I Gave My Best Friend A Makeover *HUGE TRANSFORMATION*

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • My best friend needs a makeover before the school dance. She wants to impress her date so I decided to help her. We went shopping and got her hair done. You will never believe when you see what she looks like! Her school dance date is going to be so surprised. Getting ready for a school dance.
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  • Bob Reagan
    Bob Reagan 6 hours ago


  • Bob Reagan
    Bob Reagan 6 hours ago


  • Taylah Tube
    Taylah Tube 7 hours ago

    Give Rita a makeover and be the popularist and have Daniel asbf

  • Qori Pinkkey
    Qori Pinkkey 7 hours ago +1

    Tootsie is bad but she is the best ever👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Holly Merry
    Holly Merry 7 hours ago

    Amazing video

  • Nice Nia
    Nice Nia 7 hours ago

    mango lassi is a delicious drink!!!!!

  • Mia Martinon
    Mia Martinon 7 hours ago

    Hi my name is mia

  • Mia Martinon
    Mia Martinon 7 hours ago


  • Mia Martinon
    Mia Martinon 7 hours ago


  • Mia Martinon
    Mia Martinon 7 hours ago


  • gacha foxx
    gacha foxx 8 hours ago

    9:36 that outfit speaks Claires
    No offense
    I love u guys 💖💖❤

  • José Sargento
    José Sargento 8 hours ago

    Agnus looks the same

  • The LizzyLitzy
    The LizzyLitzy 9 hours ago

    9:48 when chad farts 💨

  • Kidz Forever
    Kidz Forever 9 hours ago

    You don't need to change who you are You are just beautiful as you are

  • Martin Havenga
    Martin Havenga 10 hours ago

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    SAMATA ADAM 10 hours ago +1

    riya can you give me a makeover

  • Rogelio Castellanos
    Rogelio Castellanos 11 hours ago +1

    Can you make a video of toose and cenamen be Sisters

  • Lainey Christian
    Lainey Christian 11 hours ago

    I think Riya should get a makeover

  • SB Nation
    SB Nation 12 hours ago

    6:47 had me weak and also i subcribes

  • alis sontay
    alis sontay 13 hours ago

    Yeah tooth’s it’s to Earle to eat a Big Mac 🍔 Rita is right I like Riya look more And Dan Rita I follow your instagram love ❤️ you so much 🌹 here you can lick it 🍬🍭🍦

  • Janiyha Chambliss Vlogs

    I ❤ Strawberry's phone case

  • XxKookieCreamPlaysxX
    XxKookieCreamPlaysxX 13 hours ago

    Rubarb : I love your jokes!

    Rosha: Uhuh ok

  • Nelly Nelly
    Nelly Nelly 18 hours ago

    This vid is great

  • VI Guy James
    VI Guy James 20 hours ago

    You are so mean to her

  • Alexia's amazing channel
    Alexia's amazing channel 21 hour ago +1

    Haahahaha im crying in laughter

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    And the other girl she’s ugly too and annoying ugh 😑

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    Ugh 😑 strawberry 🍓 voice 👾is annoying

  • Chloe Silver
    Chloe Silver 22 hours ago

    Cinnamon: Excuse me this is channel
    Tootsies mind: does she put it in the laundry? No wonder why she has so many holes in her shirt

  • Genny Lopez
    Genny Lopez Day ago

    Were did you get that case robarb

  • Perry Winkle
    Perry Winkle Day ago

    I saw Gucci

  • Afeni M
    Afeni M Day ago +4

    Blue if you love Dane and Riya
    👇🏻please make this blue

  • Lanie Bug
    Lanie Bug Day ago

    Who else thinks Daniel kind of looks good as a girl? 😂

  • Enai Barrera
    Enai Barrera Day ago

    Raja plz give a make over to him

  • Evaughn Woodberry
    Evaughn Woodberry Day ago +1

    Strawberry has the same phone case as my sister

  • Agnes Valdez
    Agnes Valdez Day ago

    Lmao when the teacher said tootsie go call your mom you need to take a shower ASAP 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Allison Smith
    Allison Smith Day ago

    The one that has the bad scalp is so ANYONE I can't stand it anymore and cinnamon is such a drama queen Tootsie and Ria so if I spelled your names wrong but love your videos and pictures and Channel

  • Pj Rodriguez
    Pj Rodriguez Day ago +5

    "If you never change, how will you ever discover new things you like"

  • Unicorn LIFE
    Unicorn LIFE Day ago +3

    Honestly I think Riya looks better than Rubarb and cinnamon

  • Nheirin Maci
    Nheirin Maci Day ago

    hahaahahahah tthere so funny yasssssssssslike

  • Moona Ryynänen
    Moona Ryynänen Day ago

    I feel like that red head little mermaid need some one to drag her Back to The sea she came from i would Be More than Happy to do it Even i know she are not like real but some peopel are just like that and they need some one to just hit them right across The face

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B Day ago

    The only best character is Agnes no hate or anything

  • Kayleigh Letchford

    people that dan play
    The Indian mum
    dan (himself)
    tootsies mum
    tootsies grandma
    who did I miss out

  • Javeyah W
    Javeyah W Day ago +1

    Tootsie is my spirit animal

  • New Years
    New Years Day ago

    And chad maybe Daniel also riya and Samantha G

  • New Years
    New Years Day ago

    can you give a makeover to Rajah and gladness please

  • Elaine Boyd
    Elaine Boyd Day ago

    Please make this blue

  • pookiie210
    pookiie210 Day ago

    Can you make a video how did cinema and rubera

  • Riley Grace
    Riley Grace Day ago +1

    I wish aganis would leave her hair straight

  • James Pugosa
    James Pugosa Day ago

    I like den

  • Matthew Mc D0nald

    Maybe an old school faggott would hit that ass

  • Siljoe Daño
    Siljoe Daño Day ago

    I laugh so hard when cinnamon laugh

  • elianna schutt
    elianna schutt Day ago

    I play the clarinet too!

  • Mend _ ussy
    Mend _ ussy Day ago +3

    Question: Where do you guys get all these wigs 😂

  • Jose Platero
    Jose Platero Day ago

    I like how the people that are famous are named after foods

  • Andre Alvarez
    Andre Alvarez 2 days ago +3

    90% of comments are turn this blue
    10% of comments are about the video

  • たなかWolfie_cakepop

    I’m actually in a cheerleading team and my teammate disrespects me :(

  • Asmr slime Destiny
    Asmr slime Destiny 2 days ago

    this is how many boys tootsie likes. ⬇️

  • kevin
    kevin 2 days ago


  • Megan Dugas
    Megan Dugas 2 days ago +53

    Roses are red❤
    Vilots are blue💙
    like if u love dan and riya👍
    Cause i do to💓💓💓💓
    If u like👍
    i Will accept u in Roblox😘😘

    • Qori Pinkkey
      Qori Pinkkey 7 hours ago

      Roses are the best things ever

    • Jumayna Tahsin Tanha
      Jumayna Tahsin Tanha 10 hours ago +1

      Megan Dugas only if they KNOW your roblox username😑 You gotta tell 'em

    • slitherysnake
      slitherysnake 13 hours ago +1

      I dont wanna be your friend on roblox
      Well,I do,but
      I have max friends oof

    • Sofi Clark
      Sofi Clark 13 hours ago

      Nheirin Maci no she’s not this poem was posted first not jeon jungkook’s

    • Nheirin Maci
      Nheirin Maci Day ago +3

      you are a copy cat

  • Ebonee Rouse-Nnabue
    Ebonee Rouse-Nnabue 2 days ago

    They all Matilda's lol

  • Bella WQ
    Bella WQ 2 days ago +5

    Cinnamon is so mean 🙄she need to change👍
    And strawberry she’s not a good friend and she don’t really like cinnamon

  • Rhinoz Dinoz
    Rhinoz Dinoz 2 days ago

    I have the exact same new bunny phone case as Tootsie/Daniel

  • Rocio e
    Rocio e 2 days ago

    R.i.p headphone users 3:45

  • Gracie Bennett
    Gracie Bennett 2 days ago

    make a new video with renveer in it pool partywith everyone there at your house

  • Moon and Lily Gachalixs

    Roses are red Violet are blue
    If you want to

    To Riya

  • Fabiola Martinez
    Fabiola Martinez 2 days ago

    I love everyone s new look😘🍔❤❤💕👗👑

  • Rosey marry
    Rosey marry 2 days ago

    Late😑🙁 sadly

  • Bella WQ
    Bella WQ 2 days ago +1

    Roses are red 🌹
    Violets are blue 💙
    If y’all love dan and riya videos
    Makes this 👍to blue💙

  • Haleema Ashra
    Haleema Ashra 2 days ago

    Dear riya as being a charter as cinnmon u should actually look lik her in real life

  • Juan Pena
    Juan Pena 2 days ago

    You should get raja toget a make over then all girls like him

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 2 days ago


  • Kristina onxy
    Kristina onxy 2 days ago

    Rija need one

  • Melvin Velasquez
    Melvin Velasquez 2 days ago

    Why is Toosie in love with Dan

  • chang hiohi ping chang

    Hey Dan do you love your doesn't love girl?

  • PurpleWolf
    PurpleWolf 2 days ago +1

    I like Agnes for some reason

  • Gamer Nub
    Gamer Nub 2 days ago

    Honestly I think Samantha H is annoying

  • Jalaysia Brown STUDENT

    luv u dan and riya

  • Lilli LJ
    Lilli LJ 2 days ago

    but did u get in to the chere leding or not i RillY whant to no but i dont't caere i love u gues😄😄💖❤❣💌📩 haha hahahahahahahah
    i no i don't whach u some time bat im am whaching u i whach 90 videos

  • Suecia Rodriguez
    Suecia Rodriguez 2 days ago

    tootsies new shirt should be a new merch on your chanel

  • Bertha garibay
    Bertha garibay 3 days ago

    I like mosley barbs

  • Tran Bao
    Tran Bao 3 days ago

    I wonder if we’re ever gonna see cinnamons MOM

  • blackligh kei
    blackligh kei 3 days ago +8

    the colors of beverly valley high
    riya - black
    tootsie - pink
    daniel - gray
    cinnamon - crimson
    rhubarb - purple
    chad - white
    agnes - orange
    raja - blue
    strawberry - red
    gladis - brown
    samantha - mint

  • Karla Fernandez
    Karla Fernandez 3 days ago

    Is dan gay

  • Mirna Ortega
    Mirna Ortega 3 days ago


  • Danielle Dixon
    Danielle Dixon 3 days ago

    Roger that I will ever date Ruba🤬🤬🤯🤮🤢🤑🤐👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤢

  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez 3 days ago

    They are all so pretty

  • Hamza the cat
    Hamza the cat 3 days ago

    You should make the tootsies te-shirt merch

  • Purple Panda123
    Purple Panda123 3 days ago

    7:54 Are you watching to all the boys I loved before

  • Moosification
    Moosification 3 days ago

    I love it all!

  • Mimi TV
    Mimi TV 3 days ago +4

    Raja should get a makeover and look more better than danyle

    • Bella WQ
      Bella WQ 2 days ago +1

      Mimi TV u right he should

  • Maria Kolotou
    Maria Kolotou 3 days ago

    Love it

  • Trista D Pittman Hudson

    Love y’all so much 💙🥰🥰💙

  • lily and melody
    lily and melody 3 days ago

    agnes has a nce shirt after

  • Dekota Edmonds
    Dekota Edmonds 3 days ago

    This was BORING

  • MeLuvSquishys
    MeLuvSquishys 3 days ago


  • lily gamer
    lily gamer 3 days ago

    Since when did "strawberry" get her "nose pierced" or it was real

  • Thinely Wangmo
    Thinely Wangmo 3 days ago

    Lol!! Strawberry's laugh is killing meee😂😂

  • Darko Beric
    Darko Beric 4 days ago

    I want you to kiss 💋

  • Maryan Ali
    Maryan Ali 4 days ago

    Rhubarb and Raja morning routine