Designer Candy - How It's Made - Personalized name custom rock candy

  • Published on Jan 13, 2016
  • Designer Candy Melbourne
    Designer Candy is Australia’s #1 supplier of handmade personalised rock candy for weddings, birthdays, christenings, and corporate promotions.
    If you are looking for a special favour or gift for your event or occasion, Designer Candy can help, offering handmade sweets such as rock candy and customised lollies, including personalised lollipops. Buy your candy direct from the manufacturer and save! Orders placed with Designer Candy will be made to their high quality standards and delivered on time, every time. Their exceptional customer service makes ordering easy and hassle-free.
    All customised items are handmade to order. You choose the design and absolutely any colours and flavour, and the talented confectioners at Designer Candy will handcraft your very own batch of delicious candy or lollipops created specifically to your order specifications. MATCH YOUR CANDY OR LOLLIPOP COLOURS TO YOUR EVENT THEME!

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  • Lawrence Atkinson
    Lawrence Atkinson 2 months ago

    Why the 80s porn music? 😎

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 3 months ago

    so pretty!

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson 6 months ago

    143 diabetics disliked it :(

  • Morlanius
    Morlanius 7 months ago

    Your camera work makes me dizzy, if you're going to speed the footage up you need to be much more steady with the camera because small drifts become large sharp movements. And stop messing with focus effects too close to a movement transition makes people feel like they are falling over.

  • GG Well played
    GG Well played 7 months ago

    I want to hear the candy making, not some annoying music...

  • olyname DmG
    olyname DmG 7 months ago

    In you video when you pour sugar syrop it becomes elastic and doesn't attach to the table, but when I do the same it's not elastic and attaches to hands, to the table.
    Could you write me the exact portions of the ingredients?

  • master_ colosso
    master_ colosso 10 months ago


  • Vicki Nikolaidis
    Vicki Nikolaidis 10 months ago

    Amazing! The candies Re really works of art and yummy too I bet!

  • Ak Akgündüz
    Ak Akgündüz 11 months ago

    Wow love it mine most love candies are

  • jbot91
    jbot91 11 months ago

    If you pull the candy enough it will turn white from air bubbles, you don't need to use dom3 coloring and pull it

  • [wolfie]
    [wolfie] Year ago

    It’s LIKE slime

  • sree lakshmi
    sree lakshmi Year ago


  • jason!
    jason! Year ago

    wasn't expecting the words in the middle

  • corina neamtu
    corina neamtu Year ago

    Song name?

  • Elle R
    Elle R Year ago

    Prob the best representation of rock making on TVclip. 4/5

  • V C
    V C Year ago

    If I hand made this u would have a very different result

  • Lori Lee
    Lori Lee Year ago

    Beautiful candy, thanks for sharing!

  • YouAreScrooged
    YouAreScrooged Year ago

    Quite literal eye candy

  • Noor Yaser
    Noor Yaser Year ago


  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli Year ago +1

    What is this song called? ?? o. O

  • Chelsie
    Chelsie Year ago

  • Thu Huỳnh
    Thu Huỳnh Year ago

    How to keep soft candy, not hardened when forming? What tools do they use to keep candy warm?

  • 설예쒸
    설예쒸 Year ago

    It look yummy

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  • Exams will kill me one day

    Anyone else eating rock sweets and was curious how it was made so searched it up? It's impressive o_o!

  • roses aidah
    roses aidah Year ago


  • Gagné Camille
    Gagné Camille Year ago


  • Merzl Ramos
    Merzl Ramos Year ago

    idk how i got here haha I'm listening to LANY lol but this is satisfying to watch!

  • CSI48
    CSI48 Year ago +1

    At 1st i was like , whoa , then we're were like , WHOA , but then i was like whoa. Totally chillin bruh !

  • L U p I D
    L U p I D Year ago

    What's this song???? Please

  • lightdark00
    lightdark00 Year ago

    I hate lazy bastards using white food coloring. Just stretch the amber colored sugar more to get it white. We don't need to be eating more titanium dioxide.

  • Roman Hauksson-Neill

    Ugh, the stabilization in this video makes it so hard to watch.

  • Ellis Jade
    Ellis Jade Year ago

    This will forever fascinate me.

  • Brody M
    Brody M Year ago

    Why do you use white food colouring?

  • Luv Bud
    Luv Bud Year ago

    That was amazing!

  • kakumei37
    kakumei37 Year ago

    Why do you dye it white when you could pull the candy and make it white that way?

  • Chad Holmes
    Chad Holmes Year ago

    Wow so creative I figured it would be done by machine way more interesting than I thought candy making would be

  • Katherine Shircore

    I am absolutely impressed by the lettering, fasinating..

  • Bianca Ferguson
    Bianca Ferguson 2 years ago

    Aww I really wanted to see how you would make "rock candy" have letters but alas. This is just regular candy.

  • Roblox Noob
    Roblox Noob 2 years ago +1


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 2 years ago

    it took me until that close up shot at the end to realise the rock _didn't_ say "derek

  • CrypticGame
    CrypticGame 2 years ago

    what do you put in the sugar to get it like that?

  • Yasmin Yusoff
    Yasmin Yusoff 2 years ago

    No putting of malic acid..?

  • KohomaH
    KohomaH 2 years ago

    please without bothering you can give me something for my birthday the 20 june

  • PlebeianGoth
    PlebeianGoth 2 years ago

    Out of curiosity, that's the white colorant? I'm not familiar with it; only seen the candy pulled to achieve white.

  • ohmygudde
    ohmygudde 2 years ago +1

    camera work or video editing effects hurt my eyes

  • Jasper The Homeworld Warrior

    how much force does it take imto cut that candy?! it sliced so smoothly! I want to eat it so bad ;-;

  • Tommy Korad
    Tommy Korad 2 years ago

    I eat these candies all the time I seen these patterns on the candies and they are yummy. My favorite is the lemon one can you make a video how to make one of the candies shaped like lemons? Plz do this plz!!!! Thx😋

  • Eric's Playlist
    Eric's Playlist 2 years ago

    how did u do the main yellow candy? the big one? or you just buy it

  • jb_dopeman
    jb_dopeman 2 years ago

    Can I come work for you guys cause this is seriously awesome

    GoDz PAIN OFFICIAL 2 years ago

    When u strech it do u do it 200 times?

  • m
    m 2 years ago

    i'm assuming that somewhere in between the mixing of color, you added citric acid?

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White 2 years ago

    Who else is sucking a candy while watching this?🍬🍡🍭😂

  • Deliriøus Girl
    Deliriøus Girl 2 years ago +1

    i just want to bite the whole glob😅


    you can making a rainbow candy ???

  • Dis Tone
    Dis Tone 2 years ago

    An you eat it when it's fresh and soft?

  • deep5blue5sky = Knuttunk

    that chopping speed! and the small letters! amazing skills here!

  • Quocthinh Trandoan
    Quocthinh Trandoan 2 years ago

    why my syrup very sticky

  • ForeverBronzeIII
    ForeverBronzeIII 2 years ago

    Um... could someone tell me why they put white coloring in, because they could've just trapped inside it from a hook

  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown 2 years ago

    but does it taste good as Swedish fish or something from sour patch

  • Jeff H.
    Jeff H. 2 years ago

    For those asking about the music: DOCTOR VOX Frontier. You're welcome. :)

    EZZY YT 2 years ago


  • Mochi Park_
    Mochi Park_ 2 years ago

    đường và nước sẽ tạo ra kẹo thôi mà

  • NeonBlastYT
    NeonBlastYT 2 years ago

    what's the name of the song playing in the whole video?

  • Sophos Utm
    Sophos Utm 2 years ago

    these candy looks sharper than a knife. You will need a new tongue after eating them

  • Heyitzdiana12
    Heyitzdiana12 2 years ago

    These are sooo satisfying 😄😁😊🍭

  • King Julien
    King Julien 2 years ago

    what the base made from ? wich they pour the ingridients on

  • King Julien
    King Julien 2 years ago +2

    can it cure diabetes ?

  • Katherine Tse
    Katherine Tse 2 years ago +1


  • N. Ward
    N. Ward 2 years ago +1

    LoL boiling candy ingredients you mean boiling just sugar

  • Наташа
    Наташа 2 years ago

    I just want to say this: wow! This is awesome!

  • PointyTailofSatan
    PointyTailofSatan 2 years ago

    3D printing is going to destroy all this artistry.

    ALLY RECALDE 2 years ago

    If I put 5 lt, how many grams of sugar and glucose should I put?

  • Sarah Jordana
    Sarah Jordana 2 years ago

    I was expecting the chinese dude

  • Casey Orr
    Casey Orr 2 years ago

    so expensive

  • Fernanda
    Fernanda 2 years ago

    So pretty

  • Hannah Mosher
    Hannah Mosher 2 years ago

    #Stereokroma makes this stuff too they are truly amazing they make cute little pandas and pigs and all that check then out! :D

  • tabsofmydreams
    tabsofmydreams 2 years ago +12

    To satisfy your curiosity; the soundtrack is titled: Dr Vox - Frontier.

  • Chorros XD
    Chorros XD 2 years ago

    that is just cool af

  • Salmon-ella
    Salmon-ella 2 years ago

    Link your music please.

  • Grace A
    Grace A 2 years ago

    I NEED the music track that was used

  • Ernests Auzins
    Ernests Auzins 2 years ago +4

    Why is everything "designer" nowadays.

    • jbot91
      jbot91 11 months ago

      Fizthing technically I have designed toilet paper before. Sorry, I know that was gross...

    • fizthing
      fizthing Year ago

      I know right ... designer clothes, designer watches, designer hoodies, designer glasses, what's next, designer toilet paper?

  • aahaseyo w
    aahaseyo w 2 years ago

    Me after watching: O_O *cricket sound*

  • HeisenbergIsReal
    HeisenbergIsReal 2 years ago +9

    RBB i don't think that i have seen such a detailed and well made piece of candy ever , definitely thumbs up

  • sedik sedikou
    sedik sedikou 2 years ago

    وصفة كيكة جميلة

  • Amelia Pitts
    Amelia Pitts 2 years ago

    You don't need to add the white food colouring! You only need to stretch it!

  • Zane Elvis KH
    Zane Elvis KH 2 years ago +1

    I want to know the song of this video

  • Sanaa Rm
    Sanaa Rm 2 years ago

    nice ...

  • Mariana Alexandre
    Mariana Alexandre 2 years ago

    mmmmmmmm jadi ngilerrr

  • Colinda Balk
    Colinda Balk 2 years ago

    AMEZING 😍😍😍😍

  • tanawat chivoraphun
    tanawat chivoraphun 2 years ago

    what did you boiled
    the first

  • MJcato
    MJcato 2 years ago +3

    im eating this as i watch

  • Maya007 Choonee
    Maya007 Choonee 2 years ago

    amazing video i wished i could ever taste one of the CANDY

  • Stephen b
    Stephen b 2 years ago +3

    Sorry dude that was cool af.

    • craig cotter
      craig cotter 2 years ago +2

      ....and he DIDN'T say sorry when he cussed and you did. I prefer you.

    • Stephen b
      Stephen b 2 years ago

      When I think about it, it's kind of an expression you use when you think something is so cool that is prompts you to cuss. And cussing is the only way to emphasize how cool it is for you so you say sorry

    • lemonpartyhellyeah
      lemonpartyhellyeah 2 years ago +2

      why are you saying sorry before complimenting him....what is the fuck.

    • Stephen b
      Stephen b 2 years ago +2

      I want to order some, but I'm in the US D:

  • Oh Yeah yeah i slapped your momma

    I'm eating coco

  • boopdoop
    boopdoop 2 years ago +27

    I've just watched this video TWICE! and my brain is still like "so how does that work again?"

    • Jeric Jurado
      Jeric Jurado 6 months ago

      +mightberachelbutidk I know this comment is two weeks old, but there's a TVclip channel called *Hercules Candy* which is a friend of Lofty pursuits and they are super fun to watch.

  • saritakano
    saritakano 2 years ago

    It's a Beautiful job! so satisfying and relaxing