Stephen Gets Really Into Trump's MAGA Rally

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • If you've missed watching Stephen play an over-the-top conservative, you'll enjoy his rendition of 'mindless cheering MAGA zombie.'
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Comments • 3 397

  • D Miner
    D Miner Day ago

    It only feels like it 😂😂

  • Dirk McNasty
    Dirk McNasty 8 days ago

    SMH - I realize that "them cuck Libtards who want clean drinking water" and "don't want banks to be able to do what happened in 2008" aren't cool, but this is ridiculous. Cutting regulations is not brag worthy. its giving free reign to corporations who have a proven history of doing the wrong thing in the pursuit of profits.

  • Nic Stone
    Nic Stone 8 days ago

    He got that idea about a 16-year president Form us (Germany)
    Angela Merkel will have served 16 years when she steps down in 2021

  • David Souza
    David Souza 11 days ago

    16 yr prez????
    And cutting more regulations isn't something to fkn brag about!

  • Kathy WILLIAMS
    Kathy WILLIAMS 22 days ago

    I think that trump pays all those idiots to clap and cheer.

  • Jason Minton
    Jason Minton Month ago

    Stephen is dog shit!! Fire that idiot

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina Month ago

    How cool.

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina Month ago

    I had to say it.

  • MrBlinkee
    MrBlinkee Month ago

    The doctored Time magazine cover. Yes!

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele Month ago

    "We are a cautionary tale" 😂😂😂

  • Albert Bremner
    Albert Bremner Month ago

    I usually enjoy Stephen's toxic mega obnoxious impressions - i have a sense of humour.
    But this was pretty lame.

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman 2 months ago

    Last time a leader spoke with so much drama n hand gestures saying he was going to make his country great again was Adolf Hitler . Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it !

  • Siathuan
    Siathuan 2 months ago

    ... Stephen's Trump Supporter impression sounds like Doctor Rockso the Rock & Roll clown...
    ... I can believe that.

  • Geiner Elizondo
    Geiner Elizondo 2 months ago

    Well done gringos, your pressident will be the last... OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT... good job, thanks! - Atte: The World

  • William Ridge
    William Ridge 2 months ago

    It's amazing how a man who lies incessantly has a signature that looks like a failed polygraph!

  • Ross Otto
    Ross Otto 2 months ago

    i cant wait to start exterminating all you baby boomer pieces of shit

  • M.Linoge
    M.Linoge 3 months ago

    Someone should conduct a study to discern which is the "biggliest" idiot: Trump himself or his supporters.

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. 3 months ago

    Americans are turning into Nazis. I feel bad for the sane half. They need to riot in the streets, for Trump destroying democracy, education, health care, the economy (destroying Nafta and creating tariff wars -just wait for about a year, maybe sooner, you'll see, jobs are already being eliminated, you're heading for a recession because of this foolishness), siding with the Russians BIG TIME over the USA, CONSTANTLY lying, and punishing people's free speech. Yes, as the president has proven, he is the ELITE, and has been working for the 1%.

  • Carrie
    Carrie 3 months ago

    Those stupid asses went home thinking and believing we had a 16yr President.......

  • ronald sugden
    ronald sugden 3 months ago


  • rudy hickks
    rudy hickks 3 months ago

    1 out of 4 isn't bad.

  • Matthew Davies
    Matthew Davies 3 months ago

    Trump is exposing these people for what they really are; it's not compromising them or conflicting their morals as they're ok with it, also it's the "elite" don't call themselves that; the side that's in power do in order to slight them but what they don't get Is that Trump is a massive elite - still think it's funny the clips of Fox News trying to defend the circumstances of Donald Trump when they had a go at Obama & he was no where near as rich or well off in comparison

  • Stargate Orion
    Stargate Orion 3 months ago

    16 years president? I preferred to die

  • HopperDragon
    HopperDragon 3 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Stephen seem more genuinely angry this time?

  • anticircle
    anticircle 3 months ago

    Can't imagine how pathetic your IQ has to be to applaud the utter nonsense spewed by Trump

  • julian12465
    julian12465 3 months ago

    Wow, he couldn’t even have done so much as a google fact-check on the only president to have more than two terms before writing it into his speech. It’s both hilarious and horrifying that he made it into office.

  • Andrew Mihovich
    Andrew Mihovich 3 months ago

    "Fat" Majin Buu?
    Is that you?

  • Kerry Wilson
    Kerry Wilson 3 months ago

    Weird that the trumpanzees can't see that trump is a self-proclaimed 'elite', the people that trump derides and puts down.

  • Paul Akers
    Paul Akers 4 months ago

    he is an idiot that's why no one watches you

  • O P
    O P 4 months ago

    Best one I’ve seen so far hahahahaha

  • pretty bullet
    pretty bullet 4 months ago

    What an interesting combo. The Labor Dept with the Education Dept. Trump and his kind hate education especially at the College level. It's far too liberal since people are actually taught to think for themselves.

  • Emil Landén
    Emil Landén 4 months ago

    I´m just waiting for the moment when the world needs to step in and kill Nazis again. Kids are being hurt so I´m happy with it being sooner rather than later.

  • Jared Beard
    Jared Beard 4 months ago

    It's actually sad to see these fools thinking that he is doing something for them...

  • Hecter Natchos
    Hecter Natchos 4 months ago

    I cant believe this you get branded for eating last corn dog by pushing goofy out of way food fight

  • Vance Gilbert
    Vance Gilbert 4 months ago

    2:45 into the clip - he boasts about cutting more regulations than any other presidency, including the 16 long year one.

  • Dramatic Eyeball
    Dramatic Eyeball 4 months ago +1

    Trumps the dumbst socipathe every

  • ShadowFoxSF
    ShadowFoxSF 5 months ago

    Am I the only one that was reminded at least a little of Animal Farm's "some are more equal than others" line, at Trump's bragging about being more 'elite' than the 'elite'?

  • Go-go Akins
    Go-go Akins 5 months ago +1

    Hahahahahaha. Stephen is the man!👏👏👏👏👏😎👍

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch 5 months ago

    If ever a jackass should have been aborted its cornholebert.

  • Modesto Nieves
    Modesto Nieves 5 months ago

    yeap he is also a klown🤡🤡🤡

  • Modesto Nieves
    Modesto Nieves 5 months ago +1

    hahaha trump is the most selfcentered egotistical president we ever had😂😂

  • larsnco
    larsnco 5 months ago +1

    show in search is bots in this aka HK bot show is russian bot most likely detected by usa russian bot detector on sits ok

  • ghosts Xbox1
    ghosts Xbox1 5 months ago

    The reality is put in aka Russian ass wipes have wanted us dead for years we have to much power to just out right be so I'm not even kidding he buys a president has him run everything ass backwards then destroys or economy and poisons everyone its happening in very real time and I'm probably going to be disregarded or made to look insane but it's such a slow burn everyone else can't see it I just hope after Trump is hopefully taken out of power someone not only makes right all his shit but actually tries to fix this place we are on the brink of destruction and Nazi assholes like Trump and Russian assholes like putin are soly to blame here god help us all

  • ANony Mouse
    ANony Mouse 5 months ago

    LOL .. Love the Mr. Hankey impersonation ..

  • INF1NI73
    INF1NI73 5 months ago +2

    Wooooo I have been led into an area of moral hazard and have failed the test Woooooooo! 😂

  • Benton Xavier
    Benton Xavier 5 months ago

    16 year president. Wow I didn't know Trump was that stupid

  • sidkid9873
    sidkid9873 5 months ago

    Your just jealous of Donald Trump and you are not funny at all.
    What will you do when a new president takes office, you will have to retire.

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 5 months ago

    Can we all just agree to report *everything* Dicky Jones says on *every* video??? He is a terrible troll.

  • James
    James 5 months ago

    As someone from the UK I am a bit confused, why don't the Democrats campaign to change the law so it is not illegal to enter America . Surely problem solved.

    • ANony Mouse
      ANony Mouse 5 months ago

      James My appologies I wasn`t really saying you were dumb . That`s what the :P and j/k (joke) was for.Although we all say silly things now and then ..
      Changing that law would just play to the Republicans SHOUTS that the left wants OPEN borders, which is not the case .. I think you meant Trumps "zero tolerance policy" should be removed..

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 5 months ago

      The Republicans control both Houses of Congress.

    • James
      James 5 months ago

      ANony Mouse I know it's the Internet and all that but I swear to you as God is my witness . The last intelligence test I took I was in the top 5% . I may be wrong, but I am not dumb.

    • ANony Mouse
      ANony Mouse 5 months ago

      OH NO !! Are we Brits getting as dumb as those across the pond .. ;P j/k

  • Ed Collins
    Ed Collins 5 months ago +2

    Trump was once a Democrat who once supported Bill Clinton. In 2000, Trump ran for President as a member of the Reform Party. Trump eventually dropped out of the race because he said he was offended by white nationalists within that party which included former kkk grand dragon David Duke & Pat Buchanan. At one point, Trump compared Buchanon's views on immigration to that of Hitler. Sixteen years later, Trump would run for President on Pat Buchanan's platform. This is the same platform that Trump once criticized and compared to Nazi Germanny. Furthermore, if we look at Trump the businessman, we will see a man who has no regard for ethics or the rule of law. Trump is a crooked businessman who filed bankruptcy 6 times so he wouldn't have to pay his creditors. What does all this tell us? It tells us that Trump, unlike the past 44 Presidents, has no ideology and he lacks a set of core beliefs and principles. Since he does not subscribe to a particular political philosophy, we can conclude that Trump is not a Democrat, a Reformist, or a Republican. He is an opportunist. Trump is also a power-hungry narcissist who will do or say anything that will get him elected and keep him in power.Although he demands loyalty above all else, he is loyal to no one and he is an opportunist who is always changing the rules of the game. His tweets, his lies, his unethical behavior, his disdain for the emoluments clause, and his authoritarian-like use of executive orders reveals he is an authoritarian dictator at heart who will use the Office of President to increase his personal fortune. Recent events indicate that Trump and many of his cabinet members are selling foreign and domestic policy to the highest bidder. Wake-up America this man is crooked and very dangerous. His constant attacks on Mueller, the DOJ, and the FBI should be a warning to all Americans.

  • Ed Collins
    Ed Collins 5 months ago +1

    Trump hired Sara "Huckleberry Hound" Sanders because he thought she could get him half-price buckets of chicken. Apparently, he went on a week long tantrum when he found out she wasn't related to Colonel Sanders or Ronald McDonald. Actually, Sara's daddy is that ex-Arkansas Governor and Christian Judas who wallpapered his church with American Flag Wallpaper. His church has so many flags that it looks like a Nazi rally! I wouldn't be surprised if he rents his church out to skin heads during the week.

  • Molly Spurgeon
    Molly Spurgeon 5 months ago +1

    There's literally only 3 explanations. Either he's knowingly making shit up and doesn't care, he's mentally unwell, or someone around him is feeding him bullshit to make him look ridiculous. None of those comfort me.

  • Carol Pack
    Carol Pack 5 months ago +1

    he sounds MORE unstable!

  • Cobus Greyling
    Cobus Greyling 5 months ago

    Literally every video has Trump in it. Every single video.

    • ANony Mouse
      ANony Mouse 5 months ago +1

      Not sure it`s all videos but it`s a rich ground for humour. Dont watch them prob solved .. ;P

  • Hexanitrobenzene
    Hexanitrobenzene 5 months ago

    Is it just me or do CBS's recordings of Trump have bad sound quality ?

  • john kindon
    john kindon 5 months ago

    Could not of said it better myself brilliant analogy of trump followers just brilliant

  • strippinheat
    strippinheat 5 months ago +1

    drumpf is a moron, but its supporters are even bigger idiots. Please, burn them all alive like the garbage they are.

  • Danilo Pecher
    Danilo Pecher 5 months ago

    You Americans should not be allowed to vote ever again

    • Mary Rose Kent
      Mary Rose Kent 5 months ago

      Danilo Pecher
      It’ll be better once we get the Russians out of the equation.

  • RevenZo'NooB
    RevenZo'NooB 5 months ago

    What have we become?!? ..for real...

  • Bossy Nark
    Bossy Nark 5 months ago +1

    I am not a republican, but this is hilarious.
    This has been going on forever. The immigrants who are caught are detained and inspected very harshly to know their motives. Similar through Bush and Obama. Now, though, more people might be detained because they are against illegal immigration. So it's not trump, it's how it has been all this time. Media is just using it as a tool, and people fall for it. Similarly, travel ban happened during Obama as well, but now it somehow is an issue. Do you want people without an identity, coming into your country illegally? And do you want to allow people come in from countries destroyed by terrorism without a good filtering system? If you said 'yes'. I can't help you.

    But most of you are paid trolls so never mind.

  • SpetsnazUS
    SpetsnazUS 5 months ago

    That moment when a ton of poor people cheer for a really rich guy as he talks about how much more money he has than them.

  • J T
    J T 5 months ago +1

    Goood... Gooood... I can feel your hate, let go of your cognitive reasoning !!

  • Julian Rivera
    Julian Rivera 5 months ago

    super elite smarter richer and white another tyrant said same thing take over the law so his master race can be only choice... Hitler would be proud of putins puppet

  • B
    B 5 months ago


  • Dawn W. Williams
    Dawn W. Williams 5 months ago


  • Curtis Chippett
    Curtis Chippett 5 months ago

    Bringing politics into late-night comedy just further divides the United States. Liberals will never admit it tho.

  • Brngsh
    Brngsh 5 months ago

    This one with the voice is of the funniest clips.

  • sharon nagle
    sharon nagle 5 months ago

    The airlines is finding out they are still sneaking kids aboard. Kids were told not to talk, not to eat, not to use bathroom. From AZ. Usually 3 AM flights. Per AA attendants.

  • deepblue64
    deepblue64 5 months ago

    It hurts...

  • Brenda Anne Du Faur
    Brenda Anne Du Faur 5 months ago +1

    yeah, rump is an insignificant person but 60 million americans made him the most dangerous man on earth, not to mention a complete environmental destroyer

  • logophile
    logophile 5 months ago

    Look at all those dopes in the background at the rally.

  • Edi Schneiter
    Edi Schneiter 5 months ago

    Trumptards get more stupid by the minute. What is going on?

  • kozmic zian
    kozmic zian 5 months ago

    'We hate the elites, and I'm the elitists and richest of all, so we hate me the most' . . . Stephen's take on trump . . . LOFL . . .

  • Jazz G
    Jazz G 5 months ago

    He sounded just like Pinocchio in Shrek! Also I’m confused surely people realise he isn’t for tough borders when he never talks about a border on the north border. It so obviously has nothing to do with immigration and every thing to do with race. I mean I don’t think the majority of Canadians would want to illegally emigrate to the US but if the US wants a border wall so much shouldn’t it go around the entire country ! 😂

  • ADon The Father
    ADon The Father 5 months ago

    Nice kick!

  • BeastNation2009
    BeastNation2009 5 months ago

    Funniest part: Trump is actually starting to sound like Trevor Noah's imitation of Trump.

  • Munish K
    Munish K 5 months ago

    12 years not 16 years!!!

  • D Turner
    D Turner 5 months ago

    I think I am going to throw up...listening to the orange turd brag about how wonderful he is is nauseating.

  • fffab74
    fffab74 5 months ago

    Elite? At this point he's just trolling his own supporters, isn't he?

  • Jesse Willard
    Jesse Willard 5 months ago

    Trump, the best President in American history, ha ha ha, liberals can't stand it, MAGA 2020

  • mendelevium
    mendelevium 5 months ago

    stellar performance on this one! 😂👌

  • Jesse Willard
    Jesse Willard 5 months ago

    Trump's more intelligent then anyone that watches Kobert

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke 5 months ago

    Republicans have rallies, Democrats form as collectivistic Marxist mobs. Each Republican maintains their individual identity at rallies, Democrats watch for cues and chant on command to fit in with their group identity.

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg 5 months ago

    Didn't he mention once that his father told him to never admit to any wrongdoing and to just stick to his story

  • Steven Luong
    Steven Luong 5 months ago

    He does realize the only who call lefties the Hollywood Elites are the right right?

  • Ronnie Wells
    Ronnie Wells 5 months ago

    Trump needs to explain why cutting regulations is a point of pride. Simply cutting regulations means nothing. What did you cut and why?

  • Doru Korouku
    Doru Korouku 5 months ago

    All men are entitled to bragging rights... But Trump doesn't qualify as a man more like a fat rotten orange

  • Eric Hauser Sr.
    Eric Hauser Sr. 5 months ago

    ol stevie boy here is just too into himself...
    its amazing what some douche bags will say and do for a paycheck...

  • Markus Reigns
    Markus Reigns 5 months ago

    The way that Trump aggrandizes and compliments himself couldn't be anymore childish, he may as well suck on a pacifier between speeches. Saying 'I'm smarter, I'm richer, I'm better" just makes him look like a petulant, spoiled brat..... it's an embarrassment that so many Americans at these Trump rallies actually applaud his adolescent demeanor, like brain dead fodder for the political vulture with delusions of dictatorship. Trump is a national humiliation, he's a sudden eruption of painful hemmorids that we don't know how it happened or why it's not going away.

  • Chopper Axon
    Chopper Axon 5 months ago

    16 year President ? Had me starting a Google search until Stephen explained you (USA) haven't had one. I am not a Yank so can be excused for not knowing that, Trump is a Yank (an empty-headed-excuse- for a Yank) so should have known this. Yes?

  • Gustav Øspina
    Gustav Øspina 5 months ago

    I like Colbert, but is depressing Mr.Idiot administration, is a shame he has to continuing reporting what that orange monkey does because otherwise probably no one would do it and the Trump supporters will increase so bad that the ignorance will be everywhere, in any case, hope the idiot don't get a second term....

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody 5 months ago

    I've never respected their beliefs or fearful, hate-filled worldview, but even as they cheer for their own demise, and the nation's fracturing, and applaud the abuse of children and families, it's important to remember the main reasons these Trump supporters celebrate... *ignorance* and varying degrees of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda being their sole news and media source for decades. We must all continue to remember that even in their despicable behavior and irrational cult indoctrination, they are all humans and we mustn't let our compassion for our fellow citizens transmute into hatred or disgust, for those are the types of thinking that act as kindling to dehumanization, and ultimately, violence. Hold onto some small shred of compassion for the misguided and deceived of this nation, and the world, or risk becoming just as lost and hateful.
    Try to educate, spread wisdom, and critical thinking skills. It can be nigh impossible at times, and infinitely frustrating, but we must help our fellow human beings to the last, until events unravel into destruction and we must defend ourselves physically, but let not our own actions catalyze future conflagrations. Trump's cult members are the disturbing legacy of greedy billionaires' and right-wing politicians' exploitation of the poor and uneducated by subversion of their objectivity, knowledge, and reasoning skills in order to trick them out of their social benefits and government protections, it's what the Republican party has been doing for a long time now. It just took a driven, egotistical, inherited-billionaire, con-man to organize them and stoke their fears into an inferno of unquestioning loyalty, similar to how Hitler took advantage of a similarly downtrodden population in the 1930's, played to their fears of immigrants and minorities, and appealed to their desire for traditionalism and nationalism, creating the infamous faction of the 1940's that today's Trump-supporters' grandparents fought to destroy. The cycle of fascism turns once again, it is up to all of us to halt it and potentially reverse it in this nation, and the best way to quench these flames is through openness, compassion, and social engagement, with a herculean level of patience.
    Take care during these troubling times and remember your humanity, even when many of those around us have lost their own.

  • Soutchay Siharath
    Soutchay Siharath 5 months ago

    My families were detained at a prison camp-in Thailand for escaping from Laos . Trust me, these Mexican, Honduras, Ect ... have it far easier...... we were in there for 2 years before we were let into the country.. every country has law !!!!! Please quit ur crying !!! Suck it up snowflakes..

  • Sandro Gavranovic
    Sandro Gavranovic 5 months ago

    Trump is literally telling his followers that HE is the elite, yet they are clapping?!

  • Sandro Gavranovic
    Sandro Gavranovic 5 months ago

    Right in the baby-maker!

  • Cybr Friends
    Cybr Friends 5 months ago

    Trump can not have all the little brown children in cages, so he resolves to another Klan Rally.

  • Paige Dunford
    Paige Dunford 5 months ago

    TRUMP 2020!

  • d4ydr34m3r420
    d4ydr34m3r420 5 months ago

    Watch this propoganda and read these comments if you're ever wondering why trump won and will continue to win.

  • LM Lowe
    LM Lowe 5 months ago +1

    MAGA = Maggots Are Governing America

    • Fraud Nation
      Fraud Nation 5 months ago +1

      L. M Lowe ...and here I thought it meant "Make America Grope Again"
      I prefer your version.