Anti-Anti-Vaxxers | April 3, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • The Anti-vaxx movement is bringing long eliminated diseases back into fashion, but the teens are way ahead of the trend. Ethan Lindenberger takes Sam back to school.
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  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 9 hours ago

    Unlike notions of conspiracy around the Moon landing, 9/11, President Kennedy's death etc*, which are mostly benign, the beliefs held by anti-vaccination people have deleterious consequences for society. It's become blindingly apparent in the last few years that these beliefs take root not in the veracity of the claims themselves, but the _feeling_ that comes from being in possession of a minority view. Keys to a secret vault of knowledge. Fact-checking a conspiracy notion -- let's not dignify them with the word 'theory' -- doesn't matter to these people, because facts don't matter.

  • Marion Newman
    Marion Newman 10 hours ago

    I have an Autistic child. He enhances everyone’s life. I vaccinate him. He is not worse than an unnecessary illnesses.

  • RedDog
    RedDog Day ago

    I agree on the pro-vaxx statements but whoever makes her jokes needs to be reevaluated.

  • 01Sequoia
    01Sequoia Day ago


  • 01Sequoia
    01Sequoia Day ago

    Here are 50 studies on vaccine safety @t

  • 01Sequoia
    01Sequoia 2 days ago

    Who does the studies for vaccine safety? And who are the "Scientists"? Those that do the studies are used by the World Health Organization, the CDC, and the American Medical Association. The pharmaceutical companies do the studies.They are the Scientists. And who probably paid for this video? Big Pharma!!! But pharmaceutical companies can be trusted to always do the right thing. Right?

  • Gaston Flatulenza
    Gaston Flatulenza 3 days ago

    Oh, so the government assures us vaccines are safe. Also, the pharma companies that make the vaccines (and also make billions selling them) also assures us they are 100% safe. We can all breathe easier now. My son was talking by 12 months, and by 2 was running, bouncing a basketball, banging on the piano. He got 6 vaccines one day that my doctor told me our NIH had approved as safe. We came home from the doctor's office, he ran a fever, and he has never spoken since that day, 22 years ago. He is severely autistic and his quality of life is much lower than it was before the shots. I'm not anti-vaccines, I just wish I had known enough to spread the vaccinations out so it was only one at a time. You can't convince me that getting 5 or 6 vaccinations in a day is safe because I've seen it with my own eyes Fuckers, and I change my grown son's diapers every day. Follow the money. And then pay for my Beautiful Boy (now a man) to be cared for after I am dead and gone.

  • Alex Dulko
    Alex Dulko 4 days ago

    Antivaxxers shall be slayed

  • Crystal Riffle
    Crystal Riffle 12 days ago

    Newsflash. I have autism and wasn't vaccinated until I was 18 and chose to get vaccinated. So.. I was diagnosed with autism at age 8 so vaccines played no role. However I was lucky not to catch a debilitating illness from not being protected.

  • Johan MB
    Johan MB 13 days ago

    If vaccines causes Autism why aren't there more cases? Millions get vaccinated yet there are not millions more people getting Autism

  • Jesusandsteph Forever
    Jesusandsteph Forever 15 days ago +1

    People get diseases from them spraying stuff in the air which is also known as chemtrials.

  • Jesusandsteph Forever
    Jesusandsteph Forever 15 days ago +1

    I am not an anti vaxxer but if vaccines are so good as you people claim why are you scared of those who don't vaccinate....the vaccines should take care of them right? You should not be worried. Let's be honest here vaccines can cause harm and a lot of people have died from them. One doctor who specialises in vaccines claimed that some vaccines are made from aborted babies. Vaccines have chemicals and metals that causes harm. And to Note a lot of doctors have been killed for trying to expose the dangers of vaccines. These are things to think about instead of totally condemning these people as idiots and pro disease.

    • Johan MB
      Johan MB 13 days ago

      @Jesusandsteph Forever can you help me find the details of "And to Note a lot of doctors have been killed for trying to expose the dangers of vaccines." because I can't seem to find any record, btw don't need any bovine manure about a cover up because if you know about it then it wasn't covered up

  • Nugget Boi
    Nugget Boi 16 days ago

    Anti vaxxers are people who didint get aborshions in time

  • Ayan Ray Baruah
    Ayan Ray Baruah 18 days ago

    Oh god. That's why the entire population of Indian Youth are are suffering from Autism.

  • VR Scape
    VR Scape 20 days ago

    No actual cases that prove vaccines cause autism
    Anti vaxxers: too many cases
    Few people getting allergic reactions to vaccines
    Anti vaxxers: too many deaths
    People actually getting killed from not getting vaccinated
    Anti vaxxers: nah bro it be a conspiracy with big pharma or something I’ll just stay here with my crystals that have no scientific evidence that it helps.

  • VR Scape
    VR Scape 20 days ago

    2.5k retards

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 21 day ago

    Unnecessary painful deaths??? from measles???? k*** m* a**.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 21 day ago

    Is there a possibility that over time humans would be able to naturally build and immunity over something like measles?? something that would take 99% of the population to be vaccinated for an order for it to not affect us?? I know the money is in the treatment, but this is just bull****.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 21 day ago

    I rather get measles then risk whatever they decide to put in the vaccine. we've grown to know one thing (atleast I have), don't trust big farm if they say, If I were you I would do it.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 21 day ago

    F*** vaccines.

  • Maia Clabo
    Maia Clabo 22 days ago

    Shut up! Everyone knows that anti-vaxxers are the ones proving their side with research! If you guys think anti-vaxxers are so wrong, then stop refusing to let them speak, let them prove to people that vaccines are dangerous! The CDC is working with Pharma! I bet the people making those vaccines don’t even vaccinate themselves knowing what’s inside those things.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 2 days ago

      @Maia Clabo Anti-vaxxers are EXACTLY like flat-Earthers. They both believe there is an impossible global conspiracy against them and the list of conspirators is never ending. It's just like 9/11 conspiracy theories or JFK or Sandy Hook etc.

    • Daniel Watkinson
      Daniel Watkinson 2 days ago

      Maia Clabo everything has a risk. For example, seatbelts save millions of lives. However, there will have been cases of children getting cut by them, choked by them etc. I’m not anti-seatbelt because of this tiny amount of incidences. It’s about risks vs benefits and the benefits of vaccines evidently outweigh the risks. Despite what you may believe, doctors are taught about vaccines in extreme detail. One of my friends at school’s dad is a doctor. Do you really think my friend would be fully vaccinated if vaccines were really dangerous. No, they’re not.

    • Maia Clabo
      Maia Clabo 17 days ago

      What science? And stop comparing anti-vaxxers to flat earthers! Think about it this way, do you honestly think that if there were never any side effects to vaccination, people would still speak against them? Look at how many anti-vaxxers there are! Of course that doesn’t compare to the amount of idiots who just believe whatever their told! Do some research! So many people were affected by vaccines and not in a good way, me amongst them.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 22 days ago +1

      _"stop refusing to let them speak"_

      That would be like NASA listening to flat-Earthers. Science is so far beyond that.

  • Eclipse KCB
    Eclipse KCB 23 days ago

    Pro-vaxxers: Proof of vaccine-induced brain damage.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 21 day ago

      @Eclipse KCB xDDD

    • Eclipse KCB
      Eclipse KCB 21 day ago

      @Pete Jeffris LOL

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 21 day ago

      @Eclipse KCB hypocrite

    • Eclipse KCB
      Eclipse KCB 22 days ago

      Says the side not sponsored by Big Pharma or their brainwashed minions. Says the side that considers the health consequences of vaccinating. Says the side that can actually read the manufacturer inserts and see with their own eyes the dangers of vaccines. Says the CDC who calls vaccines "unavoidably unsafe" on their website. They also admit to 98 million shots of polio vaccine was contaminated with SV-40 cancer virus. The same CDC that lists autism, encephalitis, paralysis, the disease that you're vaccinating against, etc on its website. The same side that acknowledges that the vaccine injury court is seriously under-used as many deaths or injuries from vaccines are reported under other causes such as SIDS or natural causes.

  • Tim Allen is a scumbag

    She has nice legs

  • Fey Truet
    Fey Truet 23 days ago

    90210 is returning in 2019. America is moving backwards faster than we ever moved forward.

  • ZhangtheGreat
    ZhangtheGreat 24 days ago

    Is it just me, or is Sam still of age to play a teenager?

  • Tqueenboss_CsTharis
    Tqueenboss_CsTharis 24 days ago

    Anti-Vaxxers? I think you mean *Child Murderers*

  • Dane Roberts
    Dane Roberts 26 days ago

    such a good riverdale spoof

  • Marne Seventynine
    Marne Seventynine 26 days ago

    There is no point in arguing with the vaccine machine trolls on this site or any other major network site. The media is owned and the money they have to hire trolls to post angry senseless comments at people, who are legitimately questioning the safety and efficacy of substances that are to be injected into their children, is beyond obscene.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago +1

      _" The media is owned and the money they have to hire trolls"_

      See how your list of conspirators just keeps growing? This is how you can tell it's a fake conspiracy theory.

  • Roblox Phoenix Connection

    I think your mistaking reddit for 4chan

  • Brooke B.
    Brooke B. 28 days ago

    1:42 as a person on the spectrum, I thank you for saying this

  • Annabelle Nagy
    Annabelle Nagy 28 days ago

    I feel like she should do a skit about insulin prices and how they are killing ppl and are outrageous

  • Cool Arrow90
    Cool Arrow90 29 days ago

    My theory; Someone in the government told someone from our society that vaccinations cause autism. This anti-vax movement is a form of population control.
    Where is this actual scientific proof that vaccinations cause autism anyway?

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      She explained how the anti-vaxx movement became what it is today in the video.

  • bait clicker
    bait clicker 29 days ago

    The problem is that the government lie through their teeth about everything to manipulate the population and support big pharma in their attempt to sell as much medicine to as many people for as high a price as possible - who WOULD believe what they say on this topic?

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      Because global conspiracy theories where the list of conspirators is forever growing are always fake. i.e. anti-vaxx, JFK, 9/11, aliens etc.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore 28 days ago

      i do, i can read.

  • FalconX79
    FalconX79 Month ago

    Natural selection should ALWAYS have the last word. Less idiots down here would be a good thing.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 22 days ago

      @FalconX79 _"my whole life revolve around one thing: logic"_

      Then you should know they won't just be killing themselves. They'll be taking down a whole lot of regular, non-science denying, non-conspiracy theorists with them.

    • FalconX79
      FalconX79 22 days ago

      @Pete Jeffris Nope, my whole life revolve around one thing: logic. If it's not, I don't believe it. Simple uh? So yeah, they're idiots and deserves to die.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      It's not the parent's fault they fell for fake propaganda. No one is above gullibility. I'm sure there's some nonsense you believe in.

  • jeff sweet
    jeff sweet Month ago

    Autism epidemics are not genetic

  • Fandoom
    Fandoom Month ago +1

    the measled outbreaks that the anti vax movement have caused in the philippines and ukraine are terrifying. 2 days ago the deathcount in the philippines was 500 with 35.000 infected.
    we had almost eradicated this disease there yet it has killed more and faster in the philippines than terrorism has in the EU.

  • jeff sweet
    jeff sweet Month ago

    “Vaccines do not cause autism.
    Autism is a behavioral diagnosis. In order to receive the diagnosis of “Autism” a child must exhibit a certain number of behaviors over a certain time frame. If he or she does not do so, the diagnosis of “autism” is not warranted.
    There is no blood test for “autism.”
    “Autism” can’t be confirmed or “ruled-out” by laboratory analysis. It’s strictly a behavioral diagnosis.
    Therefore, anything that causes physiological damage cannot directly “cause” autism.
    Ergo… vaccines cannot “cause” “autism.”
    Vaccines cause other stuff.
    Vaccines cause encephalitis.
    Vaccines cause seizures.
    Vaccines cause immune system deficiencies.
    Vaccines cause gastrointestinal problems.
    Encephalitis causes mood swings.
    Encephalitis causes extreme pain.
    Encephalitis causes inattention and impulsivity.
    Encephalitis causes aggression.
    Encephalitis causes balance problems and difficulty relating to one’s environment.
    Seizures cause mood swings.
    Seizures cause inattention and impulsivity.
    Seizures cause alterations in conciousness.
    Immune system deficiencies cause children to have more frequent bacterial infections, such as ear infections, upper respiratory infections (URIs), sinusutis, and strep infections.
    Immune system deficiencies cause children to have more frequent viral infections, such as stomatitis, “fevers of unknown origin,” “viral rashes,” hives, conjunctivitis, and gastrointestinal viruses that cause vomiting and diarrhea.
    Immune system deficiencies cause children to be more vulnerable to “everything that’s going around” and to have a tougher time getting over things than their peers.
    Gastrointestinal damage from vaccines causes diarrhea.
    Gastrointestinal damage from vaccines causes nausea, reflux, vomiting, and the recently discovered “disease” now known as GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease).
    Gatrointestinal damage from vaccines causes increased vulnerability to viruses and bacteria, which leads to increased administration of antibiotics, which leads to overgrowth of pathogenic yeast.
    Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to intestinal hyperpermeability (“leaky gut syndrome”).
    Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to constipation.
    Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to food allergies.
    Pathogenic yeast overgrowth leads to skin eruptions, “drunken, silly behavior,” inattention and impulsivity, and cravings for bread, sugar, ice cream, milk, and carbohydrates.
    Technically, vaccines do not cause autism because techincally there is no such thing as autism.
    Vaccines cause the underlying physical conditions that result in the pain, neurological damage, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal damage, and yeast overgrowth - all of which combine to produce the behavioral symptoms that result in the “autism” diagnosis.
    Gastrointestinal damage is the most obvious result of vaccine damage.
    When a previously healthy child suddenly starts having multiple episodes of watery and extremely stinky diarrhea every day, and this happens shortly after receiving vaccinations, it is notable as a “vaccine injury.” What is not so obvious is that when the child’s gut is permanently damaged, he or she is no longer able to absorb nutrients necessary to produce neurotransmitters necessary for proper brain function. So when the child develops mood swings, sleep difficulties, and learning disabilities several months later, these issues are not recognized as being related to the vaccine injury because the initial damage occurred many months earlier.
    Please re-read the previous paragraph.
    This is why Dr. Andrew Wakefield is such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.
    Dr. Wakefield NEVER said vaccines cause autism.
    Dr. Wakefield is a gastroenterologist. He saw a number of children with gastrointestinal problems who also happened to be diagnosed with autism. Dr. Wakefield reported his observations. He never claimed that the MMR “caused” autism. He merely reported that a number of children he had seen had BOTH gastrointestinal problems AND autism, and according to parental report, these issues developed within a short time of when the children received the MMR vaccine.
    Again… Why is Dr. Wakefield such a threat to the pharmaceutical industry?
    Hint: Not because vaccines cause autism - they don’t.
    Vaccines cause gastrointestinal damage.
    Gastrointestinal damage causes malabsorption of nutrients necessary for proper brain function.
    Malabsorption of essential nutrients causes immune system disorders, seizures, encephalopathy, etc… and THAT’s what leads to the ultimate diagnosis of “autism.”
    If Dr. Wakefield’s observations are correct, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE will eventually draw the connection between vaccines and the domino-effect that leads to the “autism” diagnosis. From the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry, better to “nip it in the bud” now, which means discrediting Dr. Wakefield to the extent that no one will look further into the science.

  • Julian Fan
    Julian Fan Month ago

    1:42 THANK YOU SAM

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a Month ago

    Wait, the more I think about it, the more weird the Reddit comment is. Bill Gates, Microsoft, scientists, actors, K-pop groups, nonprofits, and just... Tons of people of interest interact with Reddit. It's a regular useful platform. And this video's from April of this year...

  • Catherine P
    Catherine P Month ago

    Anti-Vaxxers/Plague Enthusiasts like to tell me that there's no such thing as herd immunity. Um, OK.

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a Month ago

    I find reddit to be better - more useful, wholesome, _slightly_ better for truth - than twitter and it's a shame it has the reputation it does. Cool things like r/momforaminute and advice subreddits helping minors out of abusive situations don't make national news... Meanwhile, Twitter is a website where users go on witch hunts with the intent of grinding their victim's career and mental health to dust without regard for research, the truth, or rational thought. There's just no room for those. And yet people can still see Twitter for what it is: A wide and varied platform not bound by one group or one flaw. I hope one day reddit will have the same priveledge

  • christina peinecke
    christina peinecke Month ago

    I like that she said autistic people instead of people with autism. It's not a disease, people need to stop refering to it as it were one.

  • William Vandever
    William Vandever Month ago

    Vaxx of life

  • Сергей Петров

    Human stupidity is truly terrifying

  • Sugar m18
    Sugar m18 Month ago

    I keep seeing people in the replies of comments still saying that vaccines cause autism, despite there being many cases of unvaccinated children and adults who have autism today. Well, if you are willing to listen, then consider this: what if autism is just the next step of human evolution?

  • deborah chinn
    deborah chinn Month ago

    Refusing to protect your small child by withholding proven vaccinations that can prevent communicable diseases is quite clearly, child abuse.

  • Lori Revels
    Lori Revels Month ago

    I've shared on anti vax post that my autistic kids had autism before they ever had their shots because I was an anti-vaxxer. One time this lady whom I saw posts from often, pm'd me asking me to stop telling people that. I was s bit shocked that she would go that far to protect her ideas.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago +1

      Yeah, anti-vaxxers don't care about integrity

  • El Hayah
    El Hayah Month ago

    not an "anti-vaxxer", but I believe in freedom. Why is ok to force feed vaccinations?!! The comment section looks like a highly judgemental witch hunt. Because of the history of medicine, especially in the atrocities, they force-fed on blacks making them human lab rats, I don't blindly trust the medical world... there are all sorts of known/unknown agendas out there! Also, taking away people's freedom of speech is going to lead somewhere that is definitle anti-American/Anti-democratic.

  • Alex101 Conner
    Alex101 Conner Month ago

    As long you are not allergic to eggs... Get vaccinated!

  • Sessho Lord
    Sessho Lord Month ago +1

    My mom made a good point about this in correlation to child development and vaccines; that around the same time that autism is even diagnosed your child is also still needing to get vaccines and thus they use that as a connection to autism. When, in reality, the doctor just couldn't diagnose it until the child was that age.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago +1

      @Sessho Lord Also conspiracy theories are always fake.

    • Sessho Lord
      Sessho Lord Month ago

      @Samardeep Walia Exactly!

    • Samardeep Walia
      Samardeep Walia Month ago +1

      Correlation does not equal causation

  • Lily Fenster
    Lily Fenster Month ago +1

    i was honestly shocked when she said "don't treat autistic people like their existence is worse than a pandemic". no one else on the news or talk shows acknowledges this, just accepts the idea that it is better to be dead than autistic and works from there. autistic advocacy is still such a non-mainstream movement that people just assume the autism speaks narrative that autism is a horrible disease is the only option.

  • Ilyass Gabow
    Ilyass Gabow Month ago +1

    I'm 23 years old and I never took vaccination in my life and I'm still good,

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      Unfamiliar with how science works, I see.

    • Shane Simpson
      Shane Simpson Month ago

      Yep most parasites are healthy.

    • Samardeep Walia
      Samardeep Walia Month ago

      Lucky you! You were protected by herd immunity, but there are many other people who are not as lucky, so we everyone who can get vaccinated to do so, so that they can be safe.

  • Sylvia The dragon lord

    Autistic people are amazing! I have 3 friends that are! And they are very cool people

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      @Bad!fy 3 friends? Luckaaaay.

    • Bad!fy
      Bad!fy Month ago

      You mean you had 3 friends? Every comment needs some dark humor.

  • estevens2011
    estevens2011 Month ago

    Just became a loyal watcher for getting both sides of why the vaccine autism thing is ridiculous!

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      There aren't two sides in science.

  • Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni
    Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni Month ago +2

    My son and his autistic uncle went through very different vaccine regimes a decade apart and they're both autisic, because genes play a much bigger role than their post birth environment

  • Sierra Morales
    Sierra Morales Month ago +1

    Anti Vaxer are literal Natural Selection.

  • Konstantin Vladimirov
    Konstantin Vladimirov Month ago +1


  • Farista Sairuv
    Farista Sairuv Month ago +1

    It’s child abuse. If parents are endangering the lives of their children it’s child abuse.

  • sharon dapokale
    sharon dapokale Month ago

    i don't get Anti-vaxxers, if you are afraid of the "side effects" how about educate your self more and advocate for leading world medical organisations to address these issues.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      Because is't not a big, sexy and exciting conspiracy that they can blame all of societies woes on.

  • jeff sweet
    jeff sweet Month ago +1

    Pharma would not invest all of this time and energy just to increase sale by 0.7% . Pharmas goal is to eliminate the unvaccinated control group. The purpose of sb 276 is to destroy the evidence that the unvaccinated kids are way healthier. It's organized crime via law

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King Month ago

    Stanley Plotkin: Under Oath admits there is no study that proves that Vaccines do NOT cause autism.
    It's funny how pro vaxxers use ridicule name calling usually accompanied by irrelevant arguments.
    Here is a link on scientific fraud as said by Dr. Thompson
    Measles? Leading cause of death? 😂😂😂 scared yet? Get your MMR

    • eshu orishas
      eshu orishas Month ago

      Joseph King It would be impossible to have a study”prove” vaccines don’t cause autism. Because you cannot disprove a negative. That’s how statistics work. Source? I do research for a midwestern university for a living.

  • The64v
    The64v Month ago

    CDC is funded by big pharma. This is all about selling drugs to the masses and making people believe they need it. Vaccine skepticism has been around long before 1998, and has nothing to do with Autism. There is plenty of documentation of the dangers of live vaccines going back to the 1950s. I learned about the dangers of the live polio vaccine in a molecular biology class in college. If you want to see documentation of dangers of injections under the nerve lining, there is plenty of it.

    'In 2011 in a split decision in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, the US Supreme Court majority ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and effectively removed all liability from drug companies, even if there was evidence a drug company could have made a vaccine safer.'

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      A conspiracy where the list of conspirators is forever growing is ALWAYS a fake conspiracy theory. Real conspiracies involve as few people as humanly possible.

  • Stan Lem
    Stan Lem Month ago

    Who also hates vaccines? Tiny child-sized coffin makers.

  • Lis Cain
    Lis Cain Month ago

    I love you Samantha bee

  • Susu Moniz
    Susu Moniz Month ago +3

    Unvaccinated child: When I grow up I wanna-
    Anti-vax parent: Boy, have I got news for you

  • chrisg307
    chrisg307 Month ago

    Nothing like taking medical advice from a comedian. The truth is that few vaccines are tested on all populations in the manner in which they are mandated. Thus they are lethal to some fragile populations. Therefore, you are quite fine with that, but not fine with someone opting out, thereby putting other fragile populations at peril. Sure, that makes sense. NOT. Read the literature and instructions before leaping to dangerous conclusions. Anti-vaxxers are against mandated vaccines that have not been tested and they are trying to protect ALL peop not just themselves. And it is unfair to even call them anti-vaxxers.

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      If list of conspirators is never ending like you put forward, it's a fake conspiracy.

    • Suzannah Keiser
      Suzannah Keiser Month ago

      I FOUND ONE!!! I actually found a real anti-vaxxer!

    • eshu orishas
      eshu orishas Month ago

      1., No they are not. 2. Which literature?

  • IcewhipRoxx
    IcewhipRoxx Month ago +11

    Parents who do't vaccinate because they think it causes autism:
    1. Are idiots.
    2. Would prefer it if their child died a slow and painful death as opposed to being socially awkward or quiet.
    3. Should never be trusted with a child's well being.

  • Cindy Robin
    Cindy Robin Month ago

    CDC - "We don't know what causes autism, but for sure it's not vaccines."

  • Cindy Robin
    Cindy Robin Month ago

    Please let it go about Andrew Wakefield; it's a false narrative:

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      _"it's a false narrative"_

      Says who? Let me guess...hostile anti-vaxxers?

  • cloutocado
    cloutocado Month ago +1

    can we start calling them pro disease please comment this bc anti vaxxers are pro disease!

  • m e g a n c .
    m e g a n c . Month ago

    You would rather have your child dead than autistic?

  • Bea Jim
    Bea Jim Month ago

    At this point anti vaxers are ableist

  • Never Had a life
    Never Had a life Month ago +3

    No 0ne:
    Anti Vax: ya my kid can die a horrible death but AUTISM. HOW WOULD THEY LIVE!

  • puppybluez
    puppybluez Month ago

    All anti-vaxxers are ableists and theres nothing you can convince me otherwise :)

  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson Month ago

    There is no vaccine for tuberculosis. So much for blaming "anti-vaxxers" for "misinformation."

    • spongebobkuttan the square pantukaran
      spongebobkuttan the square pantukaran Month ago +3

      As much as I am aware you are an idiot, tb has vaccine....Bacille Calmette Guerin-The most common vaccine in the world. God save America..cause anti vaxxers ain't helping.

  • Becky Johnson
    Becky Johnson Month ago

    Sorry, Samantha. Vaccines can and do cause autism. Google "157 studies which link vaccines to autism" collated by Ginger Taylor. Why are you shilling for Big Pharma?

    • Pete Jeffris
      Pete Jeffris 23 days ago

      Garbage, hostile, cherry picked studies are not evidence.

    • Suzannah Keiser
      Suzannah Keiser Month ago

      What’s wrong with Autism?

  • ya yeet_64
    ya yeet_64 Month ago +1

    Wat does the baby have on 2:10
    (Answer: a mid-life crisis)

  • Naomi Cain
    Naomi Cain Month ago

    vaccinations: we get rid of bad diseases!!!
    antivax moms: im abt to end this man's whole career

  • The Dead Gachatuber
    The Dead Gachatuber Month ago +1

    My brother has a learning condition that means he’s a few years behind
    He’s five and can’t talk but is making progress
    My mum is a nurse and has heard anti-vaxxers say that he’s that way beacause of vaccines
    She basically laugh at them and tries to explain why they aren’t poison

  • Vivikatsidhe
    Vivikatsidhe Month ago +1

    This video makes me feel better about myself as someone who is actually autistic.

  • Ellie Whalley
    Ellie Whalley Month ago

    What about anti vaxxers with autistic children do they get double autism if they get the vaccine

  • Juliet Bruce
    Juliet Bruce Month ago +1

    I hadn’t even thought about it like that but wow. Like even if i thought vaccines caused autism i would rather have an autistic child then a dead one. People act like autism is one of those diseases that causes chronic pain or a reduced life. It doesn’t it’s not the end of the world for a child to be autistic, but it is when a child gets polio and having a healthy diet isn’t going to save them.

  • lily happy
    lily happy Month ago +1

    She’s my new favorite internet woman

  • Kris Moore
    Kris Moore Month ago

    Few people hate anti vaxxers more than autistic people. It’s one of the most ablest movements out there right now

  • Cosmic Butterfly
    Cosmic Butterfly Month ago

    I hope you adult people laughing at and criticizing the people who have not vaccinated themselves or their children remember to get boosters for your vaccines you had when you were at the most 16 years old. I mean, if you haven't had a booster in the last ten years for every of those vaccines you say is essential for herd immunity you know you might be at risk of developping it don't you?

  • natty features everything

    We should quarantine them but you would all cry it's against your human rights

  • pocky in boots
    pocky in boots Month ago +2

    Cant wait to show off my summer look!
    .Bird mask filled with aromatic herbs
    .Heavy fabric overcast covered in wax
    .Large stick
    .Medical degree

  • Forest Fox
    Forest Fox Month ago

    I love how the mom is younger than the daughter

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa Month ago

    I had mumps before the MMR vaccine came out, and almost died. My brain swelled, it was so painful! I think these Munchhausen's-by-Proxy anti-vaxxers should have their children taken away!!

  • Maximus Ramos
    Maximus Ramos Month ago +2

    Dislikes are from anti-vaxxers

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Month ago +1

    ok but who has gotten a vaccination in their forearm like that?

    • Alexandria
      Alexandria Month ago

      Richard Smart 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Richard Smart
      Richard Smart Month ago +1

      I have always got them in my shoulder, but anywhere would be better than NOT HAVING ANY VACCINATIONS AT ALL...

  • h2o The Basst vlogs

    O you'd quarantean so your qualified to stop the spread of pandemic now ok makes sense

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke Month ago +2

    ignorant plague enthusiasts should have their children taken away for child abuse and these plague children should not be allowed to go to school!

  • Grace Padilla
    Grace Padilla Month ago

    Maybe it’s just a version of natural selection. Idiots that don’t vaccinate deserve the results.

  • Kenzie Bye
    Kenzie Bye Month ago

    What do you call an unvaccinated child’s temper tantrum?
    a midlife crisis

  • Sahdirah
    Sahdirah Month ago

    Yeah, the kid is right. Reddit is effectively an umbrella site with a bajillion individual groups centered around different topics. What the communities are like is entirely dependent on what the topic is, in combination with how well they are moderated. If you go to white supremacist reddit, obviously it’ll be a cesspool. If you go to fluffy bunny appreciation reddit, it’ll be hard to find something more benign. Unless they somehow manage to create a civil war over bunnies. In which case, go down the list to a better modded bunny appreciation group.

  • Douglas Gonzalez
    Douglas Gonzalez Month ago

    Sam B has the wrong perception of reddit. It's multi-faceted and not overrun by white supremacists.

  • Kelli Miller
    Kelli Miller Month ago +2

    As the mother of a wonderful, intelligent, handsome son with Autism who is also well vaccinated...Thank you Ms. Bee!! 👏🏼👌🏻👊🏻🙌🏻👍🏻

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago

    She’s trying so hard she looks dumb

  • Mira Terrill
    Mira Terrill Month ago +14

    If I can't bring peanut butter to school, your kids can't bring the plague.