘

  • Nowshervan Hashmi
    Nowshervan Hashmi Month ago

    Glad you did this before releasing season 8

  • olowogorioye gbolahan

    I love Arya stark

  • Kayla Samantha
    Kayla Samantha Month ago

    We will miss you 😩 Arya is my fav character ever!

  • Rieka Akier
    Rieka Akier Month ago +1

    Best character, exellent Maisie!

  • narmaK
    narmaK Month ago

    Naming my future daughter Arya. Thanks For bringing out the best in her

  • monica theeng88
    monica theeng88 Month ago

    Iam gonna miss arya sooo much

  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce Month ago +1

    She went from my top 3 characters to becoming unbearable by the last 3 episodes at no fault to Maisie.

    • Naughtysauce
      Naughtysauce Month ago +1

      @Dudebro13454 Bro I'd rather skull fuck your dead corpse son

    • Dudebro13454 Bro
      Dudebro13454 Bro Month ago +1

      She was barely in episode 4 or 6 and played a small role in episode 5. KYS if it bothered you that much

  • Jovan SS
    Jovan SS Month ago +1

    2:37 my heart melted

  • Timothy Gray
    Timothy Gray Month ago +1

    Favourite character by far well done Maisie :-)

  • EJ Vista
    EJ Vista Month ago

    did they really play that Final Fantasy music? 3:35

  • Parimal Bakrola
    Parimal Bakrola Month ago

    "No scene was ever boring cuz i was playing Arya" Arya's character in 1 line.

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me Month ago

    nice her teeth got sorted, but make-up really does not work for her since she has grown up,proving make-up is false and for fake people

  • subham singh
    subham singh Month ago

    Who is here after watching season 8 finale 😁

  • Dr Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    Maisie killed that role!! Arya is an all-time great character in tv history.

    • ichigo alexi
      ichigo alexi Month ago

      I agree. Her character is a modern classic. She will be remembered for a long time.

  • TheMarijule
    TheMarijule Month ago +2

    Arya’s character... is one of the best character in this show.. the adventures of her from the beginning into the moment of the shows’ ending, it all makes sense for her.. it really did.

  • Daniel Myers
    Daniel Myers Month ago

    For something as dark as GOT I can understand the need to be extra goofy when not filming.

  • Hunbbel Meer
    Hunbbel Meer Month ago

    So, Maisie, do you want to shoot that the-cast-remembers documentary now?
    Not today.

  • Davis Ivuskans
    Davis Ivuskans Month ago

    rip hole season traingin to be facelman and never swich face out of riverlands.
    one mroe dead end

  • Un known
    Un known Month ago

    Thats Fckd!

  • John Thompkins
    John Thompkins Month ago

    Who are you?.....I am no one.

  • WhitnAle01
    WhitnAle01 Month ago +2

    Season 8 has really made me realize how much I love Arya as a character. Her journey is so great. I'll miss her.

  • Danzari MorningStar

    The cast?? What cast??? I only see Arya talking

  • Thugsy DaClown
    Thugsy DaClown Month ago +1

    ARYA is my Favorite Character by far.

  • Hirnlego999
    Hirnlego999 Month ago

    Arya should have killed Cersei with faceswaps.. but they wanted Dany mad and another war.. tsk tsk

  • Kelli Andrews
    Kelli Andrews Month ago

    Truly a gem of an actress!
    May your new journeys be gems as well!!!

  • Matthew Colvin
    Matthew Colvin Month ago

    Go and find what is west of Westeros you dear young woman!

  • shadan
    shadan Month ago +1

    My all time favorite character

  • maya
    maya Month ago +1

    she embodied Arya! rly brilliant acting, it's even hard to see her as Maisie ahah

  • Farhana Sarmin
    Farhana Sarmin Month ago +1

    Massie is so cute.

  • Maha Mohamed
    Maha Mohamed Month ago

    Wow decades 🙌😅
    We're getting old with this tv show!😅👏

  • 12345678abracadabra

    omg young maisie

  • Thor Highguarden
    Thor Highguarden Month ago

    "like, this is the movies, can't you make it happen?!"

  • Mac Kettner
    Mac Kettner Month ago

    We love ya Maisie ;)

  • Thomas Roberts
    Thomas Roberts Month ago +1

    It's going to be sad to watch the entertainment industry slowly grind the joy out of Maisie Williams in the years to come.

  • Postaratum YT
    Postaratum YT Month ago

    The night king killer

  • tama yeager gibson
    tama yeager gibson Month ago +6

    I just love her. Arya was my fav from the start. And she is simply a brilliant actor

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago +1

    Most boring plot line ever wasted seasons in Bravos doing nothing.

  • Felissia Felline
    Felissia Felline Month ago +63

    From the Beginning till the end, my favourite Character.

    • Jared Molliere
      Jared Molliere 23 days ago +1

      Yes! Arya is my favorite too. I knew there was something special about her from the beginning. I never read the book, so I didn't really know how special her role was though! Jaime: I'm the "King Slayer"
      Arya: "Shut up and hold my ale"

  • veronica berkenbrock

    Maise ♥️ Arya ❤️

  • Oiltuber
    Oiltuber Month ago

    Arya the Explorer!

  • azapro911
    azapro911 Month ago +1

    She'll go down as one of the all-time great child actors and has become a woman on this show before our eyes.

  • UnionJack Jackson
    UnionJack Jackson Month ago

    Do not fear Arya Stark has her own shoe on the way, watch as she goes west of Westeros.

  • Jhunified With Love
    Jhunified With Love Month ago +1

    She is my ultimate favorite of them

  • Āðexe
    Āðexe Month ago +3

    Thank you so much Maisie Williams.

  • Stephen TK
    Stephen TK Month ago +191

    who's here after the show ended?

    we need a sequel starring Maisie Williams which tells us about her journey

    • Barney The Dinosaur
      Barney The Dinosaur 26 days ago

      No we fuckin don't

    • Arya Stark
      Arya Stark 28 days ago

      Yess!! I loved her character too much

    • nintendokings
      nintendokings Month ago +2

      there's not much to show, her character has fully developed to an adventurous badass and that's it. She sails off into the horizon looking for more adventure. That's as a finished arc as you'll get

    • layan al-amri
      layan al-amri Month ago +5

      Stephen TK that would awesome but I feel like we've been quite familiar with the Ins and outs of her journey what else could they show
      She's one of those characters that we've been with at every step of her evolution
      But it would be great to see if there's more to the story

    • steve1978ger
      steve1978ger Month ago +4

      Hell yeah!

  • Anos Anosn
    Anos Anosn Month ago +1

    "No scene is ever boring"
    > Spends more than half of season walking around, doing nothing.

    QWERTY UIOP Month ago

    the last few little pages
    sounds hurt

  • Shaun Beh
    Shaun Beh Month ago

  • Shaheen Danehvash
    Shaheen Danehvash Month ago +1

    such a shame i now absolutely hate a show that i have loved for years , RIP GOT S8

  • Shaheen Danehvash
    Shaheen Danehvash Month ago +2

    damn the last season , worst season ,ruined the whole series

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    Fantastic character and actor.

  • RedFlag
    RedFlag Month ago +193

    Excellent performance Maisie, thank you for bringing Arya to life.

  • Binty McFrazzles
    Binty McFrazzles Month ago

    Maisie is a fantastic actor. From the moment I saw her in the first series, I adored her.